Sledgehammer Games’s Michael Condrey has tweeted out that they are tuning the time between double kills by increasing it. Currently, many players can get double kills pretty quickly in this game.

SOURCE: @michaelcondrey

  • zombiefreak935


    • ccrows

      IMO they should have done Doubles/Ttriples/ETC like Treyarch did with BO2.


      Hopefully they increase it to the same way, cuz IMO that was the most fun… 🙂

    • VVFZ

      Finally what? It’s great and all but they need to fix some bigger issues before we celebrate. I feel like the only thing this update did was balance out the BAL and ASM1. Fix the spawns & lag, or we’ll be back on Black Ops 2 by New Years.

      • Cunt Eater

        I feel betrayed V, SH lied to us so hard. We were promised a great game. we were promised great connection. we were promised a year of fun. Either the DLC will save us or father Vonderharr will in 354 days.

    • ScOott

      Again don’t see why any one would care about this unless it’s for a gun challenge I’m unaware of I only use ar

      • Haitian Jack

        Because for those of us who constantly get multikills, we like to feel like were not cheated out of triples, quads, etc. As the game is now, it is impossible to get a chain kill.

        • ScOott

          lol u need a medal to chain a kill together ? News to me … What ever floats your boat if u need a medal that bad to confirm u have killed two people in a row then good news for you… I get double kills all the time if this was news about triple kills n triple kills where still a challenge for gun camo id be happy like I said pointless thing to do imo unless they just trying to make game easier for people so more people play

          • Haitian Jack

            I dont NEED a medal, but if I deserve one, why shouldnt I get it. And, apparently Im not the only one who thinks this, since enough people said something to get them to change it. I dont care about challenes, i just want what I should get. Also, how is this making it easier for people? This is nothing more than an aesthetic change. If the made the blood green instead of red, would say they are “helping” people?

          • ScOott

            You feel good about getting double medals, that means other people must feel good when they get double kill medals = make it easier so everyone gets them … It’s really not that hard In the first place :-s

          • Domo

            You need 5 double kills with snipers to get diamond, and with the mors there is literally no way to get the double kills besides collaterals

          • ScOott

            Fair enough, the guy who I was talking to wasn’t going for sniper as I asked somewhere if their was any guns that had double medals needed n he had no idea, with any other gun it’s simple to get double kills imo… I couldn’t get two kills in a row with a sniper never Mind two after another :-/ lol

    • Rorke File

      They sad they would listen to the community, the community wants some SBMM fixes.

      • Markdg23

        SBMM is no longer in the game stop using it as an excuse to complain about the game, spend more time playing rather than complaining

        • Fr0zenKold

          When was it taken out because there has been no official word of them taking it out.

          • Haitian Jack

            Dont know, probably with the ranked play update. My matches have been getting loads easier. Got my first DNA bomb 2 days ago

          • Markdg23

            SH never announced it was in the game lol, why would they tell us when they remove it? People at this point complaining about sbmm just need to get over the fact that this is not the same cod were used to. The game finally evolved and all ppl want to do is complain about how the game is challenging now.

          • Tricky VIk

            “Rethink all you’ve written please.”

      • fires

        People need to shut the hell up with the Buzz words. People throw around the word SBMM without a damn care, its not like our connection will be Ghost’s after they delete a line of code, they put effort into tracking previous game scores, and matching because of that, its probably going to go away soon, but dont throw around TAKE OUT SBMM, and assume itll insta fix all your lag problems

    • Ak74u

      Hopefully you guys see my comment as I have noticed significant changes within this update that brough us the EA4 ! I’ve noted that few of the popular glitches are now GONE such as the roof on retreat yess!! and I’ve noticed that my lagg has gotten better throught time, also I don’t know if SBMM is still in the game but I have exactly a 1.00 k/d and the lobby seems mixed now with good and bad players cause since yesterday I’ve played with noobs while I’m just owning them and sometimes with tryhards. I’m glad about this slowly their fixing things so give the game some time.

      • Ak74u

        On the down side I’ve also noted a new glitch or don’t really know if it’s actually a glitch but for my weapon camos I have unlocked royalty for my assault rifles and smg guns even though I haven’t unlocked every camo for them including diamond not a big deal but I want to work for royalty and all of a sudden I have it. Don’t know if this is happening to anyone even if it’s not a big deal.

        • Celest1ne

          Yea the camo glitch is pretty common apparently. Also, it depends on the game mode for the SBMM question. I can do just as I normally would in Momentum, but get my ass handed to me over and over in HP.

  • Michael

    I don’t think this is a good idea to be quite honest. I mean think about it, you got players jumping all over the place. It’ll be impossible to get double kills now. Plus, the double kill camo challenges will be probably harder to get. Looks like each update gets bad. (This is just my opinion.)

