Sledgehammer Games has released a new patch for PC, PS4, and Xbox One players for Advanced Warfare. This patch is a different one released earlier this week for PC, but for PS4 and Xbox One, it included some of the earlier features plus the items listed below. For other X360/PS3 players, theres not time frame yet for when today’s new PC patch will release. We’ll update as we learn more.

Patch notes:

  • Connectivity optimization for game servers.
  • General Bug fixes and rare crash bugs.

For console players, the update that released earlier this week on PC was broken up into two separate updates. The full update is live on PS4 and Xbox One, but still pending for Xbox 360 and PS3; stay tuned to our post here for when part 2 of the earlier update will go live.


  • Ryumoau

    Thanks for posting this info. Going to download it as soon as i start up my ps4 later today. 🙂

  • iiTZ PaVVn

    Pretty sure they nerfed the BAL and made the KF5 a bit stronger. The lobbies are more filled with AK’s now

    • Primey_

      Didn’t nerf anything. BAL is still superior.

    • They would have listed gun changes in their notes.

  • XtremeK1ll3r

    Anyone can tell us if they fix ALL the prestige bugs? i want to prestige now 🙁

    • FerretGazelle

      I still lost all camo challenges

  • XmasTeaTowel

    Does this “general bug fix” include being able to see custom exo/clothes in game for hardcore games modes? Can see helmet/gloves/pants etc. in lobby but not in game/map

    • XmasTeaTowel

      And is anyone worthy of note even aware of this? Because it’s a hardcore bug I fear it will go unsung for ages… More hardcore neglect

  • jrnotaloka

    This update gave me the bal 27 + 2 so yeah im reking kids online

    • Kobrah


  • JDahn

    This updates is shit. The lag is still there.

    • NiftyGam3r

      Lag will always be there, might minimize but will still be there

      • JDahn

        I know that but AW has way too much lag!

  • Grigori

    They need to fix that wallglitch in horizon :s

    • spartanelite

      Lol as much as I love that glich it dose x)

    • MrGladiator20

      Stand on the catwalk and shoot at that wall. You can get the people hiding in there

    • aacs1399

      that glitch just ruined infected on that map for me 🙁

    • ac3lewis_51

      That glitch definitely killed infected on that map for me.

    • zombiefreak935

      and biolab.

      • UpRiftCOD

        And my room needs a hotfix, like asap it smells bad.

        • FazalGaming

          -Patched UpRiftCOD’s Room Smell
          -Added Hot Girls
          -Added King Sized Bed

          • UpRiftCOD

            It’s about god damn time!

          • wtf no carpet changing? Wtf SHG fix your shit

          • FazalGaming

            -Fixed Shit

    • ccrows

      Hotfix a barrier in for Horizon.



      • JuicyJuice

        Dont forget the glitched spot in Bio Lab!

        • The7Reaper

          What glitched spot in Bio Lab? never seen one on that map I just know the one on Horizon

          • Tricky VIk

            “Solar, Horizon, Retreat, Biolab, Ascend, these are of the ones I know because I run into these people that can’t play the game normally, still I kill them.”

      • TehGoomba

        What skill based matchmaking? The only skill based matchmaking is Ranked right?

        • Adrian Rivera III

          They pair you up with players of equal skill

      • Bobobobob

        Why is skill based matchmaking a bad thing?

        • A

          Nothings wrong with skill based match making but it should not a be priority over regional connectivity. I enjoy playing equal players but not when you constantly have to pre aim to make up for that delay. This game is great but it is inconsistent. One game you feel like you can’t miss the next you can’t draw your gun quick enough.

          • RebornAngel666

            This game is shit with the lag. They don’t even update the game! They take forever! Inconsistent is the best way to describe this shit game. They take nearly 3 weeks to fix a glitch in horizon. Fucking pathetic. I would shoot at a guy first every time and I would lag and get killed by them. I can’t kill people! It’s impossible! I just rage quit after I shot this guy 7 times when I’m behind him, and he turns around and shoots me down first??? Fuck this game. It’s been more frustrating than ghosts lately! I actually went back to play Ghosts because of this bullshit! Inconsistent fucking bullshit unfair fucking game.

