Beachhead Studio has announced that the first Clan War for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare will start this Friday, December 5th at 12PM PT and will end on Monday, December 8th at 12PM PT.

Prepare for battle with the first engagement of the season starting Friday, December 5th at 12PM PST / 9PM CET and continuing through Monday, December 8th at 12PM PST / 9PM CET.

Check the Call of Dutyยฎ: Advanced Warfare Companion appโ€™s home page to see which division your Clan will start out in for the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare season. Clans that participated in the qualifying event may be placed in a higher division depending on their performance. All other Clans will begin in the Bronze division, with the possibility of climbing to higher divisions by achieving a top ranking in their group.

There’s also an exclusive reward for 1st place finishers in Gold and Platinum Division: The Gold Centurion Exo/Shin Guards.

Clans that place 1st in either the Gold or Platinum division will unlock access to the in-game Gold Centurion Exo. If you already unlocked the Exo from the final Call of Dutyยฎ: Ghosts Clan War, you will move to the next piece and unlock the Gold Centurion Shin Guards.

SOURCE: Beachhead


    Ghosts released with better server connections and better hit reg and Clan Wars killed its popularity dead, AW still has major issues with connections/lag, SBMM, weapon balance, Broken Maps, game crashes, etc etc etc and they yet they start Clan Wars before first fixing these…… Game is dead, move along, nothing to see here……….

    • Let’s see you making a game as big as AW and having everything working perfect-ly in the first month of release.

      • waveRaiin

        Right. AW is a really good game, really good. And yes, there are some glitches. But to be honest; I don’t experience any lag, just freezing issues every once in a while.

        • thebulky1cometh

          “Just freezing issues every once in a while.”

          Uh, could you elahorate? I just bought this game a few days ago, but I havent opened it yet because I keep reading so many negative opinions about it. Do you mean the game freezes to the point of you having to turn off your system? Are you on ps4 or xbox1?

          • waveRaiin

            Turn off system point. I play on PS3 and if you ask me, PS3 is having less issues than PS4 and X1.

          • haphazard2007

            On ps4 you simply have to close the application and restart it, not the whole console. It happens maybe once every 50-100 games for me.

          • xRoachh

            I have had no issues at all and im on Ps4

        • Diego Diniz

          Im playing on PC and PS4 and the Lag is HUDGE! Connection issues to everybody.

          • Bobby Griffin

            Well buy an xbox one. No problems for me on there

          • jerry springer


      • SPAWNST4R

        If I had a millions and millions of dollars , 5 development studios and 3 years then I would. An even easier task as Its the same engine reskinned as the last 11 years worth of games yet they somehow manage to make it worse year on year.

        • Larryweber03

          your so childish bro. Ohh cause you can make such a great game yourself huh? Go look at advanced warfare’s sales you fagg. This game is revolutionary and they took a huge risk with the exo’s and they absolutely nailed it. You try making a game based off of a series and changing it for the better. Making a huge change that could possible butcher COD if not done correctly! u probably suck at the game therefore you feel the need to bash it every change you get. you’ll never be satisfied just like every other kid that sucks a a certain game. Insetead of practicing and putting time and effort into the game and busting your ass off to get good at this game like many many people do, you whine and complain. Quit gaming if you can’t adjust to what’s given to you.

          • SPAWNST4R

            Advanced warfare only just beat Ghosts sales, Given that ghosts didnt launch on xbox one and PS4 until the 15th of November and given that AW launched on all platforms 3 days earlier than Ghosts did on just last gen and PC then your statement about “look at sales” is invalid.

            Revolutionary… really? A CoD4 server from 2007, this is done with ONE console command. Halo, unreal tourny, Halflife…all had a boost/double jump type thing back in the day, One thing AW certainly is not is revolutionary.

            Assuming I suck at CoD….really, What next ? 1 on 1 threat?? moron.

            as for practice, how about 2000+ hours in CoD4 PC. countless hours on COD1, United Offensive and CoD2, 700 MW2 PC, countless hours in BO PC. Then 600+ COD4 xbox and PS3, prestige 10 MW2 on Xbox , 400+ BO2 Xbox, lost count on MW3 but hundreds, ghosts 300+

            I still play all the CoDs all the time.

            As for KD , currently 3.19 MW3, BO2 2.90, Ghosts 2.83

            Look it up XBL: SPAWNST4R

            so no kid, you are wrong. run along and practice your Quickscoping “Skill” (aim assist glitch)

          • Humza Qureshi

            Thats a mod. Its not revolutionary for videogames in general but it is for COD. Sure you can say they copied a mod, but they spent 3 years perfecting it.

