UPDATE 2: Another update is now live on Xbox 360 and PS3. Here are the notes:

-Fixed marksman and camo challenges to not reset when you Prestige.
-Fixed issues with Ping Bar not updating correctly.
-Adjustment to challenges to unlock camos for weapons.
-Implemented ability to unlock eSports Rule options in Private Match.
-Spawn in spectator mode fix.

UPDATE: We’re seeing reports on Twitter and Reddit that the new patch for Xbox 360 and PS3 is causing an issue for players where the game freezes upon selecting a class and won’t let them spawn in online. We’ll update as we get more on this issue.

Original Story:

A new patch for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is now live for players on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The update brings part 2 of the last patch, with camo challenges adjustment, prestige reset fixes, and more bug fixes.

You should be prompted to download the patch upon launching the game.

We’re waiting for the official full list of patch notes. We’ll update this post once those go live. Stay tuned.

  • Willekeurig persoon

    I hope they fix the glitched camos on PS4/XB1 soon.. I’ve got all camos for my AK-12 but still no diamond :/

    • InvertedGaming
      • Willekeurig persoon

        Thank you!

      • Stormer

        i prestiged yesterday and i have the BAL diamond and when i checked the royalty challenge it reset back to 0 even though i have the BAL diamond >:(

        • killerbunniesKB

          yes well you lose all of your past camos when the update came about so you will have to re earn all of those camos it may say that you have them but you dont i know its confusing but you lost all the 500 headshots and longshots and now you have to get 80 headshots and longshots plus the other new camos

          • Stormer

            i know this already but i thought it was only a glitch for the diamond camo and its also for the royalty camo which is even worse cause if i try getting diamond on other AR’s and then prestige the royalty completion will just go back to 0

          • Willekeurig persoon

            Ugh, that’s just complete bullshit ๐Ÿ™
            I’ll grind for the camos when I got max prestige then..

          • Cat hunter

            is there even a reason to prestige in this game?

          • Dongbags

            Uh…….duh and hello……Unicorn robot calling card…………duh………….goh!

          • Cat hunter

            kinda what i thought

          • Damien Pillsbury

            I will never reach max prestige. I will rock that unitron next to my name forever.

  • Finally…

  • ccrows

    Kudos to SH for fixing the wall hacks such as Horizon and Solar.

    Next big thing is REMOVING SBMM.

    ^ That still needs to be addressed before ANY weapon tweaks…

    • aPeX DeviL

      Thank u

    • hi


      • k5berry

        Skill based match making

  • XD SHG is really trying to make people get current gen.

  • Beef Supreme

    Simply unacceptable. They release a patch to fix the many broken parts of a game and they break it even worse; to the point most can’t actually play the game.

    • ccrows

      What “new” issues are you having?…

      • Beef Supreme

        Exactly what it says in the updated part of this article. Many players can’t spawn in to games and get stuck at the class selection screen. You either have to wait to be timed out or dashboard. Sometimes the game completely freezes at that screen. Cleared cache, deleted/resintalled update. Nada.

        • ccrows

          My bad bro, I didn’t see the new “update” on the article above.

          For anyone having this issue, I would strongly suggest hitting “SH support” up about that… ๐Ÿ™

          • Beef Supreme

            No worries. I’ve been in contact with Activision support via Twitter and many others as well.

          • ccrows

            All the best with that.

            Hopefully you get back online soon… ๐Ÿ™‚

          • ccrows

            On a side note, I know people hate on Ghosts, but I’m gonna give credit to IW for working on current gen and last gen. (yeah I know probably the only thing most can say “positive” about Ghosts)

            But still when you outsorce a port, stupid S*** like this (along with delayed patches) happen… ๐Ÿ™

          • Beef Supreme

            Agreed. Not gonna lie though, Bluepoint Games did a fantastic job with Titanfall’s 360 port.

          • nigga shut yo ass up

            U will live asshole

          • Beef Supreme

            Yes I will live. That was never a concern. I’m an asshole because I reported a game breaking issue…good call.

          • Yorgi

            Good i really hate this prob on my Xbox 360

          • Cynthia Davis

            I don’t know if this would help for you but it help for me but I uninstalled the game and re installed it really didn’t take that long and that seemed to help me out a lot I’ve had very little problems after that, not as much as I had when I first got it had a shit load of problems in the beginning but when I uninstalled and reinstalled not so many.

          • Lilla

            Will the reinstall make you lose your rank and everything ? You are talking about re downloading the game right

          • Cynthia Davis

            Nope everything will be good!!! This has been great help for some issues for me

        • Michael

          I’ve been having a problem lately on 360 where I would get an error message before the actual game starts. When you go into the screen where the map is loading, I get an error message saying “4129 image error” or something like that. Can’t remember exactly what it said. But it’s kind of annoying cause it kicks me out of the game and I have to re-connect to XBL.

          • Koole321

            Same here, I get it in lobby migration most of the time. That AND it reset my emblem again, and my fix for it (duplicate in the app, make a small edit, and save it to default) worked before, but this patch removed my app and assumed I was a first time player. Had to adjust brightness, screen lines, and my sensativity. Wtf is going on?

            Not to mention the emblem part isn’t even loading now, which means I can’t even see my duplicates or make a new one if I wanted.

            It’s a shame because this game has a lot of great features, they really should have done a beta to figure this spawn mess out. It’s too fast paced and it flips, and sometimes you just spawn with the enemy. Detroit is the biggest offender for this.

          • Cynthia Davis

            Was doing me like that last night while playing, but when I did get kicked out when I got back on I had an up date after it updated I went to bed but will see what happens when I try to platy tonight.

          • Ethan Aldaz

            Happens to me everyday but I’m still pissed that they havent fixed yet

          • Michael

            Maybe in the next update they’ll have a fix for that ?

        • Anthony

          Same problem with me it’s ridiculous I paid to get the game just like everyone else now I can’t even play it

          • vicgold88

            It’s a shame when you have planned to Prestige, but then you are held back by a spawning problem.

          • zombiefreak935

            How does that affect prestging?

          • mcgregor

            I know how You feel same thing with me

        • podgida

          Yeah same problem here. I just create my class I want to use for the game in slot one. As long as I don’t pick anything other than slot one I can play the game.

          • Kieran

            Same here man so annoying

          • EyltsoN

            I did that and still nothing! FUCK they need to fix this asap

        • Keshav Bhat

          Being investigated.

          • Jeff

            Same BS here too. Kicked for Inactivity. Game starts in Spectator Mode, unable to choose a load out and eventually just boots me back to the main menu on CTF. Tried HCDOM and could choose load out, but then the system just freezes – requiring a restart of the PS3.

          • gizmo

            That’s wots happening to me its was ok yest but since I done update nothing

          • Doctor Realist

            Ya im getting the same message so I cant play cod for a while I guess. So far turning out to be a ghost let down

          • vicgold88

            It happens to me. I wonder if anybody has contacted Activation to alert them as to what is happening.

          • jason
          • jason

            sorry wrong link i will find

          • Joe Killed Em

            This is bullshit i paid $59.99 for this piece of shit plus another $24.99 for Xbox live

        • imsointents

          My Xbox just completely freezes at class selection now

          • kim mc

            take off ur knife off all classes they didntput the knife in the update

          • oxmaxisxo

            That worked for me thanks a lot

          • CHEERS

          • Marcos Casarez

            Doesn’t work still you got anything else

          • jmason

            I had to change all the above as well as my weapon to the bal 27 with no attatchments

          • alittaoff

            played for 3hrs after update and just crashed 45 mins ago

          • xRoilan

            This works, the combat knife wasn’t added, so classes without a secondary will not work. Secondly, camo challenges were changed, so remove camos. This worked for me.

          • Anthony Jimenez

            Didnt work still

          • Slingshot

            none of my classes have a secondary and mine played just fine….

          • zeik

            I have remove d knife from classes.. fist game go to select loadour…freezies

          • tony

            Reset all classes. I just watched my friends do it all they did was reset all of them and then costcustomized. Hope it helps someone

          • denis

            worked for me,took off knife and left i class.thanks

          • Clinton Goble

            For everyone out there having this freezing or stuck in menu problem I have good but bad news for u. The problem came in the patch cause they changed the required amount of kills for camo and attachments to resolve the issue till they fix it with another patch. What u have to do is remove the guns that u have got camos with or attachment with different required challanges now I know it’s a pain but it will work of u remove all of then for now

          • TeeJae

            Thats all? Just remove the knife from your classes?

          • Mickg96

            same here

          • My ps does the same thing! complete crap

          • fuckthisgame

            My shit still don’t work 48 hours later

        • It’s really unfortunate man. Hopefully they resolve these issues quickly. Is this mostly on XBL? I’m on PS3 and haven’t had any issues as of yet.

          • Cody wilson

            I’m on ps3 and have sane issue can’t choose a class then kicked for inactivity.

          • Steve87

            Reset your classes

          • TorTureXXX

            Resetting your classes will allow u to play again it worked for me. Good luck to all. See u in the game TorTureXXX

          • CampToLose

            Wait what do u mean by resetting the classes?

          • vicgold88

            You are not alone. The same happens to me.

          • Seth

            I’m having the exact same problem on my ps3

          • Kenneth

            I have the same issue found out that I only can’t select a class if I’m using a gun I got after the patch from a supply drop when I take it back off I can play again, and my other classes already had customizations before the patch so I guess that’s what it is o.O

        • Mr_Sock

          I occasionally had this problem even before the patch came out. Really annoying ๐Ÿ™

        • dick

          The way to play is to set camo to none on all classes then create the gun you are going to use in slot one then enter game select slot one and you will play game if you try and scrol down to other slots you will go in to the game as spectator

          • Tim

            I can’t select a load out. When I go to change load out it does pull up the slots…

          • vicgold88

            I am not in control. I can not change the load out either.

          • Supa LA

            I tried this and it actually worked. You have to clear all other classes and can only put items in slot 1.

          • Lucas Leach

            didn’t work for me

          • Quinton

            So does this work when it freezes the whole system? Cause I tried the samething about editing my classes and it still freezes up my xbox 360 and it frustrates me

          • vicgold88

            It only works for a time and then ur are back with the issue!

          • mike

            I am trying, but i begin as spectating

          • Way

            Yep…it sucks….I’ve became a spectator…

          • Zion Love

            same shit is happening to me at this very moment, and it is saying disk error

          • Jason Westfall

            Still nothing

          • Shadow

            after trying the knife trick I created a class with two primery guns a bal and a sniper, as long as I don’t try to switch calss it works fine even got my camo, but if I try switching class freez,

          • Byron Dozier

            I dont Even get that far that i can choose a class. I go straight to spectating Mode or the Game freezes.

        • vicgold88

          That’s what is happening to me too!

        • John

          Most of the time it says your disc is unreadable when I have a digital copy of the game. And there is no disc is the disc tray.

        • Tinyestdolitl

          It was better b4 the fix well done guys u made it worse that it was b4

        • Sensuy

          I thought I was the only one with this problem it stays in spectating mode doesn’t let me choose a load out eventually it kicks me out.

        • Brian Halfhill

          The freezing caused my ps3 hard drive to crash, I can’t even boot it up, thank god I have 2 ps3’s. I refuse to play multiplayer on this game is fixed. The other 2 modes work perfectly. But much like everyone else I want to play multiplayer.

        • jesse

          I went to a private match with couple friends made 2 or 3 kills each than went back to live and it seems to have fixed it

          • Beef Supreme

            I’m glad that worked for you. I was unable to spawn into a private match also.

          • Chris

            i cant use any of the camos that i have finished the challenges for they sill show that they are locked

        • Anthony Jimenez

          Broke my controller xD

        • John Chang

          The game is locking,up due weapon variants remove those and you will be able to play till they patch it

      • ramborick

        I have not been able to spawn in game since this patch. It just stays in spectator mode.. Complete bullshit..

      • kahee23

        I tried everything from camos to loadouts taking everything off cept a default class and it still freezes…. They need 2 fix this asap ?

      • Jesse Schmidt

        The game non stops freezing for me, and when it freezes nothing I do saves toward challenges and stats, my game froze while I had a paladin, it force at least three times after I got a merciless, I’m pissed

      • Tribus23

        I’m getting wrong load outs when selecting a class, after Changing over to prestige. Fire single round, then it switches over to Secondary weapons.

    • drainel

      do you think it is gonna get fixed

    • xL2Rx WHARF RAT

      I literally can’t play!

      • jessi

        Try choosing your first class when entering… It’s the only thing that is working for me

        • Mike Cross

          It doesn’t matter which slot you’re using, it is the variant of the weapon in said slot that is the problem. For me, it was the ASM1 Magnitude. Removing it for the standard ASM1 fixed the issue. Still not cool though, I wanted to use that gun…

      • kurtis

        I can’t play the game it won’t let me pick my weapon it saying change layout I picked it but it won’t do nothing I was playing just fine the other day new patch trippen am watching other people play but I can’t play thay need to do something about that

        • kurtis

          And it frozen like 3 times afther picking change layout plz fix it

    • Cat hunter

      the problem is they do this every year and we still run out and buy the game, if people practiced some self control and didnt go out at midnight maybe a drop is sales would make the devs open their eyes that we want a good product, even if it takes a few years to make, but the fact SHG had at least two years to make this one and it still has all these issues is pretty bad, but heck even with all the broken parts its still better than that train wreck called ghosts.

      • Damien Pillsbury

        “…even with all the broken parts its still better than that train wreck called ghosts.” Up until this patch, I would agree with this. Right now the multi-player is unplayable.

    • Thomas

      This is crap I update and try to join a game and it freezes over and over again. Fix the problem asap or in returning the game activation!

    • vicgold88

      Today, Nov. 20 I can not get out of the Spectator Mode when I try to play COD AW online! I see I’m not alone. I hope the bug or glitch gets fixed soon. I can play my other COD games, but not AW.

    • caliwod

      Ya…what a joke!!! Perfectly fine since Day Zero for me and now all fucked up.. It’s 2014…I had a better experience playing NCAA 2006 online on my PS2.

    • Cole

      Why don’t you just buy a PS4 or Xbox One instead of playing on the old consoles, the game is great on curent gen.

      • Gorge

        Not everyone can afford PS4, Great for those who can……

      • Kaharad

        I hope that is said in jest because it is a pretty dumb comment if not. “I can’t play the game I spent ยฃ40 on so I will go and spend ยฃ380 on a new console and another copy of the game” – hmmm, the obvious choice for everyone!

      • Beef Supreme

        I don’t feel like I should be pigeon holed into buying an Xbox One just to have a decent experience. I’ve been contemplating upgrading but just can’t justify it yet as gaming isn’t a top priority anymore.

    • CampToLose

      Go to Activision’s website and go to support. There it says that they know about the freeze issues and are working on a fix as fast as possible. Hope they fix it soon; finally getting a break from high school tmrw :)!

    • TorTureXXX

      Resetting your classes will allow u to play again it worked for me. Good luck to all. See u in the game TorTureXXX

      • Beef Supreme

        Awesome, I’ll try that as soon as I get home. Thanks!

        • Dinovictor5

          Did it work?

          • Beef Supreme

            Won’t be home till late tonight…will definitely report back when I try.

    • if you looki commented out this in the article about the ps4 hot fix I was pissed last night when I wrote that

    • Hayden Lewis Stevens

      Tried everything, nothing works, patch needs to come out soon..

      • If you upgrade to next gen you’ll be fine ๐Ÿ™‚

    • lucas

      Only certain weapons (mostly variants) on your classes dont allow you to spawn in. You will have to try clearing all of your classes and see what guns allow you to spawn in.