          • Ur a pussy

            SHUTUP you just suck fuckin cock

          • RebornAngel666

            K lololol

          • RebornAngel666

            Read ur name and replace ur for “I’m”

          • Harb

            This game sucks so fucking much with the lag tjey give the non laggers the kills

          • RebornAngel666

            Exactly! I try to melee someone and I do it first, and no matter what they will melee after and win! I should win the melee and the other guy does though 🙁

          • PSN:SaintsR31117


    • tarfeef101

      And solar

    • jordanxbrookes

      Yeah that’s really annoying.

    • RebornAngel666

      They need to make grenades stronger, that’s what they need to fix. Every Semtex or
      Frag I throw, right on a flag in domination, with 3 enemies on it, I just get hit markers.. NO KILL. Not one! It’s fucking bullshit. Oh and they need to change the skill based matches, and stop putting me in garbage ass lobbies where my team is shit and is losing terribly. This is fucking pathetic. The games fun, but these issues make me wanna throw the game out.

      • QuickzZ-_-GhosT

        For what ?They buff them,I can still dodge from it in 2 sec.They need to buff the SMG’s for god’s sake.

        • RebornAngel666

          You don’t even understand the point I’m making. I just said, I’m throwing a Semtex or frag directly on a flag in domination, and I never get the kill! Go look it up. Grenades are bullshit in this game. And yeah SMG’s need a buff. But lag needs to be fixed first, and SBMM needs to be taken off for fucking good before any nerfs or buffs

          • QuickzZ-_-GhosT

            I don’t really use them ,because they fell so useless lol.The same goes for the exo-abilities,I just throw them away to gain some points my pick 13 system.

          • RebornAngel666

            Yeah I don’t really use grenades either, but when I prestige and HAVE to fill in my pick 13, I use them, but I CANT GET A FUCKINGGG KILL. Fuck SLHG

          • bivey

            …right. screw the company that made the game because you do not pick up as many kills with the grenade. lol

          • RebornAngel666

            You’re a dumbass.

          • Name

            dooood the exo sheild and stim have saved my life when i’ve used them smartly, and having fast hands perk helps

          • Stop grenade spamming and actually use your gun??

          • RebornAngel666

            LMFAO. I don’t grenade spam jackass. I never use grenades on my classes unless I have to and that’s when I just prestiged.

          • Someone is angry x)

          • RebornAngel666


        • The0dark0one

          Cook the frag grenades and treat them as if they were semtex = win.

      • zombiefreak935

        Lesson learned, don’t use grenades.If anything use stun.

        • RebornAngel666

          True. I’ll go with stun from now on.

          • SEnTInIzz

            Play momemtum or hardpoint. They spam all the fucking granates on the flagg. Fuck as shit. You cant play objektiv in this modes like this.

      • DJ

        Just use danger close for nades.

        • RebornAngel666

          I obviously don’t need danger close if I’m throwing a grenade right on a flag with several enemies now do I? Any other COD game, I would’ve gotten a kill! This game you can’t!

          • jmc_1982

            I would say you obviously DO need danger close, you scrub. Who the fuck uses grenades EVER? I’d rather run 12/13 than a gay ass nade lol

          • RebornAngel666

            You sir, are one fucking dumb ass.. I feel sorry for you. DANGER CLOSE IS NOT FUCKING NEEDED IF YOU HAVE EVER PLAYED A COD GAME EVER BEFORE THIS ONE CAME OUT IN YOUR LIFE, THEN YOU WOULD REALIZE YOU DO NOT NEED DANGER FUCKING CLOSE. You get it yet? Dumb fuck. Just because I use a grenade doesn’t make me a fucking scrub, nor anybody else, it’s part of the game, free to use, FOR A KILL JUST LIKE YOU CAN GET WITH A WEAPON, you are fucking ignorant. Like I said, you’re a dumb ass. And you’re older, set a better example of yourself you stupid fuck.

