Michael Condrey has tweeted out that they’ve heard our feedback regarding the System Hack score streak, and that tuning of it is coming in a future update.

Stay tuned for the latest on Advanced Warfare.

  • I’m so happy they’re finally lo- *System Hack* “All CharlieIntel comments offline!”

    • jordanxbrookes

      Great comment Alex XD

    • XD

    • OldManLight


    • MichiganerE

      *5 seconds later* 100 more System Hacks get called in.

    • Duke of hazard


    • RdJokr

      I run Hard Wired since Day Zero, so it was never a pro-

      Well, fuck.

      • Mr Doge

        Well I use suppressors on my guns, so I’m fine.

        *Gets killed. Checks killcam. Enemy weapon attachments: Parabolic Microphone.
        Well, fuck.

      • I’d run hardwired if toughness wasn’t such a necessity.

        • Mr Doge

          Its not as good as it used to be, look up videos on YT on comparisons for playing without Toughness vs with Toughness. Difference is there, but its not a huge difference like the past CoD’s that had the Toughness perk.

        • Adrian Rivera III

          It’s not a necessity if you need perks that affect your gun then you’re not going to get better you’ll only rely on those perks n get crushed when u don’t I don’t use anything but stealth perks

      • ccrows

        I run HW on a couple of my classes too, but what doesn’t make any sense is that you can’t run your own SS while using HW.

        BO2 – if you ran HW you could run streaks.

        Yes I know Assassin Pro couldn’t run streaks in MW3, but I figured SH would have learned from that.

        Then again they haven’t learned from SBMM, so I guess using a gimped HW perk would make sense now that I think about it… 🙁

    • FIX

      They wasted 3 years literally i dont get it !! what did they do in 3 years because 70-80% of the guns are just copy paste like: ARX160,AK12,GRACH,BULLDOG,IMR(M8A1)and etc the engine is just BO2 with exo suit and the Perks are the same and toughness is again dominating any other perk.
      Im just wondering what they did in 3 years themselves freaking painting exo suit on a tissue ?? Sledgehammer these stuff like GUN BALANCING, SBMM, HIT DETECTION, 50 point for each kill in gametypes like momentum Should have been solved a year ago of course you guys decide to bring people who earn money from the franchise to judge the game since they wont say anything bad instead of releasing a beta or inviting random active players of the leader board to test the game if you guys were so passionate about your game you wouldnt be afraid of beta.

  • TheGamerBeast

    yeah saw the tweet and i WAS HAPPY, because players use it more than UAV now and it’s pissing me off, SPECIALLY THAT BIG FAT LOGO

  • yardis

    Thank god. I have been waiting on a fix for that thing since launch. It’s to powerful to be that low of a streak. Maybe if the pop up was an added cost, it wouldn’t be nearly as bad.

  • jooker-jr

    The logo alone is OP.

    • Grigori

      That logo is the worst part

      • People, Look Things Up!

        My friends and I call it Watchdogs 2, lol we’re always like “God damn it Aiden!!” (main character from Watchdogs)

        • Andymca72

          You and your friends sound like a riot!

          • People, Look Things Up!

            lol in a good or bad way?

  • The7Reaper

    System Hack is the reason I run Hard Wired now

    • Diego Diniz

      All Classes with it right now…

      • B1gg Randall

        Yep. No more scavenger tho

    • Tim Vikouski

      as you should because its in the game for that reason

      • awkenney

        Or you could eliminate System Hack and Hard Wired and simplify the game back to gunplay even more. Honestly at this point adding more of whatever to the game does not produce any benefit, it only feeds the trolls.

        • SourInsanity

          lose some weight fat ass

          • Nice, way to be a fucking dickhead for no reason.

          • Sniper

            As a fat ass, I take offense.

        • dan

          But then people will complain like they do now saying “Copi n payste 0mg c0d sux its da same evri year nothin new”

    • OldManLight

      extremely necessary for all objective games at the moment. I was playing Dom over the weekend and i swear i was repeatedly system hacked about 5 or 6 times. i still hear the static now.

