Advanced Warfare has not only surpassed first week sales of other title’s such as Destiny and Titanfall, it has also become the most streamed title on Twitch this year.

During the first week of Advanced Warfare, over 75,000 unique broadcasters shared gameplay, with Advanced Warfare content being viewed over 26 million times.

“Since the Call of Duty community on Twitch is extremely passionate, we are not surprised that Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare set a milestone for most streamed console game of the year based on launch week comparisons,” said Ernest Le, Director, Publisher & Developer Partnerships, Twitch. “Our community spent over an hour a day watching and engaging with people playing the game, illustrating the incredibly strong appeal of live interactive video.” 

Additionally, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare gameplay was watched by nearly 6 million unique viewers last week, totalling to over 327 million minutes watched.

“The response from the global community to Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare has been incredible, with millions of fans playing the new era of Call of Duty and even more watching the action unfold live on Twitch in its first week in the wild,” said Michael Condrey, Co-Founder and Studio Head, Sledgehammer Games.  “The team at the studio is thrilled to see players think the game we’ve poured our heart and soul into making these last three years is not only fun to play, but very exciting to watch,” added Glen Schofield, Co-Founder and Studio Head, Sledgehammer Games.

  • Stealth_Valtsu

    And they say Call Of Duty sucks…

    • KuuGeeL

      Don’t open IGN or Gamespot comments.

      • Are We Not Young God?

        Nothing but fanboys in denial.

      • TheShadowReaper

        the IGN comments are a black hole from which you’re not getting out once you’re in. its a fucking nightmare.

        • Josh

          Like you, PC elitist.

          • Partyin’ Pete

            way to be mature

          • TheShadowReaper

            i dont mind him. i use the term “PC elitist” even on my own right now since it will piss off the console fans as soon as they glare on it. what they lose sight of though is the substance, and that is overpriced welfare boxes that limit your capability to game. they chose to ignore that and call me a “PC elitist” since its easier to justify their insecurities about the gaming choice they made.

          • Oh dear, this again.

          • TheShadowReaper

            dont worry its not going to happen “again”. i’m ending this convo here. the reason i’m doing that is because everyone who replies to me is already entitled to his opinion. makes me wonder why do they even bother replying to me just to make me agree with them and validate their insecurities. anyways. that…

          • Devin Johnson

            keep in mind, you are also replying to them for the same reason

          • TheShadowReaper

            with the difference that i dont use my opinion as a shield for criticism. they do.

          • Partyin’ Pete

            I’m not that extreme, but as I’ve just said, that’s me. I play a lot of PC, but I also enjoy gaming on my PS4 or Xbox. In my opinion, console gaming is a bit more comfortable, especially with friends, but PC gaming has gigantic advantages(Graphics, Modability, Precision, etc.). People just can’t get over the fact that some people like different things.

    • kplem

      that’s like saying “and they say justin bieber sucks”

      • You think call of duty sucks but you’re on Charlie Intel..

        • kplem

          did i ever say it sucks? from BO2 and up yeah does

          • Stealth_Valtsu

            Please don’t corrupt this community by your Miley Curys stuff..

          • kplem

            lol what?

          • spartanelite

            Nope just the unloved midle child called ghost

          • kplem

            not IMO BO2 was complete Poop hopefully next treyarch game is amazing

          • Agreed, BO2,MW3, and Ghosts were rough times.

          • BO1 and up yes, second of all you just did and also implies you like Justin bieber, not to mention you’re soo cool for still making fun of him in 2014 ?

          • kplem

            no i didnt, i liked Mw3 ALOT it was bullshit but still very fun. haha ok i love him lel that only shit kicker i thought of on the top of my head maybe should of mentioned miley cyrus but i love him right ? lol but i dont keep up with that shit

          • Stealth_Valtsu

            No problem everybody is allowed to have their opinions but I just got a little pissed when you said the first thing you said (I admit)

          • kplem

            if you actually think i like justin bieber lol you are mistaken, are you being PC? why dont you speak your real mind i want to hear what you really think of my opinion

          • You just said here you dislike Justin bieber, so yes, you’re basicly saying you dislike call of duty.

          • kplem

            the current one of course ! im going to trade in AW for GTA V on PS4

          • You’re an idiot.

          • kplem

            for what trading it in it sucks for me i dont like getting something WAY worth it

          • You’re on a call of duty website going around saying MW3-AW sucks.

            Not to mention you call call of duty ” Justin beiber ” ( lolwtf?) and then say you ” Didn’t insult Cod ” but then you say you dislike justin beiber.

            So what you’re telling me is calling call of duty something you dislike ISNT insulting cod?