    • Kobrah

      Is it just me or has anyone else not come across map exploiters?

      • Horizon on infected, any console. Enjoy the clusterfuck.

    • Thinhtam

      including the constant game freezing on ps3…

      • Grigori

        And ps4

  • Connection optimization? is this a joke? I lag every game. random freezes while shooting and the kill cam shows me frozen at a spot like statue.some times poeple just eat bullets and all i get is hit markers. If this does not get fixed soon. im uninstalling this game. so fucking restarted

    • Jtlang

      Wait so your going to uninstall the game or restart it? I’m confused

  • Korflock

    Just played a game and the connection is still horrid.

    They need a complete overhaul of their netcode.

  • Guest

    Almost prestige 3,now they release this.

    • Rodoe528

      *kill me now*

  • Sergio Saccar

    And the diamond camo glitch?I can’t use and I got all the camos

    • Guest

      including royalty? diamond is the last thing you unlock!

      • blbsnipe

        Except for the fact that you need diamond camo on all the guns in a specific weapon class to get royalty on those guns.

      • What mate? Royalty is the last Camo you unlock.

        • Guest

          Typo, meant to switch royalty and diamond. oops

  • Stefan Lang

    They need to make a perk that works like Dexterity. Gung-Ho isn’t gonna cut it. If you aim in after sprinting it’s like a 1 second delay it’s like you come to a full stop as if the gun gets stuck then the player pulls it up. It just feels really buggy and not as smoove as BO2.

    • Rodoe528

      Well I think it’s better than bo2 but yea it definitely needs a ready up perk

  • Eaz Jmilly

    This update is live on Xbox 360

  • NiftyGam3r

    They need to fix matchmaking

  • TheGamerBeast

    did they fix the Master prestige emblem? and still the shader lag on PC in every match and then the game will be perfect

  • Xbox One patch please.

  • Simon

    They patched it so everyone shows as 4 bar, didn’t do anything to the lag. Shameful.

  • Baldmanz_RAGE

    Spawns are worse than the lag!!

    • Rodoe528

      True, but give SHG time for updates and patches

  • J4MES

    Very poor patch indeed. Two measly alleged fixes that don’t go in to enough detail whilst other glaring issues are being overlooked and not publicly acknowledged. They also need to admit that Skill-Based Matchmaking is a complete failure as an implementation and remove the feature for more streamlined matchmaking and less server algorithmic stress. I have confidence that SHG will get this game running to a better standard come the end of the month but I am yet entirely convinced they can succeed in a massive overhaul.

    AW is a great game and it’s such a shame it’s being dragged down by such preventable issues.

    • Run N Gunning Camper

      I hope they will keep patching it and patch the game fast. I don’t want to see one patch per month.

  • The comments on this article look like the AW subreddit 2 days after launch.

    • theace12

      Because they really haven’t fixed anything since launch for all consoles lol

  • Blaine

    That’s funny, because the game still lags just as bad after the patch as before the patch, meanwhile the game still has a million other issues that haven’t even been acknowledged… what a joke this game is turning into.

    Fixing spawns and removing skill factor from the matchmaking algorithm (prioritizing connection quality only) need to be prioritized above everything else.

    • reamerb .

      Exactly im done with this.Great game though.

  • colin

    so there not going to fix ps3 problems!!!! thanks sledgehammer!

    • SotaGamer

      upgrade to PS4 it better in every way!! :3

  • JoZer805g

    I have all the camos for my Bal-27 to unlock the diamond camo but never got it and my camo challenges still reset. I thought SHGames fix that?

    • If you got any camos before prestiging or before the patch you have to do the challenge again for it to count

  • zombiefreak935

    really am.

    • PatPatPat

      Okay, so either i don’t notice it or its just not there, because i can tell you that i have only experience major lag once or twice. Besides that my game runs perfectly.

