Top 100 ranked players in Season 1 of Ranked Play in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare will get a special Grand Master reward, as seen in the image below. Season 1 of Ranked Play is set to start in December.

Michael Condrey also announced upcoming updates to Ranked Play:

  • No joining matches in progress
  • Disbanding the lobby after every match
  • Skill based matchmaking improvements
  • Lobbies read all as matched players initially

SOURCE: MLG Stream and @SHGames

  • Glorious bloodshed helmet in its new colors

    • jordanxbrookes

      Now that I look at it, it is a new skin on the Bloodshed helmet model -_-

      • Moosey Moose

        It seems as if Sledgehammer is out of ideas. I wonder how the DLC will be then :

      • chiefsfan005

        Is that too little for your need butt? I assume so.

    • Gooby

      More like the entire Bloodshed outfit just covered in Royalty camo

      • Correct, but bloodshed helmet is legendary.

        • jooker-jr

          We had fish AI in ghosts, but in AW we have the GLORIUS bloodshed helment.

  • So if i accidentally join ranked match on PC i will probably get one. Because you know, less than 100 people playing it.

  • meow

    you know first season is going to be just the boots -_-

  • jordanxbrookes

    How about remove SBMM from Public? That would be a start.

    • Colin MacKenzie

      I agree that SBMM should be removed from pubs for the sake of lag. It’s not worth it to the community. What they should have done is left it only in Ranked Play so that the players can choose their experience and keep the connections strong. Believe it or not, there isn’t as much lag in Ranked Play with it only being 4v4. That’s one reason why I choose to play it. =)

      • HDHellGamerNik

        Skill Based Match Making doesnt affect connection!

        • Colin MacKenzie

          It does if it takes priority over connection quality, which is currently in question. I personally think that SBMM should have been implemented many years ago into CoD, mainly because I feel that pubstomping isn’t enjoyable for those who have to sit through it. I like the idea of people of the same skill playing against each other to make the overall game more enjoyable. However, if the connection suffers (which is currently at debate in AW), then there is a reason to revert back to previous setups by past titles. I can settle with SBMM in league and allowing people to choose to go to league, if that’s what they are searching for.

          • Can you confirm it as a fact that it takes priority over connection quality? Because all I have seen online is supposed “code” that is just a list of declared variables that technically don’t prove the order in which people are being matched up.

          • Colin MacKenzie

            I said twice in my last comment that it’s currently being debated as to whether SBMM is the source of lag in the game or not. Personally I think even if it wasn’t, the community would still try and have it removed so pubstomping could happen again…

        • tarfeef101

          It does (indirectly) because instead of putting people in lobbies they have best connections with, it puts them in lobbies where people have the most similar stats.

          • Mr Doge

            Then how come I always end up in lobbies with people who are not even prestiged and I am Prestige 5?

          • Rei

            its based on k/d i guess not on prestige

          • tarfeef101

            Guess they have good stats already

          • tarfeef101

            Because your stats are probably similar to theirs, it’s not about just level, in fact its mostly statistical

    • Guest

      I don’t think you’re ignorant enough to think that SH are spending all their time designing fancy gear and ignoring SBMM issues.

      So, therefore, I expect you know that either will be addressed, or it won’t. SH won’t be ignoring the issues, particularly given you’re one of thousands complaining. But I’m getting really sick of people commenting on minor, gear related stuff and complaining about SBMM.

      Yeah, we know it’s not great. But what’s the point in complaining about it on a gear-related article, when it’s been complained about in every article since the game launched?

      • jordanxbrookes

        I know Sledgehammer are doing things behind the scenes, but are they A] Making the right decisions or B] Ignoring what most of us complain about. Oh and I have the right to complain since I spent £99 on an Atlas Pro Edition. How stupid was I? I’m already waiting for Treyarch’s title because their game design is flawless, they just need to improve connection and hit detection.

        • QuickzZ-_-GhosT

          Yeah I’m super curious with the next game of Treyarch.With the power of the 3 year development,they can do really cool stuff.

        • Vermell

          I want to agree with you but honestly no one put a gun to your head nor were you forced to purchase AW. It was a decision made by you and many others sure but that’s your own fault. They won’t make significant changes yet, not this close to x-mas.

          • Partyin’ Pete

            Thank you! This guy is crazy, thinks he’s some sort of martyr.

          • jordanxbrookes

            Which is why I said “How stupid was I?”. I’ve already said I’m stupid for doing so, no need to bury me.