          • bipidibopididoo

            @Larry AW is broken as fuck. It’s the buggiest, most horrible BETA of a game I’ve ever played. So much excess lag, it’s obvious Sledgehammer has no fucking idea what “netcode” is. “Practicing” and “putting time and effort” doesn’t mean shit when the lag is so bad that you teleport from the roof of a building all the way to the ground, walking in a direction you weren’t even facing. Lag so bad that players move in single frames like a stop-motion movie while they shoot 1-hit kill bullets that hit you in the toe and kill you after you had just spent a whole 2 seconds emptying your mag square in their chest, right on the dot. How about you stop sucking Sledgehammer’s dick when it’s obvious that they just don’t care about fixing the game? They spent THREE fucking years on this shit and somehow it’s far more unstable and UNPLAYABLE than Ghosts ever was. Let’s face it, they suck at making games. Platinum Games could have made a better CoD in ONE year than these Sledgehammer morons, and Platinum Games doesn’t even MAKE first-person shooters. That’s how fucking horrible Sledgehammer is. They spend their time distracting blind fans by showing them DLC and other shit that no one cares about, instead of actually fixing the fucking game and their netcode that’s so goddamn horrible that it makes dial-up internet look good in comparison. Fucking cunt.

          • Humza Qureshi

            Lag? You must be on last-gen. Don’t tell me shit about netcode, only reason I play cod is becuase of Battlefail 4.

          • Bipidibopididoo

            Next gen has the same issues. Lag, lots of it.

          • Shadowz

            You must just have terrible internet if your experiencing lag cuz im not experiencing any lag at all. Second this game is better than Black Ops 2 and has sold more than BO2. So get out of here you fucking bias bitch

          • Just wondering

            So what’s the best 1st person shooter game this year, in your opinion? Also if you know so much about how to fix their problems, why aren’t you working for them to improve the situation?

      • ccrows

        TBF I’m very interested in Michael Condrey’s upcoming patch that he tweeted a couple of days ago.

        If SH can clean up “most” (and yes I realize that every day there’s a new one popping up) of the wall breaches, and improve the connection, I’ll be more than happy to buy the season pass.

        There’s A TON of potential with this game.

        ^ “How SH supports it”, IMO is the make or break for the DLC…

      • Edwin Cortez

        people are annoyed because the had an extra year of development, and we are seeing the same problems of the past, the same issues other studios had with 2 years of development. thats why a lot of pissed at SH. the game is fixable but they need to start getting results soon. in my opinion they should have waited until the balacing patch that is coming to do this.

        • Ricky

          If they dont launch it then those fixes will would never come because they change every game if players see that its not right and has to improve ….. Without players opinion, every game will be shit

      • jordanxbrookes

        They had an extra year longer, and AW still had a crap launch. I’m starting to think this 3-year dev cycle isn’t as good as I originally thought it was going to be :/

        • Jasy

          It could go either way, the games that will be produced will be good, or they will be a total waste of 3 years of work.

        • SHGames is less experienced than IW and Treyarch, and this is their first cod. BO2 didn’t lack content at the launch, it just had connection/balance issues ect They knew what they had to put in the game and they managed to do it all in two years, + bigger co-op mode, zombies. I’m fairly positive that Treyarch will take the advantage of extended time, and doesn’t waste it on one side and leave others unfinished.

          I’ve always loved Treyarch more than IW, and I was afraid SHGames would steal the spot but doesn’t look like ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • jordanxbrookes

            I’m glad they haven’t. Here’s to hoping Treyarch and Lord Vonderhaar make me feel happy whenever I play CoD and not make me hate it because they turned a fun, adrenaline-pumping franchise into a serious, tryhard, eSports game. I originally had feared AW to be an eSports game because of Sledgehammer announcing they were focusing on making the game catered to eSports, and now look, my fears have come to haunt me :/

        • HenryDF

          How is one game potentially representative of the quality of both Treyarch’s and IW’s next game? AW isn’t even that bad in my eyes, but that’s a different argument for a different time.

          And AW didn’t have a crap launch, it had a CoD launch. BO2 and Ghosts weren’t great at launch either (I particularly remember how laggy Ghosts was, and how laggy it remained), and AW has been improving – hell, there’s another patch coming this week with more fixes.

          The game’s been out a month, but it’s got what’s basically a 10-11 months lifetime. Give it a chance, give it some time to improve on the issues there are at the moment.

          • VVFZ

            Are you kidding me? This game is already BORING in many people’s eyes. The Exo Movements were a nice change but the community does NOT want a bunch of jetpacking for a full YEAR. Everyone thought this would be a nice change, but the lag and the Exo Suit have tired everyone out.

            Ghosts was shit, and will forever be the worst COD ever made. It’s just that people are getting burnt out on this game already, I can hear it when I play solo once in a while and almost always hear people complaining in game chat. Treyarch is the company worthy of making COD games. Black Ops 2 was one of the most balanced and competitive CODs to date.

            They fucked up Ranked play, they fucked up the connection, they fucked up a few maps, they fucked up the traditional COD feel, they fucked up the weapon balance, need I go on? Campaign was great, but all in all this game isn’t the best. 5/10

            Give it 1-2 more months and the hate will be piling in as much as Ghosts

          • HenryDF

            Here’s what I have to say;

            I’ve had no lag since the first week the game came out. I’ve had the occasional hiccup, but I get that in every game, it’s not just AW.

            As for it being boring…yeah, I can see what you mean. I haven’t found it as addictive as other CoDs, and I don’t have a problem with that argument. I agree with you.

