In the first week of sales for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, the Ps3 version has taken #1 spot already on the Japan charts, with over 79,000 copies sold thus far. The PS4 version came in at #3 with 64,000 copies sold.

  1. [PS3] Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare – 79,586 (New entry)
  2. [PS3] Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 – 71,303 (New entry)
  3. [PS4] Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare – 64,060 (New entry)
  4. [3DS] Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate – 39,502 (Lifetime sales – 2,144,346)
  5. [3DS] One Piece: Super Grand Battle! X – 35,098 (New entry)


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    How many for the us?

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        you forgot a few zeroes.

  • Pretty impressive for an American game in Japan.

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  • Sugoi, desu!

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    Y no us numbers Activision?

  • Thinhtam

    anyone face freeze issues with the ps3 version?

    • Potat0chip

      I do its really annoying do you have the digital version cause I think that’s what’s causing it

      • zombiefreak935

        really? i do and it freezes for me occasionally, but it hasn’t happened in a while.

      • Thinhtam

        i have the disk version…(day zero edition). It happens during mid game

      • I have the digital copy and it used to freeze almost every game, but know it’s not freezing frequently, Idk

    • Favorite Ape

      I thought the game froze on all console platforms. I think they said the patch will be sometime in June.

    • Juses

      Face freeze like from spongebob?

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    • I feel sad for the person the has up-voted this comment

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    Just think about it, 140,000 overpowered BAL’s handed to these people

    -Power Changes Everything

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      • Bill Cosby


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            No he’s talking about Bill Cosby. There have been rumours stating that Mr. Cosby is a rapist.

          • Oh yeah. Whatever :

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      It will end the same way.

  • Luffy

    CoD beat One Piece?
    Luffy is not Impressed.

    • Rodoe528

      That’s cool

    • As if a game of some weird anime is going to beat one of the most famous game series of all time? XD

      • Freeze

        One piece is one of the most viewed anime, at like 600 episodes, very popular, Im not a big fan though, I prefer things like SAO Sakuraso, Highschool DxD AoT ect, the ones that dont have 8 billion episodes.

  • Favorite Ape

    This whole cherry picking of stats seems a little deparate. I think we are all aware this game did worse than ghosts, which did worse than blops 2.

    • Juses


    • TheShadowReaper

      while its a great accomplishment when it comes to Japan its kinda obvious that AW did worse this year in Europe and America. which is unfortunate. this game is way better than Ghosts could ever be + if some issues were fixed i could easily call it as good as BO2. but i wont until these issues are resolved.

    • Guest

      See thats how cod works sadly,bad game[mw3], theres a good game [b02] and everyone switches over,then comes IW with another bad one[ghost]and everyone leaves, then comes a great game[AW] and everyone thinks it will be bad like ghost.hopefully trey arch will do a great one like AW with something else innovative and keep this good for 2 years for the first time since cod 4 and waw.

  • TheShadowReaper

    140,000 copies is a huge accomplishment. i know how the Japanese think or do since i’m into their culture a lot and this is a huge accomplishment. congrats ATVI, where are our dedi servers now?

  • Guest

    lol hiding the real numbers (all sales after 4 days). Forgive me for that poop edition i did it quickly on paint

  • CookieChairman

    Considering that Western shooters have never been as popular in Japan as they are here, that’s pretty impressive.

  • Ryumoau

    nice! Its pretty awesome to see CoD doing so well in japan, which is the las place i expected to see it top the charts.

  • Jackson Britt

    This is bull crap y would people buy the same game every year