A new patch for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is now live on PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS3, and Xbox 360.

Sledgehammer Games has stated that the patch notes listed below are for two separate updates, with part 1 now live on all platforms, and with the second update still pending 1st party approval for Xbox 360 and PS3. PC, Xbox One, and PS4 players, the entire update is live.

Here’s the official patch notes for the entire update:

  • Adjustment to the in-game chat names notifications placement.
  • Fixed Prestige reset issues, including emblems and challenges.
  • Fixed Marksman and Camo challenges to not reset when you prestige.
  • Connectivity optimizations for game servers.
  • Fixed issues with Ping Bar not updating correctly.
  • Fixed stats not accumulating towards leaderboards after prestiging.
  • Adjustment to challenges to unlock Camos for weapons.
  • Fixed round-based game modes, affecting Win/Loss ratios.
  • Implemented ability to unlock eSports Rule options in Private Match.
  • Fixed weapon reloads counting as speed reloads in certain circumstances.
  • Added description to reload informing that you can double-tap to speed reload.
  • Fixed double xp splash, so it doesn’t show up in private match, combat readiness program, or survival mode.
  • Showing 4x or 2x based on whether a loot double xp item exists
  • Add double XP icon to medal splashes when double xp is active.
  • Fixed rare save game issue affecting playthrough progression
  • KC score limit increased to 85 per match.


  • Huge Big Al

    Just went to tweet you guys about this, got it earlier. Happy they finally updated it! ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Adam

      Can you give us a list of the requirements for all of the camos?

      • kieran

        Click on the reddit link the guys says in his post.

      • zombiefreak935

        There is a link.

  • Siftblade of Rivia

    Okay, details? If it’s live, it’d be cool to know what the new requirements are.

  • Primey_

    Patch notes would be handy SHG…..

    • Kobrah

      They have been added now

  • Mitch

    From Reddit:
    Multicam – 10 long shots
    Multicam black – 20 long shots
    Urban – 40 long shots
    Stranden – 60 long shots
    Woodland – 80 long shots
    Kryptek Raid – 10 head shots
    Digital Classic – 20 head shots
    Kriptek Highlander – 40 head shots
    Kryptek Yeti – 60 head shots
    Digital Urban – 80 head shots
    Concrete – 40 strafe medals
    Urban Jet – 10 bloodthirsty medals
    Kryptek Neptune – 40 kills shortly after dodging
    Carbon Fiber – 150 kills with no perks equipped
    Gold – 200 kills with no attachments equipped

    Some camo requirements for Shotguns (in the comments on the reddit post)
    Concrete – 10 Dogfight medals
    Urban Jet – 20 double kill medals
    Kryptek Neptune – 40 kills shortly after sliding

    • TheShadowReaper

      yes, yes, yes yes and yeeeshhhhhhhhhh! about time they fixed that shit.

      • Mitch

        Now lets hope they also fixed uncompleted challenges resetting when you prestige.

        • alex

          That’s the only thing I was wishing they’d change. The camos where tough but if someone had it you know they really earned it.

          • XLKILLA

            Camos don’t reset if you unlocked them same before the patch.

          • kainesgames

            I lost all camos on my ASM1 after I prestiged….
            Edit: before this patch

        • TheShadowReaper

          yeah, that too. what about completed challenges resetting? or should they leave them being reset so you can do them again for XP?

        • Gump

          It says they did.

      • CP

        About time?, the games has been out for a little over a week?..

        • TheShadowReaper

          at this day and age games get day 1 updates. imagine 1 week later.

          • CP

            Yeah true but by the looks of it SH is really trying to listen to what we have to say to improve the game.

          • TheShadowReaper

            yes of course. kudos to them for fixing it! i was just happy they fixed it! ๐Ÿ˜›

          • CP

            haha yeah me too, I don’t know what they were thinking with the chat icon size and placement either. im glad they are trying to fix connectivity issues the most

          • TheShadowReaper

            connectivity is still shit on PC right now tho.

          • CP

            Im on PS4 and the latest patch did help things but still room for improvement

          • TheShadowReaper

            definitely there is room for improvement.

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      Thanks. Really happy about this. Extremely happy they changed 50 triple kills to 10 bloodthirsties. That was ridiculous.

      • XLKILLA

        Yea triple kill medal didn’t work half the time.

        • justchill

          what do you mean by “strafe medals”

          • tarfeef101

            Kill an enemy while you are in a double jump movement

          • รงฤงฮนฤ‘ั”ษพรฅโ„ข

            While moving left or right

          • push the thumbstick in and to the left or right to “boost strafe” get a kill while performing or directly after in order to win the medal – CorporalBruno

          • Christopher Wigington

            The games definition of strafe is not the same as mine, Strafe means to move left or right while shooting without moving forward or backward. They should have added in that it had to be a boost movement.

          • Meh

            you can

          • Harry Manyo


          • Closerempeor16

            Only ever works for me if i am in the air. If i get a kil while boost dodging on the ground or shortly after boost dodging it goes toward a different achivment. I have only got the strafe medal when my feet are of the ground from a double jump or air dodge. Hope that helps

          • Travii

            By strafe they mean kill an enemy while in mid air. The other person can’t be in the air or that will count ans a dogfight medal

          • Quiiinny

            When you boost jump and kill someone when your in mid air

          • Random guy

            So many incorrect answers.

            Strafe is whilst your in air
            Dog fight is both in air
            Skeet shooter is enemy in air

            Dodge is left and right, in air it on ground

          • WorldsEnd253

            When your in the air (exo) and you kill them

      • Iโ™ฅCOD

        i guess people like having the same camo as everyone else then! the triple kill challenge was awesome because only a few people would achieive it and thus the camo would be more exclusive and reward effort.

        • Siftblade of Rivia

          But it took no effort, it took luck and good aim. It was near impossible to get a triple kill in this game. The time gap to get the triple kill was too short. On top of that, it doesn’t help if enemies are spread out and boosting around everywhere. You know there was a 50 Triple Kill challenge for snipers? Do you know how hard it is to get a triple collateral, especially in this game. It was ridiculous, glad it’s gone.

    • Kobrah

      They are now borderline too easy IMHO

      • skeetshootin


        • Kobrah


          • waveRaiin

            They are not to easy, they’re perfect. Not to hard not to easy. -_-

          • Are We Not Young God?

            No easy XD Come on now 80 headshots? Mw2 was where the real fun in getting the camos were at.

          • HypzCoD

            Yh damn straight, 250 Headshots for Fall camo (best camo) thats good barrier hard but also easy when you have played the game for around 10+ days.

          • Are We Not Young God?

            Ahhh fall camo in mw2, but yeah I can get 80 headshots in at least 3hours of gameplay or less. It’s just that now every kid and their mother are going to be able to rock gold and it won’t feel as good having it now since everyone has it. Well Diamond and Royalty are still not that common yet.

          • Mads Monseth Dahlberg

            only got diamond on my bal yet.. soon to be more though ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Zero

            Fall camo looked like fucking diarrhea. It was a complete waste of time.

          • Kobrah

            They’re easier then Black Ops 2 now

      • I can see why you would say that, but you have to look at it form an average skilled players point of view. It is easy to lose interest fast when you know it’s going to take a looong time just to unlock a couple of camos.

      • ccrows

        “Borderline Easy”? Maybe “if” they fix the connection and matchmaking first.

        I rarely get upset, but the rage has been real for the lag that is getting me killed.

        Right now I have literally no motivation to go for any of these. I’ve just been kinda “going through the motions” with this game right now, but sadly this entire game rests on the matchmaking and lag.

        I would gladly trade EVERYTHING in from that patch list, just for the “removal of SBMM”. I would do that without even thinking twice… ๐Ÿ™

      • Christopher Wigington

        I totally agree. I wish they would have left it at 500 for head shots and long shots, but the challenge didnt reset after prestige.

        • Closerempeor16

          Agreed this is too easy now. I thought it was a little to high as it was a way higher total requirment then BO2 to get all camos. But now it is way to easy. I was looking forward to grinding to unlock all the camos and now it feels like they have taken all the challenge out of it. Hope they patch it back up to a middle ground at some point.

    • NiftyGam3r

      My goodness yes! These challenges were killing me, 500 headshots? Lol now i’m more pumped to grind for that royalty camo since is not farfetched anymore. Anyone know if this has been patched for ps4 too? I only see pc

    • Mike

      anyone know if you had unlocked the likes of 100 headshots (which i had for a couple of guns) that i will now get all the head shot camos, same with the long shots?

      • MIKKEtheMIDGET

        Atleast I had to get the headshots all over again. But luckily 80 is not bad to get.

        • Makaveli

          I got 70 headshots so far im not prestiging till i get the update

          • XLKILLA

            That probably won’t work it will prob be 0 out of 80 when you update with no progress.

          • Mads Monseth Dahlberg

            you get your headshots with you into prestige, just did it myself

    • fjaklk

      thank goodness gold is actually SOME challenge, 50 kills compared to the 100 for the pistols, gold is something everyone and their mother has, while i sit in the corner with the golden XMGs and pistols cause why not

    • 200 kills no attachments for gold, but I need my stock ๐Ÿ™

      • NeonPhyzics

        stock is a crutch…you will be a better player without it

        • No, it’s just useful. It’s stupid to have your player plant himself on the ground just so you can fire your gun like it isn’t counter strike.

        • Zero

          That’s a rather pretentious thing to say isn’t it?

      • jawad

        I’m lucky all Weapons gold on x360 before the patch

        • Noe.Steschin.Gando

          WOW! Really all gold? Tell us more, we want to know EVERYTHING about it!

          Here’s your prize, btw.

          • OpTic_Fanboy

            That’s actually a good achievement and you’re just butthurt

          • Are you serious kid? You must be terrible at probably one of the easiest shooters on the market to find getting 50 kills with no attachments hard.

          • FuriousTactics

            Bad troll trolls bad on here everyday.

          • Me or him? I’m not a troll.

          • OpTic_Fanboy

            in deed im talking about secondaries- all weapons! thats pretty impressive in a short period of time

          • Getting 50 kills with a couple of guns In 2 weeks isn’t hard and it’s not even all of the camos, or attachments or anything. Just 50 kills.

          • Zero

            By impressive do you mean his inability at getting a life? The extent of life he can live without breathing fresh air? The amount of spare time necessary this socially inept individual possessed?

            Then again it is only 50 kills.
            But really there’s nothing impressive about being a sad shut-in.

          • OpTic_Fanboy

            lol u maddd

          • Eat Mor Chikin


          • Just stop posting, please.

          • well all guns would include secondaries so it s actually pretty impressive…if thats what he meant

          • Secondaries aren’t hard, the RW1 sure, other than that not really. I mean it’s just getting 50 kills with a gun. Ground war and momentum are easy ways to get it done fast.

          • RW1 should be the easiest. I picked up the glock and spayed 2 clips hitting at 95% of my shot at close range and I got turned on haha

          • Ghosty

            The secondarys are 100 kills without attachments :O

          • That post was before the update.

        • It doesent say anything anywere about an x360 patch

    • RdJokr

      Dammit, I knew I should’ve taken advantage of the easy Gold camo before this.

      • Guest

        what was old gold camo?

        • TTTGamer

          Gold : 50 kills without attachement

          Carbon Fibre : 50 kills without perks

        • AlbertInstien

          A brick

        • Forz 007

          50 kills with no attachment

    • Vikerii

      Is PS4 forcing the upgrade? I’m hoping to finish my gold and carbon camos first.

      • Willekeurig persoon

        Yes, without the update you won’t be able to play online. Like on every other platform

        • Vikerii

          Thanks. I guess I shoulda put in the extra hour or so last night. Oh well.

      • Mitch

        Yes. And even if it wasn’t you wouldn’t be able to access multiplayer without the patch.

    • NuttyTheSquirrel

      Damn the gold is now 200 kills. K.

    • Samuel Newlove

      What are dogfight medals? I never seem to earn them playing regularly.