      • Ryan Collewijn

        on greenband xD if so that was me and my clan

  • Diego Diniz

    I hope they release NEW SCORESTREAKS on “Havoc”, “Ascendance”, “Supremacy”, & “Reckoning”…

  • Biff Ibkus

    Anyone else gone back to Ghosts? I find it surprisingly enjoyable now, especially since the hit detection is so good. Must be the CoD Cycle.

    Plus I like the camos and weapon balance better. =P

    • Diego Diniz

      I like Ghosts DLC maps. Departed, Favela, Muitiny and Dinasty are VERY GOOD MAPS. But i cant find any people to play DLC maps…only Strikezone 24/7
      EDIT: Hit detection is GREAT on Ghosts.

      • Biff Ibkus

        Agreed. I’m loving the DLC, but only like 1000 people are online on Xbox One.

        • Diego Diniz

          I send a tweet to @InfinityWard, but everybody knows thats NOT gonna happen!

          • Its already dead, let it rest in peace.

          • People, Look Things Up!

            Can’t believe I bought Ghosts 3 times because of 360, PS4 and Xbox One and the season pass twice, had to have a PS4 and Xbox One ?

          • I might even pull ghosts out of dogs mouth to have a game if all dlc was free

          • Mr Doge

            Doesn’t make much sense for them to make the DLC free. I mean it would be cool for the people who didn’t buy the DLC, but it would be very unfair towards the people that spent a crap load of money for the DLC packs.

          • ur gay af

            woah 50 fucking dollars. so much money right?

        • Couple dozen in Hardcore of that 1000.

    • Uh, no. Ghosts is still a pile of poo. Advanced Warfare is a slightly less stinky pile of poo.

      • Diego Diniz

        Do you played DLC maps??? Dude…they are GOOD!

        • Carrisi

          True, but gameplay is still terrible, someone looks at you your dead

          • People, Look Things Up!

            So true, the game was literally just “I have better internet I win” the only time I had fun was Gamebattes and only on my host because otherwise you would just get 2 shot, literally with the Vector

        • People, Look Things Up!

          The dlc maps in Ghosts were the worst ever…none were even near fun, they beat MW3 for the worst dlc season

    • Guest


    • Stentar

      I do enjoy Ghosts hit detection and solid connection, but it plays pretty slow after playing AW, especially with all those large maps. I’ve actually been playing more MW3. There were over 26,000 players on PS3 the other day.

    • RdJokr

      Ghosts is literally a ghost town on PC. So no.

    • kplem

      gonna get ghosts on PS4 since it’s only 20 bucks pre owned, im really enjoying plants vs zombies garden warfare, having so much fun! i recommend everyone to try plants vs zombies garden warfare, it destroys BO2, Ghosts, AW, it is just pure fun + it’s a 24 player game 12v12 is ultra fun

      • DopeAap

        20 bucks is way too much for that shitty game. Get Wolfenstein or Shadow Warrior instead, you will thank me later

        • kplem

          already finished wolfenstein on PC when it came out, it’s better than AW, it’s only 20 PLUS all ghosts REALLY needed for me was 12v12 and better killstreaks (and less annoying female character voices GOD they are annoying)

          • DopeAap

            Tried Shadow Warrior yet?


        • Kobrah

          I got it while it was free

      • People, Look Things Up!

        Tried it for a little, was to easy and I felt like I was playing bots on Titanfall, also felt 6 years old so I’ve moved on and sold it

        • kplem

          play the good players them, lol i feel 6 when i play BO2 and AW

          • People, Look Things Up!

            I played several good people, I was just that much more dominant, I enjoyed gardens and graveyards though, liked the way it made you progress in the map

    • jordanxbrookes

      I was considering just to see how many players are actually playing Ghosts lol

    • Simon

      Whoever said “In a month people will start saying Ghosts is enjoyable” – there ya go.

      • guest

        i guess two people saying it counts

      • Ha, nope. Ghosts is still not enjoyable, never will be for most people.

        • Pierce

          They sayes that for bo2 mw3 etc! It happens every year! Give it a couple months and people will say aw is poo and ghosts was better then we thought!
          The COD cycle, it is always there!