      • Damien Pillsbury

        All but one of my five classes uses variants. (Breakneck, Average Joe, Speakeasy) After installing the update, I spawned into my first match with no problems and I even selected my third class. I tried to switch classes mid-match and it froze. Since then I haven’t been able to do anything but go straight to spectating and if I “Start>Change Class” it will freeze.

        • DOG


    • Just upgrade to next gen, well unless you’re poor ๐Ÿ™‚

      I did find a new glitch with a friend on infected though. Check this out!

      • Damien Pillsbury

        I am not poor. Nor am I rich. I had a really bad experience with the 360 when I bought it at launch time (9 months of Broken-Console-Hot-Potato with microsoft) So I will wait until the next gen consoles have proven to be reliable and the price drops. Oh and when I say “next gen consoles” what I really mean is “PS4” because NEVER AGAIN microsoft


    • snake2242

      I played for about 3 hours and got no supply drops

    • TorTureXXX

      All u have to do is reset ur classes and make sure u don’t use the bal-27-223 an you should be good. Hope this helps. TorTureXXX

      • crossblade

        It doesn’t matter what gun it is. It has to be the basic gun, no specials.

    • daniel

      When I click on a gamemode and it loads, it just automatically puts me in spectator mode and I can’t even click on create a class. This seems slightly different to everyone else’s problem but still can someone help.

    • vicgold88

      Clear ur classes. Next, create one and play.
      I was able create a second one and play.
      This will help while Activition solves the issue.

    • julioortiz

      so when are yall fixing this, cant play for three days now

    • vicgold88

      Clearing out ur weapons categories helped for a few games,but now I had to clear them out and play with what the game offers in a few categories.
      It bothers me that in my second day with this spawn issue Activision has not yet offered a patch to solve this problem.

    • Josh

      They still haven’t fixed the size of the kill feed! The player list in pre-game lobby is too wide, meaning your player is partly covered by the list (for PS3/Xbox360). Basic things that should have been sorted in first patch still not done!

    • Pu99etMaster .

      ***Solution*** I had this issue and I thought to myself. Something within the built in weapons class might be causing the spectate mode and getting stuck at spawn. Well it is that the weapons in your currently created load outs need to be rebuilt so that it obtains the properties of the newly released patch. That fixed it for me. Thanks.

    • Pu99etMaster .

      ***Solution*** Rebuild your custom load outs. I had this issue and I thought to myself. Something within the built in weapons class might be causing the spectate mode and getting stuck at spawn. Well it is that the weapons in your currently created load outs need to be rebuilt so that it obtains the properties of the newly released patch. That fixed it for me. Thanks.

    • Pu99etMaster .

      Solution. Rebuild your custom load outs. I had this issue and I thought to myself. Something within the built in weapons class might be causing the spectate mode and getting stuck at spawn. Well it is that the weapons in your currently created load outs need to be rebuilt so that it obtains the properties of the new release. That fixed it for me. Thanks.

      • Beef Supreme

        I had to remove all variant weapons from my classes. It sounds like they’ve hotfixed the issue but I haven’t played since.

    • Aron Chacon

      I haven’t been able to get into a single lobby for the past 5 days now it keeps telling me “no games found” in every game mode possible I tried to reset my PS3 but the same results occur. It’s really messed up idk what the problem is but I just spent my hard earned money to enjoy this seemingly good game but I can’t even get into a single lobby and btw before all this started to happen it used to freeze my PS3 so many times

  • Terrible it’s unplayable for me now

  • Michael

    It’s about time. I’ve waited so long for this to come out. Now I can finally prestige. Hopefully I don’t experience that spawn delay problem when I play though.

  • Juses

    And… This is why you should buy a next gen console.

    • w

      *current gen. and no, this game currently is not worth it currently.

      • Juses

        In 1-2 years devs will stop making games for last gen.

        • logic buns

          Yes 1-2 years I would rather play 200$ for xb1 over $500 when it came out for better graphics. Not worth the price getting mine for black Friday cheap. For next treyarc

          • Stefan Lang

            Right, Im definitely getting a One for Treyarch’s next title. AW is fun but it doesnt have that “get a game in before school” feel for me anymore. I have AW for 360 and PS4 it just doesnt win me over that much. I think it might be because I can’t get any streaks but that might change in a couple months.

        • Ashley Rodriguez

          And maybe in 1-2 years the price will be better for those who don’t have the money to waste on Nu-Gen Consoles right now…
          Some of us have rent to pay. Priorities!

    • Tep Kok

      You should buy a next gen console so you can play the better version of shit games? Is this really the mindset of modern “gamers”?

      • DEMOLITION12

        pc has no games fagboy

      • Juses

        Nope you buy a next gen consoles for its exclusices i.e Batmat arkham origins, evolve, bloodborne, and SSOD

        • w

          Batmat arkham origins.. the next gen exclusic we’ve all been waiting for. Cant wait until they release it in 2013.

          • Juses


          • Juses


    • F* you

      Most people don’t have the money like you spoiled fucking brat. Some people have to play on 360 or ps3, Not everyone has that kind of money, It isnt fair to the people who still play on an old gen,

      • Juses

        lol you madJjust because i have a next gen console doesn’t mean i’m a spoiled brat. And i don’t know why devs are still een releasing games on last gen

        • w

          youre annoying bro. I figured someone with the name Juses would be funny or at the very least have insightful comments. Change your name to ‘Jsaon’ or to whatever shitty name your parents gave you.

          I’m not the who made that comment btw, so he’ll probably rip you a new one.

          • Juses

            I use to but then a mod bannced me for acting like a meme (

    • Damien Pillsbury

      Why, so I could play broken-console-hot-potato with microsoft for 9 months again? 3 RRoD’s in a row… Bill could have at least taken me out to dinner before he F**KED me

      • Juses

        then buy a ps4

        • Damien Pillsbury

          Not until it’s been time-tested and proven reliable. Also, I’m really not a hardcore gamer or anything so it makes more sense for me to wait until the price drops

  • Alex Ramos

    Am i the only one not having the spawn issue cuz lately i been wonderinf why im the only one on the map and able to score in uplink without anyone on the map?

    • Beef Supreme

      Two friends I was playing with got the update at the same time as me and weren’t affected.

  • andy

    rubbish update cant even get into a game now then i get kicked for inactivity

    • shadow

      Got the same problem

  • alm1ty

    I’m having an issue where when I look at my headshots and longshots it has been glitched out at 32/10 or 32/20 or 30/10 things like that also it will not let me spawn in and causes me to lose game when I leave game which is the only option I have also if I stay in game it drops my score per minute by up to 50 points

  • IvanB

    finally you pached that and other gliches on maps

  • shadow

    I can’t get in since the patch this morning.

  • shadow

    playstation just stops

  • Sean Williams

    system freezes cant play the game at all

  • spoonersteve

    On top roof glitch still working on retreat

    • GinsuVictim

      Not really a glitch.

      • Darian

        Jumping on a wall that doesn’t exist to access previously inaccessible area of map…. sounds like a glitch to me.

        • GinsuVictim

          I’m talking about going upstairs in that one room, jumping up on the ledge, then out through the hole. All visible.

          • Damien Pillsbury

            When you jump up on that “ledge,” you are standing on nothing. It’s a glitch

    • Phoenix King

      Its not a glitch, its an exploit, people are using the exo suit to jump on a series of spots that are normally not used in game to reach something the devs never thought anyone would get to

      • flarejust

        actually it is a glitch the only way to get on top of the roof is to jump from a railing onto the top of an invisible wall that shouldnt be there then they get ont the roof from there

    • Damien Pillsbury

      I can live with that. It needs fixed but there’s no cover up there so they are easily sniped. I’ve gotten up there in a bot match with two sniper rifles and used the glitch to test out all the high level kill streaks. (Like the Paladin with the 105mm and laser-guided rockets)

  • kimmc

    i bought this game and today i cant even spawn get this sorted. I can join a game then all of a sudden im only able to watch i try to choose a class and my 360 just freezes…..

  • scaramunger

    I can’t spawn into games I sit in spectator mode then freeze

  • jim

    I downloaded the patch n now when i get into a game it just shows me spectating??

  • Phoenix King

    Has anyone found a solution for this? I mean, I love the game dont get me wrong, but I feel really bad that I bought it from PSN because now I dont have the option to contemplate getting a refund.

    • Cat hunter

      im in the same spot on my 360

  • Sean Jackson

    Are they going to fix it anytime soon?

  • But that crap and this, buy the game little more than a week, full of errors, not worry about getting the patch today on who has the digital game, or whoever bought the PStore, not play, because the ps3 crash and the funniest and after that you guys are reading more comments and comments do not solve this problem, this problem this like around 8 hours already passed and I’m still here looking at the wall, usufruo ps3 and ps4 and today vain to be making stops po

  • When do you can , send respond ???????’

    • S8TNS_BOSS

      Learn English if you’re going to speak english

  • But that crap and this, buy the game little more than a week, full of errors, not worry about getting the patch today on who has the digital game, or whoever bought the PStore, not play, because the ps3 crash and the funniest and after that you guys are reading more comments and comments do not solve this problem, this problem this like around 8 hours already passed and I’m still here looking at the wall, usufruo ps3 and ps4 and today vain to be making stops po

    • Phoenix King

      My brain is losing cells by the second just trying to understand what you said.

      • Damien Pillsbury

        I don’t think English is his first language. At least, I hope not.

  • Busack

    I can join into the game when i select a game mode i load into the match but it makes me spectate and when i goto the menu and press select a class it just exits and keeps me spectating

    • john

      It’s doing that for Me now too…smfh

      • Tamp

        Same here sort it im pissed

      • Allie

        Keeps freezing ir making me spectate!!! Ever since i updated this morning…cant play at all aggravated!

        • Joe

          It’s just making me spectate as well does anyone know when it will work again?

    • Boere

      Same here. Sigh. I have a 2 month vacation ahead hope they fix this soon

    • Chappy258

      Make all your classes clear and you can play, I have the same problem, stupid sledgehammer games, shouldn’t be trusted with call of duty

      • Busack

        thanks it worked

      • mike hunt

        Yes clear your classes. Thanks!

  • CrowReap .

    The sbmm is still here sh and that needs to go

  • john

    I freeze right at the beggining of the game. I did the update? I get stuck right on the loadout screen and have to force restart. Its happened 3 times in a row now..im on prestige 3 and have had no problems prior. Please fix this soooooon

  • chris

    Just did an update ps3. Now I can’t choose a class just spectates then kicks me for inactivity. Fix it fast please!

    • jdhandlesIII

      I love spectating. What a joke!

  • Gerry

    Well Guess What? I can’t Spawn my game freezes at the freaking class selection every time after the recent patch, Good Job Sledgehammer -_-

    • Gerry

      Also they nerfed the Bal 27, it has a bit more recoil now.

  • Phoenix King

    Why in the world is it even only happening to certain people?

  • leefenton27

    I have the same problem it freezes on the load outs i can’t even pick a class it freezes please fix has I didn’t pay all that money for a broken game

  • leefenton27

    Am I the only one who hasn’t had the second part of the update?!?!

  • mdb2

    This update didn’t even work. it won’t let me pick a class and freezes my PS3.

    • xVitalyzdx

      this is making me mad

    • Damien Pillsbury

      It worked. They fixed the things they said they were going to fix… and completely broke the game in the process ๐Ÿ˜›

  • marx_nitsud

    The shit isnt letting me spawn in online!!! WTF!!!!

  • Ozzy123

    Hi everyone I’m having the same problem the only thing that’s working is infected so if you wanna pass the time on that waiting for this to get sorted out that’s your best option please if there’s any news keep us updated

  • Steeeef

    if i go to online multiplayer split screen. 1 player can play and the other is spectating… this happens after the update

  • Jacob Aubin

    have they fixed the problem yet

    • Ozzy123

      Doesn’t look like it mate ATM infected just works

  • Bal is nerfed

    So far not having any bugs with this new update, they did nerf the BAL-27 and AK-12 by increasing its recoil.

  • Ozzy123

    Still sitting here

    • MadJoker0323

      Any one know about how long thus will take to fix

      • Ozzy123

        I’m not sure

        • Kris

          I have the physical copy and it does the same thing to me! Is it better to refund and get the digital copy and upgrade to next gen ?

          • WTFCODAW

            Happening on digital copy as well ๐Ÿ™

          • Cat hunter

            also heard from a friend on next gen its doing the same thing.

    • Joshua Wasp Baziuk

      same here

      • jim

        and me fuck it going on destiny

    • mad

      Same here

    • Ho Yung Sheng

      same here

    • Chris King

      Try playing Dom or sum thing n choose the default classes. It should let u play

      • kurtis

        My first class its still not working crazy man

      • xChaotic

        No matter what game type I select, all it does is freeze.

        • Boommaka

          Its BS i just go straight into spectator mode

      • George Keable

        this actually worked, clear all classes, go to dom then it let me choose a default class

  • CrowReap .

    im gonna need to upgrade to x1 for 3arcs 2015 title i cant deal with devs not supporting the last gen anymore

  • mike

    The new update will only let me spectate how long till this problem is fixed

  • jrnotaloka

    Why are people still playing on last gen

    • Necro Jo

      Because maybe they can’t afford to splash out ยฃ400 to just be able to play a game they may like… also most people would stay playing with their friends if they did not have a next gen console, unlike those who obviously don’t care about other people, more self centred and just move on leave their actual friends out of things.. seriously… stop hating on the 360, its like you’d have never owned a last gen console the way have the twats here go on….

      • Dongbags

        RIGHT! I have two friends that upgraded to PS4 and now we never talk…..some friend right.

    • Panther

      Because not all of us can afford a new one!

    • Blank

      You’re a fucking idiot. There are almost no good games available for the XboxOne worth dishing out 500+ dollars for. Get a fucking life.

      • jrnotaloka

        I bet u on last gen bro

    • Damien Pillsbury

      Because my butt still hurts from the pounding microsoft gave me when I decided to buy a 360 when it first launched. RRoD. My fourth 360 worked…

  • Toto

    Cant play because it freezes and my even tho i exceed the new camo expectations i cant unlock them ._.

    • Dongbags

      If you can actually join a game , get a headshot or bloodthirsty and it will unlock after the match. My friend and I did this and it worked.

  • Panther

    Have they not fixed this yet. I have been trying to play team death match/domination for more than an hour on 360. All I get is to spectate. This is BULL very frustrating. What are they going to do about this??????????

  • Joshua Wasp Baziuk

    im having that spawn issue on ps3

  • RedCowl

    My game has been freezing and i dont know how to fix it. i have yet to play a game today because the bug is not letting me spawn in at the beginning of the match, and I eventually get “kicked for inactivity”

  • Josh Holt

    I can’t spawn in when I load into a map the choose a class screen that normally pops up for you isn’t (u should have the option to choose your class as soon as entering the game) there and when I try to choose my class it just went black for half a second then went back to the option to choose a class none of the classes actually pop up and I know it’s not my controller I was editing my character moments before choosing different guns,attachments, etc. Then the game froze the second time I tried to choose my class

  • MadJoker0323

    Anybody know about how long it will take to fix it

  • Ozzy123

    I reckon they should give us double co for the time we have missed playing the game

  • randyohead

    i’m locked out can only spectate since update on ps3

    • Kris

      Is this happening to PS3 users on the digital copy or the physical copy of the game?

      • jdhandlesIII

        Digital copy for me.

      • Damien Pillsbury

        Hard-copy too. I’m going to wear out my disc ejecting it every time this game freezes :/ (My power “button” no longer responds)

  • Ozzy123

    They should give us double xp ! For this

    • GinsuVictim


      • Cpt. Panda

        They should give us 1 lot of 2xp for every day the game remains unplayable :p and free supply drops ! This sucks /: come on sledgehammer you aren’t making a very good name for yourself at the moment. It’s disappointing because advanced warfare has so much potential but it’s so broken we can’t appreciate it.

