ShackNews has posted a video interview today with Kevin Spacey, as he talks about his role in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and what it was like acting for a video game.

  • Kevin Spacey!!! He is such a good actor.

    • The troll

      Meh…he’s a D+ actor at best

      • MichiganerE

        Your guest name makes your trolling too obvious.

      • zombiefreak935

        I would give him a c+

  • Show N Prove

    Kevin Spacey is love, Kevin Spacey is Life

    • So are you saying Kevin Spacey is Shrek?

  • JuicyJuice

    Not going to lie, I haven’t played the Campaign yet, and i normally don’t until January

    • Ray

      Oh you haven’t…So I’m going to spoil it for you kevin spacey aka jonathan irons dies by falling to his death in the campaign o yeah and comrack the black guy dies he gets shot.

      • spartanelite

        Lol that’s funny I’ve played it and that’s bullshit

        • spartanelite

          Also I’m a No life homo

          • spartanelite

            And now you make a copy of my account now that’s comedy

          • spartanelite

            Lies im the real spartanelite stop trolling kid get a life

          • spartanelite


        • zombiefreak935

          No it happened, but he’s still an idiot.

          • spartanelite


      • So now that I know you’re an idiot…

        • zombiefreak935

          Make that 2.

      • ccrows

        Fortunately I already flipped the campaign, but come on that’s a dick move bro… 🙁

  • Kevin Spacey

    Kevin spacey acting is garbage, worst actor of all time. And Call of duty is garbage.

    • Well then why they hell are you on this site to begin with?

      • noahgoa

        I agree with him this site is garbage, kevin spacey is garbage and call of duty advanced warfare is garbage and your mom is too.

        • So you copy my name and rant on how you think some things are garbage. Nice kid -_-

          • noahgoa

            Lies you stole my name

          • You are so immature. Get a life

          • It’s just children, I’m Suprised he hasn’t been ip banned by now.

          • Rodoe528

            Everybody claims they can ban ips and right after that they search how to on google

          • We have mods here, I’m sure they can ip ban.

          • zombiefreak935

            Hmm who to believe?…

        • MichiganerE

          You’re trolling is so obvious.

          • MichiganerE

            No…you’re trolling is so obvious.

          • MichiganerE

            You should stop considering we know that you’re a troll. In fact, you were a failure of a troll before you started, so just stop.

        • jordanxbrookes

          Correction: You’re agreeing with yourself since you’re the same bloody person, we ain’t stupid.

  • Ryumoau

    Awesome interview. Kevin Spacey is awesome! 😀

  • James Puckett

    Gonna let you all know that after juicyjuice’s comment is a person by the the name of ray with spoilers

    • James Puckett

      Stop just stop

      • You stop kid. Something tells me no one likes you in this world, so you go troll people on the internet for power -_-

  • 🙂

  • ccrows

    I have nothing against Kevin Spacey.

    I just wish we could find out how much money Spacey got for all of this, & then compare that cost to Dedicated Servers… *sigh*

    • MichiganerE

      Even if a CoD game had 10 years of development time, not only would it lack Dedicated Servers, but it would still have connection issues that would take at least 4 months to fix.

      • ccrows

        & That’s fine, but FFS why the Skill Based Match Making?

        I live in Chicago, why am I getting matched up with people in Canada/Mexico in TDM? (My connection is well above average)

        I just don’t get why SH is making the connection experience harder than it needs to be… *sigh*

        • MichiganerE

          Agreed. The only difference between you and me is that while I rarely ever experience lag, I still randomly switch between different bars.

          • ccrows

            What drives me nuts, is that let “random lag” gets the worst when I’m about to encounter a gunfight. (sure it doesn’t happen all the time – hence random)

            *sigh* I just had a lobby that I got thrown into where nobody was above 25 in rank. Right before the match starts, I get booted.

            ^ Gee thanks SBMM!

            Then I get thrown into a mid-match where my team is down by 20, and the other team is wall hacking.

            The Frustration is real… 🙁

          • MichiganerE

            I feel your pain. AW’s problem’s aside, remember when games actually worked on launch and the biggest problems you had to deal with were a few glitches here and there? I miss those days and I’m sure they’re dead.

        • pulseimpact

          Where is the proof of SBMM? I think this is a placebo by the community. I have only been put against noobs and I have well over a 3 k/d.

    • BHCMax

      Dedicated Servers cost NOTHING, when clans and gsp’s run them ..

  • Juses

    This campaign has a bad story. Cod needs to stop killing off characters so early and needs to develop them because when they die you don’t care. I thought sledgehammer would make the best story line for a cod… I was wrong. Treyarch still make the best campaigns <3 (I mean out of recent cods). But hey at least sledgehammer tried to not make it the cod where you just follow someone the whole time and you can't make any choices.

