Early weapon access available now!

Xbox Season Pass holders now have early access to the Havoc DLC Pack bonus weapons. The AE4 directed energy assault rifle and its custom weapon variant, the AE4 Widowmaker, combine a versatile firing mechanism with all-around movement speed and handling.

  • NiftyGam3r

    That looks good, i thought it would be DE though

  • HenryDF

    Anyone know if there are any other variants for the AE4 out there?

    • ccrows

      I’m guessing there will be since the Widowmaker is a variant.

      Hopefully there is a variant out there with a heatsink, cuz that would make prestiging less of a grind with this thing…

  • jordanxbrookes

    Pity the weapon is crap.

    • HenryDF

      Played with it this afternoon…it really isn’t that bad. It’s by no means OP, but as long as you can manage how you’re shooting it, it won’t overheat and you’ll do fine.

      I quite like it – not sure if it’s a go-to weapon, but it’s something I’ll play around with, see if I can do well with.

      • jordanxbrookes

        I don’t understand why it’s fully automatic if it overheats in 2 seconds.

        • HenryDF

          Stick a heat sink on it and it’s better, otherwise just try to manage how you’re shooting. It’s not perfect, but it’s not impossible to control and manage. Try burst firing, that can be effective, otherwise just don’t spray and pray. That tends to work for me.

        • Luis

          To balance the gun. Makes the player go through a “reloading” phase instead of pure energy beams like the quantam. That thing is a lmg so its reasonable that it has a longer length of fire

  • Hypn0

    Shame there ‘early’ unlock doesn’t actually unlock

  • Ryumoau

    hopefully this hits playstation soon.

  • Vikerii

    Love how a laser weapon has recoil.

  • Guywithbrains

    This weapon looks cool but I have not bought any additional content to this game so I won’t be using it.

  • Cimbah

    Its locked for me im on the XBox one someone please help?

    • Matt Shotwell

      Same here, I bought the Digital version with the season pass and I still can’t access the guns.

      • beamer

        Same here

      • Batman

        Same here

      • liorza3

        Same here

      • Faisal Almughirah

        same here ! wtf

        • twitch/iiillilili

          same here…. ugh

          • it really must be a bug, I heard somebody complaining about him not getting his, I don’t understand the problem though, every game there like 6 people with them and it isn’t very good, overheats too fast.

          • Kierran_121

            I read that the AE4 is available for XB1 and XB 360 AW Season pass holders from 11/1/15 and ps3,4 and pc season pass holders available from 13/1/15? Please correct me if I’m wrong

          • AE4 was available for season pass holders in 2014 and Havoc is coming out this month on the 27th, were did you get these details?

          • it really must be a bug, I heard somebody complaining about him not getting his, I don’t understand the problem though, every game there like 6 people with them and it isn’t very good, overheats too fast.
            Either way, I’m still hoping for a lazer desert eagle.

          • Charles Roy-Willet

            Now I want a Lazer Deagle 🙁

          • I like how you think 🙂

          • Adam Henry

            I didn’t even buy the season pass and I have these weapons somehow

      • Jason Rosler

        I still can’t use it it still saying to buy the season pass

      • Andre Ruiz

        Everyone uninstall the season pass and reinstall it, that’s what worked for me

        • I tried that and got nothing. I just hope this issue is fixed.

      • Same. I wonder why. I guess us people with the digital version don’t have the legit version :

      • dob3k

        Same here

  • lmfao no


      Saying once is not enough.

    • Nao!

      • What?

        • The words in the pic say buy the season pass. I was saying Nao like Activision was commanding people to buy it right now.

          • Oh, you just said ” now ” is a weird way.

  • Ak74u

    So they put this before the patch on previouse gen consoles


    30,398 playing Advanced Warfare on the Xbox One
    281,194 playing Black Ops 2 on the Xbox 360
    56,910 playing Advanced Warfare on the Xbox 360
    27,991 playing Battlefield 4 on the PS4
    22,778 playing Advanced Warfare on the PS4

    GG Sledgehammer!

    • Juses

      Did they add a player count ?

      • Xecho


    • Vikerii

      Where do you get these player counts from?

    • Guest

      How do you know

    • Luis


    • Super029something

      I doubt these numbers are true but, in my opinion, Black Ops 2 is still the better game. I still go back and play it. Good times. :^)

    • Bigi345


  • What do you guys think of Scorestreak DLC? I think it would be pretty cool since there are like are only 12 streaks lol

    • MichiganerE

      And considering over half of them are useless…

    • Batman

      There will be new map streaks, relax

  • Around 0:14… Hipfiring to shoot down the aircraft… yep.

    • jooker-jr

      Welcome to cod universe 🙂

  • tweeateer birdie

    Just came from advanced warfare guess what that game is horrible the lagg fix your game.it is very garbage 99 % of the time some onne is behind you ooh and fuck advanced ware im not paying for more broken stuff

  • tweeateer birdie

    that lazer gun looks stupid

  • Mrpompom

    Looks it’s the aw version of the peacekeeper the nicest looking gun and is going to be op as shit and never be nerfed lmao thanks again for the 3 years….