            But the lag, the SBMM, the BAL (ie. OP weapon), the map exploits the spawns…they’re all issues that every CoD I can remember has had at launch. They’re no reason to be calling out SH as shit, or AW as shit, because this isn’t anything new. People are being like “Oh, Treyarch should be the only devs” “Oh, I can’t wait until next year” “Oh, I’m not sure about the 3 year cycle”, when all the flaws that they’re picking out aren’t exclusive or catastrophic. They can be fixed, and I expect they will be.

          • VVFZ

            You have some valid points, but the only issue with Black Ops 2’s launch was the lag. That’s it. The connection wasn’t good with finding games and the menu was glitchy. They had everything that we needed in a COD game in the game at launch. They made subs dominant for fast-paced gameplay which I loved.

            This game isn’t really fast-paced as much as it is chaotic and odd. Too many flank routes for one spot. The only thing I hate to this day on BO2 is the R870 & EMPs on Nuketown. There’s a reason BO2 has more players than any other COD at the moment. That’ll probably change after Christmas though.

          • HenryDF

            Hate how SH haven’t done the subs right here. I’m managing to get along good with a rapid fire ASM1, but the BAL is still doing best (I find it boring to use personally, haven’t used it since launch).

            For me, all SH need to do is buff the SMGs, and possibly the nerf the BAL. There have been some dodgy spawns (though few and far between), but like I kinda said in my last comment, that’s always been a universal issue with CoD.

          • Udheehhehd

            asm1 reckless? That was my favorite gun for my first two prestige, I stopped using it after the buff because everyone uses it now and I don’t like using the same gun for a long time.

          • Tricky VIk

            “I feel like they’re doing the jetpack thing to make the next CoD that hopefully won’t use that and just normal running seem more exciting for those burnt out on it already, if you think about it, it sounds like a great marketing scheme.”

          • I love ghosts when it comes to cod 2 ๐Ÿ˜›

          • Vic

            I agree. Black Ops 2 was fun to play. Ghosts just.. It tanked. One of the worst games I’ve ever played. I wasn’t going to buy AW thinking it was going to be another crapfest. It is better than Ghosts… But I can’t think of how they could have made anything worst than ghosts.

            They do need to fix things. I’m mad I have to pay to play online and I can never get a good connection (not my internet. I’m hard wired and I have a top tier service). The spawn system is so disgustingly out of whack it isn’t even funny. The weapon balance is abhorrent.

          • jun

            I totally, TOTALLY agree with 100% of what this guy said. exactly how i feel about ghost, Aw, and BO2. My vote goes for Treyarch

        • Siftblade of Rivia

          Pretty sure every game this year has and terrible launches. Even GTA 5, a game they’ve been working on for what, at least 5-6 years, had the most broken online launch ever. Devs need to stop rushing out games. I would gladly wait an extra 2-3 years with no COD for Treyarch to give as an excellent, polished game. However ATVI probably won’t let them, because money.

          • Driveclub Kappa

          • jordanxbrookes

            I know man, 2014 was a shit year for game launches :/

          • MichiganerE

            Yep, I bought six games this year and here are the results:
            Titanfall – Lacking content
            Infamous: Second Son – Worked fine, never mind
            Destiny – Lacking content
            AW – Connection issues (while I didn’t have this problem, many other people did)
            Halo: TMCC – Connection issues and achievements not registering
            AC: Unity – Frame rate issues
            Overall, great year. I’m just so excited for 2015.

      • meow

        tbh games take a good extra 3 years of just polishing which doesnt happen to CoD cos… well…. activision.

        CoD does needs a totaly new engine but with 3 devs involved its never going to happen.

        • meow

          the polishing that CoD gets is when its released but yeah its the publishers fault for wanting money not the devs fault for being forced to release the game unfinished

          • Humza Qureshi


          • meow

            great idea but activision wouldnt make enough money from it xD

          • Humza Qureshi

            u can dream right

      • unreal

        i remember back when games realeased when they where actually finished and you didnt have to patch it to even get it working…

      • Niama

        3 years!! Right!!

      • Vermell

        I greatly dislike of this comparison cause its idiotic at best. Lets see you make a game as big as ___ well SHG, IW & Treyarch are ALL game making companies and they’re PAID to develop such titles. They have but one job, Activision takes care of the marketing and all that stuff, and its at this point I want to say but they don’t even do it well but no. We’re always blaming the developers and I think its time we wise up and see who the real culprit is, Activision. They are the real decision makers and could care less about fixing what is essentially a half baked product since there’s still idiots out there who’ll buy it anyway. Actually the term idiot is incorrect, I’m willing to bet that a sizeble chunk of players (not necessarily teens) used their parent’s money to buy it in the first place so they don’t care.

        • sam

          Exactly they are paid to do it paid for fixing as well

        • jonnymftm

          Why don’t they’ll actually ask people who play such games as to what they are actually wanting rather than take a war game and putting jet packs on this is cod not fucking halo. Personally I would love to see another world at war or modern warfare

      • it shouldn’t take 11 fucking games and a extra year to get it right.