    • zombiefreak935

      I agree, oh there goes that guy who’s name you forgot. Then they expect you to be sad.

      • jordanxbrookes

        How could anyone forget the names of Cormack and J. Irons? I mean, Hades could easily be forgotten because it felt like he was just there as a filler.

        • Juses


        • Chris

          Spoiler you fat marshmallow.

    • MichiganerE

      Yeah, the story was predictable. It would of been better if you stayed on Irons’ side throughout campaign to see what would of happened instead of going against him.

    • Lets have Quentin Tarantino write the next cod 😀 ahah

      • CollateralNerdage

        OH HELL YEAH

    • ben wills

      Story is far better than BO2 and Ghosts. At least AW’s story was enjoyable enough and made some degree of sense. Far more than I can say for BO2 and Ghosts.

    • pulseimpact

      I thought this campaign was better than BO2 and Ghosts, but still terrible. MW3 was the last good storyline. MW2 and MW3 are still far behind COD 4 though.

    • beardie97

      Each time I see a comment of yours, I think more you are just a troll, seriously. I have not seen anything good about the game in your comments…

      • Juses

        Lol… If you say so. I’m just not a fanboy like you guys who can’t say anything bad about cod. And I don’t know how that comment made me seem like a troll.

        • beardie97

          Sorry, not going to loose more time with you.

          • Juses

            Ok you can’t even explain why you think I’m a troll lol

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      Storyline was Good, but predictable. I played it without cringing or laughing at the cheesiness, so it’s better than Ghosts, and BO2’s campaign was kinda boring except for a few twists here and there. I wish this campaign was longer and had more character development + a twist I didn’t see coming. From the first scene and even the trailer, you knew who the bad guy was.

    • QuickzZ-_-GhosT

      The story wasn’t that great because it was too linear and predictable. The characters were boring,the death of Will was stupid,the death of Hades was boring and the death of that Sentinel guy that got infected with the manticore was shit.The only death that was somehow cool and epic was Cormack’s.

  • Spacey made the campaign, I’m sorry but the campaign wasn’t really fun after ” ATLAS ” for me.

  • Michael

    Spacey is love, Spacey is life 😛

  • NiftyGam3r

    I knew survival was gonna die quick for me, shame it just doesnt have that co op competitive vibe that zombies has. I only play mp for a lil bit. 3 years and they literally (no one can tell me otherwise) copied and pasted survival from mw3. Sigh. The hype for bo3 is begginning early with me

  • Rorke File

    In the the campaign it looked like he died at the end, maybe he is still alive.

    • Guywithbrains

      Your spoilers can’t be unseen.

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      Spoilers…. (in my comment too, possibly)
      and no, I don’t think he would be,

    • Juses

      Maybe he’ll be brought back in AW 2 as a robot 😛

      • Rorke File

        Exosuit 2 🙂

    • ON xbox 360 because there are like 0 effects in the game when you let go of him his body doesn’t dissapesr into the effects, he stops falling were its kinda hard to see him and just plays the falling animation. Xbox 360 campaign is so buggy XD

  • greg

    The part where he says “people be like who is Kevin Spacey?!” totally me
    Not a typical guy who watches TV, but at least I know you now 😀

  • Guywithbrains

    AW campaign was good but as everyone said it was also predictable. Also it lacked that emotional part – I felt nothing playing through the campaign.

    I loved BO2 campaign because it made you hate villain more and more through the campaign and then it let you decide his destiny. Maybe we’ll get something similar next year?

  • Ben

    His acting in the game was a bit meh… I expected something different maybe, but his movies and the TV show was waaaaay better.

  • I can’t enjoy the multiplayer until they nerf the bal. It’s so boring when everyone uses the same gun, and if you use a different one you’ll get shit on… The same thing happened with Ghosts. Mtar, Remington and the f*cking thermal light machine gun.

    • That’s you. I can easily go 20-5 with any other auto rifle.

      • I can play with other guns, but if I’m playing like SnD with skill based matchmaking, I lose a lot of gunfights just because the whole enemy team uses Bal.

    • MyKogInYourAshe

      Good find 😉

    • a triangle has 3 sides
      0 looks like a eye

      treyarch illuminati confirmed??

    • FazalGaming

      BO3 = Black Ops 3?

    • Gawd, I cant wait to see what Treyarch has been working on with an extra year to make it.

  • J4MES

    I did enjoy the AW campaign but it was incredibly shallow in places, very short and the climax was underwhelming to say the least. I think they could have done a better job on expanding the characters including Irons as it was a very memorable cast that wasn’t utlised to its full potential. Good story but could have been so much better.

    • FazalGaming

      Lol… Climax.

  • The Nuke Project

    Gawd… Stop moaning about the dedicated servers, alright? Or ill knock your teets out and give em to my dog. So please… Stop saying this game is bad..