      • J Sama

        air-to-air kills

    • Ricky Brown

      Ps3 camo challenges didnt get an update still really high numbers

      • Manuel Rodriguez

        Yea ps3 camo challenges didnt get an update

      • Reaper002

        Ya the 360 has not updated yet either

        • Christian

          That’s what I was saying

          • Reaper002

            I will be really mad if the don’t do the full update on last gen because they need to think about all of there buyers not change next gen

          • Wouter

            i hope that they update soon so i can prestige without losing my 150 headshots with MORS

          • Reaper002

            Yeah same I don’t want to prestige because I don’t want to loss anything but I had the update and nothin changed with the head shots they better have another update changin that stuff we need to let smg know about what’s going on last gen because this is bs

          • Kenny Baker

            Im still waiting for update on my ps3

      • Roman Herman

        Thank god I’m not the only one with this problem I thought it was my ps3.

        • Jack

          Does anyone’s ps3 randomly crash in a game

          • Daniel

            My ps3 crashes and I have to turn it off, someone knows any solution?

          • Reaper002

            Yeah it’s not just PS3 that’s for Xbox to I have to turn it off because it will crash I hope thers is another update soon also did anyone prestige after the update and if so did u lose your challage progress

          • Guest

            hey dude try this if its still doing it, mine was driving me insane with the freezing just about every other game… now nothing at all, go to game while in lobby push the start button on the controller get the options menu up go down to paintball effects turn it to disabled, dude i have had no crashing or freezing no turn off and on again i am not bullshitting you try it..

          • Dankio997

            yea my ps3 randomly crashes/frezzes

        • Quinn Borges

          I believe it is something to do with Digital Download Atlas Gorge, Uninstalling that map MAY fix it but i don’t know how. Mine crashes as well.

          • Guest

            hey quinn go to lobby push start button on controller brings up the options screen go down to paintball effect disable it mine used to crash every other game now nothing at all

      • wimko

        stil not updated the camo chalenges on ps3 en xbox360….
        when are they comming pleas

    • duco99999

      that’s not on ps3

    • joey

      while the patch fixed the dialogue placement issue, it did not adjust the camo unlock requirements. seeing as that’s all i care about, i’m extremely frustrated. i play a ps3 version of the game; is that an issue?

      any information would be greatly appreciated.

      • Steven

        Yea man the same thing happened to me on PS3, so wtf is up? Please help anyone.

      • Ben

        Everyone should tweet at them about this!! I am also frustrated and only cared about the camos!!!!

      • Roman Herman

        Yes they need to fix that


      What happens if you have gold?

      • (FAZE)xXXXOPTICSwagYoloXXXx

        Do you keep the gold camo or you Have to earn it again

      • Mitch

        You keep it.

        • (FAZE)xXXXOPTICSwagYoloXXXx


    • Feng

      For PS3 The headshot a are still at 500 and the long shots are still at 500 when is it goin to change

    • I like roaring

      For PS3 the headshots and long shots are still at 500 when is it going to change?

      • Roman Herman

        I know it’s frustrating because I’m level 48 and I want to prestige ๐Ÿ™

    • Khillyyy

      I have all camos unlocked for the BAL. However it still doesn’t give me diamond? What’s up with that?

    • xProlly

      Didn’t work for me. Just updated, the challenges are still the same.

      • Killa Arts

        same what console i got 360

    • Jared Grant

      Ive updated my 360 and the challenges haven’t changed

      • Mitch

        Yup, looks like Highmoon shit the bed and didn’t change the challenges on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

    • Roman Herman

      It didn’t work for me even after I downloaded the patch.

    • Ak

      Anyone else unlocking all the camos and not getting diamond? Mine says 6/7. I think it could be because I only did 50 gold kills and now it’s 200

    • Tyler Griffith

      I have ps3 and the camo challenges are still the same for me after update

    • wimko

      stil not updated the camo chalenges on ps3 en xbox360….
      when are they comming for us im still waiting

    • Isaiah Richards

      Now if they would only fix the XMGs. Do you have any idea how hard it is to even get a single longshot medal with the XMGs? But to get the camo you have to get 500, good luck.

  • Good more like bo2!!!

    Multicam – 10 long shots
    Multicam black – 20 long shots
    Urban – 40 long shots
    Stranden – 60 long shots
    Woodland – 80 long shots
    Kryptek Raid – 10 head shots
    Digital Classic – 20 head shots
    Kriptek Highlander – 40 head shots
    Kryptek Yeti – 60 head shots
    Digital Urban – 80 head shots
    Concrete – 40 strafe medals
    Urban Jet – 10 bloodthirsty medals
    Kryptek Neptune – 40 kills shortly after dodging
    Carbon Fiber – 150 kills with no perks equipped
    Gold – 200 kills with no attachments equipped

    • alex

      So does anyone know when this is up for console?

      • Siftblade of Rivia

        Within the next few days, probably.

      • i have a xbox one and i still don’t have it, i think it will be on tuesday!

    • PatPatPat

      Good thing i already got gold on the one gun i’ll always use

  • zombiefreak935

    Do the challenges stay when you prestige?

  • Dr. Salim

    Why did they change gold to 200? I already have 4 gold guns when it was at 50.

    • Simon

      Because it was too damn easy.

      • Dr. Salim

        I know gold was usually the best camo to get back then but now it just looks ugly.

        • yoyoyoy

          You think 200 is too much and you dont like the gold….. then dont gold your guns?

          • Dr. Salim

            The only reason why I want gold camo is to get diamond and royalty camo. once i get thoses, I will not use gold again on those guns.

          • yoyoyoy

            if you arent on pc.. maybe you should start on golding all your guns now. At least most of the other challenges have been made easier so you can get the diamond and royalty.

        • zombiefreak935

          Why do you want it then?

          • Dr. Salim

            To get diamond.

      • 100 or 150 is justifable, but with the messed up TTK and gimped guns like the semi auto DEW, Tac 19 and ARX its unfair

  • ottomanelite

    Out of topic but how do you apply your emblems on guns?

    • Trizay

      You don’t. As long as you have an emblem made the game will apply it to your character and all his/her weapons automatically.

      • ottomanelite

        Ya I got the ps3 version (crap version) and I don’t have it

        • Siftblade of Rivia

          It’s on your gun, it’s probably just really small. Make a bright green emblem or something and save it, then go to the firing range and see where it is, so you know where to look.

  • Prince Of The City.

    Any word when this will go live on colsoles?

  • ottomanelite

    One thing they should patch Is the game freezing which freezes my consel

    • The game doesn’t freeze most of the time. If your console freezes, that means it’s overheating. Happened to me, but know I have a better cooling system ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Christian

        Definitely not true, I’ve turned my PS3 on and froze in the middle of the first match I played, multiple times and it’s very annoying.

        • Derek

          same here…

        • Well I play on Xbox One and it runs fine. I guess the last gen version isn’t as stable :

          • I own the game for both consoles ( I recently upgraded to Xbox one, yay for me! ๐Ÿ˜€ ) and the Xbox 360 freezes ALOT.

            It never happened to me in game though, allways in any menu and it is extremely often. Xbox one doesn’t freeze at all, like ever.

        • SotaGamer

          PS4 is fine as well

      • Kurtis Paul

        not true ..it froze on me so i put in bo2 and it didnt freez rest of day

    • zombiefreak935

      Only in hard point, its a glitch.

    • Derek

      I second that….

  • Juses

    Was the objective points per kill raised?!?!?!?

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      I don’t think they’re going to change that. Though I do hope they lower the points required for scorestreaks.

    • Michael

      I hope to god that in KC each dog tag you confirm is +100 points and not +50. 50 is was too low. Bo2 had it right. SH should make it 100 points each confirm and 50 points for each deny.

  • Carbon seems stupid,it doesn’t even look as good as BO2 were if it was a real material like gold,diamond,carbon fiber ect it looked like it was made out of that, in this game it looks like carbon fiber is just a sheet of Christmas wrapping around the firearm. and Gold should be 150, other than that everything is okay, it’s good to see SH fixing stuff.

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      People complained Gold was too easy, and now you think it should be easier? 200 kills with no attachments is a piece of cake. I unlocked 50 kills for Gold in 2 games. That means it would take me about 6 games, which is a pretty decent amount to unlock something like Gold camo. Also, I like Carbon Fiber. Probably not as much as the other all black camo, but it looks good imo. Plus it’s only for 150 kills without perks. Also a piece of cake. It makes sense that it doesn’t look as good as the one in BO2, where you had to do all the headshot challenges first and then 10 longshots or 30 revenge medals.

      • That was their opinion. All I think is it should be 50 kills off, it isn’t much. I personally beleive carbon fiber doesn’t look good enough to be worth my time, BO2s looked a lot better.

        • Siftblade of Rivia

          Exactly, it isn’t much. So you should have no problem getting an extra 50 kills for it.

      • zombiefreak935

        500 headshots,10 longshot,150 no attachments,150 no perks,30 revenge medals,20 double kills, and 10 bloodthirsties.

    • Brandalf

      I actually disagree, I think carbon fiber looked like as in BO2 and in AW it looks decent. OPINIONS!

      • ottomanelite

        And this has been brandalf on camos

  • That guy

    Is it just me or does anyone else not like the exo suit in AW

    • That guy

      Everyone spam JoeFleyva on Xbox

      • Danny Dietz Jr

        Joe sure does have a lot of Fleyva

      • Understood.

    • RuffledGenius

      It is new. Ghosts was screwed because it WASN’T new.

    • MichiganerE

      It’s just you.

    • I don’t mind the Exo suits but I see no need for any upgrades to it! – waste of points!

    • TheWalkingDon

      I like it but it’s very frustrating trying to kill someone who is boosting all over the place and the gun can’t keep up with them.

      • Siftblade of Rivia

        You might have to put your sensitivity up. I find it fairly easy to kill in the air, as they are defenseless and have no cover.

        • TheWalkingDon

          I’ve had it up to 7 but it’s at 6 now on the 360 and a 5 on the XBone. It’s when they are boosting in the air and all of a sudden they do a side boost and down that they get me. It’s rough, but all in all the game is pretty fun at times.

        • I agree. I find myself playing with a 20 sensitivity sometimes! But then I tell myself it’s insane to do that and I bring it down to 16 ๐Ÿ˜›

    • แƒš(เฒ ็›Šเฒ แƒš)

      You are just that guy……


    • SotaGamer

      the exo suits have to be one of the best thing they have ever added IMHO

  • TheGamerBeast

    did they fix the MAX PRESTIGE emblem ?

    • That guy

      Ummm Idk

    • zombiefreak935


  • Ben

    I know it probably won’t be in this patch, but i hope SBMM is out soon! Please, for the love of god i don’t want to play against everyone thats the same as me, where is the fun in that! I like a challenge, getting a DNA bomb is a challenge when you’re against noobs most of the time. I don’t need to be going up against people as good as me all the time ๐Ÿ™

    • condorado

      the worst part: i as a solo player (not joking) play 49/50 lobbies only vs parties mostly full. the problem is i didnt prestige and now im top 20 in domination leaderboard because of their stupid prestige glitch… makes no sense. selling my ps3 copy, which btw is the most horrible port ive ever played, making my ps3 crash basically every session. completly unplayable, only because im playing well solo and didnt prestige and now as my reward are matched up basically every game vs a full party with the most random noobs… thx sledghammer 4 sbmm

      • Derek

        Im having problems with crashes on the ps3 myself, usually in the pre-game lobby after a match is over. Only thing I can do is manually power off my ps3 only to have it happen again 2 games later

        • Josh

          I know man, happens to me too! Hate it so much, hope they fix it ๐Ÿ™

      • SotaGamer

        time for an upgrade to PS4 :3

      • Blame high moon studios

    • ccrows


      * The ability to reset stats at any prestige. (or at the very least after max prestige)

      ^ For the most part that’s all that I really need for this game to be good.

      EVERYTHING ELSE IS MINOR, but SBMM being removed is absolutely CRITICAL because inconsistent lag IMHO killing the gameplay of this game… ๐Ÿ™

    • Guest

      Dafuq getting a dna bomb against noobs is a challenge??? I agree they need to remove sbmm but is all because you care too much about your stats

    • Are We Not Young God?

      But then when their is a guy 3x better than you that’s just playing the game casually shitting on your team/squad. Now your considered the noob and start to bitch about why would the game let a guy like him go against people like you and call him a tryhard. Hypocrites smh

  • Matthew

    Good start to patches from SHG, I thought that the speed reload was glitched somewhat.

    • zombiefreak935

      I have a bad habit of double tapping reload now, so i always have to run scavenger.

  • xlExquisite

    Do the leader boards update with your correct score, or does it only start adding up again.

    • zombiefreak935

      I think it will start loading up again from where you were when you prestiged.