      • zombiefreak935

        I have good internet and i lag at least every other game.

        • Unreal

          same for me I have like 2oo mb up and down and Lag every once in a while most of the time I have no skipping but more like I have 2 to 3 seconds latency between me and the host’s which makes the game really hard and if I want to make good streaks and stuffs I have to try hard so much and preshoot everything… and I have to use the bal 27 otherwise I get anihilated I just tried the sniper and o man I got wasted in a tdm lobby…

          • Depends on what sniper rifle. Na-45 and Lynx are trash, but it takes a lot of skill to use the Mors and Atlas 20mm you can’t quickscope or spam with them.

          • Grammar Cop

            Holy shit man. Try to use a comma or a period here and there.

      • Siftblade of Rivia

        Some have it, some don’t. I think it depends on console and location.

        • Agreed as Xbox One has no lag at all. Just hit registration issues (due to connection)

          • UpRiftCOD

            Well that makes sense.

    • You must play last gen -_-

  • Favorite Ape

    I wished they had fixed the common crash bug instead of the rare crash bug. 🙁

    • TheShadowReaper

      arent you and the other monkey guy that havent bought the game? or i dont remember correctly?

      • Favorite Ape

        Your right. I returned it. But my friend wasn’t able to and insists we play this game because he spent $60 for it. I would consider getting it again when/if they fix it and fix the crappy connection. Looks like I can get it for $40 now.

        • TheShadowReaper

          they will eventually. BO2 wasnt anything amazing either until 1 month later when they fixed the connection and how it works to connect people. then it became a great game. your choices are very rash imo.

          • Favorite Ape

            I had a limited amount of time to return the game for a full refund. Wished I had returned ghosts when I could. I didn’t want another repainted ghosts game. I may get aw again. We will see.

          • TheShadowReaper

            what are you going to get now? a lot of great games on the Horizon. i recommend Shadows of Mordor.

          • Favorite Ape

            Been hearing great things about that game.

  • Favorite Ape

    The “Connectivity optimization for game servers” was a FAIL. Time to bring in those dedicated servers you promised!

    • Guest

      no, we have dedicated servers, that is what is causing the LAG.

      • No

        • MrGladiator20

          It is the dedis. They aren’t pairing us up with close dedicated servers because of SBMM and that is causing the lag. Also even if a person hosts it’s all about skill based and not connection. Ranked play should be 90% skill based for extremely competitive and close games. Pubs should be 100% connection based for the most fun and less rage enducing time

  • Something has definitely changed with spawns.

    For the first time ever, and I mean ever, I was the one doing the spawn killing and got a 6 feed out of it.

    It felt dissatisfyingly good.

  • ScOott

    Okay I’ve just unlocked diamond camo for the ball if I prestige I will keep it ? I’m pretty sure u get to keep em just wanted to be safe .. (Diamond camo is not very nice, no gold on it what so ever) royalty is only camo I like

  • Juses

    Lies! I still lag

  • ottomanelite

    Fuck that when is ps3 gonna get the camo patch ?

    • theace12

      I know, right? We still haven’t even gotten that shit yet!

  • RebornAngel666

    I don’t know what the FUCK they did in this patch, that made me lose my digital download. It became locked! I am ineligible of playing it! I had asked sony for a refund of the game and I got my money back, and I still was able to play the game after it, but after this fucking patch, It became locked and I can’t play it! I had to buy the game again! SLHG are really ticking me off right now. I just saw the patch notes, and the lag is still the same shit, they did not take off SBMM, I still get put into these shitty games with a losing team that plays like shit every time, and yet it’s still “SBMM”???? when my team mates aren’t even playing objectively but just camp? They didn’t even add more base damage to the grenades, every Semtex or Frag I use, and throw on a flag, where there are at least 2 or 3 enemies on, I ALWAYS GET a HITMARKER, I never get a kill!! It’s impossible! It’s bullshit. I had it with this game now. I was enjoying it so much, but now these issues are fucking it all up now. FIX THE DAMN GAME!