    • OsamaBenLaggin

      Wouldn’t increasing the time make it better? Instead of having to get 2 kills in 1 second it would be get 2 kills in 2 seconds? or am I misunderstanding this?

      • SPAWNST4R

        Thats exactly what it means, someone want to tell the blog poster this because what it says makes no sense at all. “Currently, many players can get double kills pretty quickly in this game” ??”?”??!?! what !?

      • Michael

        Idk I just don’t like the idea at all. I don’t think it’ll work out but we’ll have to wait and see. I just think it’ll slow down the game a bit.

        • Jake Sanderman

          This means double kills will be easier to obtain, not harder. It will have literally no effect on the gameplay, it’s only going to make the camos slightly easier to obtain. I don’t understand your reasoning.

          • Michael

            Oh. Then I misunderstood the article. My bad 😛

  • Batman

    What about the season pass ae4? Still not unlocked

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  • Chris Beatty

    I love how they keep putting out patches and updates that keep fixing shit that isn’t the main problem with the game. If you want to fix the game and get more people playing it. Fix the match making connections and the spawns. Do you not watch or look at peoples post. This is what everyone is talking about. Quit making cosmetic changes to the game fix the real problems.


      these minor tweaks of timing for kills, between kills, weapon nerfs/buffs are the basic, most easy, almost not worth mentioning fixes, just a number change in the game config coding. takes minutes of a devs time to do. All the hard stuff like sbmm equations and spawns etc are hard, take effort and require a dev that has a clue what they are actually doing, IE: not SHG. the matchmaking in AW , and all CoDs is done by a company called DemonWare they take thier orders off ATVI and the devs….

      • Chris Beatty

        The stuff they have been patches or fixing, I haven’t seen or heard anyone complaining about. except the BAL. Everything isn’t causing problems….fix the stuff that is causing problems.


    Wow they’re finally fixing the only gamebreaking issue of time between multikills, NOW THE GAME IS PERRRRRRRFEEEECCTTTTTTT . what a waste of time this crappy dev turned out to be.

    • ccrows

      *sigh* between now and DLC1, they really need to get rid of SBMM.

      Usually DLC1 is the largest pastch of the year, so here’s hoping that *by then* that finally gets fixed… 🙁

    • Sexy Mcgee

      It might not be the biggest issue but it’s still an issue. There’s some good attachments you can only unlock with double kills and if you mostly play FFA it’s really difficult.

    • KernosT

      THEN WHY DONT YOU FUCKING GO TO SHG AND PROGRAM A NEW CODING FOR AW MP.It’s not so easy to completely rewire the coding,if SBMM is removed then a lot of other things needs to added into its place.It will take time,atleast they are working on it.Be happy.

      • SPAWNST4R


        • MichiganerE

          Liked because Eminem.

      • ccrows

        “atleast they are working on it.Be happy.”

        ^ Wait did they actually confirm that they are gonna be removing SBMM down the road?

        or are you just referring to the “connection improvement” stuff?…

      • Carrisi

        It’s really not that hard to code the change, it’s a matchmaking function, pretty simple to change criteria of the search I would imagine.

        • Devin Johnson

          are… are… are you stupid? they have came out with MANY patches already. if it was as easy as you think it is, it would have already been done.

          • Carrisi

            Your assuming they want to remove the SBMM!? I was just pointing out it’s not that difficult to do, as treyarch proved a week after bo2

          • Devin Johnson

            right, but BO2 and all the other CODs were made on the same engine. they could copy and paste a code from the past titles. this is a brand new engine, with new mechanics. It could not be that easy

          • JabbaP

            It’s not a brand new engine, they just said so in order to sell more. As soon as it was available people analyzed so called code-dumps and they found many leftovers from previous games. I like Sledgehammer and I am enjoying their game, but in this one instance they were clearly caught with their pants down. I wonder what prompted them to be so flexible with the truth and risk losing credibility. Who gives a shit if an engine is brand new or a brand new update of a previos one anyway? All that counts is the end result. Anyway, I’m afraid your argument isn’t valid.

          • Devin Johnson

            they even stated that codes from the previous engine are in the new one, just not noticable with the naked eye

    • TheShadowReaper

      if i was to say this shit most retards in here would outcry “PC elitist”, like that’s an argument for the broken and incomplete game that SHG gave us. but i’m not blaming them entirely. its pretty obvious that ATVI has to do with a lot of things here. especially the zombie DLC and the dedi servers not being there.

  • J4MES

    I really have no idea what this is or how it’s going to work. This double kill ‘issue’ isn’t something that’s ever crossed my mind until now and I still can’t see the problem. Perhaps they should stop skirting over these non-existent problems and focus on the REAL issues with this game. Sledgehammer will still be tuning and fixing this game come May at this rate.

    • Michael

      I completely agree with you. I don’t like the idea at all. It makes 0 sense to me.