    • morgylittle

      its a joke

  • Josh Holt

    Not to mention I beat the campaign on vet. now when i signed in it said we strongly recommend u play campaign first I was curious as to the fact of why it would say that so I went to campaign and it there is no resume game option which is strange cuz u can continue even after completing the game so I went to chapter select I could only select the first mission meaning all my campaign data is gone Wtf -_-

  • PS3 GodlikeShinobi

    So now we wait till its fixed? I payed for a fucking game that I cant even play. This game is zo buggy its not even fun anymore. I guess as long as everybody pays thrm they dont even care about us “gamers”.

  • Josh Holt

    I had double xp while trying to enter the stupid thing lost time on that for sitting there trying to pick my class

  • Corey Neves

    Worst patch ever

  • Ciaran

    Everytime I join a game it puts me as a spectator and won’t allow me to pick a class btw I’m on Xbox 360 please help!

    • Chris King

      Just clear all the classes u have except the 1st class and it works fine, but remember u have more then 5.

  • Toto

    Im having the same freezing/ spectator problem. Also
    since i was hunting the last camos before update (ex. 200 headshots, 50 bloodthirsty), i have now exceeded the minimum requirement to unlock them yet they are still locked.

  • Khaymen

    Yup can’t play online I’m pretty pissed about it. Make another update to fix this cause i can’t even play right now…

  • a poss

    Why can’t i select a class without the game freezing the game pleaze fix pronto

  • kim mc

    has this been fixed yet

  • kayla

    This is bullshit! Seriously. I didn’t pay 60$ for a game for you guys to break it with your so called “new updates” game doesn’t even work now!

  • Dude

    spectatormode ftw -.- that sucks….

  • lomond

    i guess as i got the update is why i cant play online this really sucks we should be compansated for this some how. I would really just like to play the game

  • Tazo

    This would be a great game if they tested it more and fixed it right. Paid $200 for both my son’s and I’s to have the game before it came out. Then, I spent another hundred on a Gigabit router to stop the lag issue and get better connected. Now, I can not even spawn into the game at all. What a flipping shame, the game is GREAT, when we can play it =/

  • James Grunow

    I just cant spawn in, so i cant play this frikin game. Back to Black Ops 2 then…

  • GinsuVictim

    I just read someone recommend picking the first loadout, then changing once you’re in the game. That supposedly allowed them to play.

  • craig

    I had same issues. its nonsense. after the updat it kept comin up sayin Dick unreadable. I had to uninstall it from the Xbox to get it to work.

  • UnseeingRaccoon

    It only happened to the profile i used the horizon map glich with. All other profiles on my xbox have no problem.

  • akduder

    I’m from AK and woke up this morning to this update. This totally keeps happening to me. I’m really really over trying to like this game. I wonder if Gamestop will refund my money or f*ck me on it…either way I’m afraid I’m gonna have to go back to BO2.

  • Rob

    It’s doing it with campaign too

  • Jennifer Higgins

    When will it be fixed anyone have a ideal on when

  • Aex

    I totally freeze and have to turn off the console. Cmon Man!


    Happy to hear it’s not just me. Sorry to hear it’s happening to others. They should be paying us to play this game, not charging $60 for a half finished game and then the first screen you see upon loading it up is an ad for the season pass. Lol.

  • Jaramie E

    This is extremely frustrating to say the least! The game acts like it’ll let you join online, even starts the match.. But you can only spectate.. If you attempt to change your loadout & join, the console freezes, & you have to completely reboot! (Xbox 360e) Extremely buggy update!! -2 to the programmers!

  • drainel

    so gay. i cant even spawn in. my black ops 2 is broken. guess its bo 1

  • Guest

    Do not but hbra3 average Joe in a class cause it will freeze and your other classes will not work Standard hbra3 still works. Hope this helps

  • Jonathon Broughton

    I got the new update today and i cant even choose a class before it freezes up. This is completely unacceptable in my point of view. I was going to buy the season pass tomorrow and because of this update i have decided against it. I loved this game up until this new update. If it gets fixed soon then i might rethink the season pass, but for now with this problem i will not be getting the update!

  • Edward Parrott

    Do not use hbra3 average Joe in class slot cause it stops other guns showing up. Might be more but rest of mine work fine now. Standard hbra3 does work

  • Hazzard

    Hi I have been trying to access AW for about 7 hours and I cannot play a multiplayer game. Is this connected to what is being said here.e

  • Edward Parrott

    Do not use hbra3 average Joe in class slot cause it stops other guns showing up. Might be more but rest of mine work fine now. Standard hbra3 does wot

  • Izzy

    I just got kicked for inactivity because the patch wouldn’t allow me to spawn into the game, I can spectate all I want until I get kicked but I can’t even choose my load out. What the hell? This is stupid and pointless, the patch screwed things up way worse than before! At this point if it isn’t fixed I’ll be returning the game

  • 123

    I’m stuck on the spectator screen and can’t play

  • Skull

    For those that can’t pick classes, reset ALL of your classes and make classes only with gun that dont have gun challenges completed all ready, like 10/10 headshots without the camo, other then that i haven’t found a way around it

  • Edward Hale

    Any word on when this is going to be fixed? I try and play, but, it freezes completely at the loadout screen. I have to reset the Xbox 360 in order to do anything at all.

    • Keshav Bhat

      It is being investigated. No updates yet.

      • Skull

        Reset all your classes and oly use guns without camo challenges already complete, example; 10/10 headshots but you dont have the camo unlocked, don’t use that gun, i know it sucks but thats all ive figured out until the update

      • Edward Hale

        Cool, at least the are looking into it. Still pissed i can’t play though. They should have worked out these bugs before they released the game.

  • edgar sloan

    Ever since I downloaded the update it either freezes or puts me in spectator mode every e I try to play online. If this is not fixed soon I’m returning the game! What is the point in having it if I cant play it online????

  • Ivan Teoh

    when do they fix

  • Willie V

    All my accounts can play no problem except the one that I tried the horizon map glitch on. It’s having the same problems as the rest of you. Stuck in spectator mode and freezing.

  • Sykylash

    this is absolutely crazy …

  • edgar sloan

    It also will say cannot read disc and kicks me out in the middle of a game?? I thought it might be my Xbox but this is the only game it does it on. I’ve already exchanged it for another copy but its still doing the same thing! All my other games work fine except for this one. Anyone else have a disc read error?? In the campaign and online?

  • Kieran

    They need to sort this shit out…..

  • trippyhippydude

    this shits so irritating. what’s the point in realeasing a game that’s not finished?

  • nat

    Disgusting, remove the shitty patch! Fix that, then give us your patch. I’d rather play a broke game, than spectate 50 fixed games.

  • Pissed t’f off

    I’m having the same problem. I kept getting stuck in spectate mode and it froze twice and I had to reset my 360. This games getting really annoying :/

  • Davi oliva

    Anything that i can do about it?

  • Pissed t’f off

    Just fucking froze again

  • Enigma

    You have to play with just normal weapons no guns that stats are changed except by your attachments…idky but then it lets you play

  • Buddhafett74

    Same thing happening here. Can’t get out of spectator mode. Also it says the disc is dirty? Looks like some people can play.

  • Chris

    New update only let’s me spectate then kicks me for inactivity

  • ianf2210

    Fix it now pleeeeeeease!!! My 12 yr old son is goin f+++in ballistic

    • Panther

      I’m sorry I thought it was an 18.
      Ballistic tell him to go do his homework instead of ranting about an adult game.
      You as a parent should be ashamed of yourself.

  • Federico

    Man. For once, a change, Fire someone, make it public and apologise for all the people that spent $60+ on a game, which franchise already screwed a lot of people on the last version of the series. Do something rational

  • Mary

    Did the same thing to e, froze, then i couldnt join in to play… Said i was spectating.. Angry just a lil.. lol ugh!!!

  • buddhaffett74

    Bad enough that a billion dollar company wants to charge $50 for a seasons pass and can’t even test a patch before they release it.

  • Stefan Lang

    Honestly, if they release mw2, mw3, bo1, and bo2 for next gen Im completely sold. I barely play my PS4 because BO2 is so fucking fun and Im attached to my 360 because of it.

    • Enigma

      Bo2 was the worst call of duty by far in my opinion

      • Stefan Lang

        Says everyone who played Ghosts through its life cycle.

      • w

        when theres ghosts and mw3…. no. Kevin Hart made the same face as in your avi when you typed that.


    if you make a new account or have another account that you dont play and sign into that account and you should be able to play i just cant play with my primary account where i downloaded the patch from …but i redownloaded the patch and still same problem unless you use another gamertag that you dont play on….

  • Luckily I haven’t had any issues on PS3 since the patch, but I’ve only played a handful of matches. The only thing is that the challenges are now setup so that you have to earn one more of each requirement to get that camo in question. For example I had close to 500 hip fire kills with the Bulldog and the requirement was only 80, yet it locked the camo from me until I nabbed another hip fire kill. The same for the headshots etc… Sorry to hear that so many are having issues with the new patch though. Hopefully they clear it up soon.

  • Mike

    I’m having serious issues after the update. Can’t play at all. This is not what I expect from cod.

  • john

    Well they should fix this update before the game out, but na they want to sell it early for money and they still dont give a shit about update. So yeah fix it or break it!

  • kevin

    I can get into a game every once in awhile. But when I do I can only spectate now!! And there is a lock where you would see the speaker. Didnt have this problem until the update!!! This game sucks!!! Activision has ruined this game!!!

  • Ceuninske Ceuninske

    If i join a game, i cannot spawn or chosen my loadout, then being kicked for inactivity… Fix this game pls… Al those bugs wtf

  • Sami James

    This is bs I pay ยฃ45 for this to only be ripped off with a “game” that consists of lag, unable to spaw in, wall glitching 10 year olds and now I have to “pay” for zombies. Sort your s**t out sledgehammer….

  • Stuck spectating

    Stuck spectating game used to be fine till the new update now can’t play

  • Bob

    I could care less about stupid camos and challenges. There are a lot of times that I wait a few seconds after i am supposed to respawn to actually respond. Sometimes I never even respond and have to just leave the game. Spawns are terrible, I have been spawned right in front of people with my back turned and vice versa. And if everyone is using the bal, you know it’s OP. But no, they fix crap that doesn’t help the game first.

  • Angryoldladywillkillu

    Happened to me too. For what you people charge for these damn games, you would think that you would have your SHIT together. Fix it as soon as possible! Freezes on prompt and can’t spawn….

  • Yoeri

    Play with the narmal version of the weapon get Some challenge kills and you Will be fine. This worked for me

  • sambosmash

    The next post to read on this site is how AW made 10 BILLION worldwide and they cant release a patch without errors…that’s TRASH get it together!!!

  • cameron

    rubbish game i bought the game to play not to get froze on the class section and being timed out of the game sledge hammer you need to sort it out

  • dan

    This patch ruined the game? Can’t choose a loadout at the beginning of a match then if you pause once u make it in, it won’t allow you to unpause or even leave the game.

  • Mathew Rodriguez

    I can’t play online at all on my PS3. It loads me in the game then I’m stuck in spectator mode. It won’t let me pick my load out and then I get kicked for inactivity. A few times it actually froze altogether! Please fix soon! I don’t get much time to play and this shit happens.

  • Brandy

    I can’t play my game, it puts me in spectator mode, then kicks me for inactivity… or if i try to choose a class it freezes. I payed 60$ for this game, and cant even play it without Error 4129 image assets errors every 3rd game or so, without lagging and glitching people, the spawns are horrible. Wth. I am slowly feeling my money was wasted on this game. I really hope this is fixed soon. I like playing it when i can.

  • Chris King

    You have to choose 1 of the default classes like balanced or run n gun to play multi player. It works fine nlets me play Dom when I do that. That’s the only way its been working for me. I did it 5 times n no problems yet. Best bet until they fix the problem

    • Tim Eisenhauer

      I don’t even get a class selection.

  • Lewis Nield

    You can play infected

  • Joshua Wasp Baziuk

    you guys have to make or play on a different account if its happening i made a new ps3 name and it was playing perfectly on it and i go back to my account i downloaded the update on and it does the spectator crap but if you use a differentt ps3 account it should work

  • richard

    ripped off thats how i feel

  • TheViciousNewfie

    So they say they fix the camps and when I have 28 head shots it didn’t give me the camos for the 10 headshots it just says 28/10

  • Mike

    I’m still having problems with it. Oh

  • Chris King

    Now if I hit the rb button on create a class screen it will bring up 2 other classes. Clear all classes but the 1st class and u can play also

  • Mike

    It’s unacceptable like beef supreme said. Haven’t had a problem until today!

  • mad gamer

    Ya since I downloaded the patch on ps3 I can’t even play online it puts me into spectate mode and won’t even let me pick a class and then kicks me from server due to inactivity it’s lame and need to be fixed like now it is making me mad

  • winter36

    Absolutely Disgusting.. Activision are fuking CRIMINALS.. Take our money for a game that DOES NOT WORK…

  • I hate cod game freezes

    This fuckin sucks!!!!! I hate this game so much!!!!!!! Game freezes every time. Wtf activision???? I want a refund.

  • Incredibly Edible

    This is no bueno.

  • Ben

    Just terrible can’t even play online, when ever I get into a game midway or join by sitting in a server and getting the countdown as soon as the map loads it just instantly puts me in spectator mode and I can’t get off it then I get kicked for being inactive after about 1 minute, honestly they should never make a cod again, turned a good franshise into poo, from about blo 1 onwards

  • Ben

    ** anyone know how to fix this ?

  • CTFFailures

    Horrible, I’m very angry/disappointed in the execution of this game. It has great game quality just lacks execution of servers, maps, some game mode faults (see below).

    Capture the Flag : No Assist Points? / 3 Cap round Limit? Round Scores do not matter? Why?

    Momentum Overtime makes no sense.

    Domination: Opening Flags are free points

  • Caleb Smith

    Not to be rude but…. HURRY THE HELL UP!!! i waited for the update for like half an hour (because my internet isn’t very good) only to find that i can’t play anyway… thanks sledge hammer not like i wanted to play before work anyways. Screw this game.

  • guy

    I can’t spawn online and it freezes and also in campaign everything started glitching and I could see through the floor and everything, really messed up.

  • ChocoTaco

    switch guns to basic versions and it should let you play

  • cameron

    are they gonna fix this???

  • daresthegod

    i still cant get pass the load out screen i see others move and play

    • dick

      make sure all your guns have none selected on camos, then when you get to select weapons, select slot one you will then join game, if you scroll down to other slots you will not join game just be a spectator so make sure the gun you use is in slot one!

  • Tyler

    Yea same here this is crazy I paid for a great game not this crap

  • Nick

    Fix the dam glitches their getting annoying especially horizon retreat and solar

  • Zach

    I’m done with this fucking game get this shit fixed and next time know what it will do to the fucking game before you do it!!!!

  • harry

    I cant play cause it won’t let me pick a bloody class

  • kyle

    thanks cod aw for the broken game from day one i could of been prestige again i speek for myself i want some more double xp!!!!!

  • Jeff

    Why can I se other people playing but all I do is “spectate”?

  • Sensational GFX

    What’s is wrong with the game? I can’t even join an online game cause it keeps freezing and I need to turn off my Xbox.

  • Charlie

    Also having the same issue! Really bloody annoying! It either crashes or doesn’t let me choose a class at all, only spectate!

  • Tophr

    I;m having the same problem..It won’t let me actually play a match, only spectate. Also, I’m playing on 360..