  • Mario Rivera

    Not one note about network optimization.

    • Xecho

      Do you really think they care about that?

    • Beef Supreme

      What about where it says connectivity optimization?

  • BlueStorm

    Okay, now the camo unlocks make sense. Perhaps sledge was trying something new, but it clearly did not work. I wonder when this will hit consoles and I wonder if we will get to keep gold and carbon if we already have it before the update. Either way its good to see sledge responding to these issues.

    • eZwinZ

      I kept mine! Thank god. Now its 200 no attachment kills for gold and 150 no perk kills for Carbon. :/

  • Adam

    What gun is that?

    • zombiefreak935


  • John Blue

    Okay, just prestiged the first time on PS4.

    Lost all progress on camo challenges.
    Did not lose any emblems I’ve made.
    And now for the most important one: DID NOT get to keep the permanent unlock I chose. STAY AWAY FROM PRESTIGE UNTIL THOSE IDIOTS AT SHG FIX THEIR SHITTY GAME.

    • RuffledGenius

      Personally, its boring keeping the same camos. I like to try to unlock Gold again after prestiging. Just saying, because it kind of keeps you moving.

    • RuffledGenius

      Plus, since the camos are so easy to get, why are YOU complaining? Are you a shitty player then?

      • John Blue

        I don’t see myself crying about lost progress on camo challenges, do you? Are you a shitty reader then? Quite frankly your reply is even more stupid once you realize the challenges were NOT changed yet.

    • xSIKBEASTxx

      Um dude i know your excited about the patch notes and all but its only out for PC at the moment lol

      • John Blue

        I don’t see any mention about them fixing permanent unlock not unlocking in the notes. I’m just reporting my findings.

    • RdJokr

      I prestiged yesterday before the patch, and got my permanent Gung-Ho perk just fine.

      • John Blue

        On PS4?

        • Siftblade of Rivia

          Same. I prestiged a few days ago and got to keep my Perk 3 Greed Wildcard on PS4.

        • RdJokr

          Nah, on PC.
          And now I feel stupid, because I missed the “on PS4” part in your comment above.

  • Favorite Ape

    Glad that fixing the lag made the top of the list.
    Wait! It’s NOT there!

    • Beef Supreme

      Connectivity optimization.

      • Favorite Ape

        Means nothing. That’s the great thing about posting one line generalizations about fixes. Without details it could mean almost anything and almost nothing. Players can only hope they mean multiplayer gameplay connection improvement. Fingers crossed it means what your imagination thinks it does.

        • Siftblade of Rivia

          Would you like a full report emailed to you every morning about their progress? It’s patch notes, usually they’re pretty broad. BO2 had something like “Fix for spawns” in every patch it released.

          • Favorite Ape

            “multiplayer gameplay connection improvement” would suffice. Actually, they could just fix it or have it already working for release. Are we asking too much of this poor studio making millions of dollars in a 11 year old franchise? Lucky for us at least they’re not working in the health care business.

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            COD is 11 years old. However, SH is not. This is their first COD where they had to deal with this stuff. If this was IW or Treyarch, I understand. But this is ridiculous.

          • Favorite Ape

            Your saying SH built this from scratch, the ground up? Not on the shoulders of past studios using existing code?

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            No, but the past studios didn’t perfect the game. For example, the first time I built a circuit, it had it’s flaws, even though I had outside help from my group who taught me how to do it. Now a simple project like that is easy to do, because I personally have done it multiple times. Even with outside help, the game WILL NOT be perfect. They can not conduct tests to see how people from all around the world will connect and how they will feel about the game until it launches. The only way to do that is with a beta. So obviously the first week or two are going to be rough since AW did not have a beta.

          • BHCMax

            your wrong, shg helped iw build mw3 , that’s why that game actually worked, ( tho it only had unranked servers). Iw built ghosts on their own, that’s why it sucked big time.. shg know what they are doing, and have all the skills required to make great games, but are already in the mindset that pc gamers do not matter, that’s why were left with a laggy mess.. only proper servers and search can save it. All the rest is just minor tweeks till they get it right.

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            SH helped build MW3, yes. But they did not work on things like connectivity issues and balance, That was all IW. Like I said “This is their first COD WHERE THEY HAD TO DEAL WITH THIS STUFF.”

          • Captain Panda

            I feel your laggy pain, it’s not just pc though ๐Ÿ™ the playstation platforms also, suspiciously the game is worse on the platforms for company’s that don’t have $1m partnerships with activision…… Hmmmmm

        • Advanced Bullshit

          This connection bullshit is getting on my tits!

  • ccrows

    “Connectivity optimizations for game servers.”
    “Fixed issues with Ping Bar not updating correctly.”

    ^ That is just a bandaid.



    • KevJumbaify .

      The fuck is an sbmm

      • zINz_FURY

        Skill Based Match Making (?)

      • ccrows

        SBMM = Skill Based Match Making

        Sledgehammer is matching up lobbies ATM based on “skill” rather than “connection”.

        Treyarch did the same thing with BO2 at launch, and the lobbies were just as awful. Once Trey got rid of SBMM, BO2 became a much better game to play.

        I get that SH wants everyone to have 1.0 KDs, but SBMM doesn’t work. That’s why these lobbies have been an inconsistent mess since launch…

        • aldasjajfl

          When did they get rid of it on BO2? I got my BO2 on christmas eve.. If I jumped now to a game it wouldn’t be challenge to get VSAT, Lodestar and that one streak…

          • SotaGamer

            I believe it was around Christmas… not for sure on that.

  • zombiefreak935

    How long for ps4? hopefully soon, wanna get that royalty.

  • Stefan Lang

    I’d rather get more headshots than longshots. It’s rare that I get long shots. I think Defender, Riot, and Retreat at the best maps for them. Looks like im gonna have to equip that handy ACOG ๐Ÿ˜‰


      just play hardcore and ur good to go


    Hey if anyone can tell me if this also allows us to keep attatchments please reply.

    • zombiefreak935

      No, same as every cod, there not hard to get though.

      • MrGladiator20

        Not the same as every cod, blackops 2 you could keep them

  • That guy

    Instead of nerfing the Bal-27 why don’t they just add a default acog sight with a stupid reticule????

    • That guy

      Danny Dietz Jr is soooo stupid everyone spam him on Xbox

      • Danny Dietz Jr

        That guy is being such a fag man, don’t listen to him ๐Ÿ™‚

        • That guy

          Why u gotta be so rude

          • MichiganerE

            That’s ironic.

          • logic buns

            ‘That guy” gamertag is logic whippy 47

          • That guy

            Go jump in a volcano plz

          • logic buns

            You know i’m human too

      • That guy

        Logic Chief is leader of logic bad at aw clan plz join

    • logic buns

      Spam logic ram on xbox tell him he has a big head.

  • Thecallrocks

    Leaderboards are broken lol….. in domination my caps and defends score stay the same and I keep decreasing in rank

    • Danny Dietz Jr

      Yeah, once you prestige your stats for gamemodes stop counting

      • That guy

        That’s why Ur ranked 123000 for Dom and I’m #3

        • That guy

          Like get good Ur not even top 10 for ghosts Dom u suck

      • how is it

        I am stuck at 198,000 dominarion points on ps4, will it update further? I should have 99% of my points from domination. 2nd prestige lecrl 34 as of now

        • Danny Dietz Jr

          It should once you get the patch

    • That guy

      Yea same

    • eZwinZ

      My Career Score is 80,289… I have only played Domination.
      As soon as I prestiged. BAM Score stayed at 23,919.
      And of course, now for me they have fixed it, but my score and everything else is only updating from the 23,919 not adding on the 80,289. GG.

    • Guest

      I ask a question. What are these sill leaderboards good for ? They don’t show nothing like score per minute so it does not matter they’re bugged anyway.

      • Captain panda

        And half the time the leaderboards are hacked by people who supposedly max presteige in 1 min play time with 0’kills ….

  • logic buns


  • NINE

    How about fixing the connection?

    • That guy

      What r u talking about the connection is amazing in AW

      • Michael

        You must be joking. Right?

      • JDahn

        The connection in AW is the worst.

        • meow

          servers are needed which is up to activision not SH

          • JDahn

            Yeah but I blame both of them ,because they work as a team ,they make a game, so they need to get it done before release…

      • zombiefreak935

        connection and spawnsโ€ฆonce they fix those this will officially be the cod 4 of this gen.

  • SpetsnazAIRBORNE


    • zombiefreak935

      Why are you playing local?

      • People sometimes don’t have wifi. They should get the full game too, or maybe bots? Or 1v1ing your friends? Not everybody does non stop sweaty try hard games 24/7

        • Partyin’ Pete

          Or practicing, or introducing all the new features to someone who doesn’t own it, etc.

    • Partyin’ Pete

      I agree, there is no reason we shouldn’t be able to use camos. Not to mention VARIANTS!

    • And were is all the weapon variants and the operator stuff? Ghosts allowed you to dress your operator with every uniform.

      • Partyin’ Pete

        Precisely! Now I’m stuck with a dumpy looking operator. no camos, no variants, and no Gun Game (Not sure if it’s online, it was listed as a mode for launch). Seems lazy, but maybe they’ll add it all in an update. It’s been done before haha

  • Birchy

    This is basically everything that needed to be fixed in one patch. I don’t quite know what’s going to be wrong with it after this. Like…. GG Sledghammer!!!!

    • zombiefreak935

      Connection and spawns,also the infected glitch on biolab would be nice.

    • Favorite Ape

      The game will be perfect after only one patch. I hope so, but then I lived through all the ghosts game improvement patches that were to make that game perfect too.

  • CrazyGuy207

    So will this fix the search and rescue win/lose problem? Also, if it does, will it fix my w/l ratio, I promise I win more than 0.6.

    • zombiefreak935

      yes,but your w/l will stay the same.

      • CrazyGuy207

        Damn, that’s the problem.

  • XmasTeaTowel

    Still no mention of custom outfits/clothes not showing in game for hardcore modes. ๐Ÿ™ I wanna see my exo. Do they even know about this!! More neglect for the hardcore community.

    • Matt

      Exactly, this is really annoying and it’s as if no one has noticed. Especially annoying when you’ve paid for the limited version and you can even use the custom items as they don’t show.

  • PatPatPat

    So this is a little bit un-related, but i have a perfect class for people with low K.D.

    IMR-Feedback with Red Dot & Gernade launcher.
    Combat Knife

    Perk 1: Overcharged, Lightweight.
    Perk 2: Gung-ho
    Perk 3: Blast suppressor (Sometimes i use Hardline, but whatever)

    Wild cards: Perk 1 greed, Tactician.

    2 exo abilities (One replacing the grenade slot because you have the launcher)
    Exo Cloak, Exo Overclock

    Scorestreaks: Orbital Care package, XS1 Goliath (But you can use which ever)

    Hope i helped.

    • MrGladiator20

      Bal27 – .308 Red dot, QuickDraw, suppressor,
      Combat knife
      UAV with Assist points
      System hack with assist points
      Paladin with wingman
      Primary gunfighter wildcard

    • Run N Gunning Camper

      GH is glitched.

  • Rorke File

    Now they gone patch the BAL, and make it like the pdw from Black Ops 2. I hope they make the pdw’s stronger and leave the BAL for now

  • Call Of Duty Patches

    What about patches to the Bal-27? What about an SMG Buff? Why arnt these things being added?! The BAL is the only used weapon in this game. SHG, we would highly appreciate if there were more weapons that are actually good to have a better playing experience. Also frame-rate lag on the PS4 is not good. It’s only small and hardly relisable but it’s annoying. These types of patches will make the game for fun and enjoying to play.

    • Hold your horses mate. Did you read the patch notes? Another patch is coming this month. We want weapon balancing, scorestreaks fixes etc but at the moment, I’m glad has f*ck that the game servers are being tweak. If this is legit (not them lying to us about fixing connection) them…SHG is delivering, so….be patient.

    • DeadlyTaylord

      I’m honestly not finding any complaints with the guns. I’ve bounced around all of them, in core and hardcore. Sure some have advantages and disadvantages, but what fun would it be if EVERY gun was the same. Slow rate of fire, increased recoil accuracy, and increased range, sounds fair vs. a gun with increased rate of fire, decrease over all damage, increase accuracy, and a slight raise in clip size. TO me, one wins from a medium range, the other up close. It’s the play style. This is my opinion, I’m not saying your post is stupid. I agree in some cases.