          • People, Look Things Up!

            MW3 was bad during its life, BO2 was great during its life and it’s still great now, barely anything OP, the maps were great, and it was the last competitive game that made sense, pros were able to use both SMGs and ARs in BO2 where as Ghosts was all Vector and AW is all BAL

          • Pierce

            But for BO2 remember the massive sniper nerf? Pretty much anyone who commonly sniped went all ballistic and sayes BO2 sucked and they all went back to MW3 (which what better than people say)

          • People, Look Things Up!

            Lol I actually forgot about that, mainly because I barely play pubs and just always played GBs so if anyone sniped it was hard scoping, good point though, didn’t affect me though ?

      • Duke of hazard

        I knew this was gonna happen. It happens every single year. No one should surprised anymore.

      • SPAWNST4R

        The previous “shit” CoD is always more enjoyable because all the no/quick scopers, corner campers, glitchers and general fucktards have moved onto the new one. Black Ops2 was kind of ok for a while after Ghosts came out, unfortunately most of the dicks are back on BO2 now.

    • Psychomaggot105

      Your not alone! I haven’t played AW since its second week out.

    • Carrisi

      Ghosts is terrible because of the instant deaths, however at least it feels like a cod. If I wasn’t on next gen I’d be playing bo2

      • People, Look Things Up!

        Bought a 360 just to go back and play BO2, not that I’m staying was just nice and fun nostalgia

    • Nope, that game is just awful. That Cod cycle bs is only true when the current newest Cod game is from Infinity Ward. They always make me go back to the previous Cod because their games are bad.

    • TheShadowReaper

      AW had all the potential in the world to become a great game, maybe even so great that we could be drawing comparisons to COD4. but its also a great example that potential alone wont get you very far. and in case of AW it certainly didnt.

    • Oaksoh

      I never left Ghosts. I bought AW, didn’t like how futuristic it was, and went back to Ghosts about a week later. Too bad the servers are SO dead if you own DLC! :/

      • People, Look Things Up!

        You don’t like how futuristic it was? ? you mean you were one of those kids who are really bad at the game and only killed people because Ghosts was easy and killed people for you, so now that you’re bad at AW you go back because you can’t hang and need easy kills? Understandable, stay on Ghosts you’ll get smacked if you come back to AW anyway

        • Oaksoh

          Haha, no. I have a 2.6 K/D on AW and I play aggressive. I just completely hate futuristic games compared to the original CoD style. That’s why I always preferred WW2 shooters over games like Halo. And my K/D in Ghosts is about 2.4 so Ghosts isn’t really easier to get kills on. You’re probably one of those kids who didn’t like Ghosts because you couldn’t maintain a good K/D and died constantly. The only real problem with Ghosts was the knifing after you get past the bad maps that come without the DLC. And can I bring up how crisp Ghosts’ servers were compared to AW? You would RARELY lag. In AW it’s worse than BO2 and it just screws you over. :p

          • People, Look Things Up!

            In Ghosts I had a solid 1.9 for the first prestige I played, other than that I played GBs so the connection was dependent on whoever was hosting, it was just a bad unbalanced game with an awful color pallet, I bet you’re a Ghoster

    • Bob

      No..just no… And actually the traditional CoD cycle has at least been broken this time around; cant recall anyone playing Ghosts.

      Sadly, I hate it so much I sold it to GameStop and is one of the first CoD games that I did such a thing


    • People, Look Things Up!

      Hahah, what a joke ? you’re what’s killing CoD, you complain and complain then they make a new game, which you CANT WAIT FOR and yes it has faults but you’re just a joke! Go play a new series because if you’re going back to Ghosts you must have really sucked at AW and just can’t hang kid…Ghosts is easy and takes no skill, they expect people like you to leave, you’re the reason that these games launch with issues, because you’re never happy with what they give you! I know the game has problems trust me I’ve expressed my feelings but to say you’re going back to Ghosts just truly shows the little kids that contribute to the CoD cycle

      • Biff Ibkus

        #1 – I’m not a kid.
        #2 – I never said ‘I CAN’T WAIT FOR AW.” In fact, I wasn’t excited, just intrigued.
        #3 – Ghosts wasn’t bad, nor was it easy and took no skill.
        Finally, if you really feel like Exo suits belong in CoD, you should leave. Enjoy your small and weak weapon list (arguably the worst in CoD history), despite a 3 year development cycle. You are the one being fooled, not I.

