Michael Condrey has tweeted out that Sledgehammer Games will be preventing users from joining sessions in progress in Ranked Play mode in Advanced Warfare with the next patch. This month is only the pre-season for Ranked Play, with Season 1 set to start in December.

There’s no time frame of when this patch will be released yet. Stay tuned.

  • ThatOneBlazian

    Hey guys here’s a list of all the weapon variants: denkirson.proboards.com/thread/7466/advanced-warfare-list-weapon-variant

    • UnforseenSin

      Everyone knows about this already no need to post it

      • Xecho

        I didn’t faggot

        • UnforseenSin

          Lol you a mad little boy lmfao

      • ThatOneBlazian

        Okay just making sure lol

    • DarkSurge

      Thanks! Needed this. 🙂

  • jordanxbrookes

    That’s great and all, but how are the spawn improvements going, assuming they are currently being worked on? Because my number one complaint is these bloody awful spawns.

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      FFA is unplayable for me. I played it for the first time yesterday, enemies spawned literally one foot in front of me and vice versa (we spawned on top of eachother) multiple times on solar. It’s like there was nowhere else for me to spawn so they spawned both of us at the same time in the same spot. Very frustrating to spawn in and die instantly 3 times in a row. Not playing FFA again until spawns are patched.

      • jordanxbrookes

        I know, if you watch my FFA Live series, you’ll see the crap spawns I have to put up with :/

      • Yes the spawns are bad, but if you have a fast reaction time and can control spawns it actually isn’t that bad. I win almost every match in FFA.

        • Siftblade of Rivia

          It forced me to camp and I wasn’t having fun. I enjoyed FFA in BO2, I could run around and still win. Yes, it’s more effective to camp, or hold down an area, but I like rushing, especially in AW.

        • Nearly impossible to control spawns in a random pub

      • Michael

        The momentum spawn are brutal. It’s disgusting. Especially on the map deteoit, you can literally sit in a spot and watch the people spawn in front of you and get an easy kill. Plus, wasn’t this update gonna fix the spawn? Yeah, how’s that going SH?

    • Guest

      I know

    • MakeUSayFCK

      The spawns probably wont be fixed because they cant be really.

      We have exo suits now, with that being said we can travel the map very quickly and that hurts the spawns. The game can’t help but do it’s job and spawn a player somewhere.

      I’d advise you to try out ranked play. It plays very smooth and the game is actually enjoyable.

    • NiftyGam3r

      Spawns are not a problem for me, the exo it self is in these small maps, sometimes i spawn and bc of how quick it is to travel i have people cutting me quickly

    • logic buns

      The spawns are 100% fine just get used to them and your fine. Don’t make them change it so I have to re learn them. People did the same shit in ghosts spawns fine then they patch it and I’m lost cause the spawns I learned are no more. Its a battle field get ready for combat. You should be rdy to be shot at.

    • Yes the spawns are bad, I get that it is hard to manage because you can get across the map so fast in this game but I shouldnt be spawning next to a guy that is running around in our spawn constantly. I also still have a problem with lag comp where people eat my bullets.

    • Sentinel

      Tell me about it! Have you played an FFA match yet?? At the beginning of match, I killed the same guy 3 times in a row bcuz he spawned literally in front of me Lmfao Yeah, they need fix spawns asap

  • Primey_

    There’s a lot of questionable choices SHG have made with ranked play.

  • drjakeyoung

    Okay, so there is this glitch me and my friends have been testing
    out. I don’t know if this has been spotted yet, but here it goes. All
    you need to do is get a weapon in diamond. Then you have to prestige.
    Once you have prestieged, the first weapon you need to use is the
    diamond weapon. With this diamond weapon (this should be the first
    weapon you use in the new prestige) in the first match, every kill you
    get for that weapon you will level up 7-10 times. Make sure to get head
    shots and hip fire kills if your using smg’s, or long shots for AR’s. I
    leveled up 17 times in one mach. (the more kills you get, the less XP).
    On top of this, I only have the KF5 in diamond, however it says 2/6 camo
    mastery’s completed for royalty. This has been confirmed from my
    friends, that it gives you an extra number towards royalty, meaning you
    only need 3 diamonds in a class to complete what should have been 6

    I realize the xp glitch has been around since the camo patch, however what about the royalty one? I shall post a video as proof latter.

    • mzma

      I had this happen to me – I got the Bal in diamond without finishing the longshot challenges.