  • The truther

    When is it coming out on console?

    • Kobrah

      They are just waiting for Sony/MS to approve

    • DeadlyTaylord

      Hopefully it’s early tomorrow morning, I’m looking around myself. Yes all of this is good, but i play hardcore, im looking for my customized character update to be applied to us who play hardcore. Not just stock, but so far, it looks like Tomorrow (Wednesday Nov. 12, 2014) It should be out for consoles. then again, they’re still unsure.

  • ScOott

    Wow they really went to work with patch, got to give em that … Good work SH

  • PC players also need anti-cheating like VAC

  • Favorite Ape

    Any confirmation from players that gameplay connection is fixed?
    Some reddit posters are reporting no improvement after patch.

  • Thinhtam

    what’s it like playing AW between old gen and current gen consoles

  • philip bell

    ok so the lag comp in this game was mega visible. bring up a scoreboard mid match and watch the ping bars fly up from 1 to full bars all day ere day. 5th bullet point down… Fixed issues with Ping Bar not updating correctly.
    So now they’ve realised we can see there horrific lag comp crippling players on a whim so they’ve hidden it and will go back to claiming its our ISP’s the dicks!

  • philip bell

    ps4 is an absolute lag fest mate. once every 10 matches it plays good and then its very fun but most of the time its all lag. patch may sort that

  • Haydn

    is it just me, but im fine with lag in the morning, but then terrible with lag at night?
    like WTF?!?!?! lol

    • That’s very obvious! – In the morning less people are playing and therefore less strain on the system! – I don’t see much lag at all – the ping bars are incorrectly displayed due to a bug in the game..

      • Haydn

        hmmm…. too logic of an explanation for me.
        Needed some heavy conspiracy over the matter ๐Ÿ˜›

        • The matchmaking needs addressing – we should be allowed to match make with people in our regions..

  • ScOott

    I don’t get much lag or any other problems but one thing really annoys me which I not seen no one mention, when you take explosive damage from a grenade and survive you can’t aim down sight until you re-spawn again

  • Anybody know if people who already prestiged will have working leaderboards?

    • Haydn

      they will begin counting stats again, but I can’t see them including stats that were missed, it is a shame too, before hitting 1st prestige I was top 100 in the world for kill confirmed ๐Ÿ™

      • blackburnt7

        I was number 14 in tdm

  • Nandoni

    Now the game is playable finally. Some of these things really annoyed me up to this point, game should have been this way at release imo!

    • From the word playable what did you notice the most? Which platform?

      • Nandoni

        I’m on PS4 and I really like the smaller chat icon and the fact that your challenges and emblems stay after prestiging. The new weapon challenges seem fair too. Also the connection seems to be a bit better now, even though I didnt have big problems before as well.
        And another big positive thing is, the reloading is perfect right now, you do not loose all of the bullets in your mag unless you really want to. This is really nice now, because in a tensed situation you press the square button multiple times anyways. At least I do when I’m nervous! ๐Ÿ˜€

        • Good Stuff! – Where did they move the Chat icon too? I take it it’s no longer middle left corner? I’m on Xbox One so no update for me yet..

          • Nandoni

            It’s just smaller next to the map. You have the update now. ๐Ÿ˜€ Sorry, I don’t check Disqus or charlieintel daily.

  • Manuel Sanchez


    • ScOott

      Don’t listen to this guy, he also said he got the game early and their is a 4th game mode

      • Yeah I just went and checked, I have all my challenges and camos.
        They updated longshots and headshots to 80 instead of 500, that was crazy…

        • ScOott

          Hmm I was hoping it was a little bit more a grind then 80 for head shots still 500 was ridicules… 80s fine by me ๐Ÿ˜€ what about triple kill medal :-/ is that still the same ? *edit* fogot I would have to do this with all guns 80 is more than fine

          • I don’t think they even have triple kill medals for camos, at least in assault rifle category. I’ll check soon!

          • ScOott

            Ok thanks I’m at work :-/ … They did do before patch for defo, you needed 50 :-/

          • Can confirm, no triple kill medals needed for assault rifles.

          • ScOott

            Wahooooooooooo ๐Ÿ˜€ I’m 99.9 percent sure their was,something must of replaced it… I remember looking at it for ages as it was the only medal I didn’t have for my gun n thinking I’m never going to get these challenges done n I’ve only used ar :-s Unless I’ve gone full retard I dunno …

          • Yep they did have them, but not anymore ๐Ÿ™‚

          • ScOott

            ๐Ÿ˜€ praise the Lord and people at SH il be off the bal n on to my next gun in no time now thanks for checking.. #HAPPYDAYS

          • Not so fast…. Forgot to mention that you have to unlock all your camos again to get the diamond, but you can still use the camos you already have ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

          • ScOott

            Huh so basically u keep them but as far as diamond is concernd u haven’t actually got them n have to do them again ?

          • exactly.

          • ScOott

            Erghhf fuck you Lord and SH #NOTSOHAPPYDAYS

          • And they changed gold to 200 kills without attachments, carbon fiber to 150 kills without perks.

          • ScOott

            Please don’t depress me anymore you was the barer of good news 30 secs ago lol … Ahh well still better this way than previously thanks for all info ๐Ÿ˜€

          • ItsHyro

            They believe they changed 50 triple kills to 10 blood thirstys don’t quote me on it though

          • You’re right

          • DeadlyTaylord

            triple kills were for the shotgun if i remember correctly. It was double kills, which were 10 double kills. My only complain about that, make the time between killing two enemies longer. I remember shooting 2 enemies within a second, may a second and a half, aim pull, look to the left, aim, pull. Two long shots, but no double. I was getting agitated

          • mw2

            I think they removed the triple kill challenge and replaced it with bloodthirsty medals

  • ะญะปัŒะดะฐั€ ะ‘ะตะบะฑัƒะปะฐั‚ะพะฒ

    WHERE IS SPAWN FIX ?????!!!!!!!!!!



    • Run N Gunning Camper

      I wonder how it got through their beta testers.

    • What glitch?

  • gnarsson

    WOOOW DUDE, Just prestiged before the patch-_-

    • PatPatPat

      LMFAO This is why i don’t prestige.

  • Mr codman1976

    Thank god 85 kill confirmed as soon as they said it was 65 I have been tweeting Sledgehammer to change to 85.

  • Ben

    Connectivity optimizations for game servers – nope i’m still randomly dropping from 4-1bars, and getting shot round corners. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Ben

      Ok maybe, was just on my way to my best game yet! 26-3 with 5 captures on the first half of dom, and the game is currently stuck on a freeze frame of me stomping someone ๐Ÿ™‚ FIX DA CONNECTION PLS

  • Matthew Payne

    Does anyone know if they are doing this patch for PS3 and Xbox 360??

  • iamJester

    how about the damn team killing?

    • Run N Gunning Camper

      I’ll take TK rather than ricochet.

    • DeadlyTaylord

      that’s whoever you’re with’s fault. Not SHG or activision. You just got a pain in the @$$ teammate. I’ve had it happen, gritted my teeth, finished the game (win/lose) back out and go to another.

  • bzzt_9

    is the weapon balance fixed???

  • Oh no… Camo challenges reset when you prestige ๐Ÿ™

    • ScOott

      I thought that was one of the fixes they made :-/

      • Here’s the worst part. Even if you unlock the camos after the patch, and then prestige, you’ll have the camos. But to get diamond, you need to unlock all of them on the same prestige…

        • ScOott

          I’m glad I saved my prestige for the patch so I should be all right ? ..

          • Yes, unless the whole diamond camo is glitched…

          • ScOott

            Hopefully someone takes to Twitter n gets some answers off them, still don’t know if I should wait to prestige or not, sounds like a good time to get the campaign done

    • meow

      worked for me ๐Ÿ™

      • Wait, you’re saying they didn’t reset for you?

        • meow

          cos of the patch. the patcvh not work for you?

  • Darren

    Found a solution to emblem resets
    Go into aw app go to your emblem editor where your emblems were click on one go to options click duplicate then go back and it should be there i just did it for all 6 of my emblems and there all back ๐Ÿ™‚ hope this helps ppl ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Guest

    Where are my camos

  • Guywithbrains

    I have noticed that so far weapons worth to use are BAL-27, AK-12, KF5 and MORS. Everything else lose to these dominant weapons.

  • Kill Confirmed got longer. Now get rid of TDM completely and we’re good.

    • Stefan Lang

      Lol TDM will forever be a game mode it’s popular. Something easy to pick up for newcomers.

    • Duke of hazard

      Why get rid of the most popular game mode in the entire fps genre?

    • Get rid of of TDM??
      You’re like, the worst.


    So the kill streak and rapid kill challenges still reset how stupid.

  • TheWalkingDon

    No mention of patches for 360 or PS3

    • Take Two

      Both of them are for junk, anyway i think high moon is updating it? Just patience

      • TheWalkingDon

        Well that wasn’t helpful to my post.

        • PatPatPat

          Yeah it kinda was. High moon is supposed to update the last gen because they developed it.

          • TheWalkingDon

            No…They ported it. It’s still SHG’s game.

          • PatPatPat

            But sledgehammer isn’t in charge of Last-gen, so i am correct.

          • TheWalkingDon

            If you think so sporty. Clearly, SHG has no say in the last gen game.

            High Moon was subcontracted to port the game over for SHG, hence SHG is charge but focused their main team on next gen while contracting High Moon to take the code and make it work for last gen. Now anytime something is contracted out they have team leads or project leads from the team that is contracting out. So SHG is in charge and HM did the work for them.

          • PatPatPat

            Wait this shouldn’t even matter to me lol

  • Guest

    Anyone know if this patch is out for ps3 yet?

  • Daniel Balongo Kanellis

    And patch for Xbox 360?

  • Lucas Barrington Winterbottom

    Omfg I downloaded this and thought okay fine to prestige… Nope still resets everything -_-

  • meow

    guys if you want servers we need to complain to activision not SH. giving this game servers is activisions decision

  • Robert Rodriguez

    What happened with the PS3 Update it says PC, PS4, Xbox One but not the PS3

  • Jason said the grass barks.

    Can someone who has PS4 tell me if the leader boards pick up where you left off or updates with your actually data that wasn’t showing up.

  • Ryumoau

    Awesome patch notes. I haven’t turned on my ps4 today, so i’ll have to go ahead and download this. Really glad to see Sledgehammer able to have a patch released in such a short amount of time. I really hope it helps improve the game, so all the complaints can quiet down. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Take Two

    Lawl me, after 1 month or so i turned my ps4, unused, can’t wait to play some aw

  • Siftblade of Rivia

    My digital classic progression: 38/20 headshots and it’s still locked, lol.

    • Go to operator > challenges > the weapon. The whole camo system is still glitched and I haven’t seen anyone actually getting the diamond camo.

      • Siftblade of Rivia

        It’s not there. There’s only 7 camos there ๐Ÿ˜›

        • They are the only ones, it just doesn’t show the camos for 10 headshots, 20 headshots, 40 headshots, 80 headshots ect, basically stacks the longshot and headshot camos

    • BlazingNinja11

      you have to get a couple of head shots with the weapon it will start updating.

    • ApoX

      Get one more headshot and it unlocks.

    • Kenny Powers

      I have the same problem. I’ve pretty much unlocked all the camos for the MOR22, with the new update. Its still showing as locked. WTF

  • Brandon Bishop

    this is bs! good job with the bug fixes but were are the wepon balances

    • DeadlyTaylord

      I find nothing wrong with the weapons, at all. Core or hardcore. Some games I’ve already gone 33/6 and then a whooping 5/20. It’s the players and you. Bal-27, good rate of fire, not to high range, etc. To me, everything is well balanced. In my opinion, just give more guns.

  • Baldmanz_RAGE

    I understand why people hated when I bitched about Ghosts because that is how I feel with everyone complaining about AW. I don’t think anyone will truly be happy EVER!!

    • There were (and still are) serious issues in the game. It’s not just useless bitching…

      • Siftblade of Rivia

        Bitching is fine if SH doesn’t know about the issues yet or hasn’t said anything to address it. They said multiple times they’re working on it, so bitching about the same thing is pointless.

    • Primey_

      Get one more hip fire and headshot kill and you’ll get the camo

  • Take Two

    Btw which wep is good? Smg?