          • kplem

            yeah im on a cod site hoping to see some good news about it and thought i express something, i did insult it because of whats its becomem, im insulting the current one BO2 and up because IMO it sucks. i liked the franchise alot but now i dont so im bagging it

          • Yes, that’s my point. Go cry about how call of duty isn’t cod4 and how it sucks now somewhere else, CI isn’t the place for that.

          • kplem

            last one i really loved was MW3 it was nearly as good as the older cods all it needed was better maps. i just want a simple fast fun shooter aint hard but the dumb asses at cod think they are CS GO with MLG lol. i dont really care as much after ghosts i just didnt care AW is getting traded in for GTA V PS4, cod is dying lol

          • kplem

            so if something you loved becomes shit you arent allowed to criticize it?

          • This is Charlie Intel, this is not the place to go and cry about how the franchise sucks and it’s no good anymore, and how the older ones are better. If you’re going to go do that, go along some obscure fouurm website full of indie hipsters, or the call of duty forums themselves.

            This is the place to talk about call of duty and at times express disliking of factor in the game, for instance, bad animations, SBMM, Heavily gimped weapons ( cough cough shotguns ) and op guns, because people can talk about it, this positively influnces the fanbase and the game to fix and iron these problems out.

            However, when you sit here insulting the franchise and how it sucks, you’re helping nobody and instead become a nuesince, for an example, Andrew Vegas. He isn’t helping the community and instead vents on the game in the comments, which is shown that nobody likes this type of additude on charlieintel, by the responses.

            Now, stop this unessicary venting.

          • kplem

            ive got the right to my opinion and i can express it lol who made you boss. everyone whines because they like/love it and they bitch because they want it good again, without bitching or complaining nothing will change. quite acting like you have never bitched because you have when something you like is going shit you bitch because you want it good, stop acting ike you have never bitched because you are sounding so hypocritical i may have no evidence that you have but i GUARANTEED you have like i have so shoosh. lol insulting the franchise i said 1 little thing about it and you are getting you nickers in a knot you are sounding like a fanboy.

          • Are you serious? Did you not read my post? I clearly said ” go do it somewhere else ”

            And no, I’m not a baby, when I get angry I don’t immediately go on the Internet and scream at something I didn’t like and call it Justin beiber XD

            And also, you clearly have no idea what hypocritical means, as you use is completely wrong, and I have no idea what you’re trying to convey to me with ” I may have no evidence that you have but I guaranteed you have like I have so whoosh” because you make no sense

            You make perfect logic too, you come on here, a call of duty fan website, not even the real fucking thing to go say it sucks, I’m just telling you to stop acting like this and if you’re do it were activision can see it, or you can be civil and be apart of the community.

            And yes, I have proof you say you dislike cod and I’ve screenshotted them too, so you’re also making no sense there so…

          • kplem

            did you read what i said? i said that you have probably complained like me before but i have no evidence but guaranteed you have. i do dislike the current cod now, who made you boss though? i can do it wherever i want there aint no rules against it. now you are sounding like you are crying over me putting heat on cod lol. i never asked if you have proof. “whenever i get angry i dont immediately go on the internet and scream at something i don’t like” im sure you have with a different name, and i dont immediately go on the internet i just felt like putting it out there, 1. ive disliked the current cod for pretty long now 2. I’ve complained like that once on this site maybe 2 idk.

          • You clearly have not gotten the point of my comment.

          • kplem

            i get your point it wont change anything


      This is a fucking lie. LOL and CS stream more than this bs does. Talk about fact filled reporting huh?

      • Will

        They stated that it was the most streamed CONSOLE game. LoL, WoW, Dota, and other PC games still blow AW out of the water in terms of stream viewers and number of streamers.

  • Are We Not Young God?

    3 enemies on the map, 32 bullets left (3), (2)x3 due to the guy who just took 2 steps in the screenshot above equals 6 divided by his two teamates equals 3. 3 makes a pattern so that means…..
    Half life 3 Confirmed.

    • CrowReap .

      Your mom’s an illuminati confirmed

  • Andrew Venegas

    Call of duty aw sucks!!!!!the ar is so overpowered and the smgs are underpowered and it’s so hard to get kill streaks even though the kill streaks sucks…it’s hard to even get 1 kill when everyone is jumping in the damn air and there is so many god damn connection issues it keeps kicking me out of games and counting as a loss screwing up my win/loss ratio ?????

