Steam has announced that they will be hosting a free multiplayer weekend for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, starting tomorrow and ending December 15th at 10AM Pacific Time.

And, this weekend only, you can get 25% off Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare ($44.99). This offer ends December 15th as well.


  • Guest

    Until they fix this game, it should be free to play.

  • J4MES

    The PC version still hasn’t received the latest patch and now they’re opening the game to everyone for the weekend!? Bad move. It runs fine for me but many are having critical issues and with so many game-related problems still persisting; I don’t think many will be enticed to purchase.

    Also it opens the floodgates to hackers.

  • meow

    AW peak today 10k.. euro truck simulator 2 peak today 11k lol. BO2 is usually around 8k i wonder if AW will drop below it

  • Vikerii

    Oh man. I feel for my former PC brothers. Yeah I made the switch to PS4 starting with AW just to avoid low player counts and free weekends just like this. You are in my thoughts.

    • Henry

      Ironically the PC version is the best release of them all but this game is broken to hell on all the systems. It’ll die just like Ghosts did. I think people are just getting sick and tired of CoD especially when it’s released in such a lousy state. Thank god 2015 has so many better games to choose from though.

      • kplem


    • Luis

      Man why do you quit if you know what were going through. Even when its low on players i go for tdm(most boring game mode of all). The moshpit playlist is packed with players though so im glad. Hopefully they can keep doing different things like this.

  • Gdscrtr

    It’s in my library to download at Steam 36.5GB download and says 41GB installed. Haven’t bought because of all the bad reviews but still play Extinction some.

  • Its cool but something wrong with this “1st party approval” thing. Conspiracy. Hope Lord Gaben will save us.

    • Steam updates usually always go through verification very fast – in fact that is why the PC has been getting many of the updates first in the recent past. I am thinking SHG dropped the ball on this one and is just blaming Steam.

  • Juses

    i really wonder how Sledgehamer could make the worst map design and wepon list out of any cod. I’m starting to think that Ghosts is better than AW.

    • Dr. Salim

      I prefer AW maps than Ghosts maps. In terms of weapons, Ghosts had better weapons.

      • Juses

        Atlas Gorge is the best map in Advanced Warfare and its a remake… and theres only a few maps in AW thats actually fun and has a good spawns.

        • Dr. Salim

          Pay extra for good maps, thats CoD for ya.

      • Faolan

        “Ghosts had better weapons” Better how? The intergrated attachments or performance? Or more of them?
        If you’re talking about the intergrated attachments then you must not be getting supply drops with guns in them. Because there are numerous diffrent guns with attachments already on them.

        If you’re talking performance, then yes, there are a few weapons that need tweaking. But most are on par to what the game requires.

        If you mean amount of weapons, Well to bad. its pointless to put in 18 AR’s when only 3 of them are ever used. The Bal-27, the IMR, and the AK-12 are the only 3 ARs that are ever used.

        • arfan

          i think if he’s saying weapons, proabably weapon balancing.

          you wouldn’t know AW had about 20 weapons playing the game when you only see about 4 in the wild.


          account for most of the weapons i see being carried

      • Tricky VIk

        “Mostly the thing i miss of Ghost was the MK-14, 2 hit kill from almost anywhere, I hope they make the one in AW as good, cause I have to sink in 4-5 shots when I try using it..”

    • matt

      At least in AW i don’t have to run for 2 full minute until I see one enemy. The maps that shipped with ghosts were a total joke. Chasm, Siege, Stonehaven, Stormfront, Whiteout and Flooded were all dreadful maps that played far too slowly. Even the small maps played slowly and weren’t well designed. Call of Duty is popular because it’s fast paced and you don’t have to look too far for enemies and AW provides that. I don’t have a problem with the maps in AW, they offer a good variety imo. The spawns are ok, I only tend to get 1 or 2 bad spawns a game, which isn’t that bad. All people have done since AW launched is find things to moan about, and I do wonder why Condrey and Schofield decided to get involved in CoD because all they get is abuse and criticized.

    • Ak74u

      The maps are ok not bad and no it’s way better than ghosts

    • LOLNO


    • UpRiftCOD

      Ha “nobody will say ghosts is better” that’s funny.

  • k5berry
  • tweeateer birdie

    Who let these ppl create cod or lets better say copy and paste cod ass ppl who have nothing to do with making a professional cod are taking turns milking the cow

  • FIX??

    SBMM !!!!!!!!!!!! FIX ??????

  • Ratboy

    Yes! I wanted to see how this ran on my new gaming computer but didn’t have the money, Soooooooooo freeness is awesome

  • As others have said – the PC is already lagging behind in patches and in need of plenty of “connectivity optimizations” as SHG’s puts it and they choose to do the FTP Weekend before that?!? I can tell you right now this is not going to garner many sales at all. This support timeline has been pathetic so far. Going on a month and the PC really hasn’t even got a serious patch yet.