    • Bal

    • DeadlyTaylord

      I like Bal-27, AK-12, ARK, all the assault rifles, honestly. The SMG’s aren’t really working for me, but i’m trying. It’s all honestly, how you use and play it.

  • DG

    Anyone else having problems opening their supply drops?? I receive them and try and open them but it says an error has occurred!! I haven’t received any new gear or weapons since I entered 2nd prestige. I’m 3rd prestige now and nothing ๐Ÿ™

  • Cory Crawford

    y’all making it way to easy it needs to be challenging not so easy a 5 year old can do it come on

    • DeadlyTaylord

      I was the same, but if not what they did now, just don’t reset the challenge kills, say you’re at 430 headshots of 500, and you prestige, keep the same kills and continue. That would of made sense to me too, but this works in a good favor too.

  • NRG


  • Luis Vazquez

    Am I the only one with the camo challenge issue where its saying (16 of 10 Long shot kills or 18 of 10 headshot kills with this weapon) & the camos are still lock?

    • meow

      soon as you get the headshot itll be 19-10 i had this issue with having 100+ headshots but no 60 and 80 but got one headshot 60 challange done next headshots 80 challenge done.


    can’t complete 150 kills without getting totally wrecked (5/30)

    If i considered buying season pass, NOT ANYMORE, until you remove the fucking SBMM. it perfectly explains to me why my games have gone to shit ever since sunday evening.. or all the time. fuck this sit, fix it SHG

    • Drift

      The game JUST came out, calm your tits.

  • Zarky

    Time to grind out Carbon Fiber and Gold camo on as many guns as possible before the patch comes to xbox xD

  • Ajar

    when is this update coming out on xbox 360?

    • Rodoe528

      We getting it last bro

  • Lunchbox

    Oh god I hope they don’t reset your gold guns lol I’mma go for all gold guns on y X1 tonight before the patch haha

  • k5berry

    Interesting about the KC score increase

  • Justin

    I’ve heard the patch resets single player (campaign) progress. Please tell me this is a joke….

    • Partyin’ Pete

      Yeah, that sounds like a bad troll.

  • J Sama

    So are we not gonna talk about all these people that are now glitching through the maps..

  • George Claude

    this is what i was waiting for, now going back to aw

  • Christopher Wigington

    How does a dodge kill work. Do you just have to use a boost movement while someone is shooting at you.

    • ScOott

      Yes, that’s how I’ve got mine

  • Joe

    leader boards are going up now but from where they were stuck at, im second prestige and have 420k score in tdm and tdm leader board says i only have 197k and it was stuck at 194k till patch came. wheres my other 200+thousand point that i see on my combat record and leader boards career? so the patch half fixed the problem.

  • Potat0chip

    They didn’t fix the resetting glitch today I prestiged and it reset my camos and attactchments is it supposed to do that

    • No, Activision support tweeted back at me that they’re going to fix it soon

      • Potat0chip

        Will I get my stuff back

        • Most likely not :/

          • ScOott

            Looks like I’m not Going to prestige just yet then :-/ God sake… Charlie Intel should make it clear on the patch note because reading them I would assume they where fixed, glad I seen your comments otherwise I wouldn’t of been happy

      • Siftblade of Rivia

        So it’s still not fixed? Damn.

    • Right don’t you need to get one more kill to unlock the Camo if you’ve already completed the challenge for it? And then Prestige?

    • On what are you playing? I just prestige and all the camos I was suppose to unlock, got unlock. I’m one camo away from Diamond for Bal

      I on the PS4 btw

      • Potat0chip

        I’m on ps3

        • the patch haven’t arrive yet on the PS3, that’s why ur camos got reset

          • ScOott

            It says it has in the title

          • ohh sh*t, them idk lol

          • James Puckett

            God dam read the description when you prestige it is a feature that incomplete challenges reset

          • Potat0chip

            Yes it did I got it in the morning

  • IWRdaBescht

    Wow, this game is an utter mess! The above list is only a few minor issues in the game – the more critical stability issues I see have been completely overlooked. GG Sledgehammer – this is Ghosts MkII for sure

  • rafael luciano

    the ps3 camos, will go change?

  • Guywithbrains

    Next fix that Horizon map glitch where you get inside the room. I hate to play Infected because everyone votes for Horizon when it is an option.

  • Name

    huh so you do double tap for speed reload

  • Eaz Jmilly

    Will X360 get this update?

  • spartanelite

    And take out skill based match making, if I wanted to play against people as good as me I’d play ranked not public matches ๐Ÿ˜›

  • d

    I just installed patch for ps3 and all the camo challenges are still the same…..

    • ,

      Same with me

  • meow

    im bored now the fun has worn off. wihtout servers its just another ghosts

  • him

    Mine still says 97 out of 100 headshots. It goes all the way to 500 like before the patch. Whats going on?

  • Jason

    Do these new requirements need to be started from 0? What I mean is I am at the end of my second prestige an for example I have 78 headshots. On the lower values camos it will state 78/40 headshots for example but the camo is still locked. I should have most of these unlocked now with the patch but none of them are.

    • Get one more kill .. A headshot kill obviously and the Camo will unlock.

      • him

        GOD i started with 97 when i went on and it said i need to get 100, 200 300 etc. Got to 100 just now and it still says need 200 for the next! WTAF

  • batman

    activision is like atlas

  • Fixfornextpatch

    Please for next patch add K/D states for the lobby, i dont understand why theres nothing to check the players K/D in the lobby, we need to see the opponents states in the lobby. Also add some more better scorestreaks that kills via AI or controled. Perhaps an AC 130 or chopper gunner. Lastly it seems to take forever to get scorestreaks, i mean i went 13-0 with 2 caps and stiil wasnt able to get the paladen. Thats ridiculous with 13 kills in MW youll be awarded greatly but in AW its lame. Make kills give more points like 75 points. Thank u thats all.

    • xDXxAscension

      Really. Your worried about someones K/D ratio. What does it matter? Play the game and have fun.

      • Rodoe528

        It’s cause we want to know what were against and see if teammates are good

      • Derek

        I find myself enjoying the game more WITHOUT the stats available to everyone….

    • GinsuVictim

      “Please for next patch add K/D states for the lobby, i dont understand
      why theres nothing to check the players K/D in the lobby, we need to see
      the opponents states in the lobby.”

      WHY? It’s a better game without it and many of us have been asking for this to be removed for the longest time.

      Flex your epeen in a different game.

    • Drasadex

      Seriously? K/D shouldn’t concern you in the slightest bit. Just play the game and enjoy yourself.

  • zombiefreak935

    cod mw2 does 4 patches total, this does 1 and is working on another in week 1.

  • Frustrated

    Why was my comment deleted that asked about stats not updating after patch? smh

  • NuttyTheSquirrel


    • Rodoe528


  • So what about us who prestiged? I had 60 head shots with y ARX and now they’re just gone.

    • Run N Gunning Camper

      Yes, they’re gone. It’s a built-in feature to add some challenge.

      • I guess. It’s more like cod 4 which I appreciate. I guess we’ve just been spoiled.

  • Beef Supreme

    The headline says PS4, PS3 and PC but the article doesn’t mention PS3. I’m assuming if they rolled out the patch for both PS consoles they would do the same for XBOX. I’m hoping anyway.

  • BrotherhoodOfSteel

    Anybody else feel like they really cut the game short of guns this year? Sure, there’s the 5-10 weapon variants for each gun, but they aren’t all that different looking, just aesthetically different and some stat changes. Hopefully they add more than 1 weapon per DLC. That’d be cool if they added like 10 new weapon variants per gun every dlc as well.

    • zombiefreak935

      gun amount is ok,but they better have varients for the dlc weapons.

      • My money is on it now, we won’t get new weapons in the DLC just more dlc weapon variants.

  • Galen

    I just downloaded the patch and nothing at all changed in my game. Wtf. T_T

  • Eaz Jmilly

    So when will this update be on Xbox 360?

  • Juses

    Lower the damn score need for score streaks.

    • Rodoe528

      Or make kills count more

    • Bdotson1984

      I guess I dont have any issue getting score streaks.. I think it’s fine.. Better than non stop air support.. you can focus more on the gun on gun play.. but that’s just me.

  • KevJumbaify .

    The camo challenges are glitched. It says I need 60 hip fire kills for straden camo but I already got 106 but it’s still locked ๐Ÿ™ wtf

    • Eric Jones

      Get one hip fire and will complete first tier, get another and will unlock 2nd, and then another for a 3rd tier. Etc…

      • KevJumbaify .


        • ottomanelite

          What is straden camp

          • KevJumbaify .


    • ottomanelite

      What’s straden camp

  • Eric Jones

    Just prestiged… Still resets accumulated long shots, hip fire, head shots, blood thirsties. Fucking bull shit. Also you can no longer trade in loot for XP.

    • ottomanelite

      Your on playstation right if your not then theres your answer

      • Eric Jones

        Correct. And too that if on ps4 I am halfway decent. JonesersRX7

        • ottomanelite

          O maybe I should see that when get on

    • Daniel Sousa

      It happened to me too, SHG -.- sucks, the patch still doesn’t solve the reset problem… i was almost with 80 HS and 80 LS and it reseted

      • SotaGamer

        the patch is a two part thing. The other patch is coming later this week>

    • Danny Dietz Jr

      Wait if you cant trade in your loot for xp, can you still get rid of them? cuz you only have so many spaces

    • Loot system still works for me

  • I exceed a ton of camo requirements now , but dot have the camos unlocked, oh and yay, was 5- 10 away from gold on my used guns —-

    • KevJumbaify .

      Got to do one more of that challenge then it unlocks

  • joey

    the patch did not correct the prohibitive camo unlock requirements on my ps3 version of the game. seeing as that’s all i really cared about, i’m pretty upset.

    any information would be greatly appreciated.

  • Hunter

    What crap, I prestiged and IT STILL reset my camo progress!

    • zombiefreak935

      you on pc or ps4?not out for xbox yet.

  • Mikey9835

    Good now can they please fix spawns and care packages not opening when they land?

  • KevJumbaify .

    Damn camos are way easier to unlock now. Casuals. Lol

  • BetterThanTheAverageGuest

    Can someone please tell me why my camo challenges havent changed? Im on ps3 and everything else changed except the camos.

  • alex

    Anybody else notice they changed the capture points on momentum? I’m on X1

  • Haitian Jack

    Im grinding now to get Gold and Carbon Fiber before they make those harder to get. I like the game, except the connection makes it soy uo can fire a whole clip into a guy and miss everything. And for whatever reason, teammates do not play the objective on here. My W/L is horrible because my teammates dont do anything.

    • Rodoe528


      • Haitian Jack

        Xbox One

  • Josh Budden

    Ive completed all the Camo challenges but I still dont get the Diamond? someone please help

    • Guest

      you got royalty right, that is one of ALL of the camos, diamond is still last.

      • Xecho

        No it’s not. Royalty is last.

    • poop

      Camos are still glitched…I’m at 92 Kills OUT OF 50 Kills and Gold is locked? what the

      • poop

        Nevermind, I had to gather a few kills and I got Gold

  • mw3

    Nothing changed after patch on ps3. Camo challenges the same, mp game still freezes, menu still slow….

  • ottomanelite

    Uhh nothing changed was that the point?

  • ffshooter19

    I prestiged after the patch and its saying I have to do all of the diamond challenges again, but I’ve already unlocked all of the camos…. I’m pretty pissed… Wanted that diamond hbr

  • Robert Shaun Piccoli

    Well all my challenges reset today after patch I prestiged and boom all gone

  • KevJumbaify .

    Can anybody confirm if the challenge reset thing actually got fix? Only thing I heard so far is that peoples challenges still got reset.

  • navid

    Can u reset ur staus in any prestige?? Please tell me guys

  • MrGladiator20

    Charlie Intel I believe that this patch gives a little better connection and also at least on the PS3 (what I play on) I have had my system freeze 4 times today. Normally it is once or twice a day at most but today in te course of 2 hours it froze 4 times.