      • RebornAngel666

        They need to fix these errors before anything else! Period!

    • TheGamerBeast

      i agree with u, but there is a thing i love AW it’s fun and i wanna play but i really can’t the lag piss me off, and like i said before on charlieintel GHOSTS servers was way better that AW, yes i actually said that, i can’t believe it too lol, but SH is great just give them sometime they’re fixing it for sure, hope the coming huge patch fix these stuff

      • meow

        same here, AW is fun and the ideas behind it are great but the poor quality of the gameplay just ruins it, i can manage maybe 2 matches a try before i just end up having enough it

    • ScOott

      The reason ghost seemed to have better servers is because no one was playing it, a hand full of people, it must of been like having dedi servers

      • SPAWNST4R

        Ghosts first 3 months player numbers where as strong as any previous CoD titles, And in all fairness it now plays better than AW’s Do (on 360 at least)

        • Humza Qureshi


          • SPAWNST4R

            I have an XB1 and PS4 and a gaming PC, and a 360,PS3. Why do you people wrongly assume Just because someone quotes a certain console then that’s all they have ??!

          • Humza Qureshi

            I cal bs. No way your getting a shitty experience on AW for all systems

          • SPAWNST4R

            There you go again assuming stuff !!!! I have AW on xbox 360 and XB1. Im not stupid enough to buy it for PC and my friends dont play AW on PS. Just because I mentioned the problems with AW and the fact they announce ClanWars before fixing them doesn’t mean I have all them problems.. I was talking as a community member about community issues. You really need to start thinking about the bigger picture and try to lose this silly little “THIS>THAT and THAT>THIS U SUK” mentality.

          • There’s still games coming out on the ps3 and 360, i still play it so why would i waste money on a new system just to play the same games?

          • Dr. Salim

            Better graphics and the game runs better.

          • it still works, if it’s not broken don’t fix it!

          • Humza Qureshi

            The same games that are poorly optimized and unplayable.

          • poorly optimized and unplayable uh?

      • ccrows


        That doesn’t make any sense since there’s less people for you to play with locally…

        • ScOott

          I wasn’t being serious lmao Jeeze

    • thebulky1cometh

      How many people are on the big, popular playlists? I remember seeing Ghosts at like 30,000 after a month…

      …I’m bought this game a few days ago but I haven’t opened it yet – should I return it for something else?

      • Siftblade of Rivia

        Test it for yourself and see if you like it. It all depends. Some people are having major lag issues and some people don’t. Even then, it will be patched in due time. If you want the game, wait it out. If you don’t want to wait, just return it I guess.

      • SPAWNST4R

        Well thats another issue, they have removed the player counts. When Ghosts numbers fell drastically it made stopped some people wanting to play so the numbers fell further…. etc etc. As usual, instead of fixing the root of the problem ATVI chose to hide and ignore it.

    • Sabertooth

      Its called getting a better internet so stop complaining about internet when yours is crap.

      • SPAWNST4R

        better than 330/30mb FTTP ?? ok bud.

    • wesley

      maybe with ur sucky ass connection but not with other poepl. U cant base a whole game off of one consoles results, especially with a suck ass connection

      • SPAWNST4R

        Want to explain why my 330/30mb/s BT FTTP connection is “suck ass”?? Grow up kid.

  • ScOott

    The first comment is about SBMM, I’m more fed up of reading about it then dealing with it in game.. Come on guys u have talked about this to death…


      no , the 1st comment was about the game needing fixing, SBMM is STILL 1 of the issues that requires addressing, YOU brought up SBMM as a comment subject……. You lose 1 internet credit.

      • ScOott

        But u said it first ๐Ÿ™

        • SPAWNST4R


          • ScOott

            .. … Huh me does not get it … Yes I do ! Sorry I’m so slow

          • Did you see the movie?

          • ScOott

            Yh very long time ago! I realised like 5 mins after, they sqabling about it in the car ๐Ÿ˜€

          • ccrows

            Well played… ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • That was a good movie! I can’t believe they’re making another one like 20 years (I think) later. You only get the joke if you’ve seen the movie. Otherwise it just seems as if you can’t triple stamp a double stamp ๐Ÿ™‚

  • J4MES

    In light of the wealth of outstanding issues in the game; I think all competitive play should be postponed until at least the next major patch is released and is proven in stability terms.

    • Humza Qureshi

      Fuck you, your dial up, and your last-gen.

  • The7Reaper

    It says my clan has been enrolled to compete in the Platinum division and we suck lol


      more than likely because hardly any clans enrolled, same as the last of the ghosts clanwars, people caught on that it brought nothing to the table, was just boring and felt like a pointless grind.

      • tarfeef101

        Yeah, I doubt many people actually bothered to play in parties of at least three clan members during the qualifier, especially since it was postponed from the original date. My clan did though, so we’re platinum (also might just be because we were diamond in ghosts, and we do GB).

  • waveRaiin

    Finally! I’ve been waiting so long. Can’t wait until Dec. 5th, I’m going to hit Clan Wars HARD.