        • HenryDF

          Buying a game is always a risk. You, in your eyes, wasted £99 this time around, whereas I think it’s fair to say everyone wasted whatever they spent on Ghosts last year.

          I don’t think I’ve wasted the £60 I spent on AW. I held back on getting the Atlas Pro/Season Pass because I wasn’t sure if I’d enjoy the game a huge amount or not, but I am, so I might go and spend that extra £35 or so, and pick up the Season Pass.

          We all have opinions concerning games, and sometimes we’ll feel like we made mistakes. Others won’t.

        • DanDustEmOff

          Flawless? Have you forgotten allthe BS that they put in to BO2? Remember resupplyable shock charges and lethals like claymores or bettors, or how about the target finder? How about lazy symmetricalthree lane maps and the constant rehashing of old maps? Treyarchs game design wentdown the bog after WaW.

        • kplem

          and remove their heavy esports as kissing then we have a good treyarch game

    • It’s strange how SBMM in AW is also based off of skill in past titles as well. And this is for a public match. Why can’t all of this be moved to ranked play?

    • JuicyJuice

      Where is ccrows on this subject?

    • Uzair Chief

      What is wrong with skill based matchmaking? (other than lagg)

      Is the competition not fun? or do people like to kill noobs and call themself good?

    • chiefsfan005

      How about remove jordanxbrookes from the forums because he complains about things in a game, that HE chose to pay for, THAT HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THE FORUM POST! We all want lag and skilled match making and things removed from the game, now just shut up and either enjoy the game YOU BOUGHT or just play another game. 🙂

  • Colin MacKenzie

    Let the grind begin. I’m a little disappointed it’s only for the top 100 as the year of League Play only shows how hard someone grinds, and not how much skill they have. If they want this to be more competitive, they should have people of similar ranks compete against each other and have a LADDER in which players can grind on/against for this gear.

  • How do you see your ranking? To know how close you are to 100?

    • Colin MacKenzie

      I’m PRAYING they implement a Ladder for the different ranks in RP.

    • HenryDF

      I expect something will be implemented at the start of the season.

  • Guest

    “improvements to skill based matchmaking”
    How bout removing it from public matches? Skill based matchmaking should only be in the ranked play playlist.

    • spartanelite

      It said only ranked, I assume it was only in public matchs for the time being until league play started

  • Grand Master flashy

  • lumps-of-a-god

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  • Bdotson1984

    How about they fix quick scoping first. Notice where it says I am and where the hit marker is. In my my screen his trace was way off

    • Aymen Skiken

      that’s the killcam’s problem because it tries to re-create what happened … and yes its not precise.

      • Bdotson1984

        In this instance it was pretty accurate. Nice try though… Quick scoper?

        • jordanxbrookes

          No it’s true, the killcam just tries to recreate what happened and it’s not 100% accurate. And before you call me a quickscoper, this is fact and I despise quickscopers.

          • Dean Cowan

            Yes, that’s why in the killcam of a sniper when the quickscope you don’t see the inside of the scope for a second. It’s also why in theater mode in blops 2 it looks like your shooting is really bad.

          • jordanxbrookes


          • justin

            obviously it’s going to be off because of the recoil..

    • meow

      its what the server/host saw.

    • Diego Diniz

      I like Quick Scopers. I admire people who know how do that! Its not easy,,,

  • Humza Qureshi

    They need to make Esports pubs too so that we can just play Snd instead of everything else.

    • This is no CS

      • Humza Qureshi

        It will be in a few years buddy

    • Colin MacKenzie

      First of all, eSports pubs is Ranked Play. Second of all, this is the first Call of Duty that allows you to vote on what game mode you want to play on instead of being forced into a match without map choice like in Black Ops 2. If you want to play SnD only, you should consider GameBattles.

      • Humza Qureshi

        Sorry didn’t know we could vote on gamemodes lol i havent touched ranked yet! waiting for the next patch to add the rules. I mean something like clan v clan from ghosts. We should have both

    • jordanxbrookes


      • Humza Qureshi

        u wot m8

  • J4MES

    Until they remove SBMM, lag comp and implement dedicated servers across the board; League Play is flawed. You could have a great team of four players but if they are competing on a P2P host from Turkmenistan; you’ll be a second behind the gameplay most of the time. I can’t actually believe they’ve started LP with all the issues still in the game and prior to the next crucial patch. This really should have been postponed until 2015.