    Also unrelated you see how youtubers always complain that the bal needs nerfed and SMGs need buffed. I just found new class that I hope you all find useful

    13/13 points
    ASM1 – Speakeasy (Elite)
    Free Extended mag, grip, and advanced rifling (improves range)
    Combat knife
    Perk 1 – Lightweight and Low Profile
    Perk 2 – Perephirals (no death display)
    Perk 3 – Toughness and Blast Supressor (I would replace Blast Supressor with scavenger if I had it unlocked)
    Exo- Overclock (Very Useful with this class, I reccommend that you use it to get across the middle or open areas and stay in cqc as much as possible
    Wild cards – Primary Gunfighter, Perk 1 Greed, Perk 3 Greed
    Scorestreaks – Super UAV (Support, Speed, Threat Detection)

    This class has not been seen by major youtubers. The ASM1 Speakeasy gives a 2 boost to rate of fire and a free locked in extended mag attachment, however it decreases damage by 1 and I believe range by 1. Damage and rate of fire cancel eachother out and the range is ok with advanced rifling. This gun is perfect for CQC and beats a bal27 9/10 times. As long as you don’t try to kill somebody across the map, you should be fine with this gun. Also this gun is suprisingly good at mid range, just try to get closer to the enemy by boosting and dashing as best as you can so you can have a greater advantage. I was very close to a DNA bomb today dropping a 19 gunstreak before getting killed from lag. Hope you guys can drop a DNA Bomb with this class.

    • zombiefreak935

      The bal27 has a faster fire rate,more damage,more accuracy, and more range, how is this better?

      • Ech!

        Because it’s not a n00b gun he’s using…

      • MrGladiator20

        The Bal aims in less quickly. Also the rest up time for the asm1 is faster. Asm1 has a higher damage output at close range than the Val and about the same at medium range. This is an under rated class and every game so far that I used it Ive gone very positive dropping 30 bombs in aggressive domination games easily. I rank up super quick averaging around 12,500 xp every game and I’ve tried several other guns

        I also have an MP11 – Goliath (Elite) but I believe that the speakeasy is better. The Goliath gives 3 damage boost and 3 reduced handling making it also very powerful.

    • Run N Gunning Camper

      Take down your post, dude. Keep this class a secret or all of the kiddies will soon ask to nerf the gun.

      P.S. I use pretty much the same setup and the results are really awesome.

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      This would be great if I unlocked the Speakeasy. Right now the default ASM1 (no attachments) is pretty crappy.

  • Haitian Jack

    on the Xbox One who wants the gold and carbon fiber camos easy, set up a
    class to have 2 of whatever guns you want done first, say 2 Assualt
    Rifles, using the overkill perk. Take off all perks and attachments and
    just play momentum. Everybody floods to the flags, so its easy kills. I
    usually get the 2 camos for a gun every 3 games.

    if you want to
    get crazy killstreaks, use the 4th scorestreak wildcards and use the
    UAV, Care Package, Turret, and Recon Drone. Set them all to supports,
    and add whatever else you want. I use speed and assist points on the
    UAV. Double tap and Better odds on the Care Package, Sentry and Rockets
    on the Turret, and Flash and Extra time on the Recon. I average about
    30-40 kills a game.๏ปฟ

    Do it before the patch hits XBOX!!

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      Recon drone sucks though.

      • Haitian Jack

        As a overall killstreak, maybe. But to build up points, its awesome. Everytime it tags someone, thats 25 points. the tags only last about 3 seconds, i believe. So, just follow people and tag them or stay in their spawn and get them. In a game like momentum where everyone is always together, you can get a good 400 points, easy

        • Siftblade of Rivia

          You have to manually control it, it only lasts like 30 seconds, and it only gives you 25 points a tag. Meh. Maybe in big groups, but in Hardpoint or Domination, it gives me about 100 points when I use it.

  • KuuGeeL

    So they removed 4x, I got 45 minutes of double xp when x2 weekend was active went from lvl 1 to lvl 43 in 45 minutes by playing classic snd.

  • xx_abram96_xx

    Now they need to fix the who killed who thing at the bottom left corner, it gets in the way to much. Like no one really cares about who killed who. By simply making it smaller and give it a better font wording then we are good. The camos im fine with w.e they decide on. THE LAG NEEDS TO BE FIXED!! Like its unfair at times. Some guys do great thanks to the lag being better for them.

    • Carrisi

      No, kill feed is very important and I’m glad it’s back in the bottom left.

    • Derek

      Yes, the font size is WAY too big, its a distraction………..

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      I think the kill feed is important. Though they should make it so that the latest kills appear on the bottom of the kill-feed and go up, instead of the other way around.

  • RANE galore

    I’m on ps3 and the camo challenges didn’t change I still have to do all the same stuff before it was supposed to be fixed

  • Yeaa

    They need to implement a feature where we can see everything about another player’s Combat Record while in the lobby; need to know if I’ll be backpacking my entire team. Also, i just like looking at them when im bored waiting

    • Agree – something similar to what BO and BO2 had would be nice… (personally, I liked BO’s better)

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      I’d rather not. They took it out so you can’t check teammates KDs and stuff. That way, nobody would care what their KD was, and in turn they are less likely to camp.

  • Favorite Ape

    Connection is still a laggy mess for me after the patch. Multiplayer is not a game, it’s a joke.

  • Mr codman1976

    Has the Xbox one update gone live yet, as of early morning on the 11/11 I already had the 85 kill confirmed changed does that mean I all ready have the update? If so the connection is still shit.

  • marth

    when is it coming online for ps3?

  • Bighead09

    Is anyone struggling to join the multiplayer via xbox live? keep getting an error message

  • Christian

    Where’s gun game?

    • Derek

      ive been wondering that myself……

      • MMEH

        people say it is in private match…..

        • Sad. I guess it’s not ready for the public! ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Woah, my Xbox one loaded up the update without me even beings asked or notified while it was off..

    I’m sorta scared of it now.

    • ScOott

      You had any problems with camo glitch ?

  • Zesty

    so when i got on today i had 100/40 headshots for the bal-27 challenge and i prestiged and it still got reset after the patch

    • Xecho

      Because it’s suppose to happen like that.

    • Activision support responded to me that they’re fixing this with an update coming “soon”. They’re not supposed to happen.

  • drjakeyoung

    Just prestige and it says i need to re-do all the camo challenges to get diamond? WTF? Is this a glitch or an actual thing? I still have all the normal camo’s, it just says 0/7 complete for diamond.

    • Xecho

      Actual thing. It’s your fault for prestiging while having challenges in action. That’s like a little punishment to you from SH. It’s actually a good thing to do.

      • “- Fixed Marksman and Camo challenges to not reset when you prestige.”

        nope. still broken

      • drjakeyoung

        No actually, it turns out it’s a glitch. And why should i get punished for prestiging?

        • Xecho

          where is your proof for that?

          • drjakeyoung

            “Fixed Marksman and Camo challenges to not reset when you prestige.”

  • where is the patch for the 360? this just B.S.

    • Zachary

      360? Upgrade dude.

      • i got both but my friends and team are on the 36o

  • Emre

    they need to remove or demp the medal sounds.
    sometimes i get like four medals and you hear dunggg dunngg dunggg.

  • drjakeyoung

    So is the diamond camo glitched? I downloaded the patch yesterday then prestiged and i have about 6 camo’s unlocked, but diamond says 0/7 completed? Is this how they’ve made it or is it glitched?

  • J4MES

    An excellent video about Skill-Based Matchmaking which is a prominent problem for the connection woes in AW. Well worth a watch for some brutal insight into the lackluster infrastructure of COD


    • Mr codman1976

      I have to go to his channel and give that a like. so trueeeeeeeee

    • Run N Gunning Camper

      LMAO getting matched against Optic even though he’s thousands of miles away.

      There’s your SBMM proof right there @3:55 in the video.

  • ScOott

    Erghhf I have 4 camos unlocked but my diamond camo unlock says I’ve only done 2, I’ve got 130 head shots n only got the 20 head shot camo this is a mess !

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      Get a few more headshots and it will unlock.

      • ScOott

        I’m getting them but what about diamond camo ? It says you only need 7 unlock n mines stuck on 3 even tho I have all comos apart from gold and carbon and their is way more than 7 camos any way it doesn’t make any sense

  • QuickzZ-_-GhosT

    Guys my camos are “bugged” I think.You see, right now i have challenges like 80 headshots and i have 94 of 80 .WtTF ?Do I need to prestige to this being fixed ?

    • RdJokr

      No. Just go in a match, get a headshot, and your challenges will be registered as completed.

  • Jim Bobert

    Why not remove SBMM in pubs? It clearly affects connection and with league play there’s no need to ruin casual gamer’s experience with SBMM. I want to play a variety of skill levels because it keeps the game fresh and I don’t have to use the best weapons every game to compete. Treyarch removed SBMM from Blops2 and it’s been going strong ever since. I’m already seeing people reverse boosting just to find lobbies that aren’t full of sweaties hard aiming head glitches for streaks. I’ll wait and see if they remove it soon and if not my friends and I will just play something else.

  • Diego Diniz

    They HAVE TO Fix Respawns!

  • cobra6

    Spawns? To me thats the biggest issue! How can I get my camos and all that other crap if im dying 10-15 times a game due in part to these crazy spawn points.

  • longjohnhardy

    Anyone know if you still lose weapon attachments when entering prestige? (Xbox 1)

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      Yes. It’s not a glitch.

    • Duke of hazard

      Not a glitch.

    • shantzonpoint

      Yes you do. It’s just like mw3. You can unlock one weapon or perk with each prestige but attachments don’t carry over. You have to start fresh as far as attachments go.

  • Zschoeyyyyy

    There need to add the ability to reset your stats.

  • Youri Den Otter

    wtf, how is this possible i haven’t the camo challenge change its the same as before.
    how is this possible can any one tell me

  • LunatikToon

    It say something when fucking ps3 gets the patch before xbox 360!!! step the fuck up

  • Take Two

    After 2 days i’m going to sold this crap.The weapons are bs, the maps are crap (greenbier or whateva it is called) then spawns are retarded, oh and the lag comp, complete failure… Good job SGH

    • Slothigans

      Sell*. Are you really that hard to please? This game is literally fucking miles better than a lot of cods in the past. I agree with you that some weapons are unbalanced but that’s what patches are for. And I’ve had maybe only one or two games with lag since launch. The connection is not purely SHG fault. A lot of it has to do with your internet also.

    • Rodoe528

      Maps are great and it’s called greenband hate it too but it’s not the final patch they’re making. Guns will be balanced soon

    • Max Martinez

      Like you said. You’ve had it for 2 days. Is that enough for you to completely bash the game and then some? The game has its flaws just like any other game on release. It’s been a week since it came out. Give them some time to patch things and balance weapons.

      • Take Two

        Sure it’s enough, i wasted my money for nothing, i’d rather wait for another game, but they had a 3 years, shame and sad.I can’t stand this game, seriously i need 15 bullets or more to kill a guy? Oh cmon, it’s an old goldie p2p system.My net is more than enough good.And i don’t bash anyone nor this is my opinion.But hey if you like this game, go ahead and have fun

  • Harry Manyo

    you sure they fixed the ps3 because yesterday it was the same on the ps3 for me

  • Hypn0

    Xbox one post patch…. After you prestige do the calling card challenges reset still or what, no one seems to know…. ie: say if I have 61 orbitals out of 100 do they reset???

    • They still reset on PS4 at least

      • Hypn0

        That’s just fucking stupid then, are they meant to reset or is it still fucked??? Cause either way its just lame….. Things arnt looking good if something they supposed to fix in a patch doesn’t even fix….. Good luck with the proper Fix’s then….
        lag, spawns, gun balance etc…. If they can’t even fix something they say is fixed there is no hope for more important things

        • Yep. Camo Progress also resets UNLESS that Camo has already been locked. I had 9 Bloodthirstys and needed one more for Diamond, I Prestiged and it reset. Playercard Challenges you say? Yes, they reset after Prestiging. All of them. I want my Red Baron patch and it’s now reset twice. How is anyone meant to get 350 dog fight medals in one prestige!?

          • drjakeyoung

            Not just that, but i was 1 camo off diamond, and it not only reset that, but although i can still apply all the other camo’s to my weapons, diamond says i have unlocked 0/7 camo’s. Meaning i have to re do every camo again. Retarded.

