Sledgehammer Games has posted the full replay of their DayZeroLive Stream on their YouTube channel for fans to watch for those that missed it. The stream took place on Nov 3rd with Scott Lowe, Activision’s Communications Manager, as the host. The stream included interviews with developers and a look at how the Limited Xbox One console was designed.

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    I Wonder when they plan on fixing the camo challenges for last gen(PS3) because patch 1.03 didn’t fix it, all it did was make the game crash a whole lot more frequently

    • Reaper002

      Yeah same for the 360 I will be really mad if they don’t do the full update for last gen they need to think about all there buyers

      • ff

        no update for 360 yet

        • Reaper002

          Wow yeah if there isn’t a update tomorrow im going to loss it

  • Let’s face it, this is for the millions of people who bought the game day one.

    • ccrows

      I wish that I was the guy interviewing them though.

      “So Mike & Glen, let’s talk about ‘Skill Based Match Making’. It failed in BO2 when that game launched, (almost killed that game till they removed it) any reason why you guys are gonna try using that too?”…

      • He’d probably use Exo sheild and boost away from the questions and then cloak out of the building.

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      Hundered of thousands*

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    Awesome. Thanks for posting this. 🙂

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    Does anyone know when the 360 update is coming

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      Never hahahah!

  • Favorite Ape

    Doing puff interviews instead of fixing the game. Great.

  • ScOott

    This is what charlie Intel post, what is going on here, all the big youtubes and charlie Intel seem to be ignoring the fact that the patch has left camos Butt fucked, and challengers still reset when you prestige surely one of them should cover this no?

  • J4MES

    Why didn’t these videogame ‘journalists’ who have persistently interviewed and been up Sledgehammer’s arse the past 6 months ask burning questions that matter e.g SBM implementation and Dedicated Servers? These are critical questions that can make or BREAK a game but in almost every interview; the devs didn’t need to dodge any awkward questions as the media were too far up the brand to deliver important info that would be of greater interest to the community. AW is a great game but its technical structure is so flawed that it almost destroys everything it’s created in the last 3 years. Billion dollar brand and cheapskate execution. Not good enough in this day and age. Even Quake III and UT on Dreamcast used to get 500,000 a time on dial-up with dedi’s and in the year 2014, with all the tech available; the community is getting made a mockery of with P2P and laughable ‘listen’ servers. AW will come good but it’s not good enough. No beta and a painful launch is no excuse for a brand of this magnitude.