  • Michael Alexander

    Having the same issue. Lets me join the game. But i’m stuck on Spectating. I go to start menu to select loadout and it does nothing. WTF

    • Michael Alexander

      Funny thing is, I was doing good lastnight, worked fine. First time playing the game and this is the result of a patch, get your ish together here ppl, for the millions of dollars you guys make, you think you would cross your Ts and dot your i’s

  • mike hunt

    Seriously, clear your classes..

  • Colovers

    Hi, I can’t even play, all I can do is spectate??

  • Golden Heart

    U can just redownload the update , and u are good to go ?

    • Alecksandr Kopitar


      • Damien Pillsbury

        I can’t tell if Golden Heart is serious or not, but… re-downloading the same broken update is unlikely to fix anything.

  • Joe Blow

    idk how the lucky fuckers i get to spectate are playing online but id love to pick a class and join. why do they keep picking shitty activision for this game. infinity ward was the shit.

    • Guest

      Activision owns the franchise. They now have 3 developers (Infinity Ward, Treyarch, and Sledgehammer) working to develop CoD games in a cycle so that a new one is released yearly. Clearly 3 years is not enough to put out a product without MAJOR issues. Also, as of this patch, the highmoon port for last-gen is essentially unplayable.

  • T_323

    I just done update now cant play online

  • ricky

    cant change loadout freezing up . dam i quit

  • Beau13

    Did they not even test the patch before they launched it? This might be more acceptable had they gotten fixed a few hours ago, but this is getting ridiculous.

  • Jeremy Vangrack

    Smae problem with me i try to choose a weapon and it freezes then it forces me to spectate others playing or it will just freeze outright

  • Jordan

    I am stuck in spectating the whole time I want to play the game not spectate and than get kicked for not playing when im spectating!!

  • lv001lv

    Yeah I down loaded the update now can’t get in to online play.. it freezes after I choose my class.. I’m almost ready to say money back because of all the lag … also I have lost up too five supply chests when accepting them I got a message saying error and then lost them

    • Brisn

      Change all classes to regular guns, no nicknamed guns and it will work

      • lv001lv

        I did and Got to play for two min then game froze and could not get back in

  • TFMHSuperwench

    Same here, just switched on and downloaded update, now stuck spectating – can’t choose any , won’t even show them ! Now completely unplayable.

  • Billy Mac

    I can play infected and exo survival but every time i try to play something else it either freezes or doesn’t let me play the game. Is this the same problem other people are having.

  • Oh Filipino

    I have issues with AW where the game freezes when I pick a class

  • leigham

    Your game is shocking can’t let me spawn in a game well done good way to prompt it (y)

  • jake

    I pay for xbox live and my copy of advanced warfare just like everyone else. Just because we are on the 360 doesn’t mean we are now underprivileged. I am outraged at the fact that I can’t play the only game I own.

  • smoke1more

    Same here, very disappointed that this game obviously wasn’t/isn’t ready for release money hungry bastards.

  • Unit_5Star_Gen

    Honestly, What’s the point in putting out an update when it hurts the game more then helping. Now, we can’t play till they put out an update for the original “update”.

  • tiana

    so you’re telling me that not only did xbox just charge my account early to get only 1 month of xbox live, but now i can’t even play on xbox live because this new “update” is making me watch other people play it instead. This is ridiculous. I now get to waste my 1 month of xbox live that i didn’t want to pay for waiting for aw to fix this.

  • Stephanie

    It tells me I’m spectating an I can’t even play now

  • moose

    i cant play this game because i can’t choose a class without it freezing. They had three years to make this game you’d think they would put a little more effort into it. especially being a new company.

    • Cat hunter

      but their not new this is just the first game they have headlined, they were the co devs on mw3

  • NiKeAlCoHoLiiC

    Well this is a bunch of bull. Its my day off and I can’t even play my game. How perfect is that.

  • Billy Mac

    We know how you feel non of us can

  • PJ

    WTF????? I’m freaking stuck in spectator mode. COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE.

  • bruhhhhhhhhhhh

    I can’t do anything and it sucks

  • IamArtic

    i dont have the spectating problem, i just freeze every game…

  • blackout4747

    mine spectates too and it wont let me choose my class

  • uriel

    after downloading the update ever time I joined a game it would show me spectating I couldn’t select a load out. anyone else having the same issue?

    • GinsuVictim

      Maybe try reading all the posts in this comments section where everyone is saying exactly that.

  • blackout4747

    ya me

  • blackout4747

    then it kicks you because your not active enough

  • AIRvalo

    Iยดm stuck in spectating mode…. this sucks ass and i want my money back.

  • Y me

    I have the same problem it freezes as its counting down

  • Jarno Hellstrรถm

    I can play as long as I go with class 1 and do nothing else than play with it the whole round. Any fiddling with menus and classes freezes my game (PS3)

  • Stephen

    So stupid I cant play

  • Stephen

    Because it freezes unless I pick class 1

  • MorgyLittle

    Fix the patch out i cant ever play the game i paid about ยฃ80 for a game that i cant play its a fucking joke

  • Noober

    Best just to return the game from where you bought it as it will not get fixed. This game was beyond the developers scope.

  • Etaeria

    THEY BUGGED THE MORS – Pullbemer or whatever the name is so remove dat from ur class and u can spawn in fine thanks me later thanks ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Brisn

    Reset classes to regular guns not wrecker or cowboy or whatev nicknamed guns there is and it will work

  • Darrell Hutchison

    Ok this sucks and I will going right back to game stop to get the 5 dollars they will give me for the return of the game and I will never purchase another cod every again

  • Connor

    I cant play online , its really disappointing how I always get put into spectator mode and cant get out of it , anyone else get this problem ?

    • Doctor Realist

      everyone is having that problem

  • PS3 digital

    I really hope they fix this today I read that they made ten billion in weeks so to me that means it’s only fair to respond to this error immediately. As soon as I go to start a death match the game will not let me choose a class. As I watch everyone else play I then freeze. I have the digital copy along with the season pass. I paid 100 dollars plus tax last week I love the game but this is the first time I every seen something like this. I’m on my way to work now I hope to come home to a working game.

    • Darian

      No your incorrect, the call of duty FRANCHISE has made 10 billion so far altogether. No one game would ever make10 billion dollars in weeks.

  • Buddhafett74

    Is anyone having cannot read disc error after they did the patch? It freezes during the load screen and the loading bar gets almost to the end. I then get the cannot read disc error. Before it was just freezing.

  • lewis Hawthorne

    Exactly the same for me as soon as I try to pick a class or select a different class it completely freezes. It unacceptable you would think that a big gaming company like sledgehammer would be abel to bring out a patch without breaking things further.

  • L7 Charms

    Pls pls pls fix this… I just got the game and cant even play it due to the update not to happy… Freezes at beginning of game when I select a class and or doesnt even allow me to play.

  • Gary

    Can’t even select a class. And it freezes when I join games. Tried different game types and still nothing. Fix it.

  • the supernova

    this is absolutely ridiculous, i play on 360 and cant choose a class and get kicked for inactivity. this better be fixed within the next couple hours of all hell will break loose.

  • Tim

    When I join the game it enters as spectator, I can’t even select my load out. And sometimes the game freezes when I join. I have deleted cache, and reinstalled, no use.(xbox live, 360)

    • Ben

      Aye am the same , its been happening all day and still not fixed.

  • MrGladiator20

    If they don’t fix this


  • Suzanne Talbot

    so glad we found this, thought my xbox was about to give up. Just cant play for more than 10 min b4 freezing

  • Doctor Realist

    i swear if they dont fix this soon im moving over to battle field franchise

  • Fix advanced warfare

    This is bullshit fix it SHG but for now going back to the ghosts

  • Doctor Realist


  • Bob

    What the hell is wrong. Why can’t I get out of spectating mode? I may return this game to costco, can’t believe they shut this many players out.

    • Buddhafett74

      Its the patch you downloaded. You are not the only one.

  • laneburyta

    yup absoluely crap, they should legally be force to give us all xbox one and copies of the game

  • Billy Mac

    This is rubbish

  • Buddhafett74

    Activisions Site is “addressing” the problem. Their customer service number is busy too. Big Surprise.

  • switchbladex99

    they need to fix this crap soon when i join its just goes strait into spectator mode and then freezes right after … does any body know y its doing this besides the update ps this is my ps3 account

  • sir fix the patch noweth.

    This is fucking dumb. i didnt buy it for anything really but the multiplayer. Best part, now its fucked. I spent an hour trying to fix it before i found this. Why the fuck cand i play past choosing my class without it completely freezing or freezing my controler. Fuck.

  • kim mc

    take ur knife off and use a wepon ie a stinger on all classes this should get u in and playing till they fix the problem it worked for me

  • Pandy Andrew Warry

    cant play either, just says spectating everytime. gutted was enjoying this game 2!

  • mikew027

    wth i download a damn patch and cant pick my fucking class wat a damn screw up just trash

  • Got Leak

    So irritating. Im on PS3 and haven’t had much time to play since launch. Got a three day weekend and was gonna binge but can’t even make it to the class selection screen when I join a match in progress. If its a new match the game freezes before the countdown timer. Three years SHG!

  • Bob

    This patch is essentially locking out all xbox360 and ps3 players, so you have to buy a new system.

    • Darian

      Your an idiot, so you think they developed a game for older consoles, let us buy it and then release a patch that ruins said game in order to make you buy a $300+ game system so we can play the game that was ruined on the old console? I want some of what your on.

  • Torie

    New update won’t let me play split screen, can’t pick gun and just times us out..

  • Flowergirl

    This just sucks! Can’t select a load out, just spectate then times out

  • danny

    All I wanted to do was play aw on my day off and this Shit happends!!!!!!!

  • OhhSignify

    same thing happens to me

  • Nigerian Prince

    Haha you should buy next gen console, old gen is for nigerian kids

  • Darrell Hutchison

    This game is going to die the same way socom 4 did then maybe they will take a look at it before they release a new game .PS this game sucks

  • glodwen

    cant even join a game now this is stupid as soon as i join it spectates then i click to choose a loadout and completely freezes cmon man

  • uriel

    try resetting your load out class and play a match. works for me now

    • glodwen

      well i cleared all of my classes and remade but i still joined spectating and as i clicked change loadout i froze lol..

  • justin haroldsen

    Now I can’t play, this is sad I guess battlefield is betters then call of duty

  • This is terrible

    so far ive found one thing that works which is make your first class combat knife then customize all other classes with only stock weapons. no crate drops. hope this helped

    • glodwen

      yo guys this works right here thanks man. only stock weapons

  • Jaime

    I am as is my friend having the same problem. whats the point of having different classes if you can’t use them? I play different classes for different maps… Totally useless… You should get a patch to sort problems not make them worse… Worst of the COD’s so far…. Unimpressed….

  • Unkown Cyclist

    Just as I thought this joke of a game couldn’t get any worse.
    “Ooooh a patch update, that’ll help fix things” I thought.
    Can’t select class, stuck spectating, kicked for inactivity.
    The issues just mount up for the steaming pile, beyond broken.

  • George Claude

    i think it should be clear to everyone that this game did not have a 3 year development cycle. pasts cods only had 2 years without having the multitude of bugs and glitches. another activision marketing plan smh

  • joshua

    Same here. Tried three times and it keeps freezing at the select class. I need to manually turn my XBox360 off

  • lacer187

    This is sad. I contacted SHS through email and have Heard Nothing. Well it looks as though I was a Sucker again and helped line the pockets of some Greedy people…….Cant wait till Tom Clancy’s “The Division” comes out. At least SOME developers care about THE GAMER!!

  • thebird

    We pay how much and cant play??? How does that seem reasonable or fair?? This is an outrage and we need answers

    • Ben

      second that

  • HD anarchy


  • bob

    when i updated it, i can’t spawn in to the games and sometimes it freezes when i try to join another game

  • HD anarchy

    This is so stupid, I get on to play and can’t even pick a class this is stupid and this is not what I paid for. Completely unacceptable

  • Lowog

    I thought they were going to fix the lag. Then when i got on i couldnt connect to the servers. When i finally found a game it wouldnt let me spawn in. Forever after that when i found a second game it made my xbox freeze. I starting to wonder wether i wasted $60

  • mikep

    Have any of the developers addressed the freezing issue yet?

  • Lowog

    also when I load into xbox live sometimes my character doesnt load and i already know its going to freeze

  • MrGamerGasum .

    everytime i go to spawn in on a private and public match it says im spectating!! WTF fix this now!! if this doesnt get fixed by the end of this week im returning the F*** game

    • Jordan Wilkinson

      Does ur console freeze when u try to pick a class?

  • Jordan Wilkinson

    It wont let me choose a class at all it keeps freezing on me

  • Private Cheezy

    If you clear all your custom classes, it will let you join. You just have to use the preset classes for now I guess.

    • Ben

      Does it let you pick a class then

      • Private Cheezy

        you can only pick the preset classes they have

  • lacer187

    I created a new acct and it works perfect???? Went back to old acct and got rid of all layouts and Joined right in a game…..no guns.

  • Lowog

    We pay $60 for a game that doesnt work. If they knew it wouldnt work on our generation consoles then why did they sell it?

    • Jordan Wilkinson

      I Agree..

  • Jordan Wilkinson

    Does any one know what to do. My xbox 360 keeps freezing when i try to keep a class on advanced warfare.

    • Chris Ward

      Delete all your classes & use one class with a regular gun. Should be able to spawn in

      • Jordan Wilkinson

        It wont even let me do that it say choose laudout and i click on it but its just freezes right when i do that…

        • glodwen

          make your first class only a knife the use a regular stock weapon for the rest of them and u can play. it worked for me

          • Jordan Wilkinson

            But i cant right when i click on it it just freezes right away..

          • glodwen

            when u go to create a class out of game?

          • Jordan Wilkinson

            i already tried that..

          • Jordan Wilkinson

            Wont let me do that even choose a class in the game..

      • Ben

        it works thanks

      • Jordan Wilkinson

        I cant even choose a class with out it freezing on me

  • Jay

    Was this the patch that broke the BAL-27 on last gen? This needs to come to next gen haha

  • Denise

    Wow. The game got worse now . I cant even spawn in …

  • Guy with the answer


    Delete all classes that you have made
    go into a game and select a class that was pre-made
    keep playing till you get a support drop with a gun
    should work
    hope i helped

  • pizz

    so i get this update and the updated camo challenges some of them say i over reached them (like 14 of 10) and the camo isnt unlocked, what should i do?

  • Focus Act

    thinks for the new update now i cant play COD AW. awesome thanks for this new update

  • Bryce

    This shit is making me mad I love playing the game but I can’t spawn into the game. They had 3 whole years to make the game and can’t make the system better than ghosts. Simply unacceptable

  • Jordan Wilkinson

    Bull Crap i bought this game for $60 bucks and its just going to trash thanks for the update really made my day fix it plz…


    Free season pass for everyone!!!!!! Ya right.

    • Jordan Wilkinson

      Is that was it says…

      • S8TNS_BOSS

        No just wishful thinking. Even if they gave it to us it probably wouldn’t work. Hahahaha

  • dope feen

    i have had nothing but problems with every single update im disappointed with this game i get more pissed trying to get into a lobby then i do playing the game when i can play the game at least 100 times a day it tells me to reconnect to XBL and now im just a spectator or it freezes, it needs to be fixed pronto!!!

  • LilChief

    I didnt pay 70 dollars for the game to not play it -.- this needs to be fixed asap!!! better be getting that free season pass xD

  • Mel Lewellen

    Kicking me for inactivity and says I’m spectating oh!! That’s not fn it, game is frezing before spawn. Wtf did you have me update this crap, when I was just fine Tuesday.