          • Hypn0

            Mental…. A lot if not most of the player card challenges are impossible to do in one prestige, so you have to either not prestige or wait until max prestige to do them…. gg :

  • DD

    I could care less about Camo’s and my challenges resetting. Lag is not an issue for me either. The only complaint I have is my supply fucking drops wont open and I never receive what ever was in there. WTF!!!.. Other then that I love it!! 4th Prestige ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • MMEH

    Its just too funny that people are freaking out about a camo bug when you are supposed to just enjoy the game. Camo’s aren’t life so don’t nag about it

    • ScOott

      We paid money for the game, if something wrong with it people have the right to “freak out” getting the camos right should have not been rocket science, to bring out a patch that actually works should also not be rocket science, your comment does not make sense.. Most people play cod to grind prestiges and camos n that is not possible at the minute

  • Sal

    So from what I’ve heard, does AW has the same connection problems as BO2 (as in rubber bullets and bad hit detection overall)?

    Also I’m still amazed how my potato computer can actually run this thing with a patch.

    • Juses


  • Diego Diniz

    Thats what im talking about…COLORFUL Maps! Thats why i prefer Ghosts after DLCs more than Advanced Warfare:

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      AW’s maps are extremely colorful. What are you on about?

    • J4MES

      Ghosts and its DLC is an abomination to gaming. Sounds like you’re playing on a black and white TV if you don’t think AW is colourful. The maps are varied and beautiful and the game itself is excellent. The only colour Ghosts reminds me of is brown – because it’s shit.

      • Diego Diniz

        Standard maps are really bad. But DLC maps are great!
        Cmon Dude, compare this Map “Departed” with “Horizon”.
        its not even comparable…

  • floppyscience

    Any plans to fix the console bug where the game crashes after every split screen match, making it near unplayable?

    Or addressing the fact that outfits are totally broken in Hardcore and everyone looks the same?

  • A-Aron

    360 yet?

  • FazalGaming

    Is this supposed to happen? So I had gold and a couple of other camos before this update. I can still use the camos but I need to do the challenges again for them to count towards Diamond.

    • Yep it’s still glitched…

  • Matt Shotwell

    The patch did absolutely nothing?? The Leaderboards are still wrong. Come on I’m prestige 6 and only have 143 kills in SnD? And the camo’s are still messed up. What did this update actually do?

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      What console are you on? I heard PS3’s patch didn’t do much.

      • Matt Shotwell

        Xbox one. It worked I guess. I just played a game of SnD and went 10-5 and it updated the kills from that game. I guess I was expecting it to save all of the kills I have amassed.

        • Matt Shotwell

          I’m currently in the 4700’s in the lead boards but I should be in the 100’s.

  • Pete Moss

    I uipdated my game and now I have most of the camo challenged completed already except they aren’t unlocking the camo

  • Josh S

    Is there a patch coming today for the 360?

  • Bert Wattenbergh

    I got all the camo’s for the hbra3 but didn’t unlock diamond camo and when I go to diamond camo it says 6/7 camo’s completed.
    Am I the only one with this problem ? ( my friend also has the same problem )

  • When does xbox 360 get the update?

    • MichiganerE


  • Cat hunter

    is 360 the forgotten child here, when will it get the patch?

  • john

    Does anybody have the same item in there armory 4 times. And it can’t be deleted because it just can’t be?

  • Zarky

    Need this patch to hurry up on the 360 before I can prestige… Been at level 50 for like 4 hours now

    • Slothigans

      You could just wait. It’s not going anywhere. Unless you’re getting paid to prestige there’s no rush. It’s not a race.

      • Rodoe528

        Yea but why are we 360 users last?

        • Tricky VIk

          “Just cause.”

      • Zarky

        True this but I’m getting useless xp at this point and there isn’t much point in playing xD

  • Dan6294

    is this patch going to come to xbox 360 ?

  • Guywithbrains

    I thought that I would almost get rid of all these YOLO, YARA, $WAG tags by switching to PS4 a half year ago but no I just saw today many of them. Also I saw offensive emblem.

    Anyone else feel annoyed when you get killed by some [$W4G]Yoloswaggerboyz or something like that?

  • Nintenbo

    I was under the impression that challenges wouldn’t reset after prestiging now? I just reached prestige 2 and all of my challenges are gone now. It’s a shame, because I almost had diamond on the IMR. Sigh.

  • KeShawn Themasterpiece Boyd

    Leaderboards are fixed but I’m pissed that our actual score still don’t show and there’s ppl that have a lower score than me higher ranked in the leaderboards. It’s kinda annoying cause i feel that getting the game on day zero was a waste of time.

  • Reading through all these comments I just feel the “back of house” stuff on this game is just one complete MESS. Why doesn’t a couple of people at SHG get together, lay down ALL the challenges including camos decide on sensible amounts and what and what shouldn’t reset when Prestiging? Actually no… Why wasn’t that done before the game was released? I’m quickly going off SHG quicker than AW itself.

  • ihatecod


  • ApoX

    I was playing a match with the Bal and suddenly it said I completed all the camo challenges.. So I got my diamond camo without completing all the camo challenges. Not complaining I guess.. But the patch really screwed it up

  • Eaz Jmilly

    Wtf. Where is Xbox 360? Since when has a cod update been first on PS3?

    • Rodoe528

      Ikr but at least we get DLC’s first

      • Eaz Jmilly

        Yeah that’s a good thing

        • Rodoe528

          Still sucks being last to get update though I REALLY want to prestige!

  • HeWhoGameZ

    Still waiting on Xbox 360 patch.

  • NovaTastic3

    what about xboc 360

  • char011671

    I’m on Xb1, updated to the new patch, and now the sound in my headset is backwards ( dounds on the right are on the left and vice versa.) Anybody else experiencing this?

  • Stefan Lang

    Man where’s the 360 patch.. Im getting shit on on PS4 because I have no friends to play with ๐Ÿ™

  • ameer

    Excuse my profanity but what connection they fixed its the most fuckin laggy cod to date its a solid game but the connection kills the game for me


    I got a lot of gold and carbon before the update but I’ve just prestiged and all have reset to 0… still got the camos that I completed but WTF.. got to start again.. anyone know if I can do anything about it??

  • Angelo Suppa

    Im so stupid i thought this meant they fixed the challenges resetting so i prestiged and all i needed for humiliation was 10 more backfires and 15 rabbit punch’s but now i need it all again even though i had all before!

  • Bakon

    I downloaded the update on PS3, the only thing that happened was my emblems got deleted.

  • Fixed Prestige reset issues, including emblems and challenges – They didn’t fix this. Everything still resets including progress towards challenges, playercard challenges, and weapon camo challenges.

    Fixed Marksman and Camo challenges to not reset when you prestige – Again, they do reset when you Prestige. The only thing they changed is the required amount of kills for challenges and things like 50 Triple Kill medals for AR’s has been changed to 10 Bloodthirsty Kills.

    Fixed stats not accumulating towards leaderboards after prestiging – Not fixed. I’m still level 50 (none Prestige) in HCKC which is all I play. I’m actually Prestige 2 and have about 2000 more kills than it states on the leaderboards.

    KC score limit increased to 85 per match – Oooops. Not on HC, still 65. But my bad, HC doesn’t matter anyway.

    Just something else to add in regards to the Camo Challenges too – if you complete 5 out of the 7 Camo Challenges towards obtaining Diamond and then Prestige, the Diamond counter where it should say 5/7 Challenges completed, goes back to zero – so effectively eventhough you’ve unlocked the camo, you’d need to do that challenge again if you want the Diamond camo unlocked.

    SHG need to issue a public apology for lying in their patch notes, alot of people have Prestiged on the basis of their Multiple fixes – Don’t say you’ve fixed something and give the go ahead to Prestige when it isn’t – it’s pissed me off and alot of other people.

    On a positive note though – the Speed Reloading feature has definitely been fixed.

    • jojo

      All of your kills/score you got after your prestige is never gonna reappear that’s gone forever.

      • I’m not too bothered about that. But it doesn’t move after the update and still says I’m Level 50. I added it just to advise of the “fix” they put in didn’t “fix” it.

    • Hypn0

      I completely agree, the patch did nothing apart from change cammo amounts….. I Also prestiged thinking challenge progress wouldn’t be lost…BLAM!! ALL GONE!!
      I see ppl saying blah blah blah just enjoy the game etc…. But THIS IS how I enjoy playing COD, Prestiging and working on the challenges as I go, now that’s just gone and its pretty shit, not to !mention stupid and fucking outrageous that they said they fixed them so it was OK to prestige.
      I mean who’s fucking bright idea was it to have player card etc challenges reset when you prestige anyhow????
      If this is actually meant to happen then its just fucked up the fun factor for me big time
      First COD that you actually get penalised for prestiging, good one SHG

  • Reaper002

    When is the 360 update coming

  • ottomanelite

    Uhh it changed nothing basically

    • Not quite.

      The Speed Reload now works superbly, in fact I absolutely love that feature.

      The in-game chat notifications have also gone, they fixed that too.

      It took them 8 days to do it though. Pretty lame.

      • ottomanelite

        What about camos

  • codplayer

    Since the patch I can’t connect most of the time. Anyone else having trouble on XB1?

  • Shathrax

    Just prestiged my challenges are still being reset nice update…

  • Christian

    What about Xbox 360 nothing changes

  • double money

    I did all the camos for the bal but it still won’t give me diamond did I miss something?

  • LAG

    connection is still shitty! even worse when the patch came out. Get that skill base match making out plsssss

  • Whats the best way to make sure you get the update?
    I turned on my XB1 and nothing different happened. so idk..

    • Has your Gold and Carbon Fibre challenges changed to 150 and 200? If so, you’ve been updated.

      • Ah, yes it has. Thanks.
        I guess downloading updates is a thing of the past..?

  • Jay_J

    When will Xbox 360 get the patch?

  • advanced 360 warfare

    When will Xbox 360 get the patch?

  • Jono Key

    when do xbox 360 get the update

  • LunatikToon


  • LunatikToon

    lmao nothing has changed I just give up. All camo challenges are the same

  • dansnedd

    does anyone know if 360 has the patch yet it doesn’t mention at the top

    • GinsuVictim

      I just read it mentioned in a GameFAQs post that it’s live, but can’t confirm at the moment.

    • LunatikToon

      the patch has hit the 360 but nothing has changed for me, all camo challenges remain the same etc etc

      • dansnedd

        Just applied the patch to mine and same nothing has changed with the camo challenges.

  • So no sniper patch yet? Holy hell it is going to be a Christmas miracle if they do not have one.

    • Murf

      Sniper patch for what? Snipers are fine. They still kill with one bullet to the toe nail. You just have to learn how to quick scope properly now instead of letting the aim assist do it for you.

    • Beef Supreme

      I hope you’re talking about a nerf for snipers.

  • Baldmanz_RAGE

    I waited a couple of days to post this after the patch. The lag is still very much real. This will seriously reduce the life of this game if it is not fixed which sucks because I really like this game. I hope treyarch is taking notes. And for god’s sake Activision use some of your multi-million dollars from this game and give us dedicated servers!!! If you give us this more and more people will buy and play your games. I don’t understand the hesitation.

    • LunatikToon

      I would settle for a patch actually doing what it states its going to do lol the 360 patch has changed nothing

  • Kyle Johnson Taylor

    since the patch i cant play a game online even the exo co-op won’t work its not my game i tried it on a freinds xbox one need help please :/

  • Killa Arts

    It is not out on the xbox 360 yet i have just downloaded a patch and nothing has changed ?

    • Primey_

      It’s split into two parts. The 2nd part fixes the camo requirements.

  • LunatikToon

    just prestiged on xbox one and all the camo challenges reset!!!! i have all but 1 camo needed for diamond aswell wtf is this

  • LunatikToon

    all other challenges have also reset, but leaderboards are updated what a load of crap 3 years and this is what u give us LOL

  • Olaf Marin

    wtf with 360 update , it changed nothing .-.

    • Reaper002

      Yeah dude wtf is going on we need to let shg know what’s going on with last gen this bs I scared to prestige FUCK THIS

    • Aaron Lee Green

      Yeah since I updated my lag is worse and EVERYTHING reset when I prestiged, except the camo I already earned

  • Tyler Bernier

    Is something wrong here? I just updated my game but all the camo challenges are the same for my guns. Should I re-download the game?