        • People, Look Things Up!

          You make valid arguments about the weapon list…it’s a joke, and the only useable gun is the BAL anyway, but there is a reason the pros even hated Ghosts, it took no skill, you died to fast and there was nothing you could do about getting shot in the back…it took 2 bullets to kill people and when getting shot in the back you were done, only chance was turning a corner in hopes you wouldn’t get shot around it, in AW the suits allow you to react more especially with a Scuf making your accuracy and gun skill more necessary, unlike Ghosts where kids just sat in corners and you couldn’t turn around in time…when people shoot me in the back I turn on them regularly, you must have been one of those kids and went back to Ghosts

        • People, Look Things Up!

          This game is not perfect in any way, but it still makes Ghosts look like a flash shooter ?

  • zINz_FURY

    Without the X it wouldn’t be so annoying but any nerf would be better than nothing.

  • System Hack distorting all radar functionality and disrupting the Exo is perfectly fine. The insanely large graphics and screen distortion are just too much, though. The graphics and screen distortion make it an OP scorestreak.

    • omar_soft

      Right, I dont mind the EMP part of it, but the fact that I have to have my screen blocked by some skull and crossbones every time I die, and then on top of it I make a loud distinct sparking noise and my exo sparks, its really annoying

    • Carrisi

      The massive logo centre screen is ridiculous.

    • OldManLight

      IMO the exo, radar, hud, and the noise are all fine, but keep that effing logo out of my face especially every time i respawn!

  • hunter

    Thank god. Been wanting this since the first week of launch. They really need to remove the big ass logo though when someone gets a system hack. It’s really annoying. I hope they fix other scorestreaks though. They really need a buff. I don’t even use any of the scorestreaks now because they’re so bad.

  • Patrick Toworfe

    That image is much better. Hacked HUD instead of OMG LOOK AT ALL THESE POP UPS AND SCAN LINES BWAHAHAHA

  • Chiraq

    I cant complain when I use it myself. Now about that EM1..

    • Faolan

      Gawd that thing is rediculesly OP. Oh look colorful laser. (1.5 seconds later) Oh look im dead. Gawd I hate that thing. Its worse then the BAl-27 with foregrip. Which is still OP as f**k.

  • twitch/slingshot115

    Boooooooo….. I use the System Hack BECAUSE its ridiculously annoying. don’t ruin it please

  • jordanxbrookes

    I thought EMP was annoying, System Hack takes that to a whole new level. Anyway, I hope they only increase the score requirement by 200 or 300.

    • Aymen Skiken

      they better increase it to 9000

      • TheShadowReaper

        but no more than 9000 because Vegetta will file a public complain about it.

  • Cosima McInnes

    “Domination … secure the flags ….. *2 seconds later* …. system hack friendly HUDs disabled”

    what makes it worse is that the perk to counter it hard wired is in the same tier as scavenger , blast suppressor and toughness -_-

    • bigb22

      If hard wired was in a different perk class, System Hack would become useless as everyone would run hard wired.

      • Carrisi

        True but I don’t think system hack should be as easy to earn, it’s very op for the amount of effort to earn it

      • People, Look Things Up!

        It’s just so hard to, when you need Toughness and Blast Supressor

    • awful balancing

    • çħιđєɾå™

      I think they were high when putting in perks coz they put all important one into one tier and the bad ones into another

      • Mr Doge

        They made a good decision when putting all the good perks in one tier. Separation of good perks is the reason why OMA and Danger Close in MW2 happened. Like with the perk system in Ghosts, it was good, but you could combine any perk with another, which lead to some things such as killstreaks becoming useless. The way they did it in AW was good, so now you have to chose between Hardwired, Toughness, Blast Suppressor and Scavenger. To be honest, System Hack doesn’t bother me. Because if you don’t suck at the game, then you will be the one getting the System Hacks. 😉

        • çħιđєɾå™

          i only use blast suppressor and scavenger I don’t use toughness coz its a useless perk at least to me

      • People, Look Things Up!