    • QuickzZ-_-GhosT

      This game is so inconsistent.One day the game is totally fine,no bad lobbies,good connection,a bit more of campers and loads of fun.Another day it just lags like hell,there some broken kills where I’m almost killing a guy and he kills me with 2 bullets,surprisingly there are less campers (dunno the reason).My point is one day I love the game,the next day I hate it.Also the snipers of this game are so annoying with their no scopes when I’m almost about to kill them.

      • RebornAngel666

        I know.. Now I realized, I have been timing out of games tonight, and every time I did bad and shitty, I would time out, go back online, and my stats will still CHANGE NOW. I can’t believe this game anymore

  • QuickzZ-_-GhosT

    I am the only one that has his gung-ho bugged ? I mean when I aim down sights i have a bit of “lag” between the time I pressed L2 and the time it actually showed the aiming in the game.

  • RebornAngel666

    Omfg, I just realized in the patch, when you “time out” of a game, YOUR STATS STILL CHANGE WHEN YOU DO THAT NOW. I have been timing out of these shitty ass games losing 50-100 and spawn trapped, and now my KD dropped from 2.35 to 2.30! SLHG WHAT ARE YOU DOING????!!!!! I’m about done with this fucking game.

    • Partyin’ Pete

      wow I hate when i’m penalised for cheating

  • Super029something

    Are these problems not on Xbox one? It seems all the fixes are for PS4/PC 😛

    • ottomanelite


  • ottomanelite

    Gets a supply drop you open it and it’s fucking kneepads

    • Callum

      Every damn time

    • Louis

      Yeah but I got Royalty kneepads 🙂 look pretty sick!

    • MrGladiator20

      Getting a supply drop and it’s an item you have already gotten….I’ve gotten the Bal27- .308 4 F*cking times!

  • Michael

    Hopefully 360 gets the camo update this time. The earlier patch didn’t adjust the camo challenges. So hopefully it’s in this one.

  • ottomanelite

    Did they fix it were the game freezes mid match?

  • UpRiftCOD

    Yay! Now i can play the game again.

  • smh

    What about these slow lagging menu’s? (Ps3)
    When I go out of a game, I have to wait ages before I even can press a m’f’in button!!! Guns load slowly, supply drop opening lags all the time! All icons load slowly. Even when you start mp you have to wait ages before you can ‘select’ “find game”. Also that forced spectating shit gets really annoying. I will never have a first blood because of that. I have never experienced this with previous cod’s. Smh

    • Michael

      All the problems you just listed are the ones I’m experiencing right now. But I’m on 360. Everytime I leave a game, or after a match going back to the lobby screen I have to wait about 5 to 6 seconds to back out of the lobby. It’s kind of annoying. And sometimes I get an error message when opening a supply drop but it eventually opens 5 seconds later. So hopefully it gets fixed.

    • Louis

      Same, never had this problem with other cods. But atm I don’t think this is a ‘big’ issue for SHG yet. May have to wait a bit for a fix

    • MrGladiator20

      Anybody else get the error message randomly, even when about to go into a game booting you to the main menu “exceeded the 4192 picture limit”?

      • Michael

        Yeah I get that too on my 360. It would kick me offline and I would have to re-connect again.

        • MrGladiator20

          I don’t see why they just put in a hot fix for all these things. How hard can it be and why does it take so long? You have 24/7 support services and also you may think they have to find it in the codes of the game but let me remind you they do this type of stuff for a living. It’s ok if they have to spend an entire 10 hour shift to find it. I would think it should be found within 3 hours and fixed within 4

  • Steven

    They néed to fix the Camos challenges on PS3 cause they’re still stuck at were originally.