    • Psychomaggot105

      May? My friends and I have already gone back to previous cods.

      • Carrisi

        Which I could but stuck on next gen with no good cod title

    • Carrisi

      I am too totally confused by what this means. I’ve not had a problem getting double kills? I do have a problem Dieing to quick at times but that may be down to lag comp in some lobbies

  • Guywithbrains

    I have no problem with double kills but getting multi kill with an assault rifle is almost impossible.

    Only flaw I see in this game is that now you get too easily killstreaks in Domination. Maybe 75 points for a kill?

  • gumbie7

    I for one am happy about a change for the time being increased between double kills. I am having a tough time getting the extended mag for my AK12 RIP. So, this should help. 🙂

    Even though this thread is not about SBMM, I see a ton of people talking about it. Maybe they are waiting for the ranked season to start to take SBMM out of pubs? Not that I agree with that, but just throwing the thought out there. DLC1 will come out around the same time as ranked season 1 (according to SHG) so maybe the update for the DLC will included a change to matchmaking for pubs and push the SBMM to only ranked play?

  • GinsuVictim

    So it’s going to be easier? Is that what they’re saying? It’s pretty easy now.

    • Lucien

      No he said “increasing the time between” so making it harder to do

      • modernpoika

        “Increasing” means that the time will get bigger between the kills, from 0,5 secs to 2 secs. So they will be easier to get, English is not even my main language but still i understand it much better…

        • Lucien

          Oh maybe…. need more context. Cuz Charlie Intel says it’s too easy… so I thought that way. I was thinking making the time between counting as double kill Braiiiiiiins

      • GinsuVictim

        “increasing the time between” still doesn’t make sense to me. DECREASING the amount from one kill to the next for a double kill meaning having to get it faster, that makes sense. INCREASING? I guess it’s just the wording that’s throwing me off (or at least my retarded understanding of it).

        • Lucien

          Yeah I did the same thing It was confusing wording for some reason lol. So now I think Charlie Intel might be stating the irony. I was looking at the tweet comments, sounds like they are making it easier to get double kills. So even more so, I miss understood

          • the big dirtty

            no – increasing the ttk for double kills means now you have 2 seconds for a double kills to count vs. .5 seconds. The wording is correct.

          • Lucien

            Dude, I just said it was confusing to ME! As in I’m wrong genius.

  • Juses

    Dlc 1 trailer today?

  • JoZer805g

    Hell no, they need to lower time to kill in this game. Too many pussy ass foos will be running around like idiots and absorbing mu bullets like if their were sponges. SHGames need to be hard on the player by lowering the ttk.


      are you retarded

    • Carrisi

      Are you joking! TTK needs to be higher!! If you want instant deaths go play ghosts

      • Faolan

        No, it needs to be lower, Not by much. But it does need to be lower. I did some private match testing. It takes 4 or more shots to kill a target with head shots at 10 meters. The stadegy guide says that each headshot = 2 normal body shots. So 4 headshots = 8 shots to the torso. And I can tell you from extensive testing that in most cases, that is true. Only at point blank range do you ever get 1-2 hit headshots or 3-4 hit kills. Its sad and pethetic really.

        • Carrisi

          If they shorten TTK this game will be totally unplayable and worst than ghosts, I sincerely hope they don’t. It needs to be increased if anything. This is coming from someone that loved the classics CODs which had TTK just right, and for me made those games addictive and more skill based and not just who shot first.

          • TTK is absurdly high in this game. Normally, I wouldn’t have TOO much of a problem with it, but with the boosting all over the place, it makes me wonder what they were thinking.

  • meow

    so basically hit models are going to have/more a bullet penetration penalty now and cant kill some one though a guy in the roughly the same hits. as before if a person took 3 hits to kill the guy behind him would take 3 maybe 4 hits to kill too

  • Guest 601
  • Diego Diniz

    I get triple kills all the time…

  • Tim Vikouski

    i hope their is lag for the payments to their paychecks by months

  • Tim Vikouski

    this guy dosent give a rats arse about anybody but him-self

  • Haitian Jack

    Honestly, I think the game is next to perfect right now. I havent had as much lag, getting scorestreaks is almost too easy. SH has listened to and addressed almost every feasible problem the community has brought up. Although im sure people are going to find more things to whine about…

    • Ak74u

      The lagg is getting better and I belive they will remove SBMM at some point cause everyone is complaining about it and they’ve fixed a few glitches such as roof on retreat wait for the patches and the game will play smooth and ohh yess the bal is nerfed XD glad

  • Ak74u

    In the article it says “currently, many players can get double kills pretty quickly in this game.” Dont they mean can’t? Or that they have to do it quick to get the double kill?

  • Hopefully they up it to a little less then a second more then the time it takes to rechamber the MORS.

  • Guest

    thats coo