  • StarlordG

    All the kids complaining about SBMM LOL. That’s how it should be. Sad you can’t shit on kids over and over again like other kids? Awh boo hoo get better. Game is perfect other than spawns need a respawn timer and SMGs need a buff.


      narrow minded child. Enjoy your small fish eyed lens view of your immediate world…

    • bipidibopididoo

      The game is trash, and so are you.

      • I wonder why you are on Charlie Intel then…

    • Juses

      Cod is a casual game.

  • ccrows

    CW isn’t my thing, but still best of luck to all you guys that are into this… ๐Ÿ™‚

  • >>>>>>>>>READ THIS <<<<<<<<

    fix the feezing and crashing and lag and map exploits and buff smgs and work on spawns then focus on clan wars…im on ps4 btw, and give me a elite weapon in supply drop THAT WOULD BE NICE!

    • Jasy

      I feel the same way. I also, am on ps4 and I rarely get any elite weapons. I believe I only have 2 elite weapons and they are both for the MK14. Most supply drops I get mostly contain 1-2 pieces of gear. I don’t think I have gotten a wweapon since I was in the middle of prestigeI am currently prestige 5.)

      • Humza Qureshi

        Thats a bug, its being fixed

  • jordanxbrookes

    “Not Clan Ops – 0/10” – JXB & ImDiabetus

    • because it’s not clan ops, you hate it immediately? did you tried clan wars before judging?

      • Dr. Salim


      • Tricky VIk

        “Honestly though, I feel like Clan Ops was better than this, I’m sure many agree and many disagree, but yeah.”

      • jordanxbrookes

        Have you even seen how good Clan Ops was? Clan Wars ruined Ghosts Public and I’m afraid it’ll ruin AW Public too, not that it’s not already ruined. Why would I try something that ruins my fun? See, Clan Ops was something fun for clans to do, but now with Clan Wars it’s just a bunch of sweaty tryhards cursing every lobby I get into.

        • I played Clan wars all the time in Ghosts and my clan was pretty good we won all the bodycount and warcry stuff and let me tell you that we weren’t tryhards, we needed to strategise how to control the gamemodes and for how many games we needed to play in order to succed, you’re basically generalizing because most clans i played up against were pretty fair play. But even if there’s no clan wars, there would still be tryhards cursing all the time in the game. Sure, the fact that Clan wars didn’t had it’s own playlist was kind of lame for the non-Clan wars players but at least you could see their red or yellow clan tag before their name, letting you know they were a clan. People bash clan wars but they never tried to win or just tried it!

          • jordanxbrookes

            See? In order to do well you need to have a clan or play with friends. Playing solo doesn’t work anymore unless it’s FFA. I don’t want to be a part of a tryhard clan that takes the game seriously constantly, where’s the fun in that?

          • that’s the way it works, it’s called CLAN wars not solo wars or something

  • Biff Ibkus

    Not into Clan Wars, to be honest. Maybe I would be if the armor was unique and not another retex. I would rather the reward be a weapon camo or something.

  • PsychOutGaming

    why is it so late? EST would have to be 3:00

  • Willekeurig persoon

    Clan Ops was so much better..

  • Haitian Jack

    Hey, I randomly got TitanFall on my Xbox One. I bought the system back in August and am pretty sure it wasnt there. Then, 2 nights ago, I go to log off of AW and the full game is there. anybody know why or if they gave it away for free and how I got it without downloading it myself?

  • Psychomaggot105

    At the very least is switch match making back to regional based but of course they won’t. Next fix the spawns. After that it’s little things. Enemy footsteps need to be louder. It’s a little annoying when the spawns are whack and there’s a guy behind you doing a tap dance but for some reason you can’t hear a thing. Once that’s done create better maps for dlc. Stop making objects neck high to promote head glitching. Also get rid all objects on roofs to try and stop roof camping. Fix that and I’ll come back and play your game.

  • Finally some damn dates for CW! My clan’s going to kick some serious ass in Platinum this weekend!
    If anyone’s in a need for a PS4 clan check out ๐Ÿ˜‰ (18+ international FPS clan)

  • Haitian Jack

    Anyone wanna add me to their clan? Solid stats, 1.17 K/D, horrible W/L cause my team keeps losing. lol. I just want to give the clan wars a try. (No mic til friday!)

    • PursuitofGreat

      Search Wild Americans… we have a roster spot and are starting in Platinum division. Xbox1??

      • FazalGaming

        Wii U?

      • Zack

        I will join GT Bohac x

      • Haitian Jack

        Yeah, Xbox 1. Ill look it up. My gamertag is DwayneCollins

        • PursuitofGreat

          Okay. I will send you an invite.

    • Carrisi

      Start your own and build from there, ignore rosters etc and sign ups to random clans.

      • Haitian Jack

        I have a clan, its just me and 2 people who played ghosts with me that dont have a One or AW. And its gonna be hard to compete with all these other guys with full rosters when its just me trying to play while working during the week.

  • guest

    Great, more full party tryhards I have to play against as I skip around the map

  • Cesario Hernandez

    This game fucking sucks and it’s boring, this game is for 12 yr olds

    • Biff Ibkus

      Blops 1/2 are still the best.