  • Jordan Wilkinson

    The Game loads up good but when i join a game and try to choose a class it just freezes Fix this crap…

  • Jordan Wilkinson

    Does any one know if they will fix this..

    • Ben

      wipe all your gun classes and it will let u play with the default classes. thats the only way you can play

      • Darian

        Or clear the first custom class then you can play

    • S8TNS_BOSS

      Guaranteed they will fix it. The question is how long will it take.

      • Jordan Wilkinson


  • AWSucks4Life

    U broke my bros 80 dollar game u piece of shits

  • sweat

    Doesn’t work, first game after install and the console has crashed already. Why buy an electronic version when after all if you buy the disc you use as a coaster at least

  • kolby

    i cant even play online it keeps freezing

  • chlolo86

    change all classes to guns you never used before. this worked for me

    • Damien Pillsbury

      sooooo…. i have to use shotguns and those weird-a$$ akimbo LMGs? lol

  • Th3 clrk

    I was not having any issues before I downloaded the patch today. Now as soon as i enter a game it places me in spectating mode and freezes. I’m unable to do anything with my controller, so I get up and reset my 360 and still nothing. This is totally unacceptable from a developer of Sledgehammers stature.

  • Kent

    I have earned some of the new camo challenges but it won’t let me put those camos on?

  • Seth

    Every time I join a game all I can do is spectate. I eventually get kicked for inactivity or the game, itself, freezes. Unacceptable! What the hell are they doing over there? Evidently, I bought a game where I can’t play multiplayer. Is there any chance at a refund?

  • naoh

    its not letting me spawn they need to get this fixed NOW!!

  • xChaotic

    Same problem with me, I can’t get into a game without it freezing. I use to only be able to spectate when I got into a game, but now I can’t even do that. Please fix ASAP I would hate to see the majority of the Call of Duty community leave because of a bug to an update.

  • TorTureXXX

    Resetting your classes will allow u to play again it worked for me. Good luck to all. See u in the game TorTureXXX.

    • TorTureXXX

      If your having problems after u try this hit me up on the game or if your a ps player email me.

  • BeastSAL26

    When I get into a match, it won’t let select a load out and then is makes me spectate other people having fun and playing the game and they are not having the problem. THE PATCH WAS FAIL!!!!!! ๐Ÿ™

  • Argurhs Aigaliwths

    10 bilion copy’s and they can’t even make a true patch back to mw2 until they do something!! Such a shame SHG

    • Darian

      Omg it is not 10 billion copies, the COD FRANCHISE has grossed 10 billion dollars in sales please read.

  • Miguel Astro Torres

    I have found a solution for the problem. You will not be able to play unless you switch all your guns your were using before the patch. Everything has to switch.

  • Dave Thompson

    Playing ps3… everything fine till an update an hour or so ago now I’m no longer prestiged…….Wtf?? My level has not been affected but now I’m back to level 45 non prestige. also no killcams anymore for some players….is this a perk i’m not aware of?

  • Guest

    This is absolutely frustrating. I was just trying to play for a few minutes, when the game freezes and so on. I noticed that you can only pick your custom 1 class, which for me was the Bal-27. I was trying to pick my favorite weapon, the HBRa3, which has like 5 camos to unlock if I get one more headshot or longshot. And when I do, the game freezes. Freaking ridiculous, Sledgehammer and High Moon better fix this.

  • Joe

    any clue when this will be fixed?

  • ShadowedWings87

    Very upset

  • condorado

    anybody else hardly finding any lobbies on ps3?

    • Dave Thompson

      no trouble getting into lobbies here. Just strange things in the game.

      • condorado

        barely find any joinable lobbies, probably some new bug concerning skill-based machtmaking. AND I’VE ALSO JUST RANDOMLY JOINED MY FIRST HACKED LOBBY IN AW. congrats #shgames

  • Sean

    I cant even play in a match anymore. Not even this, but for every camo i have not unlocked stays unlocked even though i am hundreds of kills past the goal. This update honestly made the game worse and officially sucks because all the work i have put into it has gone to waste.

  • Jay

    Not even letting me spawn
    This game is full of bullshit
    They better patch up the problems ASAP

  • Carlmu

    ยฃ45 for this shite and now can’t even play due to update, will be trading it in at weekend!

  • Jordan Wilkinson

    Well i just tried it again it didnt freeze it just didnt let me choose a class this it is really stupied i bought this game to play it not it let it just sit there…

  • NUT(nut(but dont)TELLA

    Haha this is some horseshit damn

    • Jordan Wilkinson

      Right Yo i bought this game for 60 this its just going to sh*t..

  • ottomanelite

    Patch 1.9
    : new lagging in game
    : new lagging during class selection
    : camo problems not changed
    : lag freeze ever 7 -11 seconds
    : take away supply drop when opened
    Basically we fucked the game to Satan’s sex room

    High moon

  • KadeJ

    They made it so kills in dom are only worth 50 points towards your streaks

  • fred

    I cant pick my loadout when the match begins, I get kicked out for inactivity. Help? PS3

  • Aqua

    whenever I try to play the game what happens is that I get frozen while my class selection is up im prob. going to sell this piece of shit

  • Guest

    3 years to develop this game and they still can’t even get their shit right.

  • astronaut bbyblock

    It’s 3:12 Pm here in California. I’m still having the choose class freeze problem.

  • Klayton

    this is stupid i paid 60$ for a video game that most people told me not to get cus its shit and i cant even play ur lucky i like the game in the fist place every body liked 50 kills for gold any way and I thought it was a good idea cus then there won’t be boosters evry body wanted gold and it was easy for the first time

  • trash game maker

    Wtf y’all are fucking failures

  • Solution

    Clear out all your custom classes and then only use the original weapons, not ones earned from supply drops or campaign mode. Its a loop around the problem that will let you play until they fix this crap.

  • Albert

    Worked just fine Untill the update screwed it all up! Can’t spawn in and freezing up! not acceptable! Is this what I can expect out of this game?

  • TSGHNICK67 .

    When are they going to fix this it’s getting a little ridicules and all I want to do is play but I freeze every time but exo survival works

  • Klayton

    Basically what you guys said to the last gen users is thx for the money by now u can’t play u puss***

  • Klayton

    Like dude put the game back to how it was fuck the cameos we just want to play the game

  • Klayton

    If we wanted to we could all take the thing back to the store and not buy the season pass or the map packs in general

  • Klayton

    This game is like Titan fall any way with out free running and u guys even made a Titan suit basically

    • Olaf Marin

      people still post comments like yours?…..

  • Klayton

    “3 years to develop this game and they still can’t even get their shit right”.

  • Dbz

    From my experience it looks like it glitches when you use an elite/special gun. Any diff variation of a gun won’t work except for the original. Hope this helps the majority of people.

  • The Grim

    yes, my brother has been experiencing all of the problems that has been explained throughout this…. he has, not allowed to spawn in or his xbox 360 will eventually freeze when he joins a game or even choose a class for his account and his girlfriend’s account.

  • Microsoft and Sony paid Activision to do it to force console upgrades

  • James

    Yeah somebody has already commented the temporary solution. Just take off any special versions of the weapons you have put on a class pre-patch. So for example use MORS instead of MORS silver bullet

  • Pissed at AW

    Have it on ps3 and was fine before update now I haven’t been able to play one single game since update. I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling update, deleted all my classes and remade only one, took camo off, tried replacing knife with pistol and nothing worked. Freezes 95% of the time now when trying to select class.

  • Tom

    Every time i join a game i either get stuck in spectator mode or the game completely freezes where i have to restart my console.

    • Private Cheezy

      if you clear all your custom classes, it will let you join a game. You just have to use the preset classes

  • Grant Shimer

    Stuck as a spectator for over 1 hour. I have spent 1 more hour trying to figure the problem out. Now I can even watch a game, freezes up every time I restart the game. Quit messing with things people. Maybe you should test your product longer before putting it out. But int the mean time i have a new game I can’t play. WFT.

    • Private Cheezy

      if you clear all your custom classes, it will let you join a game. You just have to use the preset game classes

      • Grant Shimer

        Sweet…not really but thank you very much for responding back to me. So pissed off I’m going to have a beer…thanks again.

  • Mike Jones

    Not even able to play online anymore! Game freezes before I can even choose a weapons class. Worst online server and patch jobs I’ve ever seen before!!

  • Hayden Lewis Stevens

    Does Anyone Know When The Patch Will Be Live, Just Come Across The Problem…

  • mark

    How do I fix this spawn in problem?????

  • Grant Shimer

    I had the same issues as “JEFF” Kicked for Inactivity. Game starts in Spectator Mode, unable to choose a load out and eventually just boots me back to the main menu. Tried to restart and choose load out, but then the system just freezes – requiring a restart of my xbox.

  • Hugok

    Clear all your classes join the game and you can spawn, I think u gotta die once.. credit to this guy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xbGUxMRzQdI&feature=youtu.be&a

  • sj

    Everyone needs to just stop buying this cod garbage they keep putting out they spend 3 years on a project and it’s still garbage. Until we stop buying their bs they’ll do nothing to put a better product out

  • Eaz Jmilly

    Thank you

  • antonio

    this is ridiculous my girlfriend bought me the game for my birthday and we cant even play it now because they have messed it up!

  • Sam Barnes

    I know everyone is getting frustrated but all you have to do is clear all off your custom classes by pressing x on the class then you can go into a game and play with the default class and this actually works but I hope they sort this out thank you

    • Dave Thompson

      any idea how I get my prestige emblems back?

      • Sam Barnes

        What do you mean by prestige emblems

        • Dave Thompson

          when you prestige your rank badge becomes a prestige emblem. mine disappeared after the update and looks like I’ve been un-prestiged.

          • Sam Barnes

            No I hadn’t heard anything about that until now and I’m all most at my next prestige so looks like I won’t be entering my prestige yet

          • Dave Thompson

            yeah my level stayed the same (45) but my emblem disappeared and I lost my permanent unlock option for the prestige.

          • Sam Barnes

            Okay well if I hear or see anything I’ll let you know

  • Olaf Marin

    fucking patch…. now game is broke af

  • Enhance VyzL

    Guys one thing that does sometimes work if you would like to play is right when the game finishes loading spam a and sometimes you will spawn in but i have the same issues with the update.

  • xBlaky .

    Hey guys! I had the same problem !! Couldn’t choose a class for like 2 hours.. then i just tried to reset every single class and it worked for me ! But still im really pissed thats just not acceptable for a game like CoD …

  • mark

    I can’t even pick a load out! Everytime I go into a. Game, it puts me right into spectator mode then I click on choose. Loadout and the game freezes ๐Ÿ™ any pointers please?

  • mrblacksack

    im angry

  • dog rapist

    im giving my dog an abortion as we speak


    My emblem won’t load. And I worked VERY hard to make the Thundercats emblem

  • Noel

    I have the same problem with the patch!! I will let me get online and even get into the game, but the minute i try to pick a class it brings me back to the spectating screen, and freezes at that screen until i use the xbox button to go back to the home screen!!!

  • Christopher Childs

    nice going with the shitty patch, i wont my money back.

  • Michael Witzig

    Can’t select a load out or spawn in any game ever since this stupid update!

  • pocketspock

    360. Patch updated automatically. Multiplayer. Choose class. Can’t spawn in. Get kicked for inactivity. Can’t play.

    Please fix this. This blows and not in a good way.

  • Nicktnt99

    This is totally unacceptable is pay for this game and download the latest patch and still where i cant even choose more than one class or ill sit in spectator mode and the camo challenge for diamond needs to be fixed

  • Chris Adams

    How come some users play and others not…… Cause I can play but my son can not….



  • Elijah

    It fucked up the camos too.. Fuck this update

  • d666

    bullshit same problem

  • Matty

    Awe man, my xbox 360 freezes everytime i choose the “Select a Loadout” button. Can any one explain ? Or Is this just me?

  • Classic sk

    Yeh I can’t seem to choose a class either does anyone know how to get around it or do I have to wait till a new update??

  • Wtf man how u try and fix it and make it worse u guys suck don’t know what ya doing this is stupid I paid $60 to play the game but what do I get I freeze after every other game and every time I open a supply drop now ya update it and now I can’t even pick a gun and if it dose let me it freezes idiot get it u guys had 3 fucking years to get it right I no wen a game come out it will have some problems but damn this is the worst I ever been threw with all the cod games I really think I bought a bullshit game

  • Kellz George

    This shit freakin dim can someone call activision find out when it suppose be back working

    • Damien Pillsbury

      Go for it dude. Activision Support HQ: (310) 255-2050. Before you call though, be sure to visit support.activision.com and create an account. With your newly created account, log in and obtain a ticket number. I assume that this ticket number will help you guess how many days you have to wait to talk to a person at activision….

  • greg

    Im trying to play an everytime I play I freeze out I try everything I heard an nothing same thing

  • Classic sk

    Guys just remove all your classes and play with the default classes for now it should work ๐Ÿ™‚

  • MrGladiator20


    Go to create a class. Press square (x for Xbox) and clear all of your classes. Re make your classes and don’t use any camos. You should be able to spawn into the game without spectating ( of course we still have the beginning delay but hey we get in the game ).

    • austin

      It worked thanks

  • Albert

    Never had this problem with any of the Medal of Honor games! But this is some $h!t! They really dropped the ball with this entire game! Ghost was/is way better!

  • Elijah

    Whenever I join an online session, it will let me spectate the other player but won’t show a class selection menu when I click on it and goes right back to spectating and then I get kicked for inactivity

  • BootyyBandit

    If you clear your custom classes and start a game with a default class then reset your custom classes it should work. That’s what worked for me.

  • MadBrownKid

    Found a fix! Check out my new video on how to fix it. I didn’t see any other videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B55zMY5hOE4

    • Alpharomeo702

      It works. Thanks very helpful

  • Mickg96

    I join the game as a spectator,try to leave,game crashes

  • Aj

    I haven’t played in a few days get on today and did the update now I don’t get to play fix it soon


    To fix this simply copy class delete class and then paste class do for all of your classes but tbh I didn’t have this issue at all I saw the helpful comments before playing so I guess I’m lucky

  • Lost Cause.

    Tried to Join like ten matches. Only lets me spectate since I downloaned patch.

  • Eder Fabrilo Rosa

    Reset your class… it works

  • Bobby

    I can’t spawn either having the exact same issue… I cant even see my classes when the game starts it starts as spectating and I have to hit start to bring up choose a class and as soon as I hit choose a class it goes straight back to spectating or freezes

  • Lojilo

    I can’t even select a class, it just puts me directly into spectate mode and when I try to select loadout, it goes back into the game with spectate mode.

  • China0090

    If this is what three years in development brings us, why all the hype if all the same or even worse problems occur? For the lack of a better term and to be pretty blunt about it, this is bull. Can’t spawn in whatsoever, automatically put into spectator mode until “kicked for inactivity” or I just leave. Honestly thought these people would have these problems sorted out and/or avoided. Ridiculous.

  • TRedline

    This is ridiculous! Why does this game have so many issues?! Someone needs to fix this, especially if they plan on ripping customers off out of $100 for maps they can’t do anything on.

  • ryan

    This new update is foul..
    Can’t even play a game
    Get stuck in specator mode and it won’t let me back out so I’m sitting there listening to another guy Bitch about the same problem until I end up just going to the dashboard..
    This game is not even that good
    now every cod after this is going to be just as worse

  • Melissa

    This shit really sucks! I can’t even choose a loadout.. Like wtf? I paid 60 bucks for this game and all it does is lag and freeze.. I can ONLY play infected cause the class loadout is already waiting for you to spawn in with it! Unlike every other game mode! I’m very upset fix this ASAP

  • dylan262626

    Every time I attempt to spawn in it just puts me on spectator to watch people play

  • Cynthia Davis

    Wow, I had to uninstall the whole game because it was causing me to get kicked out of everything, Ghost, GTA V it was affecting my hard drive it was messed up!!!