  • Guest

    here’s every complain I have with AW :

    1- Connection : personally the game doesn’t lag that often but when it does it does it very badly and also a lot of players are experiencing “lag”. if they can’t fix it in AW then the next teryarch/IW game must have full directed servers support ( not even a single host match )

    2- the Assault rifles : a lot of people say that the SMGs need a buff its IMO not the case because SHG did an incredible job at balancing the classes because every class has pros and cons, for example :

    -SMGs are great at close quarters but they sucks at range.
    -heavy weapons are great at long/medium range combat but they are terrible ate close quarters combat
    – snipers are bad at close quarters ( for most of the players ) but they are the best at long ranges and quick scoping is actually balanced.

    but AR doesn’t have any con ( literally nothing ) so IMO the way to balance them is to increase the TTK in in that class and Dramatically increase the recoil for every single AR ( especially the AK-12 ).

    3-aim assist : I know that aim assist is available on consoles because the difference between the KB and mouse and the controllers but the guns in AW are so accurate that aim assist is not necessary for example : if u have AW then equip the

  • jooker-jr

    here’s every complain I have with AW :

    1- Connection : personally the game doesn’t lag that often but when it does it does it very badly and also a lot of players are experiencing “lag”. if they can’t fix it in AW ( I hope they can ) then the next teryarch/IW game must have full directed servers support ( not even a single host match )

    2- the Assault rifles : a lot of people say that the SMGs need a buff its IMO not the problem because SHG did an incredible job at balancing the classes because every class has pros and cons, for example :

    -SMGs are great at close quarters but they sucks at range.
    -heavy weapons are great at long/medium range combat but they are terrible at close quarters combat
    – snipers are bad at close quarters ( for most of the players ) but they are the best at long ranges and quick scoping is actually balanced (kinda).

    but AR are good at every single range and they don’t have any con ( literally nothing ) so IMO the way to balance them is to increase the TTK in that class and Dramatically increase the recoil for every single AR ( especially the AK-12 ).

    3-aim assist : I know that aim assist is available on consoles because the difference between the KB and mouse and the controllers but the guns in AW are so accurate that aim assist is not necessary for example : if u have AW then equip the KF5 with the foregrip, then go to the firing range then go the stage number 8, after that ,move the target to the maximum range and aim at the middle of the target, then without controlling the recoil shoot …. u will be surprised by the result.
    I personally play without aim assist and the game is still playable.

    4-Shotguns need some love.

    but even with these complains I still enjoy AW 🙂 .

    • Lel

      Muslim, stop complaining lol

      • jooker-jr

        thats not funny.

        • Lel

          Yeah it’s funny, you should join to ISIS or maybe you’re already in, who knows? You or your Allah haha

          • MrGladiator20

            Not every Muslim is bad. Stereotyping Muslims to be terrorists is like saying every person who is any % German is a Nazi

          • jooker-jr

            This comment made me relize that you Don’t have any idea about are you saying so I’m not gonna waste my time with u.

    • Rodoe528

      ARs are med- long range, they are supposed to lose close range against an SMG

      • jooker-jr

        But in AW the BAL-27 and the AK-12 ( mostly the BAL -27 ) are good and a little bit better than SMGs

        • Rodoe528

          Because they’re OP, ARs shouldn’t win close range against shotguns or SMGs

    • Tricky VIk

      “Gun balancing needs fixing in my opinion, those dual wield LMG’s look cool but what’s the point if I can’t kill anyone with them, and the EM1, that thing is awesome most of the time up close but you get like 8 hitmarkers far away.”

  • Anthony

    Why is it that when I am in game chat in Advanced Warfare and I am talking but no one can hear me? I also see people talking in game chat sometimes but can’t hear them. Is anyone else having this problem or know why this is happening?

    • Dean Cowan

      You on PS4? If you’re in a party you’ll stil’ see the chat icon. Same thing if they’re in a party.

      • Anthony

        No, I’m on Xbox One. But even then, that might explain it.

  • Best_Guest

    Ill be judge or should i say we as customers will judge what is and isnt fixed.

    How dare this mob release such bug ridden rubbish to the market in the first place then claim to have fixed things.