    • Rodoe528

      You can’t say aw sucks. It’s just you, learn how to kill people that jump

    • ccrows

      The fact that you bitched about weapons before connections has me SMH. 🙁

      This is exactly why Devs drag their ass on MM/connection fixes, cuz they know that the community will complain about weapon nerfs first…

    • trey

      Your an idiot If you thank aw sucks.. This is coming from a veteran call of duty player sonn quit following what YouTubeers say and make your own decisions the games bad ass fun

      • Partyin’ Pete

        You tell people to make their own decisions, yet you call them an idiot for not liking the game..

    • Are We Not Young God?

      -The fixed the win/loss ratio issue
      -From what i heard the connection is pretty bad (I have no issues)
      -SMG’s do need a buff
      -AR are good it’s just everybody complains about a gun they get killed by the most
      -Get better at the game
      -Some Killstreaks do need to be better or at least don’t give blind eye to everyone in the beginning
      And if those are your reasons for saying this game sucks I can only imagine what you thought of MW3,Bo2,and Ghost

      • Bdotson1984

        guns are fine the way they are

        • Partyin’ Pete

          I don’t know, sometimes I feel like I’m actually healing the enemies with my SMG’s. The only two worth anything are the ASM1 and the SAC-3’s. I don’t think anyone would complain with a healthy buff.

        • Are We Not Young God?

          SMG’s are getting out classed by AR’s in close range which is the SMG’s specialty. That’s not very good if you ask me.

    • ARs aren’t op, not even the bal. Every other gun sucks shit because of the stupidly high TTK, even driftor made a video about it!

      • Partyin’ Pete

        If some AR’s were levelled with the BAL, and the SMG’s in general (especially the 5-Burst) got a small buff, balance wouldn’t be half bad. Personally, I haven’t had any connection issues, sans people with McDonald’s internet.

      • Bdotson1984

        Yeah, if driftor commented it must be true…. Guns are fine as they are, and so is the TTK.. Adapt….

        • You’re an idiot. It’s not that Driftor said it after I said it, it’s that he uses facts and points to prove that the bal is absolutely fine and the smgs are weaker than usual. Also, by your logic, you just need to ” adapt ” to lag. I shouldn’t have to adapt to bullcrap that ruins the game, simple.

      • Carrisi

        Bal is op, it’s why it’s used by nearly every player in a lobby. Decrease the TTK and need a AR nerf and smg boost.

        • ” It’s used alot so op ”


        • QuickzZ-_-GhosT

          No it’s not -_-.Try out the HBRa3 or the AK-12,those are better.

          • I agree. HBR is far superior to the Bal. People just use the Bal via its the first gun they get, get used to it and just stick with it cos it’s a decent gun. But not OP. And my brother has unlocked an Elite HBR. My god, now that thing is OP! You kids who say the Bal is OP have no idea.

          • QuickzZ-_-GhosT

            I have one Elite Version called Isanity HBRa3.That thing destroys people at all ranges.

          • I think that’s the one he has. I’m completely jealous of it.

    • N FORCE 5

      It’s not that bad. ARs just need nerfed a tad and smgs need polished.

      • Bdotson1984

        the guns are fine.. I can do better with SMGs than I can AR.. its just whatever your play style is.. If they nerf SMGs they nerf me, and if your better at AR’s they nerf you and vice versa.. Gun balance is perfect.. AW needs to say sorry, nothing is getting nerfed.. The only gun I have seen that is kinda ridiculous is the Tac 19 at close range. But the balance is when people have a bit of distance from you so it balances out.

    • Thomaskempe

      Kid, the fact that you suck at the game doesn’t make it a bad game, it just makes you a bad player

    • Partyin’ Pete

      It sounds like you just need to actually practice, mate

    • I like turtles

      It’s a ASSAULT RIFLE!! For God sakes when is a sub machine gun ever suppose to be more powerful than a AR, never. Sub machine guns should only beat a AR when it applies to speed capabilities. AR’s should in damage output, and range every single time simple. Stop complaining because you can’t stop trying ti kill people long range with a weapon meant for closed quarters combat. Adapt kid.

      • JuicyJuice

        It’s however ridiculous how an AR can beat an SMG or even a shotty at CLOSE RANGE! ARs are meant to be mid range, SMGs are close range, so when a Bal beats an ASM1 from 5 feet the schematic is wrong. I don’t mind if I lose to an AR 3 out of 10 times at 5ft, but when i lose a gunfight at 5ft 7 out of 10 times i get frustrated. Personally id rather have better connection over nerfing weapons, I want connection fixed first.

        • Shotguns suck period, a pump action shotgun should never be as bad as it is in AW

    • UpRiftCOD

      Wow 10 days and someone’s saying it sucks. That’s gotta be a record.