        Are you kidding? I only run flak jacket from Tier One, all the bad perks are in Tier 2

  • NiftyGam3r

    It takes a lot for me to get mad at games, but this system hack shit really got to me last night. Domination game, every single player on the enemy team had the system hack streak, because right after the other they kept letting them go, came to the point where i yelled at sentinel to stfu

  • Ugh, its so annoying. I dont camp, but when that comes on sometimes I look for a place to hide until it goes away because you can’t see very well.


  • condorado


  • Blaine

    How about fucking removing SBMM from pubs so I can play again

    • spbokl


      • DEMOLITION12

        level isnt an indicator of skill lmfao

        • jordanxbrookes

          What a plonker that guy was lol

        • Mr Doge

          Actually it is, because Im pretty sure in most scenarios, a Master prestige is far better than some one who just started.

          • Best-Guest

            True but don’t forget AW uses BO2 data and ghosts aswell to determine skill.

            Make an acc never used on cod before and watch the noobs and low levels you get in that.

            The current setup has to go, it’s terrible.

          • Mr Doge

            Not really, when I first started, I still found high leveled people. I still think Connection is prioritized over Skill, otherwise I would always be in lobbies with Americans and people from halfway across the world from where I am.

        • jooker-jr

          I played a FFA round with a player in max rank, I cant even hit him/her

      • Mr Doge


      • Michael

        It’s called reverse boosting. He probably killed himself to play with low level skilled players. Which I don’t blame those people man. SBMM suck major ass.

      • Jay

        SBMM is def in the game. Whoever says it’s not is a fucken retard. It’s too easy to test it out yourself.

  • Stentar

    Instead of displaying the “System Hack” pop up on the screen. It will instead be replaced with adds for Mt. Dew and Doritos.

    • People, Look Things Up!

      Don’t forget the rainbow frog!!

      • FazalGaming

        Aswell as Weed & Snoop Dogg

  • Guywithbrains

    Domination is so awesome if you are on a winning and dominating team. However, if not…

    38 points vs. 156 points, “Enemy Paladin inbound!”, “System hack, friendly HUDs have been disabled!” “Enemy Warbird inbound!” *enemy gets fury kill with Bombing Run*

    • Carrisi

      Yeah kill streaks too easy to earn now. Playing on your own can be a nightmare

  • Vicsupreme

    Smh the COD community just bitches too much. Like Jesus Christ, there’s a freaking counter perk in the game. I KNOW tier 3 has the most crutch perks but All you have to do is set aside ONE class w hard wired in it that you can switch to when you realize you’re in a lobby w people spamming system hacks. Like seriously guys, and on top of that its only one game mode that people spam it in.

    • Faolan

      For starters, no. It isn’t spammed in one game mode. Im on 360 and onlt play TDM, I frequently get system hacked atleast 4 times in each match. And its consistant. So no. Its not an isolated thing. 2nd thing. Why should I have to make a class for 1 specific counter? I thought SH said there would be no ABSOLUTLY NEEDED perks. Well at this point hard wired is a must. I shouldn’t have to change a class just for 1 streak. Its stupid. and 3erd. The streak is set at a redicules point value. Name one COD where a EMP was only 6 kills. Name 1. You can’t. Because there are none. 600 points is way to low, and no one puts attachments on it. It really needs to cost more, Thats the only way to stop the redicules amount of spam.

