Green Bay Packers star Clay Matthews spent a day as the newest intern at the Sledgehammer Games studios.

  • Treyarch zombies

    Anyone think that sledgehammer games taking on zombies now in advanced wargare is a hint or sign that treyarch are finished with zombies and we won’t be seeing it in treyarch a next title?

    • Carrisi


    • Juses

    • Rodoe528

      What in the world made you think that?

      • Origins ending+SH doing zombies

        If 3arch is doing zombies, it’s probably the last time.

        • Siftblade of Rivia

          Doubt that. Zombies is probably Treyarch’s biggest money maker for the game and for the DLC. Even if Treyarch tried to end it, I don’t think ATVI would let them. Especially now as COD is taking a dip in profit.

          • RdJokr

            It’s not like Treyarch can’t come up with a new co-op mode.

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            They could, but everyone would riot.

          • RdJokr

            True, but then they would start riding Treyarch’s dick when they say something like “this new co-op mode will be our most ambitious mode yet”. Unless they’re really die hard Zombies fanatics

        • Rodoe528

          Highly doubt zombies in SHG and Treyarch have ANYTHING to do with each other

    • Michael

      Absolutely not. I don’t see why Treyarch would stop with zombies. Just imagine the sales being down on their game when people realize there no zombies in bo3 or whatever it will be. (I hope they go back to a world war era or the Vietnam era btw.) Some people only buy Treyarch’s game for zombies and don’t lay a finger on MP so I don’t think they’ll stop it.

    • Spodermen

      ummmmmmmmmmm. what teh heck?

    • Do you live under a rock?

    • TheShadowReaper

      after seeing zombies as a dlc for AW, anything goes at this point. tbh i would prefer Treyarch to do something new as a 3rd mode. they are the guys who invented the whole idea anyways so…yeah, i feel like they can do it again and maybe better this time.

  • Saw this at lunch break. ur slacking keshav.

    • Give him a break. Why the heck should he post at a certain time? Somedays there isn’t even an article, and that’s understandable. Just be glad people work for Charlie Intel for their fans, not money. If it were about money Keshav would be gone as he gets no pay for doing this. Just be grateful there’s an article today and rethink what you said πŸ™‚

      • Michael

        PREACH! ???

      • Favorite Ape

        That’s why I work. Not for the money.

      • I suppose you didn’t detect Tysons sarcasm.

        • I guess its hard to when all you have is text. I apologize for any inconveniences caused by my previous comment. πŸ™‚

        • Siftblade of Rivia

          If that was sarcasm, he did a poor job of conveying it.

        • jordanxbrookes


      • jordanxbrookes

        You do know Tyson was only joking? Him and Keshav are good friends πŸ™‚

      • *whoosh*

      • Keshav Bhat

        Have received a grand total of $0 and could care less about the money. Do this every single day for fans and for Call of Duty players, just like myself.

        Thanks for the comment noahgoa ^_^

  • ßreven Mackie

    Go Clay Matthews! My NFL football team’s player interning @SHGames πŸ˜€ sweet..

  • Carrisi

    Can I just today was the first time I played in about a week and the game feels soooo much better! Like cod again, well done SH with the patches the game is enjoyable.

    • reamerb .

      next gen??

      • Carrisi

        Yeah Xbox one.

        • todd

          i can second, they seem to be on top on it as much as they can.

  • FIX

    Fix the bloody Match making i dont wanna play with people who live in freaking mexico from uk please fix it the whole community is shouting just fix it

    • Michael

      This relates to the article how?

      • Favorite Ape

        I think Clay really was there to fix the connection problems.

        • ccrows

          Clay – Glen, You have a good game here, but the current MM system is broken. Fix it.

          Glen – but I just found someone on the internet that likes this game, I need to go RT it.

          Clay – NOW GLEN!

          Glen (with sad face) – OK…

          • Mr Doge

            *Not funny

          • ccrows

            Ahhh my friend Mr Doge!

            How are you this morning?… πŸ™‚

          • Michael

            Haha I can so imagine that! ?

          • RebornAngel666

            Did you see Glen sitting as his desk? That’s exactly what he’s constantly doing everyday, instead of fixing this broken shit. I can’t even stay up late and play on classic domination THERE ARE NO GAMES FOUND. EVERR

      • Every top comment on Charlie Intel now is about fixing the game and or getting rid of Skill based matchmaking. I doubt Sledgehammer even reads this site. I am sure they are well aware of what is wrong with the game as us Call of Duty fans are plenty loud about it.

    • Rorke File

      Patch is coming just wait

    • Carrisi

      It’s working fine for me, xbox one.

    • Common Sense

      This is what they choose to spend their money on, instead of actually giving us dedicated servers and listening to the community. It’s honestly embarrassing and a sham. Youtubers don’t speak up, nor does anyone else. The whole world is corrupt to no end. Just saddening.

  • tarfeef101

    2 of my favorite things: football and CoD. If only something meaningful happened…

    • Michael

      Who knows, maybe they’ll add a Clay Matthews character dlc in AW for people to buy like how they did with cod ghost with all their character dlc’s.

      • FazalGaming

        They probably will or a Clay Matthews VO pack because in the video it shows him on a microphone recording something.

      • tarfeef101

        Maybe he can have a special panic slap animation, that’d be cool. Although as a bills fan it’d be cooler if it was Marcell Dareus or Mario Williams

  • There is nothing worse in this world than getting punched by clay Mathews in a exo skeleton

  • GamersRex

    Did anyone else notice that he was in the studio recording something with voice? He’s with the sound director at 2:35 in the video… I think there’s a little bit more to this than just a “funny” video…

  • I hate to break it to all you Packers fans, but I’m a Chicago Bears fan. The rivalry shall live on in Charlie Intel!

    • k5berry

      I haven’t seen that dude with the Pats A Crucial Catch avi, or I’d be bringing some AFC East rivalry in here. But what I’d REALLY love right now is to tell off a Jets fan with this shitty game on right now

  • ScOott

    Jeeze another top comment About fixing skill based match making, starting to think people r doing this for upvotes now, we all know u want it fixed, nothing anyone can do about it on here :-/

    • Carrisi

      In my opinion matchmaking has been improved, played last night and it was always an English/ French lobby (I’m English) connection was fine and game played really well.

  • FazalGaming

    Forgot fixing SBMM! Make a damn Morgan Freeman Voice Over pack SHG!

    • drew james

      I would buy that.

  • Guywithbrains

    People are talking about Zombies so let me share my thoughts.

    What comes to Zombies, they are fun with friends. But it gets boring pretty quickly because it doesn’t continue in episodes as in Ghosts Extinction or now in SHGames’ Zombies.

    What I want from Treyarch next year is WW2 game but no Zombies. Black Ops 2 already showed it is hard to do better version from Black Ops 1 Zombies. So I am ready to welcome something new. Demons anyone?

  • You know I hate skill based match making as much as the next guy, but does the top comment on every post have to be someone whining about it? I know they need to fix it, but constantly going on it about it isnt going to get the probably fixed any quicker.

  • But that EVA foam exo suit though…