      • FazalGaming

        Na Blops 2 is crap! Blops 1 & WaW are the best.

        • Carrisi

          BO was better, BO2 was good with league play though if you wanted to play competitive. AW is alright to be fair

    • Dean Cowan

      Sorry Mr. Joseph Stalin, we’ll all like what you like master.

  • Blumky

    Since it is nearly impossible to get in a party in this game I don’t see how clan wars are going to work (Xbox1)

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      I’m gunna be in a gold clan war on PS4.

    • Carrisi

      I have no problems with party connection on xbox one.

  • PursuitofGreat

    When will we receive our gear from the last COD Ghosts clan war?

    • FazalGaming

      When Infinity Ward make a good COD. Doesn’t look like you will be getting that gear anytime soon.

    • you needed to play the clan wars and win to unlock them, the Ghosts clan wars are over

      • PursuitofGreat

        I won the last platinum clan war on ghosts. I just didn’t know if they already had pushed that gear to users on AW.

  • Stefan Lang

    Well fuck that. The only time I can do good is TDM and everything else is filled with fucking sweaties.

    • FazalGaming

      I like cheese.

  • FazalGaming

    Everyone cares about gaming consoles and PC’s and stuff! Well I’m sick of it! No one shows respect to the real gamers! Yeah! That’s right! DS bro! DS Lite will kick all your asses. #DSMasterRace

    • Rodoe528

      Nintendo 64 as well right?

      • I still have mine. I just recently played some Super Mario 64 ๐Ÿ™‚

      • FazalGaming

        na, ATARI FTW!

        • Rodoe528

          Yeah! Also with a copy of Pac-Man

          • FazalGaming

            with space invaders

          • Rodoe528

            Better than xbone, PC and ps4 combined bruh

          • FazalGaming

            tru tht

  • Gshow

    Is anyone recuriting for clan on ps4? If so then add me to urclan plz psn hamzagshow

  • Could care less about clan wars now… IW had it right in MW3. You could actually play towards a real prize, not some stupid camo, or playercard. There’s just no point to it anymore… Even Wickedshrapnel of former Wicked Elite said the same thing. If they brought it back to the way it was, it’d be way better. There’s just something about them taking something that actually works, and ruining by trying to make it better…

  • Humza Qureshi

    People need to stop bitching about connection and freezing. I on PS4 and have never frozen or experienced lag. And don’t give me shit about lag comp because i don’t have a bad KD or SPM.

    • Primey_

      People should stop complaining because YOU don’t have issues?

      Haha you’re a fucking joke mate.

      • Humza Qureshi

        Last-gen dialup complainer

        • Primey_

          I play on PC and have a fibre connection. No where in my comment did I say I had problems. Idiot.

    • Colin MacKenzie

      I was going to say something similar. I hadn’t noticed much lag on PS4 outside of the occasional incident in 6v6 pubs. Perhaps you and I are lucky in that regard because our connections are stronger, perhaps PS4 users are just better off in general. I will say that last generation users are almost screwed over issues like the ones you mentioned above.

      • Humza Qureshi


    • Juses

      What you basically said “people need to stop complaining because those problems don’t exsist because I never experienced them”.

      • Xecho

        because some people are lucky enough that they never experience those problems it’s not just everyone that has those problems

      • Humza Qureshi

        Yup. I’m an illogical self-centered bitch. Narcissistic as well

        • Favorite Ape

          You forgot to add dumbshit to your attributes.

  • Juses

    Get rid of clan wars. It’s litteratly aids because it takes no skill to win.

    • no, i could understand for bronze divison but for diamond or platinum, you need to be organized with your clan to know which objectives to take and you only have 4 hours

      • Juses

        I was in ghosts… It still takes no skill. .

        • Siftblade of Rivia

          Well then it’s a good think we have skilled based matchmaking, amirite? ( อกยฐ อœส– อกยฐ)

    • Xecho

      You’re such a negative Nellie

      • Juses

        It’s true…

      • Juses

        whatever lol you fanboy… it’s true clan wars does suck and it’s pointless.

        • Xecho

          >fanboy LOL

          Why are you even here? Why don’t you leave huh? Stop shitting on yourself and everyone else. Again your just the fucking scrooge of everything aren’t you?

          • Juses

            Sir, I don’t know why you’re calling me negative. I just went through you comments and its filled with you calling people “faggots” and just being rude. All you ever do is defend cod, I bet you never had a bad thought about cod in your life. And plz explain why you’re here because I don’t know why you’re asking me that.

          • Xecho

            You went through my comments? Wow some stalker are you. Why are you even bringing up my comments? What’s the point of bringing that up in this argument? So what I am rude big fucking whoop and what are you gonna do about it? OF course I defend CoD I LOVE CoD I hate how it has been over the years. I have played all of the CoDs even Medal of Honor killer. ALL OF EM. YES I WILL DEFEND COD I LOVE COD I AM A BIG FAGGOT FAN BOY. I
            And i do not care.
            I’m asking why you are here because all you do is be negative all the time. It’s sad.