    At least say:
    OK yep alot of folks saying lag, plenty are proving it, we made some changes please offer feedback. We have tested (without toasters this time) and it appears better but let us know what you all think.

  • Guest

    Can feel the hate rolling in…DAMMIT.

  • Hazza HzD

    On 360 even though an update has been out the camo challenges haven’t changed

    • theace12

      Same for PS3… even still today.

  • Best_guest

    The lag is still bs, if anything it’s worse then before, what a joke!

    Hardly anyissues at all with ghosts and bop2.

    • MrGladiator20

      I bet you I could go on Blackops 1 against a clan of lag switchers and have better connection than I do on Advanced warfare.

    • cwatz

      BO2 was notorious for bad issues, you likely got lucky or didn’t notice.

  • Bus Creep

    Fuck skill based match making in the pussy, it has ruined this game for me, don’t think I can return to playing it even if SBMM is removed.

    • Cat hunter

      whats wrong, cant do good unless your playing scrubs??

  • Phil

    I’m sure others have experienced this but even after the supposed update, spawning is horrible. The in game connectivity seems to be fixed but I literally spawn behind someone at times. Other times people spawn within feet of each other. I have also spawned in front of someone who is running towards me. Great that they’ve fixed some things but you miss something like spawning. I’m bout ready to sell it soon.

  • KuuGeeL

    search preference is back? I can get into more than 3bars game without it.

  • swagmoney345

    this game needs to get fixed ASAP on the old gen systems, all the camo challenges are still the same and everything in the game lags, also they need to fix the supply drops, i get the same helmet 3 damn times, smh

  • Badace

    TheI latest patch didn’t help anything with camos on PS4, I unlocker all the camos for my Ba-27 and didn’t unlock diamond for it. Then I prestiged and now I’m at square one on it . All camos remained but now I’m even further from getting Diamond than I was before I prestiged.

  • Jack Meoff

    All I see on here is a bunch of cry babys go cry me a river and wipe your pussy

    • Favorite Ape

      You said the same about ghosts. You get paid to cup ‘n bob Activision? Surprised you have a hand free to write a post.

  • Tayler Hammond

    The camo challenges are still resetting when they said they wouldn’t. It’s pissing me off. I just got a diamond gun and it still says 0/6 assault rifles completed for mastery.

  • Guest

    They need to fix SPAWNS and the game will be OK!
    All I want after this is GOOD MAPS on next DLCs…

  • Diego Diniz

    They need to fix SPAWNS and the game will be OK!
    All I want after this is GOOD MAPS on next DLCs…

  • Dean Cowan

    Have they removed SBMM on ps4? I’m 7th prestige 2k:d, and 350 s.p.m and I keep going against casual players now. Better yet, they are all in the same country as me. Beforehand I went against americans, mexicans etc.

    • Tricky VIk

      “I know how you feel.”

  • Dean Cowan

    I remember the days used to get weapons out of supply drops. Now, all I get is Nigerian police gear. *Tears run from eyes*

  • ScOott

    Xbox one update now live

  • Joey

    Can someone please tell me, Ive unlocked all my camos for my bal-27 and it’s still saying you need to unlock 2 more for this weapon to get diamond but there’s no more to unlock ?

    • Joey


      • Some Dood

        You will need to get 1 more kill of whatever camo is holding you back. IE one Longshot, or one Headshot.

        • Joey

          What even tho it’s says I’ve completed all of them but diamond is still locked ? Once you’ve completed all of them diamond ment to unlock but it hasn’t known of them is holding me back they’re all complete

          • Joey

            Every camo is unlocked every single one on my bal but as I go onto diamond it says unlock to more camos for this weapon, there’s no more camos to unlock so how?

          • ScOott

            Yh like he said you will need to get one more kill of each till it comes up unlocked then it will unlock it, game got problems

          • Joey

            Ooo sorry didn’t realise aha, if that don’t work then what lol

          • ScOott

            Lol it will I had same problem just to make sure i got 5 of each medal again n I then it unlocked diamond, I’m on the ak Now getting that diamond don’t dare prestige yet incase it still resets :-/

          • The game is broken mate.