    • Colin MacKenzie

      League Play doesn’t lag nearly as much as 6v6, and SBMM is necessary if you want it to be competitive. It was used in Black Ops 2 and it’s being used again, so that’s something to get used to. I’ve played LP and 6v6 Pubs and while pubs has had its (small) moments of hiccups, there have been only 1/10 of those hiccups in LP. If you want to complain about SBMM in 6v6, go ahead. To complain about it in LP is just asinine…

      • J4MES

        LP doesn’t lag because it’s using dedicated servers full-time and they don’t require the SBMM aspect to match people because that is the purpose of the mode. SBMM isn’t necessary for the 99% of players who don’t play competitively in COD and it’s not fair that we have to accept P2P as an underlay with SBMM taking priority over connection. SBMM was removed from the core playlists on BO2 because it wasn’t required having competitive matchmaking in casual lobbies.

        • Colin MacKenzie

          LP doesn’t get any special treatment when it comes to servers. The method remains the same: Test ping to nearby dedicated servers, compare results to option of P2P amongst the players and make a choice. The difference is that a lobby of 8 players is less stress to a connection when compared to a 6v6. In addition, SBMM in LP couldn’t be worse. It doesn’t currently come close to pairing up players of similar skill. I’m the equivalent of a Grand Master currently in LP with the amount of points I have acquired. Yet, I get placed with players on my team who cannot keep up with a full squad of players of MY skill level on the OTHER team. LP doesn’t work without SBMM, so saying that it’s not required for the mode is insane. It’s in fact the foundation to the game type if there are no placement matches like there were in Black Ops 2.

          • J4MES

            LP is ran exclusively on dedicated servers with no P2P – I’ve gone through the MP_Config file on PC and extracted the historical data files to show that the LP matches are hosted directly off the internal dedi’s based upon the consistent host IP’s. I’ve compared this with recent core matches I’ve played and it’s been a mixture of unlocalised matches ranging from dedi hosts to P2P from Europe to Asia. The matchmaking in LP doesn’t use the typcial SBMM like we see in core playlists – it utilizes the average k/d of a team and places them with a comparable group whereas the core matchmaking is reliant on pinpointing a precise k/d with a minimal range either way (e.g 0.1) irrespective of where the players are based in the world.

  • Super029something

    Good start. but still needs probation for leaving Mid-game 🙂

  • Kids are going to cheat and DDoS just to get the exo loadout

    • Colin MacKenzie

      Hopefully SHG will take that seriously enough along with Sony and Microsoft. I personally would like to see console bans or IP bans from players who choose to boot. It’s time for this to be taken seriously.

  • CharlieIntel

    I smell Booters.

  • ScOott

    I wish u got this for public games as well, special rewards for getting everything royal would be good

  • Siftblade of Rivia

    I hate the helmet and shirt, but the loadout is pretty sick though. I want it 😛

  • It all looks badass to me! I just wish I was good enough to make it into the top 100!

  • Guest

    When i saw this=
    Skill based matchmaking improvements

    • Moosey Moose

      Uhh, why?

      • Colin MacKenzie

        SBMM isn’t really present in RP, so that’s a positive. Another reason is the idea that SBMM might be fixed to work alongside connectivity in pubs. If the game doesn’t lag and SBMM works fine, what’s the problem?

        • Dean Cowan

          The problem is it’s not casual. Gone are the days of going into a lobby with a stupid setup and having casual fun. Now it’s just sweaty Bals in a corner protecting their precious KD. I liketrying hard to win, it’s tense and action packed, but not every single game.

          • Colin MacKenzie

            I hadn’t looked at it from that aspect. You are correct that CoD used to be a game that people could pick up and play. I haven’t played public matches in years because I’ve seen the benefits of having true league play. In Black Ops 2, I went into the game as a player who played Hardcore and had a 1.1 KD. I tried League Play, switched back to core, grew to a 1.5 KD and became a 5x Master in both Moshpit/TDM and in the Championship series. League Play made me grow as a player and helped me become a better one than I was before. When I first heard of SBMM in this game, I thought that it would offer others to do the same. You however bring up the valid point; Where do people go when they are so good they cannot play casually anymore? Now skilled players like you and myself are now unable to relax and play without trying our nuts off because the game says that’s where we belong. Pub players deserve to have a choice for SBMM, even if that means that pub-stomping squads return to the game.