    This just confirms that sales were bad on the PC and they are trying to build up pre-Christmas hype. The first FTP Weekend for the last three COD titles (Ghosts, BO2 & MW3) have all been solidly set in February – why so early for this one?

    MW3 – 2/17/2012 to 2/19/2012
    BO2 – 2/22/2013 – 2/24/2013
    Ghosts – 2/21/2014 – 2/23/2014

  • What about console users? And don’t tell me that we already got it with the moshpit it’s not the same because the pc users are getting double xp on every game mode!

    • RdJokr

      I’m sorry, but what? I’m a PC gamer, and I’m pretty sure we’re getting 2x XP on Mosh Pit only.

  • Favorite Ape

    I didn’t know anyone on a PC still played this game. Does it acctually work?
    Where’s ShadowReaper when we need him most?

    • RdJokr

      Yes it works. Mostly. It could get quirky some times, but it’s definitely playable. As long as you don’t run into Defender, because that map has serious stuttering issues.

  • Tim Vikouski

    wouldnt waste my hard-drive space

  • kplem

    AW died faster than ghosts

    • Ak74u

      Wtf?? Get off this site if your going to complain about it I know there are some problems but It is not even close to how bad ghosts was and and ghost was just regular bad

      • kplem

        at least ghosts didnt have skill based matchmaking and ground braking lag.

        • Duke of hazard

          “at least ghosts didnt have skill based matchmaking and ground braking lag.”

          I’m sorry, say that again? Ghosts didn’t have SBMM so please, explain this shit to me. What’s your excuse this time? I put up with this on a daily basis. Thank God I sold this shit game.

          • kplem

            every game will have lag wake up, AW BO2 VERY frequently have it plus AW has ground braking UNEXCUSABLE lag, ghosts barely does. IW servers are better than treyarch’s always have probs always will be. yeah there obviously wasnt skill base match making, the closet you would get to that would be strikezone 24/7 or 24/7 playlists in general. there have been laggy times on ghosts but that was like 85% of time it was the host NOT the server know the difference. even MW2 had laggy moments and as soon as the host got kicked and it picked another one the connection was perfect.

          • Duke of hazard

            “AW has ground braking UNEXCUSABLE lag, ghosts barely does” Funny how you say tht since Ghosts was the very first game I ever sold due to lag and I can be a very tolerant guy when it comes to issues.

          • kplem

            well for me it was different and i live in australia with slower internet and less local players

        • Faolan

          Actualy it did. Ghosts had SBMM for the first month or so. Then they got rid of it. I still say Ghosts was the most boring and un eventful cod iv ever played. And everyone ran around with the same gun. Atleast AW has better gameplay thats fun, and isn’t to populated with the same AR

          • kplem

            no it didnt stop making excuses for AW. AW is not fun, all you have are campers on roof using the same weapons and system hack spam, abysmal maps designed for the cancer and killer of cod MLG, boring and shitty killstreaks etc. AW is a failure one of the worst launches worse than MW3 but then again sledgehammer made MW3 as well. ghosts can be fun on GW when people rush like warkhawk 24/7 i would join alot of lobbies with rushes and it is fun ghosts was killed by it’s terrible maps and killstreaks if that game had a 12v12 id play it non stop, i can deal with the helo pilot it still gets the job done.

          • UpRiftCOD

            Lol i knew people would be saying that the previous cod was better, but in December thats gotta be a record.

          • kplem

            ghosts still is shit because it doesnt have those feautures it can be good if you find the right lobbies with rushes, i said IF it did i would, and if AW had 9v9 24/7 defender with rushes and not stupid exo skeleton i would fully play it

          • UpRiftCOD

            I don’t want to be “that guy” but i honestly had more fun playing ghosts.

          • kplem

            like i said ghosts can be very good when you join the right lobbies on the good maps. I’m having an absolute blast on strikezone 24/7 on PS4 i love using the K7 rapid fire and foregrip, with Agility, ICU,Blind Eye, Scavenger, Dead Silence and C4, streaks 5 (IMS) 7 (sentry gun) 12 (helo pilot)

  • Sal

    >has dual core cpu
    >game still runs

    What the fuck?

  • Diego Diniz

    I have both, PC and PS4 version and guess what: PC is HORRIBLE!!!
    Lag, stuttering and only TDM all the time…

  • RockerxxRicardo .

    I had my doubts about the game and I downloaded on my PC and I gotta admit the game is fun as hell. The SBMM is not as bad as people make it out to be and I’ve had no lag at all just frame rate lag cause my PC isn’t a beast.