      • Xecho

        same oh well easy diamond

  • Stefan Lang

    How about that removal of sbmm from pubs..

  • Rorke File

    Do you guys have seen a box art leaked from Amazon of WAW 2 ?

    • That was confirmed fake a while ago.

    • k5berry

      The old one from July? I looked it up and it’s fake, but there another one?

    • spartanelite

      It’s probably fake but link, I want to see it

      • Rorke File

        Still want the link just search on Google Word at War 2 and you will find some sites showing the box art

    • jordanxbrookes

      That’s fake, it’s been known to be fake for months now.

  • Boo hoo who cares? How about gun patches and removing of SBMM?

    • Xecho

      It’s obvious that those are the least important for SHG

    • jooker-jr

      Yeah, because they have a button called : FIX AW.

      Be patient.

      • They should atleast be fixing the game instead of focusing on retexturing loot and ranked servers.

        • jooker-jr

          Believe me, they are working on it but not the whole studio.

  • Ryumoau

    good news. haven’t tried ranked play yet though.

  • J Sama

    Idk about anyone else, but those EM Lasers are starting to bug me. Especially the High Fire rate variants. Literally nothing you can do to avoid dying if you get shot first. Does it even take skill to aim those things? I’m only asking because I’ve never actually used it. Annoys me much more than the BAL

    • jooker-jr

      It’s very hard to master the EM1, give it a shot ( but as far as I heard its OP on PC )


    they should do what titanfall do, when you join a match like DOM

    Eg: with 2min to go and the the teams losing 180 to 83

    The lose don’t get add to your win/lose record.

  • Guest


  • ….

  • Guest

    Somebody ask him about removing the skill based matchmaking

    • zombiefreak935

      WAY too much lag.

  • zombiefreak935


    • Daniel

      What lag?

      • zombiefreak935

        Only the lag that happens 1/3 games.with good internet connection.

  • Guest


  • Super029something


  • ottomanelite

    Hey guys anyone wanna play advanced warfare o wait I can’t cause of all the fucking freezing my fucking last gen consel

  • Abhishek Jain

    fix the fucking spawns…..bring dedicated servers instead of fixing shitty stuff

  • NerfTheBAL

    NERF THE GOT DAMN BAL ALREADY. i’ve quit AW til the bal gets nerfed!!!

    • GinsuVictim

      It doesn’t need a nerf, the other weapons just need a buff.

  • ritdude

    Where’s Gun Game?

  • Gc

    Wow that’s great … Not . They fucking have to update the skill based matchmaking ! No more of that skill based matchmaking , if i want something like that i freaking play ranked but for now i just want to own noobs and get a high gameplay ! Please sledgehammer just update the skill based system !

  • John Blue

    I’m still waiting for the ability to join matches played by my friends or joining my friend’s parties without an invitation. One of them is missing because developers are idiots apparently, the other simply doesn’t work. Ever.

  • Cool707

    On PC it is very laggy i have an i7 4790k and a gtx 780

  • UpRiftCOD

    I might play this again.

  • kronicdreamer

    Spawns are a hit and miss. My problems are extreme lag. Sudden freezes when I spawn or even just run into a building. I’ve also had total freezes, when entering game, leaving, opening chest, and once just waiting in lobby. These are game killers and if not fixed in a month or so, I’ll go elsewhere. I enjoy the game. (Not as well as black ops). I hope they clean the game up. Also maps should be a little bigger. Especially since the exo. There is only one way to win, never quit moving…

  • Power Cycle

    Am I the only one here that wants skill based matchmaking to be removed? They removed it from MW3 and BO2 so I’m crossing my fingers that history will repeat itself.

  • Pete Moss

    Why is there no one asking about the rule changes? Take out momentum and adopt the MLG ruleset into Ranked Play for God’s sakes already. Kids still using that UAV bullshit so I have to use Low Profile. That’s another point I automatically need to use, let alone the go-to Toughness perk and Blast Surpressor combo. Seriously, get the rules updated.

  • iufw

    FINALLY! The reason so many people leave is because they can just join another match without it affecting them.. Take notes from League Play Sledgehammer..

  • Syko_Mafia

    Please sign the petition!

  • TheBowman

    Umm how about they focus more on all the glitches in the maps and the horrible freezing problem the game has? No? Sorry that would make sense….

  • Antonis Kleopa

    Spawns! cant be sorted due to the fact that the game software cant anticipate when a camp noob strays of the majority of players to sneak behind enemy lines. Thats when you stepped into enemy spawn area.