  • That armor had me like

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  • Stefan Lang

    Only way I’m grinding this out is if it’s permanent. It better not be some 30 minute shit. I have over 500 Blood thirsties that damn bloodshed helmet should have been permanently unlocked.

  • Name

    huh, only 100 people get that. . .that’s nice

    • Colin MacKenzie

      100 people, per platform, per season.

  • TheGamerBeast


  • I wish they would remove Momentum and add the correct map rotation as well.

  • guestrits

    I think they should have SBMM but they should balance that with best connection. So you can play people who are as good as you and still have a good Connection

    • GinsuVictim

      No, it should be gone. Period.

      • Colin MacKenzie

        If they fix connection issues and there are no problems regarding connection in the future while still having SBMM, what’s the problem?

  • Sledge hammer fix your game

    Fix the fucking public matchmaking HONESTLY GHOST EVEN NOW HAS BETTER CONNECTION THAN AW please fix the SBMM and remove it from public

    • Juses

      Ghost always had a great connection

      • Xecho

        True. I am thinking more BO2. Like the lag comp.

    • jooker-jr

      Ghosts had one of the best connection in COD history.

  • Prince Of The City.

    SBMM is was fine in BO2 because it was only in League Play and League Play had true dedicated servers.. If that’s the case, great! I’d love to play people that are on the same level as me.. But when it comes to public matches it needs to be soley based on connection/location. it won’t work any other way, period.

    • Common Sense

      league play did NOT have dedicated servers in BO2. if it did, people wouldn’t be able to boot. I don’t know where that lie originated but it isn’t true. You could clearly tell who was host in black ops 2 league play also.

      • meow

        CoD community isnt the smartest bunch or able to use google xP

  • Dominic McCall

    SBMM in PUBs but we got Ranked Playlist….. Oh ok!!

  • LunatikToon

    Man only the top 100? That is pretty bad TBH most of them will be pro players and sweats. They should make it top 10 of the higher divisions

  • jooker-jr

    This gear should have flash by default.

  • Biff Ibkus

    Another reskinned armor – meh….would’ve been better if it was something UNIQUE. AW has too many reskinned armors.

    Also, does anyone else miss Black Ops 1? Was the last CoD that kept me playing longer than 2 weeks.

    • infedel

      well if you got ADD, I can see how that’s a problem, rest of the real COD fans, like me, play all the games from 4 onwards on regular bases. There is no such thing as a bad call of duty game for me, unless you mean WAW for the DS

      • ben wills

        Well, ironically, the problem is that the new CoD’s are designed for ADD kids. Not skill based at all. There’s a problem with, of the last 4 games, Ghosts is the most skill based.

        • Cheif is a tard

          Ya ok you are just a retard cheif aw is the most skill based cod since the invention of custom classes you’re just angry because you couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn if you has a lock on missile

          • ben wills

            …. Facts:
            – Smaller sightlines make it EASIER (not harder) to aim
            – No recoil makes it very easy to aim
            – Small maps encourage more randomness — positioning irrelivent, just chokepoints
            – Bad net code = no chance = no skill

            The thing is that I like Titanfall, where the movement is far harder to adjust than AW, and the sightlines are far longer. I advocate skill, that’s it.


  • Doc

    They should make it read like bo2 league play. Do not show the players real rank show what division they are in for ranked.

  • Calum

    Any word in just having a TDM ranked playlist? They had it in BO2.


    FIX THE PARTYY LAG ! Cant ever play 3+ games with out my ps3 COMPLETELY freezing !

  • AK420

    So your a moosey moose thats ubsurd because last time i checked the only moose in alaska is up north and you couldn’t handle the cold your to mutch of a puusy.

  • What about those D.servers?
    Im sick of this multicultural SBMM nonsense.
    Match players based on their connection,
    That should be the no 1 priority when it comes to matchmaking!

    .. .. YOU DUMBASSES!!!!

  • Clout Loyal

    I made Master Division before December 1rst, and was 100 Points away from Grand Masters! Partying Up With Random People This Month! Gamertag: Clout ILoyal, follow me through Twitter @iiloyaal ! Im going to make Grand Masters this month.

  • Puppet Master
  • Diego Diniz

    What is the BEST SMG after patch???

  • Loyal

    What about the Xbox360? It still says Season 0! @SHGames please help!

  • Azzamagic

    Does anyone know we’re t claim prizes that have not been issued

  • Anders Horstmann

    Am i The only person not to get My Ranked play gear i won in Season 1?
    Om on PS4 and made it to Silver division.