  • grasslinger88

    Yes I can only spectate in on online now… before I ran smooth maybe froze once a day.. now can’t even play after today’s game update…

  • grasslinger88

    I’m stuck on class selection screen and spectate mode. Went into several different game modes can not do anything…

  • Sabotage727

    This new patch is not letting me choose a class when I join a lobby or it would freeze up im done messing around i’m returning this game.

  • Nate

    This fucking sucks. Piiiiiissssssssssssss

  • Sabotage727

    Can someone fix this.

    • Cynthia Davis

      Well I uninstalled the game and reinstalled it and its working better than when I first installed it.

  • Jonathan DiVincenzo

    Hey is anybody else having problems joining games on XBL? Ever since the patch today my buddy said that he gets into a game and goes to choose a class but as soon as he does that, it kicks him out. WTF!

    • Cynthia Davis

      yes it was kicking me all the way out!!

  • Daniel Escobedo

    This is so stupid can’t even join in an online match bought the game for nothing… Smh sledgehammer fix your game

  • Thechief

    i cant play too, my game is freezed in class selection ๐Ÿ™

  • Guest


  • corey chapman

    any way to bypass this bug of only being able to spectate a game?

  • Kevin

    Delete all your classes and make one simple class in slot one use no variants worked for me to get back in game

  • AaRon Eanes

    Delete classes [All]
    Start online lobby [Without making A CLASS]
    Select Pre-made class
    Back out
    And you should be able to make your classes and play now!

  • Ian zack

    Everybody clear all weapon slots then put them back on it helped me

  • Casey Lynn Hence

    i cant even play the damn game every time i get into a room it only lets me spectate and then the hole game will freeze on me wtf is going on

    • Cynthia Davis

      Well what I did was I uninstalled the whole game and reinstalled it and it works better now than when I first installed it, it was doing me the same way!!

      • Casey Lynn Hence

        i have the disk.. i dont think i have it downloaded to my xbox

        • Cynthia Davis

          I have the disc to you wont loose anything just uninstall it off you hard drive and reinstall it back on there it helped after I did that

          • Cynthia Davis

            and it won’t take long to reinstall it installs pretty quick

          • Casey Lynn Hence

            i am doing it right now

      • Casey Lynn Hence

        i am going to see if i have it downloaded on my xbox and if i do i am going to delete it

  • david

    I cant even play now, once I start the match, it just says speculating and I see everyone else playing but I am not able to do anything in online multiplayer. then it kicks me out for inactivity. bullshit!!

  • Klayton

    I have an idea… If u haven’t played story mode yet try it it seams fun as heck

  • x6xBabyyGiRLx9x

    It keeps making me a spectator. Just started doing it. I played about 25 games before it started this bullshit

  • Steven Mickey Canedo

    This is absolutely insane. -.- my game freezes every time

  • Klayton

    Ima try it again real quick o or play ex- survival that works to btw gamer tag whats feed jr

  • E

    Ican’t play multiplayer at all, it puts me in spectator mode.


    I’m so glad they did that update and fixed a few things and totally messed it up worse… I can’t even play a match without the game freezing and me getting stuck trying to spawn in. I’ve tried to get into a game 4 times now and it keeps doing it. This blows and sledgehammer, please fix this as soon as possible I love this game and I really want to keep playing

  • ottomanelite

    Why the hell is my krytac raid camo 17 out of 10

  • Tyler Rawlings

    I got mine to work by checking all my guns camos and my ak-12 says that I should have a camp unlocked (like it says 21/10 kills) and I took that gun out of my slots and it works now for me

  • april

    Hmmm my acct freezes but my husband’s acct doesn’t…..same ps3 and game (disc). How disappointing.

  • Tiffany Kelly

    Same issue for me, can’t pick a class and spawn. Filling up secondary weapon and removing the knife didn’t help here. Oh well, I hope they fix it soon! Kind of a bummer.

    • Kellz George

      clear all classes jus setup one it should be able to play

  • Roger John Samuel

    this is so stupid, i cant even bloody spawn into the game ๐Ÿ™

  • Kellz George

    Clear all ur classes set up one it should work

    • Roger John Samuel

      are you sure this will work??

      • Kellz George

        I’m watching my god brother play on my Xbox….. Wat system do u have

        • Roger John Samuel

          i watched this video that said to clear your create a class and then find a game then back out and make your classes again, it worked when all i had was the combat knife then i backed out and made my classes and it didnt work again

          • Kellz George

            Jus make one class try to play add me …. Worksundew88122

          • Roger John Samuel

            yea i just did

        • Find The Cure


  • Big Haus

    Any news on when this will be resolved?

    • Casey Lynn Hence

      i didnt hear anything yet

    • Kellz George

      clear all classes jus setup one

      • Casey Lynn Hence

        did that and it still didnt work i even delete the game and re-installed it and that didnt even work

        • Kellz George

          Jus make one class try play it should jus work

        • Cynthia Davis

          Wow…… it worked for me but I did go to Gamestop and got a new game also

        • Cynthia Davis

          Sorry that didn’t work for you, I was n the phone with my cable company and Microsoft after the phone calls I took AW off of my hard drive the next day went to game stop with my receipt and got a new one I waited a day or so to install the new one cause I have it on the Xbox one aswell have no problems on there, just installed AW on Tuesday night and its been fine since. idk

      • Big Haus

        Will that stop my game from freezing or my choose a class option from not being there

  • Alpharomeo702
  • Lifehunt

    i was doing class tests on the ps3 and it turns out for me at least that the HBRa3 Average Joe is responsible for the inability to pick classes and spawn. I removed the average joe version from custom classes and i was able to play fine. The normal HBRa3 works without a hitch. Hopefully this might help people. If you are having trouble do a private match and remove all weapons and set ups and slowly make new ones trying them out until you hit the no spawn glitch. This is how i found that my HBR was responsible.

  • Cynthia Davis

    I got an update this morning at about 3:00pm Central Time.

  • P0wned

    Ya mine won’t let me play either

  • stevo721

    This is BS its making me so mad i paid to get this game and play inline and now it frezees on me whn my kd is getting up and them bam nope u can’t switch guns someone bttr do something quick

  • Gamergirl rages

    This is ridiculous. I either end up in spectator mode or my entire game freezes.

  • Quinn

    I can’t fucking play only spectate then get kicked for inactivity

  • dafaq

    ShitICan’tPlay At All Wtf TheyNeedTo Fix This shit

  • Rob Burton

    havent been able to play live since the patch,had 3 different people from microsoft hang up on chat on me when i ask for help,swear to god its the last straw,if not fixed tomorrow i will want a full refund as game is not fit for purpose n i;ll go to sony!

  • Find The Cure

    I changed a new gun I earned i originally used the ak-12 competition then I got the ak-12 wrecker then I couldnt choose class after changong it back I could play again

  • Bryson

    I can’t even get into the game. I select “Find A Match”, “Team Death match”, it automatically throws me into a game in progress, loads the map, then freezes before the load out selection screen even appears.

    I’m having to turn my Xbox off each time just to get back to the Xbox dashboard.

  • joe

    To fix our problem is to do this.. idk how I figured it out.. but put overkill on and pur your primary weapon that you want as the secondary WITH NO CAMO. then back out of the class and make sure that befor the game starts that your player has a nife in his/her hand. After doing this all your other classes should work. Make sure they are CAMOLESS also.

    • joe

      In addition to that you have to pick that class in order to spawn. And you can’t scroll. So make it your first class

  • WhiteAir

    At the start up screen it wont even let me pick my class I try and try then it kicks me for not picking my class what is going on please help

  • jake

    i can’t even spawn in I’m getting really pissed off

  • Bobby

    Is this fixed yet? Because its ridiculous

  • Zachery Earls

    This is fucking bullshit I can’t even hover over
    my class next time make sure it works before you add it and MAKE people download it and then not be able to play Im about to get my gun diamond but know I cant. Get this shit fixed!!! YOUR LOOKING LIKE DESTINY

  • Schrader x 10

    Clear all classes and put the gun you want in class 1. You can only use class one

  • Dalton

    Ya lm having the same problem but why don’t they fix it now

  • Dalton

    YA l now this is pissing me of to they say this is going to be the best game but it sucks

  • luckydirty

    doesn t work for me!!!!

  • Elijah Harris

    Im trying to play right now I litterally cant pick a class when i join a game and when i leave the game and try again it freezes -.-

  • Evan Seeyave

    Having same problems right now. Complete bullsh**

  • Cosmo Ruckaz

    why is there a lock symbol beside my name and i cant hear anyone on my team with the ps3? Ive tried many different moves but fail….any help please?

  • eric

    Join game to only spectate. I play to play to play. Patch made it impossible. I either get to watch or the ps3 freezes. If I pick anything other than slot 1. Friend is doing the same thing. Help help help. They push the season pass just glad I haven’t got it yet.

  • Featherhead

    Why can’t i spawn in

  • Meuledor

    Same here. On PS3, can’t play. Join as spectator and then kicked for inactivity or just freeze.. Love the game, but I would like to play more…
    I’m going to buy far cry 4 and wait for a new patch.

  • Scoobyforce

    same problem here

  • Starluxe

    Because of the new camo editing my camos are all messed up. When I go to look at my camos it says I have 32/30 point blank kills but it says that the camo is locked. Any solutions?

    • lolitsjairus

      I believe you just get another point blank and it should unlock

      • Starluxe

        Ok thanks

  • Jbear

    Thanks for screwing up agian! Get it together!

  • reinman

    reset your classes. they changed the way you earn gun camo, making some more difficult. if you are using a camo you haven’t earned it may not let you in. I have also heard of people alleviating the issue after getting rid of the AK-12

  • Joe Killed Em


  • lolitsjairus

    The only way to prevent it is by not using weapons exceeding mor than one camo limit. For example: I can’t use my AK12 bc I have four camos exceeding the unlock limit. This is what is causing freezing and preventing spawning.

    • lolitsjairus

      If it says something like 36/20, most likely it is unusable.

  • william

    how do we contact sledgehammer to take and fix this stupid crap can’t even play the game.

  • jonathan

    I cant choose a weapon and get kicked for inactivity or the game freezing up on me what the hell…

    • jonathan

      Did update today and can’t play now. . Was done before the update

  • buck

    Anyone want a free aw game this freezing and turning xbox off sucks…. i havent been able to choose a class yet!!!!! I paid for this game so im entitled to rant….. but this halo version sucks as it is and now they make an update to ensure people cannot play online anymore? Just wait those of u playing will eventually be in this boat

  • Erock

    Im having the same problem with spawing into the game how do u delet the up date on ps3 and redownload it this sucks so badly i just want play the game

  • Jorge Daniel Figueroa

    Still can’t choose any other class besides my first or it freezes :/

  • ghilliegoon

    you can choose the first loadout only, activision said to try to clear your second loadout and use 1,3,4,and 5

  • Lucas Leach

    ok so as long as i am not using supply drop stuff and i mean any supply drop stuff avatar gear included i’m ok all classes and everything

  • AmpeD vR

    Seriously? This is ridiculous i rent the game for Multiplayer and cant play. Very high chance wont be getting this one. Call of duty is one of my favorite series thanks SLH yall blow.. Been here since CoD 4

    • Joe Killed Em

      I support this comment

      • Joe Killed Em

        SH games is a joke

  • MappleSyrup

    OK… So it’s not just me. I can’t play at all. It starts me in spectating mode.

  • Adam Bridgeman

    yes its happening to me to driving me nuts if i don’t pick my first class fast an thats it i can not use menu anymore HARRRRRR THIS BLOWS 2 days its FRIDAY an i want to binge play ONLINE with my new game NOT HAPPY when will they update it again ??

  • ghilliegoon

    cummon guys it doesnt matter what game it is it will always have issues. i was told it will be fixed within 24 hrs, im a web designer and i can tell you its a pain to find errors in code, psn also had an update yesterday, (not sure about microsoft) the 2 could have clashed causing a compatibility issue. they will have it done… dont mess with a team of nerds with a case of monster sitting working on code!

  • Tinyestdolitle

    Any way round this problem that u guys know of?????

  • lasthorcrux

    So I can’t spawn in after this update xbox360!? Any word on what to do!????

  • nndar

    i updated and now cant play online always spectating…wont let me choose a class…reset the dam class and still same crap only problems before would freeze now they just fuked everything up

  • David Jon Eason

    Same I try to spawn in but when I do it just goes back to spectating and freezes before I can do this sometimes

    • deadeye985

      me too

  • Jeff

    I just downloaded the update for Xbox 360. Now all I can do is spectate and watch my friends play. Run a little quality control next time before you put a patch out. You need to fix this ASAP.

  • eddie1775

    This is such a @*#รทing mess lag issues, cheating and now I can’t even play the frekin game. I have just about had it. You’ve released a game that not ready and your patches are making things worse. Get your shit together or I’m headed back to other games outside these labels.

  • NobodyFresh

    yeah it puts me in spec mode and then times me out then next game i try to join it freezes

  • integ

    this is f**kin bullsh*t
    we pay for it and the service f**kin suck a**
    they should refund our money or part of it…

  • gunslinger

    Ok, this is not cool at all !!!! Just got home from work ready to play some advanced, Xbox said update I did, now It won’t let me choice weapons class, stays in spectator mode, and freezes up!! I’m tired of spending 60 bucks on a game when all yall are producing is crap!!! Fix it or give me my money back!!!

  • jacod

    I’m having the Sam issue

  • Frank risotto

    Clear all if your load outs and it will work if you need a fix. And wait till the update it again. Shouldn’t be to long.

  • Dawson

    Can this be fixed like right now this is complete BS

  • hermit

    trust me this will work for every one !!!!!!!!!! you have to clear your weapons leave every slot blank and just play with the default weapons i know its bullshit but at least you get to play until they fix this shit

  • john clayton

    It wont let me out of spectating what do i do

  • bee

    Freezing my 360 completely if I change a class during game

  • Bryan C

    The freezing and spawn glitch happens to me im going to try adding a secondary and removing camos, ill see if it works

  • Bryan C

    it was working earlier, even after i downloaded the patch, but one game i coudnt spawn in, then it started

  • kable311

    Fix the new update can’t play would like too but can’t just watch this is bs!!!

  • Chase Conner

    PS3 FIX- Delete all classes you have set up. Set up just your 1st class. DO NOT USE ANY GUN THAT YOU WERE AWARDED ONLY THE DEFAULT GUN!!!!!!!!! Do not use camo! And no knife!

  • Bryan C

    it didn’t work, it just went into spectator mode and i couldn’t pick a class


    okay so will someone please tell me if ps3 got an update after. 1.03? I don’t want to play the camos until I can play for camos.

  • Kungfumoog

    It has only happened to me since I updated this evening, worked fine last night.

  • Sam

    It was happening to me every game i fixed it by taking off my bal-27 as it had camo callanges that were 29/10 and 29/20 took that off and used my other guns where the camos wasnt messed up and can now use aby class and play again. You need to check that your camo isnt messed up if so remove the gun from your class and should work fine. Hope this helps anyone

  • Yeti

    Same here can’t even choose a loadout spectator mode then kicked for inactivity tried reinstalling and nothing( ACTIVISION YOU SHOULD HAD STOPED AT ATARI).

  • lilbenttwig


  • Lilla

    The only thing that worked for me was to clear all classes except for Class 1 , and then you have to use default stock guns ( they can’t be upgraded like Average Joe or Savvy or Heavy , etc . ) , and you have to have a secondary gun , and you have to select none on personalizing your gun . It really sucks , but it’s the only way I can play without my game freezing .