      • Vicsupreme

        It won’t kill you to have an anti-scorestreak class set aside. They gave you a counter, what more could you want? If you choose to run the same two tier 3 perks on every class that is your fault for not being diverse. I’ve learned to play without being dependent on any of the tier 3 perks…so I don’t get scared when I’m not running toughness or blast suppressor. Don’t bitch about something that you counter. Like I said it won’t kill you to put ONE unusual perk on ONE class. It won’t fuck up your experience by using that class

    • God guys we bitch just like jesus awsm

  • Tim Vikouski

    but no fix for the garbage match making go figure optic must of through a fit so they had to fix it

  • Tim Vikouski

    wear hard wired thats what it is their for

    • Carrisi

      Not when toughness and blast supresser is crucial.

      • Tim Vikouski

        thats why their is choices ,you gotta make that call

        • derrrrrrrrrrrrr


      • Best-Guest

        Since when was toughness crucial!

        I’ve never used it.

  • Tim Vikouski

    this is so funny just like the other game people cryed about IEDs or their to power full well they made a perk for it in the game wear it ,oh yea that would make to much sense lol

  • Faolan

    I for one am gald there finally hitting this OP streak. Why they made a EMP only require 6 kills is beyond me. And then add in the objective points… My blood is boiling just talking about it. All they really need to do is make the distortion a little better, make the logo show real quick then go away and make the base streak require more points. It really shoule be a 1200 point base streak.

  • ScOott

    Once this is fixed no one will use score streaks all will become useless 😀

  • TehShadewRaeper

    I love getting system hacked because it reminds me so much of the experience on PC. Hacked all the time with minimal support.

  • Jesse Romero

    system hack needs to be a higher kill streak, played a game with 14 enemy system hacks and 9 friendly, after the last update its just gotten ridiculous. get rid of the skull and cross bones after the first time not every time you die, and stop spawning me in the exact spot i just died at, in front of the guy that just killed me

  • Dr. Salim

    They should change the system hack to how that guys computer was in GTA V was when Michael had to get rid of all of the pop-ups.

    • Drasadex

      lmao that would be hilarious

    • Mr Doge


  • Baldmanz_RAGE

    I’m even OK having it as a support only streak but make it like 1400 score to get. This will cut down the frequency. What is probably going to happen is that they will increase the points to 800 or so and no one will use it. Which is 100% perfectly fine with me. This annoying crap shouldn’t be in the game in the first place.

  • Anthony


  • Savage Mojo

    Put Hard Wired in the tier 2 perk slot, increase the score required to earn the system hack, and remove that dang logo. A quick flash is fine but a huge logo in the middle of the dang screen for 3 seconds is obnoxious.

    • yardis

      Yeah, the logo in the middle should be an add on for 200 points.

      • Ak74u

        That’s a nice idea lol, but seriously who the f*k’s idea was it to put a big fat flashing logo in the middle of your screen where you aim your gun

  • Savage Mojo

    Oh and make the matchmaking connection based. Perfect Game.

  • repo

    It’s nice that they are telling about new updates.How about you release you older update on the pc first or is it realy so hard to do?

  • fires

    What about the EM-1? IDK about PS4/Xbone, but that thing is a death laser that destroys everyone on 3/360, it overshadows everything that is in the heavy weapons. Dont even start with the more OP variants.

    • Dan Marsh

      Its pretty balanced on the PS4, good but not OP. But a ton of fun to use!

      • jooker-jr

        Winning a FFA round with it in the ps4 is so satisfying

    • Ak74u

      Please please please i hope they don’t give it a buff I hate it so much already and it’s annoying its already a strong weapon

  • Why not remove the killcam entirely for all modes while you’re at it? We can’t see the person’s perk setup as it is, and we already know what gun they were using! Either an assault rifle or an EM1. And it’s not that hard to distinguish between the two.

    • XtremeK1ll3r

      Personally i like more to not see the perks of the other person , they just did it like in mw3 killcam

  • Cadence

    Increase the score for it to 800 (maybe make it last 6 secs longer by default to compensate) and make dom kills away from the flag 75. Also make the initial round cap only 50. I think that would cut down on a lot of spam. Bombing run should be increased as well to 775.