  • philip bell

    the bomber kill streak rocks

    • Partyin’ Pete

      The screen shaking is insanity, though. Far too much for friendly bombers, I nearly end up being motion sick lol

      • Stealth_Valtsu

        haha xD

      • Yeah, stealth bombers are even worse in mw3, they need to reduce it.

  • Eh, I don’t like streams imo. Never saw the point of watching a stream of a game you already own.

    Well, I guess maybe it could be useful if you don’t have it but other than that..

  • rekt

    2014 isn’t over yet?

    • Stealth_Valtsu

      *clap* *clap* *clap*

  • Stefan Lang

    Damn, Perhaps #TheRace was the reason for this. It got boring after seeing people pass around 5th prestige.

  • Underdog BO1 FTW!

    3 years development: 1. Treyarch (good cod) 2. Sledgehammer (Good cod with exo) 3. Infinity Ward (Bad cod all the way after MW2)

    • 3arc had 2 years, IW had 2 years, SHG had 3 years.

      • Bdotson1984

        Infinity ward lost most of their team to Titanfall after MW2.. its not the same Infinity Ward, as evident in their recent games

        • I know… did I ever say it was the same team? I simply said they had 3 years time.

    • Carrisi

      I liked mw3. People also forget that bo2 was completely broken and unplayable until like February, some 3 months after it’s release.

  • LovekillerX

    Nerf BAL27! It doesn’t have almost any recoil and fire rate and damage is too damn high. People just camp in dark corners with their BAL-27 and wait for enemies to pass by. For the first time they added exo suit so movement becomes something more than just running but still people just like to sit and wait. And when game starts enemies always stay behind boxes with their BAL-27 (quickdraw grip, silencer and foregrip attached to it) and their head is only visible which means that YOU die (although I have tried the same way enemies still kill me in a second!!)

    Whenever enemy kills someone weapon is BAl-27 and rarely AK-12. Nothing else. Nerf BAl-27 and other overpowered assault rifles and BUFF SMGs which doesn’t do almost any damage!

    • Carrisi

      This is very true, so many guns in the game but due to the bal op they will hardly be ever used and supply drop guns are ignored unless a bal. nerf it or decrease TTK.

    • Bdotson1984

      whaa… I dont see it as an issue.. And no, I dont use it that much.. I have a class with it.. But I use the AK12 mostly, and the SMGs

    • Partyin’ Pete

      Sounds to me like you need to learn to counter AR’s in general. SMG’s are far underpowered, no doubt, but it’s naturally an AR centric game.

  • EVOLFadedDreamz .

    Come watch my stream later this afternoon!! I play Hardcore KC and talk/interact with all viewers!! I’m new to streaming and just trying to get a good follower base. My twitch is: Fadeddreamz

  • I was one of the streamers. Also, its not surprising AW has already surpassed Ghosts in how many people have streamed it.

    • Favorite Ape

      Twitch only became really popular as of February of 2014. Only available on consoles for under a year now. Kind of a silly stat.

  • Bdotson1984

    If anything needs nerfed in this game.. It is the stupid system hack.. It is more annoying than an EMP. And people get them all the time and spam them.. The EMP was a high kill streak reward in previous CODs. This point streak needs raised in Advanced Warfare. That is really my only complaint with the game balancing.

    • DGamer

      That’s why there are things called perks…

  • Favorite Ape

    They keep track of that? Most streamed console game? I tried to stream but all I got was footage of lagging and then the game froze.
    Who was tops last year? Oh, that’s right it wasn’t even available last year.

  • DGamer

    If AW is so wet of twitch imagine if share play was enabled… SMH… gamers just don’t wanna watch they want to play!!!! Lost a lot of potential sales

  • So far things are looking good for AW. Hopefully IW can learn something from SH and 3arc, or otherwise 2016 is going to be a year off from cod, just like ghosts was.

  • Justin

    I’ve tried to stream this game but my first session ended abruptly when I couldn’t connect to the server and then my next effort was thwarted when I got kicked from one match due to an error and then my next game got stuck on the synchronizing settings screen for 10 minutes. The game is reasonable but the technical side is a complete joke. Hope this game doesn’t get abandoned before Christmas like Ghosts but the way it’s going; it could be gone and forgotten come the end of the month.

  • Ryumoau

    Awesome news. I’ve been playing it more than watching streams of it though. But this year’s game is alot more exciting to watch than the past couple games. 🙂

  • Run N Gunning Camper

    Good job SHG. This makes me want to stream my exciting advanced camping gameplay.

  • Reaper002

    That’s awsome but they really need to fix stuff or the game will die don’t get me wrong I’ve loved cod since it came out but if they dont fix things properly it will die out