  • Braxton Hamlin

    Okay I just finished all camos on the bal-27 and oli should have diamond but it says I’ve only done 6 out of the 7.. But I’ve completed all 7 challenges!!

  • dan

    This is insane. Call of Duty really nows how to let you the fuck down!!!! Incompetent much????

  • Supporters,.,.,.,.,.

    I don’t think most of you realize how extremely difficult it is to develop a game so sophisticated as A.W. I mean, come one, it’s sledgehammer’s first C.O.D game and they’ve done a wonderful job so far. Sure, they arent used to dealing with these little quirks and flaws in their system, but they’ll get it fixed. Most of you sound like spoiled children whining about not getting candy. I’m excited as hell to work with the new gameplay style, and the loot system? NUTS! This is the COD I’ve been waiting for. s

  • Dc

    Cant play it all! This sucks

  • Mason Rieber

    Yeah… when I join a game I either freeze or usually it wont let me select a class and I get kicked for inactivity…. such a joke

  • Mads

    It’s straight up stupid my girl can play on her account same game and console but I can only play if I clear out all loadout slots except for the first one and it has to be default guns only! I didn’t pay 60 bucks out my ass to not be able to play the game I played for.. They need to hurry up and fix this shit and at least give me the season pass for free!

  • Richard Xbox360

    Same here. i try everything. I can’t play multiplayer

    • Richard Xbox360

      I start spawning in the same spot before this “spectator” problem start

  • Fckn-ovr-it

    I’m 3 hours deep into playing TDM then all of a sudden I can’t even touch a game. First, the game opens up at the load screen and freezes. I restart my 360 then from there on out, I’m stuck in “SPECTATOR MODE”. I tried restarting the console 5 times and still the same thing. A friend invites me, I invite a friend, I join a game already in progress. ALL THE SAME. THIS IS TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE. Pathetic for this franchise.

  • alittaoff

    advanced warfare was fine after up date today, then 45 min ago everything went bad. cant choose class, try more than 2 times then freezes up. Just don’t understand way you release a game with so many problems. They pay people good money to test theses games. I think they need to hire some new testers or new programmers, game had a few wholes in it, now the patch has made things worse.


    This last update seems to have worked for a few, however the majority of us it had REALLY SCREWED us up. I called Activision and filed a claim. I didn’t spend 120.00 on this game to be crap. I did get a claim number, they said they were aware of the problems, even said it is effecting over 1 million users. I said if it was not fixed or at least put back the way it was before this last update, I want my money back and I will NEVER buy another COD game.

  • YoungMario TobiasDunk

    Ever since the patch came out I can’t join in a game

  • Yitbos

    why do I join my game on live and then be able to not choose a class and join game?

    • tknight

      I have the same problem

      • Yitbos

        yea haha its pissing me off… I can get into a game but then cant spawn. I jsut tried and deleted everything besides the install stuff and seeing if it works

  • Blaze

    This is correct. Just downloaded the forced download update and I cannot join any gaming but combat readiness evaluation.

    Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

  • Luke

    Can not join into any lobby’s at all just watch other players and then I get kicked for not spawning in, at times my console does freeze

  • Flezz

    I can’t even play online, I get put instantly into spectating mode ( if the game even loads) & can not spawn within the game… Only happened since the update (on Xbox 360)


    I’m not a regular here, but I may have found a temporary (yet stupid) workaround:

    You can use ANY weapon you like (as far as I’ve been able to tell) as long as it is enlisted, professional, elite, or stock. If, for example, you’re using the SN6 Magistrate, a weapon unlocked via 300 kills with the SN6, on ANY of your classes, (even one you may not be playing with), you will NOT be able to play. This theory worked for me all day after the update on Xbox 360.

    Hope this helps!

  • runinchevy

    I have a ps3. yes this is bull shit. make the patch. test it on your own equipment and see if it works first figure it out before you mess up every one’s night and deal with all of us very simple…plus if it took three years to make who the fuck is your QC crew because they should be fired ASAP why would I play naked when I put in so much time to get where I am at!!

  • pissed off player

    This is fucking bullshit. I didnt pay for the game to not be able to play. Never have i ever experienced this many issues with any other game than i have with advanced warfare. Get your shit together

  • chrisdallas

    Downloaded the “last patch” now I can’t play… What kind of be is going on here.. I didn’t have any playing issues till it made me download this piece of sh.. Download.

  • smokiemadpott

    Ok so whats going on why cant i play

  • Noel F. Vigil

    I’m only gone from this game for one day and this happens…. This sucks. Hopefully they patch it today…

    • smokmadpot

      Are u having the same problem cant spawn in

      • Noel F. Vigil

        Yep, I even pushed start to choose a class and it frozed

  • Kelly

    I did that but when I go to ranked play it still freezes

  • Kyle

    So ive noticed it only happens eith newly unlock guns or possibly the variant you earn after 300kills. Remove those weapons from your loadouts and you should be good to go. Good luck

  • Riovad

    I am on rhe xbox 360 and it doesn’t matyer if I am playing solo or split screen I am stuck at the beggining of the match only able to spectate whem I try to select a class nothing happens. ALL I CAN DO IS SPECTATE

    • Riovad

      It seems I cannot use anythung classified in my armory as a permanent loot.

  • Codguy23

    WHat the actual fuck aye won’t even let me go into multiplayer

  • Lachlan

    please fix it soon its hard for such a good game to go to waste right now

  • Mrneely23

    Well i took all your guys ideas and put them to effect, so everything is true knife, reloading classes, freezing ect… BUT all you really need to do is reload ALL your classes and it worked for me just now! Hope it worked for yall ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • james

    Crap I freeze when I chose a class can’t play

  • Corectus

    This is outragious, payed good money for a game that just freezes my Xbox360 and still no fix to fix the fix!!! What a joke

  • swamphogg

    Same here I cant even play nothin but infected nothing els will load beyond the choose a class screen and freezes up

  • mike

    Wow I bought ghost and after a month it froze and I didn’t play for like 5 months and can’t play it since. Now advanced warfare patch won’t let him spawn in the game only let’s me spectate. I’m done with ps3 selling this peace of crap!

  • Joshua

    We will this be parched?

  • ress

    guys isnt there some way of sending this as a complaint to the aw company

  • ress

    also guys hav u been in a hacked lobby before could this be a way of banding players im a sponsored telkom player who runs a clan on ps3 and now how am i gonna play AW should i create a new account can this be a solution

  • Joshua

    When will this be patched as it is a big pain

  • MadBrownKid

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WnG4_jYDa8w – How to fix advance warfare freezing. Also have a video on how to fix spectating mode glitch.

  • runinchevy

    is it working for anyone else now??? it seems to be working for me just fine

  • Byron Dozier

    Hey this cant be real…I cant play Multiplayer because i cant spawn in. I spoke with Activision and they Said they are working on it. Im to a point where i want my Money back. Why shouldnt I, I cant even play the damn game. Totally unacceptable! Very disappointing.

  • Luke Diamond

    So annoying come advanced warfare just to keep seeing it freeze everytime I try and choose a class! Needs sorting out

  • omar

    everyone take off the knife n put a pistol n take off ur camo too n ur 1st class is the only class ull be able to use , so have fun n reach prestige then once everything gets reset ull be good

  • Gregg Watson

    This is complete BULLSHIT!! its been well over 24 hours now, all these companies make millions off us and get royally shafted! here’s an idea, roll back the patch!

  • jamie

    This is terrible we cant even play a game that we have paid for cause not being able to spawn into a game is completely unacceptable. What a joke

  • Sabotage727

    Alright i posted yesterday that its freezing up and not letting me choose a class and it still is wtf is going on they better fix this I could be prestige 4 by now but I cant even play.

  • drjakeyoung

    Just thought I’d mention that since the patch on ps4/xbone, the loading bar when loading into a game stops at about a quarter of a way, then doesn’t move anymore. So many bugs!

  • dcobley05

    The game won’t even let me get the class screen up when joining a match

  • Some pissed off mofo

    Having similar issues, automatically goes to spectating and can’t get out of it. This is so shit!

    • steve

      Look up to my solution ma names steve that works give it a go n let me know how u get on

  • Devon Shearer

    When I try and just click on Xbox live it says “Error this profile cannot play on Xbox live” wondering why. I have an Xbox 360 and I downloaded the game and it said for a limited time I could download the Xbox One version maybe that’s it. Idk but would be really nice if someone could shed some light on my issue.

  • steve

    A had same problem I always use the ak12 wrecker so I deleted that from my classes and juat use the normal ak12 and its letting me in games n swap classes etc so delete what gun u always use and just pick a different gun ie different version of the gun u always use and problem sorted ir u can just delete all classes n use a gun that u havent used before but first solution is easier so remember just delete the gun u always use and u will get to play

  • Mikey9835

    It just goes to show that Activision should just focus on next gen only PS4 and Xbox one. Because it’s been a good run with the 360 and PS3 but their firmware can’t keep up with the latest games on the market. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks. If Activision just worked on the newer consoles there would be a lot better performance. It’s worth spending money on a new console, then keeping the old ones and dealing with countless problems. I’m playing Advanced warfare on PS3 and there is so many texture issues, lag, frame rate drops. Bo2 looked better on older consoles. The old dog is dying out, and it’s time to get a new one to keep the family happy. – Jonathan Irons

  • Ech!

    Oh thank God! I thought I scratched the disc or something… Nice to know it’s High moon studio’s fault and not mine ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Elli

    I had this problem yesterday after i updated and i changed my class 1 primary gun to a bal &no secondary and it works now O:

  • zaid fraij

    Guys , if u have a weapon that had like alot of headshots beforr the patch , remove it , and it will work

  • steve mitchell

    Am having same problem I always use the ak12 wrecker so I deleted that from my classes and juat use the normal ak12 and its letting me in games n swap classes etc so delete what gun u always use and just pick a different gun ie different version of the gun u always use and problem sorted ir u can just delete all classes n use a gun that u havent used before but first solution is easier so remember just delete the gun u always use and u will get to play

  • Jack Knight

    i join the game, it doesnt ask me to choose a class, i then go start>choose loadout and it just takes me back to watching my own team?

    • Damien Pillsbury

      And if you “start > choose loadout” again, it freezes? Mine does…

  • Shahbax Khan

    Same problem :/

  • alex

    The online multiplayer wint let me load in. It makes me spectate through out the entirety of the game. But it loads my girlfriend in. Is it my account?


    whynot working ๐Ÿ™ dosent let you choose just spectate for a while


    can any one reply please does it work now or not ๐Ÿ™

    • Private Cheezy

      either have to clear classes or use original guns. Cannot use the variant guns for now

  • Jacob Cifranic

    Yeah whenever I try to play advance warfare I get into the game but it won’t let me pick a class and then it freezes my system. Can u please fix this


    yeah same


    i got really scared that it is my fault @@

  • liam

    im stuck on spectator mode when i join any live game anyone know whats going on?
    or how to fix it?

    • Private Cheezy

      Clear classes or change them to original guns. Cannot use the variant guns right now for some reason.

  • Jacob Cifranic

    This is fucking gay

  • John H

    I am so annoyed, 2 days and still cannot play live, all I can do is spectate then get kicked for inactivity, simply not good enough after paying ยฃ55

    • HELLO


      • John H

        sorry did not work for me, I am going to ad a video of whats going on, thanks for the help though ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Private Cheezy

          All you have to do is use non variant guns in your classes. i.e. ak12-wrecker. I did this and it works fine.

  • derrick jones

    yea when i came back home and tried to play i was pissed off!! it made my Xbox freeze a couple times, i had to restart it.. Like everyone else said, ” This is Unacceptable!!”

  • Anthony Jimenez

    Cant change to a diffrent class because it freezes i almost broke my ps3 but its Advanced Warfare that need to be fixed.

  • John H
  • Anthony Jimenez

    We need a new update ASAP…

  • Craig

    Itwat your patching stuff up but not being able to play the game isn’t fun ๐Ÿ™ iv been trying to get on but is just making me spectate and I thought at first I had been banned for getting angry at dying but I guess because it was ever since the update it must be that, please fix as soon as you can, at least it’s not just me facing this problem, thanks (on behalf of me and others)

    • Craig

      Its great* at beginning

  • Ikaika

    IT won’t even let me pick a class. Or even let me see a class I want to pick

  • itsbetternow

    It was able to be fixed by RESETTING ALL THE CLASSES. Take away every weapon, perk, scorestreak, all of it. I had the same problem last night but after resetting all the classes, no more spectating ๐Ÿ™‚


    All it lets me do is be a spectator. Then it finally kicks me from the game for inactivity.

    • John H

      do what itsbetternow said, remove all classes totally, you can play with the default guns etc, crap I know but gets u in the game at last

  • John H

    That worked, your a start, thanks so much ๐Ÿ˜€

    • HELLO

      are you telling me and if you are welcome ๐Ÿ™‚

  • John H


  • John Chang

    The problem is when using a variant of a weapon in any class the game locks up. In order to play simply remove all variants and use the very basic weapons instill the devs at sledgehammer can indeed roll out another patch.


      It is ONLY the challenge-acquired varients. I.e. The SN6 Magistrate which is earned through 300 kills with the SN6. These varients do NOT work. Enlisted, professional, and elite ALL STILL WORK.

  • BaldBeaver

    Pay 60$ for game I can’t play what bull shit

  • Guest

    For people who want to try this , Clear all your custom classes and go play , as you know there are basic weapons added , Balanced, Run and Gun…Etc. You can play these , I tried it and it worked for me.

  • peeded off

    cant play at all the game is messed up looks like its getting traded

  • Mike Peters

    Can’t even get into any match….not having a good time here…

  • Wooodd

    Whats really gripping my shizz about this debarkle is the lack of communication. This patch has been out how long, around 36 hours or more, and nobody (Activision, S/hammer, or High Noon) has given any indication of how they’re getting on with fixing it. Even regular updates saying “Meh!, Were still on it, whatev’s!” would be better than nothing.

  • cameron

    having to clear your classes isnt the point if they made the game properly in the first place then there wouldent be holes in the maps and then there would be a patch

  • gonzo

    worse call of duty ever pay 45 quid for a game that with-in a month due to patch crashes xbox or leaves you as a spectator read somewhere else that game was designed mainly for xbox one and ps4 not for older gen consoles just shows we are at bottom of pecking order yet again assholes

  • Les ballin

    Totally freezes only button that’ll work is my xmb ,have to shut down game and still no go what joke , all the money they make and they cant resolve simple issues

  • Slingshot

    the only problem im having is that the first part to this update fixed the emblem reset….. turns out the second part killed it again. How many times do I have to make my damn emblem!? I’ve already done it 6 times and that’s 6 times 5 times too many

  • Private Cheezy

    If you use the original guns in your custom classes, it will let you join and use them. You cannot use any of the modified weapons ( for example…AK-12-Wrecker). It has to be original guns.

    • Guest

      I had no problem last night using the Bal-27 .308.

      • wasiq

        yah because the patch didnt happen to many people private cheezy is right enough

  • tVViZt

    Why is this not fixed!? It is starting to feel like they just dont care! Im demanding a season pass its the weekend and the only game i care to play at this moment is Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare but i cant because you broke it worse then before with the patch! Now it’s been over 24 hr’s since ive been able to play online i still dont have any answers please help!

  • Tyler Finch

    so does anyone have any tricks to play after this stupid patch my game freezes and or freezes before i can choose a class.

  • Samo

    I updated my 2 PS3s yesterday to V 1.04 and I can’t play on either with my level 43 it keep freezing, I had to create a new profile and it seems to work provided you start from level 1 :(.

