Michael Condrey has confirmed on Twitter that the first season for Ranked Play is currently expected to start sometime in early January.

Sledgehammer Games has been working on many improvements to Ranked Play, some of which were released in the update that launched last week on Xbox One and PS4. For Season 1, the top 100 players will receive the Grand Master Reward.

SOURCE: @MichaelCondrey

  • jordanxbrookes


    • Miguel’s Secret

      Potassium, bitch.

      • jordanxbrookes

        Correct m8.

  • Ranked Play?!?!….the whole game is skill based match making hahaha?!?!?

    • They should change the name to how “Ranked Play” differs to public matches. Not how it’s the same.

    • CoDforever

      Bro stop being a pussy and suck it up .. there is no confirmation that SBMM is even in the public mathes ..

      Cause in BO2 everyone thought that when treyarch said something about SBMM that it was in all lobies when it actually only meant they have “league play” now lol.. So SBMM in bo2 was actually just their way of saying theres now a mode which allows you to play against people your skill level (League play) and all the idiots complaining on bo2 was about SBMM in bo2 which is absolute bs because i raped 80% of my lobbies ..

      • jordanxbrookes

        Yes there is. Does this image ring any bells? And before you say “He tried to join a Ranked match”, this image started circulating before the big patch happened, and the big patch included the “Turn On” of SBMM for Ranked Play, so he must have tried to join a Public Match. SBMM is a joke, at least Treyarch had the decency to remove it from Public Matches within 2 weeks -_-

        • zombiefreak935

          What? You can get an error code that your too good/bad to join a game session?

          • Error: You suck at cod too much to play it, play it and be good to play the game.
            Error: Paradox
            Error: System Hack Online

          • zombiefreak935

            HAHA XD

        • Jast

          Advanced Warfare at its finest.

      • Watch Drift0rs video on it. He shows the coding in the game

        • Kobrah

          He deleted that video

          • How come? Did he get a strike or something?

          • Common Sense

            Because Drift0r gets paid off by Activision to promote their game. He’s not to be trusted.

          • Kobrah

            He wouldn’t go into detail
            ‘I have my reasons’

      • BDigg

        It’s def. in the game.
        My cousin had not played cod since MW3. He just got AW and I played on his account. The kids in his lobbies were all low rank, low skill level. Nothing at all like the lobbies I see playing this game.
        IMO they should remove it. All my games are basically the same, really close most people right around even kd. I mean I would like to have some variety in my matches, some close games and some blowouts where I can run around stupid.

        • got do with u?

          I don’t see you mention that you want to be destroyed every third game. Maybe, just maybe, the weaker players don’t either. What people really want is to bully and dominate weaker players.

          Personally, except for the lag issues, I’d much prefer to play my own skill level.

      • Dean Cowan

        No, Blops 2 did have SBMM for the fitst few months. Then they added the ability to choose the type. SBMM, location and connection. Secondly, you can actually test it. I believe they’ve removed it on PS4 though, I get into god lobbies, and sweaty lobbies alike.

      • TopiiHD

        Lol he means why have a section for Ranked play when the whole of multiplayer is SBMM so there’s no diff really…

      • Batman

        Yes there is, Drift0r already checked the game codes

      • Bruh iFUKTURMUM

        Agreed, people get #REKT when I play.

  • Common Sense

    Still waiting on dedicated servers… Don’t give me that whole they have been active since release globally. Yeah THOSE servers are regional servers, and only apply to matchmaking. So tired of the b.s. from these companies.

    • MichiganerE

      Yep, Advanced Warfare doesn’t have Dedicated Servers, it has “Dedicated” Servers.

      • Common Sense

        They have had these regional servers since cod4. It matches you with people in the region. However, with the introduction of SBMM. You are now being placed in different regions. What I want is TRUE dedicated servers, where matches are gone through an actual server and not p2p host. Of course you don’t understand this. This is exactly what Michael Condrey and Glen want you to do. They try to trick you with PR b.s.

        • MichiganerE

          Don’t understand what? CoD doesn’t have actual dedicated servers, there’s a reason I quoted dedicated in my last comment. CoD seriously needs full on Deds like Battlefield, no more of this Listening Server bullshit.

  • guestrits


    • CoDforever

      Why would you call them “sweaty tryhards” if they are your “level” lol your definitely no one to judge if ur just like em

    • Slothigans

      The stupidity is strong here.

    • jordanxbrookes

      You know what the worse part is? SBMM was originally turned on in Pubs, but was off in Ranked Play; the most recent patch has only just “Turned On” SBMM for Ranked Play. There is no logic. -_-

      • zombiefreak935

        What does rank have to do with skill?