          • Juses

            lol stop acting like cod is a perfect game.

          • Xecho

            LOL CoD is the definition of a broken game

  • Smoove

    Anyone on PS3 trying to join a clan add SmooveAssassin18

  • Siftblade of Rivia

    Clan wars on the weekend before finals? Thanks SH .__.

    • Tricky VIk

      “I feel you.”

  • Random

    The COD community is a bunch of bitchy little girls. All I hear and read is complaint after complaint. Just for your information, SH devs are the old devs from IW and AW is a great game. Just put some effort towards you gaming experience. Learn how to configure your router properly, learn how to aim and learn how to predict the spawns. Grow some balls and get out of the glitches and stop camping in the corners like little girls that can’t take a beating. Like I always say “STEP YOUR GAME UP.”

    • Favorite Ape

      And here I thought the old Devs from IW went to Respawn.
      Seems like the same “Guest” that trolls on these forums every couple days.
      Grow some balls and register an account and use it you bitchy little girl.

  • Super029something

    you guys really over-estimate how much of a difference SBMM makes..

    • Favorite Ape

      Why would you say that? What makes you think you have any idea how much of a difference it makes?

      • Super029something

        Because the main issue is the servers, not the SBMM.

        • Favorite Ape

          I agree.

  • fdsfafd

    nice another recolor of atlas tier 1, atlas recon, atlas orbital
    thanks shg

  • Good, something to get more people on and playing.

  • PatPatPat

    I’ll be in vegas that weekend…well, darn.

  • dan

    Whats with the circle jerk of b02 fans? honestly

  • meow

    Those who are like I’m not getting g any lag clearly are getting it wrong, when people are meaning lag by gameplay delay not stuttering. And.if you don’t notice it then guess you’re lucky to have low standards.

    • Carrisi

      Over the last week I have seen a massive improvement in lag, whether something has changed or not. All my games are now local (England) and the game is running smooth, really enjoying it. Prior to this week I hated it and was totally frustrated, not sure what’s changed but def feels better.

  • MrGladiator20

    The one thing I find funny is last gen is currently ahead of current gen in patches. We’ve had the bal patch for a couple weeks now.

    • Carrisi

      But last gen has horrible freezes I’ve heard

  • waveRaiin

    I just wish everyone would stop hating on AW. To me it isn’t boring, it’s actually quite fun. I can see the detail, the work, and the passion that SHGames put into it, and you’ve got to give them their respect for that. Everyone who is complaining about lag 9 times out of 10 it’s your connection messing up. I reset mine and it was perfectly fine, on top of the it rarely freezes. Yes; the SMG’s do need buffed. And No; the AR’s do not need nerfed. You guys just need to be patient, wait for the patches and DLC’s, then determine what the game was like. You guys are trying to rate it when nothing has been fixed yet. That’s some cold hater-ism right there man, cold. Wait until the game is finished, all patches released, all DLC’s released and then rate the game. It’s only fair.

    • Guywithbrains

      I totally agree. Also Black Ops 2 was really laggy and bad when it launched but it turned out to be one of the best Call of Duty titles to date after MW1, BO1 and WAW (not in my opinion but it is based on what I have heard).

      • Carrisi

        Yeah bo2 was actually worse at launch than aw and they certainly turned that game around. I don’t get the waw love on this site, worse cod in my view I was straight back to cod4 when they launched.

    • jordanxbrookes

      If 90% of the community is complaining about lag issues, then you know there’s something wrong. I doubt the majority of the community is running their consoles on Tesco Mobile 24/7. For me, lag has improved, so that’s a good thing Sledgehammer have done.

    • Carrisi

      I don’t really care how much effort was put into it, I care about the game and how it plays and feels. Two weeks ago I totally get all the moaning but since then the lag has improved and I’m really enjoying the game.

    • Favorite Ape

      I just wished they were passionate about having a better working game before launch. A solid playing game should be priority over everything else.
      All DLC’s released? So give them another 9 months before rating it?

  • Guywithbrains

    So anyone have any guess when we get more info about Zombies in AW? If I remember right this is the week when we get to know more.

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      Probably from the middle to end of December. Idk, I’ve been playing FC4 recently. And Hearthstone’s expansion comes out next week so I’m just hyped for that ๐Ÿ˜›

      • Guywithbrains

        I am thinking if I should get FC4. I tried to play that demo but it doesn’t let me play it “feature unable right now”.

        Now I should find someone to share play it or then if that demo works then that one…

        EDIT: Seems like the demo works for now but my friend who is supposed to play with me gave it to his friend for a while.

        • Siftblade of Rivia

          He has 10 codes lol. Each one is for two hours. Not sure if you could share play ๐Ÿ˜›

          • Guywithbrains

            I just meant that I can’t try the demo without him. Now he doesn’t have the game because his friend has it for a while. So I have to wait (not sure how long though). ๐Ÿ˜›

            And sorry for offtopic moderators…

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            Oh I see ๐Ÿ˜›

      • cool story, you really contributed to the community

  • Diego Diniz

    What if @InfinityWard release DLC Maps for FREE??? I really wanna Play “Favela”, “Departed” and “Mutiny” again. I dont know why the heck they dont do this. NOBODY will buy Ghosts Season Pass with a new COD rollin on.
    They prefer let the Game DIE but dont release the Maps to everybody…So sad!