  • Ak74u

    Did the patch that was on current gem already come to previous gen? The one with the smg buffs and stuff

    • Rodoe528


      • Ak74u

        Ok that’s what I thought thank you hopefully soon and they fix the connections too

        • alex

          If you’re talking about the one with the Bal nerf . Yes

  • LovekillerX

    Yeah… system hack in domination is a cancer…

  • Mr codman1976

    They need to sort the connection and SBMM if they do not sort that out on the next patch then this will be the first call of duty game I sale on. And as I got the atlas pro edition it will be a sore pill to swallow.

  • Guywithbrains

    Let’s see how “EMP” has been in the latest Call of Duty titles…

    MW2: 15 kills
    MW3: Support… O_O
    BO2: 1300 points (13 kills for example in TDM)
    AW: 5-6 kills

    I think they haven’t got it right in any of these titles. What I think is that EMP, nowadays called System Hack, should be 8 killstreak in AW. Also get rid of that stupid skull which covers my whole TV screen.

    What do you guys think?

    • daniel

      Emp in those games lasted three times longer, destroyed and disabled killstreaks for the duration and equipment , flashed the screen and removed hud

      In AW you would need the ability to add 5 modules to get that effect and even if you could it would cost:

      300 for 2 extented lifetimes
      50 for flash
      50 for equipment block
      400 for scorestreak disable

      But since you can only have 3 modules the closest you can get to an emp would cost 1300 points which is fair by the other games standards especially since its much harder to get streaks in objective based modes in AW due to only 50 points per regular kill. Honestly cant see how people think its OP

      • yardis

        They upped it to 100 per kill in the last patch. That’s why everyone is complaining now.

    • Baldmanz_RAGE

      MW2-15 kills equals no one used it.
      MW3-Support equals everyone used it.
      BO2-1300 points equals no one used it.
      AW-5-6 Kills(in certain game modes)equals everyone uses it.

      I agree, no one got it right which leads me to believe it should not be in the game.
      Done, No more problem!!
      The reason people love or have great memories of COD4 is that there wasn’t all this useless crap messing up the game. All of this extra stuff is all for show and just becomes utterly annoying!! Keep it simple and fun and people will love it!!

      • Guywithbrains

        In Call of Duty 4 it was so much fun to get behind enemy snipers with silenced P90. What made that possible is that, as you said, there wasn’t any dominating killstreaks and sky was most of the time empty. Just pure gun vs. gun combat.

        Maybe WaW2 (if Treyarch makes one) can bring back skill based gun vs. gun combat with simple killstreaks like for example mortar.

    • Cat hunter

      but system hack doesnt work like a EMP unless you customize it.

  • It’s just 20 seconds of Bzz Bzz and fuzzy screen and it doesn’t even kill active streaks. People keep bitching about it and same time refuse to pick up perk to counter it. Everyone seems so crazy about Blast Suppressor. As one guy on reddit mentioned: “Overhyped = Overpowered” in the eyes of community.

  • NeonPhyzics

    Thumbs up !

  • Ryan Collewijn

    they need to patch this glitch in infected if the infected leaves it wont reset and youre stuck in the game ugh but still its a pretty good game only some minor glitches (=

  • Cat hunter

    i dont understand why people are so but hurt by it, they gave you a perk to offset it, i guess some people just wont be happy till the game is made just the way they want it

    • yardis

      It’s because that perk is in the same category as Scavenger, Toughness, Hardline, and Blast Suppressor. Toughness and Blast Suppressor are almost required if you want to do good in AW. Where as if it was in tier one or two, there would be no problem. Tier one has one useful perk and tier two has one useful perk.

      • Cat hunter

        I do just fine running it as my third perk, perhaps people should use perk 3 greed, can’t have your cake and eat it too.

        • yardis

          I run Hard Wired on all of my classes because the last patch created system hack spam. You say use tier 3 greed but that is the problem. All of the perks in tier 3 are good, where as in tier 1 and 2 there are only 1 or 2 useful perks. The perk system is horribly unbalanced. The only useful perk in tier 1 is Low Profile. In tier 2 you have Blind Eye, and in tier 3 it’s every single perk. Three perks in tier 3 are almost a requirement to do good.

  • B1lumky

    Every time I get system hacked I have to check my drawers.