  • Dena Marie

    I havent had any issues nor my husbands account (2 different xbox 360s) However, none of my clan mates can play the game due to the freezing up. Even still today. How long is this crap gonna last? I miss playing with my friends, its been 2 days!!

  • leemo

    when will they fix this ?

  • bigbird

    Hi mine been like it all day, took knife off, got secondary,every time game starts won’t let me choose class only spectate then boots me for inactivity

  • Danni C

    I cannot play at all…. my entire xbox froze once and had to be unplugged due to it being stuck in spectating mode, this is now happening every time I try to play a multiplayer match…. 30 hours now mine has been going berserk, but was fine before your update. Wth is the problem?

    • Nicole Dietrich

      clear all of your classes and try to get in a match. If that works (it did for me) then try making only the first class your custom class. Good Luck!!!

    • SkilfulHornet30

      clear all you classes and put in the bal 27 then it will work

  • Luc77

    Now the game is unplayable . This sucks …

  • Danni C

    Reading all these responses sucks…. delete or remove everything you’ve earned for the game and it will allow you to play??? No thanks…. I have other games I can play without these dumbass issues.

  • Chris

    If you have the bal 27 on your class 1 take it off cause it won’t work

  • jd

    Gents I’ve just tried about everything, check in your redeemable weapons, if the weapon in your class is a. Variant but not in the redeemable section this is where the problem lies I deleted mine and went in with another variant I had and this worked straight away

  • Darius Dejesus

    All of a sudden with this update I keep getting kicked off Xbox live and it ONLY happens with THIS game! Awesome update when you are able to play.

  • borderdaz

    I have the same problems as you beef supreme since I purchased the game I play 2 or 3 games and it crashes (freezes) and if I go to select a different load out it will not let me into the game I am playing until the end anybody have any solutions?

  • Kh

    Tired of being a spectator taking it back hell of a way to con someone out of $65 must have only been good for 2 weeks

  • Stephen Collett

    Had the latest update and yet still can’t play on multi player, it will let me into a game but won’t let me pick my loadout and keeps me spectating until I get kicked

  • borderdaz

    The first game I played the glitches are still there

  • hjk

    All I can do it spectate in multiplayer until I get kicked for inactivity. I can’t play at all

  • Rare

    This is so gay I cant spawn fix this

  • savage

    Every time I try to play online I can’t select a class

    • Nicole Dietrich

      clear your classes and try it

      • savage

        Thanks it works

  • Rare


  • Rare

    Fix this with a update I paid good money

  • TmmyG

    Still no fix for PS 3 with this spectating only issue in multiplayer

  • SkilfulHornet30

    this is really annoying only able to use one gun the bal 27 its really shit

  • Mr MyWay

    What a joke, I have took all the actions below and still no joy. Lost two days of play and not impressed !!! Anybody got the solutio yet ?

    • SkilfulHornet30

      clear all classes the put in the bal 27 with no mods then it will work it work for me

  • skylinejojo

    it set me as spectator would not let spawn it switched stuff in my armory with someone elses

  • sandile

    fix up i just wanna play a game

  • Ian wilson

    Fifty pound for a game that won’t play !!!


    A few of my friends have said that prestiging allows you to play normal. I won’t be able to try this until later this afternoon, but grind it out with base model weapons until you prestige, and then you should be set.

  • ferdi snyman

    I can’t spwn this Is shit

  • Ian wilson

    I’d like a full refund

  • Frank tizzy

    I guess no one is bothering to read the simple fix to play. Just clear all you classes and use standard weapons .no knives and you can play till they fix the bug.

  • oS Jeremy

    Downloaded this “patch” so I could start earning camos that I should already have unlocked. Instead I get to not play the game now. Sledghammer took 3 years to deliver one of the worst COD’s to date. Good job guys. BTW….when are the snipers and BAL going to be NERFED?

    • UnforseenSin

      cry cry cry lol get a next gen console lol

  • g4rgoyle62 .

    FIX IT

  • g4rgoyle62 .

    What I find messed up is that when there is a flaw in the game that you will not hear the “youtubers” bitch about it………just reverse the patch and put a new one in place when its really fixed.

  • Mark

    You can play infected until they get it fixed

  • Stephanie Pickett

    I can’t spawn into a game, and once I pick a class, my game freezes and then I have to reset. I deleted and reupdated 5 times trying everything from erasing all game add-ons to resetting my classes. Hope they took out team killing as well.


      This works. Been doing it since yesterday.


        Pic didn’t load, sorry.

  • Random

    When is this getting fixed im getting annoyed

  • Fredy

    A decent game finally comes out…. gets ruined by a patch thats suppose to fix things.

  • hoo duzzat

    After all patches on advanced warfare,i still cant play? really let down.i pre ordered with season pass.money wasted.

  • kvfive

    Regardless others have found a work around, this is simply unacceptable ๐Ÿ™

  • Ian wilson

    Clear all loads outs and camos then just make one weapon in slot one and use that don’t have any others ?

  • melvin davey

    This is B.S. im freezing up every time I try select a class. I can’t even start a game.. This sucks because the game is awsome!!

  • wncbeaver

    just cleared my class with the camo on it. works now.

  • SkilfulHornet30

    Clear all you classes and use the bal 27 then you can play whatever

  • Zoe Parsons

    Hi everybody. Does anyone actually know if and when they are going to fix this and let us update again please?

  • C Trail

    Yeah I can’t even play now, I either join as a spectator, or it just completely freezes.

  • Jeffrey Crispell

    take off anything you got from a supply drop that has worked for me and my friends on xbox 360

  • gonzo

    remove all weapons back to the basics and no secondry weapoins the patch then updates it self its working at mo but not sure for how long good luck guys

  • Courtney Prickett

    so you patch the game have a whole crap ton of people who cant fucking play and you make the clan war the day after…….fuck you guys i was so excited to be apart of a clan and be in a clan war that when you canceled it the first time i was pissed, and now that i cant fucking play you want to put it on……great…..might just sell this game get my money back and buy a game that doese not fucking not work……

  • TeeJae

    Well mines is kinda awkward. I can join online but only to be spectating. However if i clear my custom classes and use a default class it works but tgeres no fun in that

  • Rs Turbo

    me and my gf play in the same room, 2 different xboxs and tvs. we jump in same party so the same game and she can play and I cant! I spectate even though I am sitting next to her :s

  • g4rgoyle62 .

    Imagine…….no talk of a fix or anything else……

  • Ida Nothafalife

    I cant play it either. I don’t know what to do with my life. It keeps getting stuck on spectator. My clan was on last night and the best I could do is watch them until I get booted. I got a little of my fix but I need more.

  • Chris

    Erases all classes then create one new one without the knife. It will

  • InstantHawk

    Found a way to stop the freezing ๐Ÿ˜€

    What you want to do is CLEAR ALL OF CUSTOM CLASS 1. After that if that doesn’t work ONLY USE THE REGULAR GUNS NOT THE VARIANTS

  • tony

    Reset all classes I just watched two friends to it. Fully reset them then customize


    Working fine for me now!

  • James

    It has finally been patched!

  • Jarrad

    I reckon you should do something about it because i bought this game to play not to freeze my system come on!

  • ottomanelite

    What’s gonna happen about the camo unlock glitch I have 17 out of 10 head shots and don’t have kyptac raid

  • Pu99etMaster .

    ***Solution*** Rebuild your custom load outs. I had this issue and I thought to myself. Something within the built in weapons class might be causing the spectate mode and getting stuck at spawn. Well it is that the weapons in your currently created load outs need to be rebuilt so that it obtains the properties of the newly released patch. That fixed it for me. Thanks.

  • Cat hunter

    Anyone else having the problem of getting kicked from xbox live and getting the call of Duty servers are unavailable, update, I did all the things listed and still get the error message, I’ll just play a different cod

  • chris

    Shit, jump on pc and try to play anything on defender, instinct or one other map, fucking frame rate rape all day, and that’s with a gtx 970 ftw card. Runs fucking fine on console though

  • Ian wilson


  • will

    I am not having these problems

  • Michael

    It hasn’t fix it completely of course camo aren’t showing up for certain guns even tho the achivement was was completed and it shows for example 20 for 20 in hip fire or long range shots. For a game taking 3 years it wasn’t thought out throughly

  • MrGladiator20

    Thankyou SHG! Best Developers Yet! They actually get their patches and stuff done. Way to Go!

  • FATHEAD661

    As bad as everything might seem let’s just be thankful that Sledgehammer are trying their best to roll patches out and fix things as fast as they can. Because for all we know we could just be left in the dark like Destiny did to all it’s players about a month ago when the game was literally unplayable. And yet they couldn’t even tell their supporters what was going on or anything. That’s why I stopped playing that sorry excuse for a game (Destiny). So thank you SH for all your hard work.

  • LilChief

    It is fixed!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ We can all stop shitting our pants now xD. I knew the free season pass thing was a joke though -.-

  • Cat hunter

    Still isint fixed for me, got patch cleared classes still crap…

  • wesmantooth

    Everytime I play my console freezes at least once when I spawn into a game.. fix it please I like the game but its not worth constantly freezing up

  • Cat hunter

    Just tried to play a game and I almost made it through a whole game before getting kicked from live and getting the servers unavailable message, also have all my classes cleared and am using the 5 default classes

  • This post is special. Beef created a post that has 238 likes and a stream of replies that make up the comment section… Wow

    • Beef Supreme

      Note to self…turn off disqus email notifications.

  • victor

    Arrumen a bosta da coneccao paguei caro pelo jogo e nรฃo consigo joga e tinha ate comprato o sessan pas se continua assim quero meu dinheiro de volta


    they dont care about us anymore they only care about the money now if they trully care about the fans they would have made the patch becuase i am paying $70 buck for the ps4 and i still dont have the patch yet like come on people

  • corey

    my advance warfare will load up fine connect to xbox live fine but thin when i connect to xbox live i cant find a match or go in private match if i click on say creat a class my game will freez does any body have a solution

  • ThaHustler

    What the hell…my ps3 freezes up every other game.

  • Parker Covert

    FIX THIS GAME! IT IS FREZEING MY PS3 SO MUCH. THAT IT BREAK. dont get me wrong i want to play the game it just freezes my ps3 at the end at almost ever game i do and i am about to retern this game back to the store if it is not fixed soon.

  • malexandria

    It worked the first day, now a week later the game refuses to connect to XBox Live, it just kicks me completely off my network saying “can’t connect to XBL” even though every other game I have seems to work perfectly fine. It’s UNPLAYABLE.

  • R-man

    I guess it’s only for Xbox I haven’t had any problems on PS3

  • Scuba2177

    I cant even party up with people and when i do it disconnects me from xbox live all together…even does it while i play by myself…im to the point im about to just throw the game out

  • Shaun James

    I can’t play online it crashes on me can u help me out and my ps3 turns off on me arr!!

  • #success

    I can never find games/matches online. It always says finding more players but never does. Ive tried every game.. team deathmatch, free for all, hardpoint…. still nothing. Almost like im the only one online but I know thats not possible.

  • Praxis Ledgend

    I’m still not able to play the game, every time I start up the game and get to a multiplayer lobby it says disc unreadable…… I DOWNLOADED THE GAME! I HAVE NEVER EXPERIENCE THIS IN ANY OTHER CALL OF DUTYยฎ OR GAME IN GENERAL

  • MrDeleriousDog

    HELP! whenever i load up the game it says “DISK UNREADABLE” when i was literally just using it just before it pops up with disk unreadable

  • jayvills

    Idk if its just me but I just got myself a new exo and helmet but it only shows that I’m wearing it in core games, when I play hardcore I end up playing in a loadout I didn’t even put together. Is that suppose to happen?

  • Agile tK

    I can’t even play the game and my clan wants me to play umgs and gbs with them and i cant even do that

  • Tyler Belk

    Every time I try to start a exo survival game my Xbox freezes on the loading screen and I just got the game. I let my cousin try my disc on his Xbox and it works just fine wtf

  • Rachel

    How do I use golden cameo with my xbox360?
    I have over 200 kills and it won’t let me use it it’s unlocked

  • Chance Shull

    I can’t update it not popping up

  • marwan


  • marwan

    wat u prees to pull up weapon camo

  • marwan

    please wat u press to pull weapon camo opptions

  • marwan

    anyone hear please

  • marwan


    • marwan

      please anyone

  • Damo094

    My game won’t let me go onto multiplayer. It keeps glitching from multiplayer to main menu and then back again. If anyone has had this problem plz tell me

  • Phil

    Im having a problem where i try to go into zombies but it says that a downloadable content package was removed or all profiles are signed out? Any help?

  • Andrew Rogers

    After downloading this required update, I cannot make it past the main menu. It is saying error, downloaded content missing or all gamer i.d. signed out. WTF! I’ve tried everything! Are they working on fixing this?!?!

    • Damo094

      Delete the updates and DLCs and re download them

      • Andrew Rogers

        I’ve already tried that. I just posted a video to YouTube. It will be loaded shortly. Please take a look at it and message me back.

  • Cod player

    Everytime I go into multiplayer main screen I see it for two seconds then the whole thing reloads and it repeats itself!! The update did this I need help!!

    • Damo094

      That happened to me too
      You have to delete the updates and then redo them

  • Damo094

    Can’t access any Havoc DLC maps or exo zombies
    Any suggestions as to how to fix this?

  • Damo094

    I’m sorry but after this update alls gone to shit

  • Damo094

    Now my DLCs won’t even stay downloaded on my hardrive

  • Steven

    I can’t even find a lobby! This pisses me off so much!

  • Phil Foster

    Since the update, every time I try to play on xbox live it says my disc is unreadable! But I can still play the campaign.

  • Morgs Porter

    joke!! wont even let me on multiplayer now just keeps coming up with advanced warfare name ona black screen

  • TheUnderPoweredAMR9

    That’s absolute crap. I just completed the 300 Kills Marksman Challange for the HBRa3 and did not get Average joe. The worst part is, I lagged out [By that i mean an error occurred and i was signed out of PSN]. So that only made the Challange Completion Completly Irrelevant. Fix that. Playstation ID: LegendaryFries

  • TheGumption

    Lost my permanent unlocks after the update. Pretty piss poor.

  • TheSteamyBurger

    In the player card menu my the emblem thing says it’s loading but it never loads. how do I fix this? Please help!

  • Leo Haberkamp

    I love that a game with millions of dollars keep making stupid mistakes like these. In fact they keep making more! i bet you their competitors like Battlefield, or even Halo don’t make stupid mistakes like these. It amazes me how they cant get their shit together. I love CoD but this is unacceptable.

  • PhatBotie

    The recent May 2015 update completely killed my game. When I choose the Mors or Ameli the game freezes. If i get lucky and it does not freeze the gun will be missing or there is no scope or cross hair. The new patch broke everything and it is making me give up on Call of Duty. Right now it should be called Call of Dootie!!
    I am trying to prestige to level 8 and I am stuck at 50 because I can not get the guns to work or keep it from freezing!!!

  • Monkeyb00y

    I really hope they fix this because mine is randomly freezing my xbox where I have to hardboot it when it happens.

  • William Johannessen

    Totally fed up. I can’t get through a session without game freezing. All the money we spend on this game and this is how we get paid back. I can’t wait for Black Ops 3 I’m sure they’ll have there act together. It’s a shame because in my opinion this is by far the best CoD ever made. These guys must no know what they’re doing otherwise this issue would’ve been resolved immediately. I’ve lost Supply drops and match points when it freezes before the game ends. I hope they fix it soon and give us something free to make up for the headache.

  • Edog Vann

    You no what, it’s unfair that you can’t get the stg44 the blunderbus or svo on xbox 360 but u can on xbox one