  • Jared Grant

    Ive done an update for my 360 but it didnt change the camo difficulty

  • God

    funny how no one cared when us ps3 folk had the same problem with camo challenges staying the same…

    • Rodoe528

      Same with 360 ๐Ÿ™

  • Gaiko

    Haha lmao retards with controllers, this game is so ez to play with kb and mouse, ffs adapters for teh win ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Roman Herman

    Hello everyone I play on PS3, but I still need 500 longshots and 500 headshots for the camo’s does anybody know why? And yes I have downloaded the patch 1.03 so that’s should be 80 instead of 500 ๐Ÿ™

  • Aaron Lee Green

    I’m upset about the patch…all of my stuff reset when I prestiged…I waited until the patch downloaded just a little bit ago…lost all challenges, everything I’ve done towards camos…like the patch messed up all my stuff

  • Aaron Lee Green

    Anyone else having issues with Xbox 360 challenges and prestiging resetting?

  • Nick

    On the ps3 I got most of the update but not the camo one. All the challenges are the same to unlock the camos. What’s up with that?

  • FerretGazelle

    Lol, my camo challenges still reset when I prestiged…

    • LunatikToon

      all my camo challenges reset on xbox one bro when i prestiges yesterday

      • ScOott

        Did the camos them selfs reset as well ?

  • elsio

    I got all the camos for my bal but i didnt give me diamond why..? Im on next gen xbox one..

  • elsio

    i did all the camo challenges for my bal but it didnt get diamond camo? Im on next gen xbox one am i glitched.? Is it because i got gold before they changed it??

    • LunatikToon

      I honestly believe even thou I have all the camos for my bal except one that we will have to do the camos again to get diamond, and I just prestige so yeah I gtta do them all again even thou I have all but 1 for my bal.. Its not a big deal just keep going for it, keep going for gold with the new camo limit and u shud unlock it

  • Kyoshilonehearted

    So I am playing on the Xbox One version and while I am happy about the fixes here, it seems the patch further f***ed up the game in other ways! because now I am experiences even worse connections when trying to join games and even worse the game is now locking up on me constantly. Anyone else experiencing this???

    • Take Two

      Same on PS4, this game is joking, sometimes it freezing and i need to close it and relaunch the game.Even with wired connection i can feel that lag comp is still there, damn fucking developers.They need always to fucked up the game

  • jj

    Why havent i got the update on ps3 yet none of this has been updated still got to get 500 longshots and headshots

  • Deano

    Does any one know when the full update for xbox one is because i got two diamond camos prestiged then found out that the royalty camo progress has reset any help ?

  • Well that makes more since because everything wasnt fixed with the last patch.

  • Mclovin

    I hope to god that the camo updates do come out on the PS3 and 360 cause that’s just bull if it only comes out on next gen.

  • ร˜neSquad Mรธe

    has the update come to ps3 yet?

  • ร˜neSquad Mรธe

    has the update hit ps3 servers yet?

  • Ryan

    Why’d I my challenges still get rest on Xbox after I prestige?

    • Aaron

      Same thing happened to me

  • Jesse

    Did the update not work for PS3?

    • ottomanelite


      • ร˜neSquad Mรธe

        yes as in yes it did work or no i didnt o,o?

  • beastyrmk

    I have all the camos unlocked but no diamond can someone help

  • Beatty

    Thats bull dude its not working for ps3!?

  • stealthbeast

    didnt work on xbox 360

  • beastyRmk .

    Can someone help I have all my camos unlocked for the bal but yet I still dont have diamond camo what is wrong with this game?ยฟ

  • kris kong

    so my problem is how do they expect someone to get camo class mastery if the challenges get reset every time you prestige. my camos are still unlocked, but it doesn’t say i completed the challenge after i prestige. (and this is after the patch mind you) so am i suppose to unlock all the camos for all six of these guns before i prestige again?… if so, that makes no sense.

  • Zombie king

    Does anyone no when zombies are cmein out for ps4 because miltiplayer is boreing


    And still keeps putting me in U.S games and im in the U.K…..lag is no better

  • SpitzBR

    It’ s BULL, i’ve just prestiged and the headshots reset again!!!! I can’t beieve it. Tha camos I had unlocked carried over, but the headshots for the other didn’t!!!

  • wimko

    i just prestiged and stil i lost al my camos…
    Why is the update stil not here for ps3
    the latest patch dident change anything of the prestige isiues

  • Derek

    I didn’t lose my camos when I just prestiged, but I did lose all my progress on the others and I was pretty close. Should have just waited.

  • Chris

    Camo challenges didn’t change on ps3 any thoughts?

  • Kenny Baker

    When is the update on ps3 advanced warfare camo because im still waiting for it

  • Mitchell

    The Xbox 360 pach is not working for me my game updated but the camp challenges didn’t change like wtf

  • TopiiHD

    WHEN IS THIS OUT FOR XBOX 360!?!?!??!?!?!

  • Guest

    Come on SHgames! Don’t forget about last gen!

  • CPMoney

    The Patch is not working for me on my Bal and AK-12 it still says i must complete 50 triple kills

  • Ari_stack157

    Last gen systems to camo challenges are still the same


    I did all the camo challenges and I didn’t get my diamond camo? What’s going on?

    • Jacob

      They don’t expect people to get diamond and royalty that fast. They patch in its availability within the first couple of weeks. When they see that people have diamond and royalty on their gun before they patch it in, they know who hax. /:

  • Tayler Hammond

    “Fixed Prestige reset issues, including emblems and challenges.”
    Lies because I just prestiged at 68 headshots and it tells me 0/80
    Fuck Sledgehammer

  • Isaiah Horne

    When will it come out it still hasn’t come for 360

  • Tuckscores

    For anyone trying to do came challenges I suggest waiting until a further patch or if you do not want to prestige. The reason I say this is because I unlocked diamond for my BAL and my royalty said 1/6 I prestige and now my royalty says 0/6. I have diamond on my BAL still, however All the challenges for those camps reset so it says I haven’t unlocked them making royalty came 0/6 again. I have tried this with multiple guns however even if you unlock the camp if you prestige you have to do the whole challenge again for it to count for diamond all in the same prestige. Hopefully SH will see this and patch it so we do not have to redo all of the challenges we did because now if I want to get royalty for Assault Rifles then I have to do the BAL for a second time. Just a bit of advice for people trying to grind for camos! Overall fun game but they need to fix challenge issues

  • John

    So I have two guns diamond my bal and ak and I looked at my challenges for the royalty camo. It said I had 2 out of 6. So I played a game and when it was over it said I had 3 out of 6. Then the next game it said I had 4 out of 6. Is this a glitch?

  • James

    How do we unlock the camos for use in local offline play?

  • SixxPercentMilk

    I unlocked all the camos for the bal 27 and it rest all the challenges and it didn’t give my diamond

  • Maddripp

    Still no 360 camo update…I did receive an update a few days ago but nothing has changed, everything is still the same.

  • Max Pitney

    I have a question. Does anybody know when the camo fix will be out for 360?

  • joshua mcclintock

    yeah sure whatever this update didn’t work oviously because it didn’t give me my diamond camo for my kf5 on xbox 1

  • Eric

    Challenges still reset when you prestige

  • Jim Bobert

    First game on and I’m put against a party of BAL sweaties in BFE. What will it take to get SBMM out of pubs? FearCrads, WingsOfRedemption & other reputable players has asked for SBMM to be removed in pubs yet SHG does nothing. If I want to go hard every game with the best loadouts I’ll play league. Instead SBMM is put in front of connection and pubs are annoying AF for solo players. Oh well, MCC patch comes out Wednesday.

  • Dankio997

    why is this update still not live on PS3 ??

  • Kasdahaus

    when will it be out for 360 i still have the “crazy camos”

  • Sawdwsc

    this update better come this week or fuck Sledgehammer

  • Kenny Baker

    See how the xbox one and the ps4 has had the update what about xbox 360 and ps3 I cant even prestige up because I will lose what I have done we need this update soon as

  • Specter

    My camo challenges reseetd and so did the marksmen challenges. The challenges for the camos are still the original numbers from the launcher with 500 longshots/headshots.. Why is this?

  • z1k0b4

    Is it safe to prestige yet without losing all your progress with challenges and stuff???

  • Zephaetion

    Does anybody know when the update will come out on xbox 360 as im waiting to prestige but dont want to lose everything

  • Devin

    i already prestiged, so when this update happens will it give me back the progress i already had on my camos because they reseted.

  • luc

    does someone know when this patch comes out for pa3 players. I’m not going to prestige before that!

  • Joe Brzozowiec

    are they doing any changes for 360?

    just today i keep going to play hardcore Dom, and it wont let me play, just spectate.

    And when i go to choose a loadout, it freezes from pressing a.

    Xbox 360, downloaded version (no disc)

    ps. ima check other game modes right now

  • Dale

    The update messed up my hbra3 I can’t use because it says 35/10 on head shots and I freeze when I hover over it HELP ME

  • Kenny Baker

    It good that the update is done for the camos on the ps3 but my ps3 is still crashing and still frezzing I payed ยฃ80 for my game and I am not happy please can u do a update to stop ths from happening I no it ant my ps3 because it dont do it with my other games

  • Jay Flo

    XaseAFAmore here, uhh, no? lol if the patch was correct for the Xbox 360 my Atlas 20mm would’ve had all camos except royalty today. instead I have this.
    Multicam – 10 LS : Complete
    Multicam – 20 LS : 81 of 20 no completion
    Kryptek Raid – 10 HS : Complete
    Digital Classic – 20 HS : Complete
    Kryptek Highlander – 40 HS : 107 of 40 no completion
    22 of 5, 10, and 15, BT and no camos unlocked

  • coolstorybro976

    Thanks call of duty
    i got my fricking guns gold on xbox360 with the 50 kills and now tht reset 0-200 or 0-125 and that is pissing me off now only 2 guns that were equipped hav gold nothing else
    thanks call of duty for ruining my progress with my guns

  • coolstorybro976

    i usually like this game but that update pisses me off
    i am not happy at all about the update

  • Ravaged

    The update messed up my classes and my spawning into games

  • RyNutzzz

    i probably sound like an idiot right now but I completed all the challenges for my Assault riffle and it still says for diamond that I only have 6 of 7 challenges complete when I ave all of them done except for diamond and royalty. im so confused

  • COD Fashion Whore

    Why doesn’t character customization show up in game for hardcore modes? I only play hardcore so it’s annoying. Not that it effects game play in any way but it’s just fun to earn and wear new gear and so it’s frustrating that this feature is not available or broken.

  • geronl

    What is the bloodthirsty challenge? I don’t know what to do with it.

    • James

      5 kill streak


    What the hell is going on !! ?

  • z1k0b4

    Anyone know if it’s fixed on xbox one so I can prestige without losing my progress of challenges? I completed the humiliation challenge before I first prestiged and it still doesn’t show it completed again!! I’ve been able to prestige again for about a week but can’t find anything solid on if it has been fixed yet or not?? If it’s fixed, is there any way I can get my progression from challenges back or do I have to redo it?

  • Han

    For the love of god!can these guys please buff the mk14!? Its sucks that such a good looking weapon barely does damage

  • Anonymous

    My emblem won’t show up it just shows a blank space and when go to try and edit a letter or anything for that matter only the Grid shows up so I pretty much can’t make an emblem. (if u know how to solve please help) I hope I’m not the only one having this problem

    • Anonymous

      I’m on Xbox One btw

  • Alex van der Merwe

    I would like to know: when i prestiged the 1st time it reset ALL my weapon attachments as well and I want to know if that has been patched or if its suppose to be like that? Because I can prestige again but i don’t want to lose my weapon attachments again.

  • Zero

    So many people in this thread that need to get their priorities right. “I NEED MAH CAMOZ”

    First world fucking problems.

    • Zero

      inb4 “i paid for this so i’m entitled to bitch about something that really means a whole load of nothing.”
      That’ll teach you to not be so weary with your money then.

  • S.Sultana

    So I was Master Rank on Ranked play advanced warfare on ps4 with 1100 league points then I won a game and I was down to 800 then I won again and got +15 another +15 and then another win and I was down to 595 points after that I won another game and now I am down to platinum…. So basically for winning ever ranked play game today I went down from Master rank 1100 pts to Platinum. I am baffled. No more ranked play for me… Great patch this was fore me ๐Ÿ™

  • Ryaan Pardon

    Ever since this update though, I can no longer sell redeemable loot for XP!!!

  • kaia

    i am close tonhave my mors diamond but i can get muly double kills even i do shot them..

  • Adrian

    Does anyone know how to fix campaign? I’ve done all the challenges but still need 5 upgrade points to fully upgrade my Exo?

  • bort

    slide kills don’t work well with pistols i have so many to coust i am done this game sucks at gun balance and patching shit