  • Baldmanz_RAGE

    I’ll say this again. If this game didn’t have Call of Duty in the title everyone would be having fun with this stuff. Being that it is a COD, no one is going to give this game a fair shake. Oh well, I give Sledgehammer credit for mixing it up. But secretly I’m hoping Treyarch brings it back!!

    • Luis

      Why the secrets. SH did something and actually inovated the game. Glad its good just wished more players were on. And treyarch, Im waiting for that game to repeat this cycle again while hoping its good.

    • KasPiax

      Agree with you a little but they’ve tried agreed we all wanted some innovation but reality is if you go out to buy the latest model of your favourite car and its been ripped about that much is doesn’t resemble your favourite car you wont buy…AW has the lowest no. of players & sales ever they had 3 years to programme..but re-hashed BLOPS2 code which to me is mind boggling…yea there’s some great new ideas but the core of the game (code) is just the same crud…COD has had its time…

    • Charles Roy-Willet

      So true, people keep complaining about how garbage this game is, why? Because it’s a COD game. Every game has had problems in the past, people just forget because it was a year ago. Ghosts was f*cked when it came out, black ops 2 had the wall breach problem, and AW is making you wait a day to get an early release weapon… Big F*cking deal. IMHO people need to either stop complaining or stop buying COD games,

  • tweeateer birdie

    Make a dlc for removing sbbm

    • zombiefreak935

      First on xbox

    • MichiganerE

      Only $59.99!

    • PatPatPat

      I don’t see how SBMM is a big deal…i literally never lag…

      • Heorgw

        SBMM has absolutely nothing to do with lag. It is you being pit up against other players with similar skill levels. NOT LAG.

        • PatPatPat


      • tweeateer birdie

        u must have no brain

        • PatPatPat

          First of all, it’s you* not ‘u’ this isn’t 2008, my friend. Second, how am i the idiot? To me, SBMM is exactly what it sounds like it does. Puts players together based on skill….I see no problem with that.

          • tweeateer birdie

            Connection always comes first i don’t care what enybody says I’m pretty sure 95% of the cod community will agree with me … And sledgehammer is doing a horrible job by not listening to the custormers the ones that buy the game no matter what the customer is always right

          • PatPatPat

            My connection is fine, i don’t see what you are all bitching about

  • Name

    lol this trailer confirms my speculation, when you use an automatic laser gun it will give you storm trooper-like accuracy XD

  • Batman

    Fuck you SHG Im still not able to get it with my season pass, I tried reset a billion times already, my season pass is useless, it doesnt even show as purchased on the game store

    • twitch/iiillilili

      THANK YOU ive been tweeting them this non stop today…. they have no answers for anyone

  • gttghth

    Help, for some reason i cant unlock the gun but i have season pass along with other season pass extras. When i visit the in game store and select buy it says i own it and is in my games apps. Any solutions?

    • Lucien

      Yeah I can’t get the guns wither just keeps telling me to buy the pass. I have the pass, had a preloaded digital set and everything. Maybe that’s the problem, thats it’s the digital.

  • I kinda figured the gun would be more like a mini EM-1 but it shoots like a regular assault rifle with the difference that it overheats instead of running out of bullets.

  • RW

    i have the season pass and i no have the AE4 🙁

  • Daniel Sims

    24 hours later and this sh*t STILL hasn’t been fixed. If they are trying to make people ditch this game, they are doing a great job at it.

  • Ian

    Why is this only available to XBO players? Seems pretty unfair…

  • MasterMarihoe

    This is bullshit dude, I can care less if the guns sucks or not. The fact is we paid for the dlc and you award us with this shit that we can’t even use. I always never even get season passes, but this time I did and now I regret it. Better give double xp or a bag of doritios after this shit. Just sayin’.

  • dave

    Are people still having problems with guns locked on xbox360cause i am

  • tweeateer birdie

    Lmaoo now why are are you trying be a smart ass now kid just go grab you bobo and goto sleep … Nobody’s bitching do u think you are trolling me I hope you don’t think you are because you are not not even close

  • Jason Parks

    Should the AE4 be showing in my guns during offline/local play/slit screen? Mine is only in Xbox live. Any known way to fix this???

  • fixitalready

    same here. entered season pass code and nothing doesnt even show that I purchased it. My son is upset since he got the Advance warfare xbox one 1tb edition but he is enjoying the game but he wants the zombies and the Ae4’s and the gorge map.I hope the $50 code wasnt a waste

  • Jacob McDonough

    It’s saying if you purchase the Season Pass, you get acces to these Weapons, Maps, Atlas Gorge, and Exo Zombies. So It’s saying “Buy the Season Pass” meaning, if you buy it, you get acces. Mind blown.

  • Robson!

    Do you still get the AE4 gun if you just buy the HAVOC DLC pack. Because I have bought this, but still can’t use or get access to the gun. Does anyone have any suggestions as I want to use this gun if I should be able to!