  • CoDforever

    WTF Please fix it to be exactly like bo2 league play!

    This is abslutely ridiculous how ranked play is basically clan v clan 2.0 like shit.


    • Overachiever

      This isn’t even “INFINITYWARD” smfh

    • What does IW have to do with ANY of this?

  • XtremeK1ll3r


    • Xecho

      wow so funny

      • It’s good enough to get 35 likes.

        How about cut the cynical act for a while?

        • Xecho

          Too much complaining on this site. I haven’t even commented at all because every other comment is about lag. Am I the only one who rarely lags at all? I know a few others don’t but oh my god. People complain so damn much.

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            Yeah. Haven’t been commenting much because it’s all the same stuff every comment section and it’s really stupid.

          • Xecho

            Oh my god… EXACTLY

        • Xecho

          By the way it’s spelt cynical. By the by I don’t think you know what cynical even means how am I being cynical? I am not being in anyway cynical. It’s not funny at all I am being sarcastic. Unless I don’t know what cynical means either. This game is more like ASM1 AK12 HBRA3 of SBMM (not even for me have SBMM have been problems for me)

          • Big deal, I misspelled the word, you’re still being cynical, most of the time you’re being being hateful.

            The subject isn’t about SBMM, and if it was, good for you, YOU don’t, but others do, and it’s apparent in the community for a reason.

    • zombiefreak935


    • ScOott

      😮 now… This has shocked me … Top comment SBMM … Who would of thought it! May be they will listen now this is the 720nd top comment on the matter … Or not

      • anon


    • Ak74u

      The BAL part does not apply it isn’t as good as it used to be anymore I can’t take the recoil on the 360

    • Mikey9835

      I don’t see what the problem is with ssbm. I’ve played the game for a while now and not once has someone with a bad connection affected my game. If I had lag it would be a problem with my internet. BO2 didn’t have ssbm and now it’s a lag fest. Besides I don’t want people thinking I’m a noob when I buy the game again for the PS4

  • Slothigans

    Off topic but did anyone else see the mid season finale of the flash? It was incredible.

    • Overachiever

      Did you see the mid season final of The Walking Dead??

      • Slothigans



    remove the SBMM

    • Guest

      Or remove the lag…

      • As long as you play a game online, you will never get rid of lag. Just throwing that out there.

        • Common Sense

          Somehow mw2 has had the best connection out of any of the games I’ve played… You know why? Because they actually cared about that game.

          • Guestrits2

            Haha they cared about mw2…most broken game with the noob tubes, oma, danger close

  • shantzonpoint

    Ranked is where SBMM should be. I wouldn’t mind it so much in regular game mode (even though it seems kind of redundant) except there are horrible connection issues because of it.

  • Stefan Lang

    Blehh, going back to MW2 until they remove SBMM. It’s been alot of fun these passed few days.

    • cod 4 has been my go to when AW isn’t feeling it’s best 🙂

      • Overachiever

        same (;

      • It’s allitle strange, I think they silently fixed cod4 ( which is absolsultey stupid ) because I haven’t been on a hacked server for weeks.

        • I’ve noticed the same. I guess it’s a good thing though 🙂

    • Carrisi

      Wish I could but stuck on next gen

  • So nobody is going to comment on how advanced warfare was on South Park? Okay then…

    • Xecho

      Advanced Warfare was on South Park.

    • ScOott

      wtf how did I miss this

  • CrowReap .

    3 years of development is a joke. Ranked play will actually be playable after 2 months of the game’s release. FUCKING JOKE BO2 was way better league play and connection wise. at least they got rid of sbmm within the first month fuck this game just waiting for treyarch’s bo3 or waw2

    • Carrisi

      Agree with the majority of that rant except the connection in bo2 was a lot worse at times

  • Super029something

    You fuckers must bitch about the smallest amount of lag or some shit ‘ oh my bullet reg was 0.239 seconds late wtf sbmm!!!! ‘ I have 15 download 45 ping and I only lag like 1 in every 50 games. smh.

  • Batman

    Fuck you SHG, I have digital pro edition on my x1 and I cant get acess to my AE4

  • Overachiever

    Does anyone ever have a problem with disqus? I keep having password problems, I’ve changed my password 7 times this week…

  • spartanelite

    I’m sure they’ll take out SBMM out when the first season of ranked comes out I’m sure its only there for the time being

  • Antonis Kleopa

    Good PC, good connection, good player, i have no lag! Whats everyone talking about.

  • Maxim Kemple

    Looking for a ranked play clan…
    ps3 zMr_Fisterz pretty good
    ranked like 87 in CTF
    got gold load out and jacket