    • GinsuVictim

      “They prefer let the Game DIE but dont release the Maps to everybody…So sad!”

      This line confuses me. What the hell are you on about?

      • Diego Diniz

        Im Brazilian and I dont speak english very well. What im trying to say is, NOBODY at this time will buy Ghosts Season Pass, right??? So, why the heck they dont release FOR FREE all the Maps on Ghosts???? Maybe if INfinity ward release Favela, Mutiny, Departed, Dinasty, the game will not DIE. You understand me now?

        • GinsuVictim

          I understand, but what you’re saying is stupid. You don’t have to buy the season pass to get the maps. You can buy the map packs on their own.
          Plenty of people will still buy the season pass too. Hell, just this year I bought the Black Ops II season pass.

    • Carrisi

      The game died along time ago. Activision wouldn’t allow this anyway.

    • are you insane? we’re talking ACTIVI$ION here! All they want is profit! they don’t give a shit about their consumers!

  • dan

    hay guys I’m looking for a clan on xbox 360 can someone help me ? GT : iTz KiLl3R sS
    thank you

  • drew james

    Ps4 patch now live in UK.

  • GetGwap247

    Looking for clan members with “nolife” prestige 9 and playalot…need a couple more people on xbox1 that are good,work as a team and win..Money n Murder “MnM” is the clan and are motto is Get Down or Lay Down

  • Guest

    Xbox One Clan – Wild Americans. We are a casual squad, most of us are dads with a few hours a week to play. If you are interested in joining, send a request or add me: PursuitofGreat.

  • Manuel Souza

    live gratis 2014 e isso aiii

  • Lnrm

    In my opinion the games really good i rarely lag and when you’re actually good at the game there’s no problem with the match making. If th spawns are bad learn to not suck and kill em before you. All these 12 year old and 30 year old people complaining about how much it sucks if you don’t like it don’t play it simple as that. And every cod has some means of problems off release. They just brought out a patch that actually balanced some of the weapons. The game is slowly getting better than it already is. And for it being boring i dont think it is at all. Granted ive no lifed the shit out of it its still a great game in my eyes. But ghost. I didnt like the game so what did i do? Not play instead of bitching and moaning about it.

  • Apex

    Ghost was great everything but the spawns. AW has huge lag, game freezes, countless glitches that have not been fixed not a single one even after the first patch, and not to mention hackers on the very first day of release. This is garbage they had 3 years to make the game. Then they nerf the snipers which already have a ridiculous slow ads and the bal because crybaby noobs complained about getting killed because they suck at a crappy game to start with.

  • Jokr

    Where’s my exo

  • ADying Faith

    yay!!! my clan just finished 1st in platinum division

  • Bikk

    When do I get my ย Gold Centurion Exoย for winning clan wars?

  • Deekay Mender

    How do you get the Exo. My clan is 1st rank in Platinum Division but do you get the Exo via Supply drop or what?

  • undead hades07

    my clan won the clan war in platinum division and i didnt get the centurion exo when do you receive that

  • undead hades07

    my clan got first in platinum division but i didn’t receive any centurion gear when do i receive the gear

  • TheToughLuck

    I won, when do I get that sexy Exo?

  • badman

    who won cod aw clan wars for xbox 360

  • dark yena1

    my clan was in platinum and we made first place by a long shot and we still dont have this in our armory. What gives?

  • Sumguytho

    When do we get our clan stuff

  • joaquinb

    Who won the Platinum clan wars?

  • Luis Jimenez

    My opinion we need the dedicated servers u guys promise because the connection sucks.finding a game takes forever and when u do u get kick off In the middle of the game we spend a lot of money buying this game for what u guys fuck it up made it like halo,destiny.bad idea.fix it make the COD gamers happy again.

  • Murad

    When do we get our clan wars rewards

  • DaveD

    It’s not AW, it’s your internet speed. i have 2 days played and have only lagged twice maybe, of course thats maybe becuase i have 75/75 mbps.

    so before you blame AW check your internet speed first

  • waveRaiin

    Why is my Centurion Exo not golden, and have little quality? Like the colors are blurry.


    Ok so my clan it says clan wars rank 1st in platinum. But i didnt get a centurian exo. Wtf

  • cody

    Now after the clan war me and my clan came in first but when i got on today i didnt get my centurian exo but my other clan members did and i dont understand that

  • Squids117

    My clan Team Friction came in first place is the Platinum division. My leader says that we won the centurion exo but I don’t have it. I participated in clan wars but I wasn’t awarded the exo!??!

  • Andrew

    The exo suit and movements is the only thing that put COD back on the map after ghost. It makes the campers cry and whine. Personally I don’t know if I’ll go back to another COD without the same sort of movement

  • tesh

    So. Its been well over 772 hours of getting first place in plat division clan war. And still haven’t gotten gear