PlayStation has released the store top charts for the month of November, and revealed that Advanced Warfare has come in at #2, behind RockStar’s Grand Theft Auto V. For PS3, Advanced Warfare came in first place for the month, even beating out Minecraft.

In a debut that likely surprised nobody, Grand Theft Auto V has blasted to the top of the PlayStation Store charts for November. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and Assassinโ€™s Creed Unity filled out the top three, with Far Cry 4 and Minecraft trailing just a little further behind.

PS3 is a different story, with CoD: Advanced Warfare nabbing the top spot over runner-up Minecraft.

Call of Duty DLCs still came in across the charts, on both PS4 and PS3.

See the full chart on PS.Blog

  • ScOott

    Maybe if they removed SBMM they would be first ๐Ÿ˜‰ lol

  • kplem

    thank god for that very great news GTA V deserved it.

    • Yogi Bear

      Lmao retard, its counting only per month

      • kplem

        no shit you ass. but GTA V came out 15 days after AW still outselling it what a shame

  • yeah I really do agree with people that SBMM has got to go…. and for everyone asking SBMM is Skill Base Match Making…

  • Still nothing about SBMM from the devs… Good for everyone who enjoys the game, but I just can’t :s

    • I deleted AW from my PS4 4 days ago due to SBMM and number of others BS. Some of my friends gave up this game long ago and some of my hardcore CoD friends just play Destiny. I got 1-2 friends that haven’t buy a CoD since BO2 waiting for Treyarch and buying it only for zombies. I use to play with them all day back in MW3 and BO2 days. Due to all these new IP games, the CoD community is breaking up; there seems to be more squeakers than adults. I can tell you are a hardcore fan, saw your tweets and the neglect you are getting is beyond fucking real. Point is, all these veterans that have been playing CoD since CoD 4/MW2 will stop playing due to this huge neglect from these developers and Activision (they are bunch of liars too, let’s get real). Bought Destiny 2 days ago, disregard the haters I’m enjoying the hell out of Destiny at the moment (but them again I have lot’s of friends to play with). So much fun that if they decided to take out SBMM right now I’m not going back to AW, sadly.

      • You sir, are 100% right. I’ve always played the newest cod a lot, before Ghosts… I mean bo2 had its negatives too but it was playable and I had a lot of fun.

        Edit: This time I wanted to make sure I get the game as physical (if someone remembers the comments during free digital transfers ect.) IF it turns out like Ghosts and I get bored of it in a few weeks. I’m not going to sell it straight away but it’s ready if I’m in need of cash ๐Ÿ˜€

  • meow

    also 360 update is here and ps3 n pc comign soon

  • jooker-jr

    I have both, I enjoy both ๐Ÿ™‚

  • jooker-jr

    Tbh I think that blaming SBMM for bad connection is not right because it’s just ONE factor in the matchmaking.

    I just played AW and I noticed that im playing with people that are in level 20 or below ( and I’m 49 P 1 ).

    • ccrows

      but you’re playing the same pool of players over and over.

      Besides I don’t want to be matched up with people from Canada and Mexico when I live in Chicago, – just for the sake of finding people with similar skill/rank.

      Connection should be the #1 priority with Match Making in pubs…

      • jooker-jr


        And I’ve been playing with people from Europe and the Middle East ( I live in the Middle East ) so I think that they removed SBMM ( or they reduced the effect of it drmaticlly ) because the game doesn’t lag a lot for my connection.

        • Tricky VIk

          “I’m happy for you, though that’s not the case for everyone, hell, I don’t think that’s the case for most people.”

  • Siftblade of Rivia

    *unrelated comment about SBMM*
    Am I doing it right?

    • You forgot to tell you might sell the game (Yeah Activi$ion, selling one copy away!!! TAKE THAT!) if they don’t remove it

      • Siftblade of Rivia

        Hey man, I’m sure ATVI is actually hurt that you sell your copy. I mean, they already got your money for it, so I’m sure it hurts them a lot. ๐Ÿ˜›

        • /s

        • got do with u?

          All you seem to get in this forum is people moaning about people moaning, abou..

          I need to lie down.

    • ScOott

      No it’s best to use a gif while moaning about it, and then say it has potential to be just as good as cod 4, but then say at the end it’s horse shit till it’s fixed tho… And then hail mighty treyarch … That’s how to officially moan about SBMM hope this helped

      • Well, at least the cod cycle got broken. No one went back to Ghosts.

        • ScOott

          Please don’t ever mention that thing again, I still have nightmares about wasting my hard earned money on it … Not once but twice because I was stupid enough to upgrade to next gen … Agh what a fool I Was

          • ..

          • CrowReap .

            That meme makes no sense

          • It makes if you think a little. (Unless you like ghosts)

          • CrowReap .

            tbh I like ghosts more than aw. just my opinion cause no lagg and sbmm. but I can understand why some people hated ghosts

        • jordanxbrookes

          Actually people have gone back and have said they prefer it to AW, so unfortunately the CoD cycle still exists.

          • kplem

            lol i couldnt even find a game on 4 days after it came out (ground war) and i bought ghosts for PS4 today for 28 bucks pre owned and i found 4 good game (good connection) what is going on? AW is a failure

        • kplem

          lol i couldnt even find a game on 4 days after it came out (ground war) and i bought ghosts for PS4 today for 28 bucks pre owned and i found 4 good games (good connection) what is going on? AW is a failure. + im from Australia where it isnt as populated with players like America and Europe

    • Favorite Ape

      I was wondering how long it would take for someone to start moaning about players pointing out the poor performance of this game.

  • Favorite Ape

    Just in!
    Advanced warfare was the #1 one selling call of duty game on November 3, 2014!

  • FederalAce

    I think Rockstar did a much better job with GTA then CoD. But then again nice try CoD but your franchise is dead and only Treyarch can save it! CoD will never beat GTA and that is a fact!

  • WaRLorD

    Guys i want to ask a question.. I am from ireland. Can you guys suggest me about what console should i buy?? XBOX ONE or PS4?? (i play call of duty primarily)

    • PatPatPat

      Xbox one. Seeing that you primarily play call of duty, Xbox one is the way to go.