            You need to do ALL Challenges for the weapon during ONE Prestige.

            When you Prestige you keep the Camo, but lose that Camos progress towards unlocking Diamond.

            You did 80 Longshots Prestige 1? You need to do 80 Longshots whilst being Prestige 2 to unlock Diamond.

            You Prestige – you keep the Camo – but you lose the progress towards Diamond and Royalty.

            Which causes Royalty Camo issues – If you had Diamond on every AR but one and then Prestiged – the game would want you to get Diamond on every AR again and the remaining one to Unlock Royalty.

            The game doesn’t “link” Weapon Camo unlocks and Weapon Progress together – the engine thinks they’re different things. Which is why when you Prestige and you see every Camo for your AK (like I have), all Progress bars towards Diamond and Royalty will revert back to ZERO (that’s 0).

            SHG – they’re thick as shit.

          • Joey

            Damn, I was level 50 I could of prestiged but I was waiting to get diamond first well anyway I got all the camos unlocked but diamond didn’t unlock even though it should of, so I decided to prestige because I thought it might of gave me it but really does that mean all the camos are unlocked but it’s almost as if there not because now I’ve pretiged they started again it’s just not showing because I did unlock on on level 50

          • Joey

            It still says 5 out of 7 have been completed even though I completed all of them the games messed up so basically even tho they r unlocked I have to start it again ahah wow well done to the creaters of call of duty done a great job lol I’m shocked of all the problems on the game

          • Joey

            But I did do all of the challenges in 1 prestige it stilled didn’t work it still said 5-7 have been unlocked because it’s messed up ahaha

  • Diego Diniz

    LAAAAAG !!!

  • .


    stupid fucking game fix this motherfucking diamond camo issue now stupid fags you fix things that dont even need to be fixed at the moment why make a game thats worthless to play if you dont get rewarded for something you do you know ima just get rid of this piece of shit game good luck ending up like the creators of call of duty ghosts







    • shantzonpoint

      U mad bro?

  • Does anyone know if the Camo/Weapon/Challenges are getting fixed or are they just gonna stick with “Yeah we’ve said we’ve fixed them but we actually haven’t and just start rolling “General Optimization and Bug Fixes” patches. SHG or Activision haven’t even recognised that what they said they’ve fixed, hasn’t been fixed at all.

  • Mr.

    What about the BAL!?

  • Nick

    So is it safe to prestige now without losing progress on camos?

  • Crankier up

    They need to hurry up and patch the glitches on ascend, comeback, horizon, Detroit, recovery, retreat and solar the game is just a waste in acting when people who can’t seem to at properly have to sit in them

  • sTb

    the game was decent on xbox one till this update. players are bullet sponges absorbing an insane amount of damage and you’re dead with 1 shot now. the whole skill based matchmaking is NOT working. No reason I should be playing lobbies constantly with people in Europe. Im sure the ping bars were only fixed cosmetically to show good connections. Overall I was all for this game till this update.

  • Alejandro

    Patch for camo is live on 360 for camos.

    • Beef Supreme

      Patch went live and now I can’t spawn into games. I get stuck on the pause menu so I have to dashboard.

  • imorrow

    New patch makes me freeze at class selection screen anyone else?

  • chris


  • NoLove007

    Worst COD so far. So they developed for three years! Wow, what a waste. It’s a nice looking game. But what the point if I got a fine broad on my arm to look at and when I take her home she sucks in bed, can’t perform, etc. I feel like I’m playing an inconsistent laggolicious COD halo game! Jet packs and lasers! Are you friggin joking! This title killed it for me. No more COD. Over rated. The developers have over promised and under delivered to many years in a row. We are suckers for payin for this and the developers know it. He’ll if I knew it was this easy to get rich I would develop my own crap game and sell it. Critical fail in my opinion.