Customization Items Available Now!

Check out the diverse selection of new customization items in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare available now in the in-game store.
-4 Premium Personalization Packs: Includes themed weapon camo, three reticles, player card and emblem item PLUS matching exoskeleton and helmet camo.
-4 Personalization Packs: Includes themed weapon camo, three reticles, player card and emblem item.
-4 Exoskeleton Packs: Unique themed exoskeleton and matching helmet.
-10 Flag Exoskeleton Packs: Your country needs you! Show your patriotism with a flag exoskeleton skin and matching helmet. Available for: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Germany, Australia, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, and Japan.

Available now for Xbox Live.

  • Gabe

    I have to say something.
    Charlie Intel, I have been a fan since we all were getting hyped for the black ops 2 dlc.
    I don’t ever comment, but part of being on the site is checking out different opinions in the comments.
    We all were so hyped when new microtransactions are coming out in black ops 2, even the majority of you liked having Micro transitions in ghosts.
    But in advanced warfare, the most I see is negative. Even when things have improved, the top comments are always usually negative.
    it is such a bad vibe going down to the comment sections now.
    And don’t say this is a crap game, they added more than bo2 and ghost, they are constantly bringing out parches, they are giving Zombie DLC, they interact with fans. Pshhhh new guns with every dlc? Remember when that was a huge deal?
    Yeah I know, NO GAME is perfect. But you got to admit, without lag, *Which alot of other games have, and worse in some other call of duties*
    Most of it’s problems would be absent COMPARED TO OTHER CALL OF DUTIES.
    Yet, still most of you complain.
    This is my first time commenting…

    • Shardlotte

      This is Call of Duty. People will always find a reason to complain. Pay them no mind.

      • Gabe

        But on charlie Intel? It’s getting as bad a YouTube comment section.

        • Guest

          Trolls are just out of control these days. More and more Youtube channels are turning off their comments. It’s ridiculous how stupid people are.

          • Gabe

            That’s true, but I want you to look through all the comments in this article, and tell me how many are positive compared to negative.

          • Guest

            Oh, I agree with ya. No question there.

      • shitbagger

        You don’t care about the quality of the game you buy?

    • Ratboy

      We need more people like you. You sir served charlieintel justice πŸ˜€

      • Gabe

        I am just speaking my mind. Thank you

    • Gabe


    • Potato Republic

      There’s an lot of idiots, trolls, and absent minded people on this site. Even some of the more popular people here are leaning onto the negativity

      Yet they also complain about the CoD community.

      *Sigh* Bunch of idiots, I swear…

      • Juses

        Am i one of the more popular people and am i a negative person?

        • Potato Republic

          I don’t know…

          Did I specifically put you in my previous comment?

        • I personally think you are a popular cool commenter, but you are negative a lot. In the past you’ve been calling AW a broken game, which obviously isn’t true. The game just has some minor issues that need to be adjusted, that’s all. But overall, I think you are a cool commenter with nice ideas πŸ™‚

      • TheShadowReaper

        i’m pretty sure when someone brings up “negativity” on this site its 90% on my account for some unexplained reason. like i’m the only “negative” person here or it is actually bad to be using your brain and thinking instead of accepting bad practices of a publisher. oh well…

        • Well at least you admit it! πŸ™‚

          • TheShadowReaper

            but no one here is honest enough to admit the bullshit they type tho. me being negative is not something important or controversial, at least not for me. but when they are cornered and are being slaughtered in a debate their only grasp is “you are negative!” like that is going to change facts or truth…*sigh* human beings and their dishonesty.

          • TehShadewRaeper

            LOL this guy! You crack me up, you’ve said more shit on this website. Your ignorance is why I made this account. What’s funny is u actually believe that the PC experience is more superior than console gaming on the sole fact that the game has improved graphics and the capabilities of higher frame rates. Have fun while we have a lower hacker account, more support and larger player bases. You call us console peasants while Activision treats PC players like peasants and its just hilarious to read you literally defend it time and time again when everyone and yourself know that PC may have better graphics but the costs out way the incentives by a mile.

          • TheShadowReaper

            i would love to see this “ignorance” you are talking about, as i have never said anything wrong. i’m factual on every sentence, so give me your supposed “proof” cause when you claim something you need the proof to prove it.

            and yes, of course the PC is a superior experience to any console right now. it has been like that for the last decade. and of course the argument “PC has better graphics but that’s all it has” just underlines your ignorance about PC gaming.

            but lets see, all i see is a console peasant spiting teenager insults towards me, do you have the balls and the proof to back up your bullshit? i doubt it.

          • got do with u?

            He told you why the console version is better. And in the interests of impartiality – I’m stuck with the pc version. IF, I was ever to buy another cod, it would without a shadow of a doubt be on a console. There’s just no money in the pc version for them, so little incentive to support it.

          • kplem

            you are wrong next game is treyarch they make the best cod PC games now they have their on dedicated PC team as well as dedicated servers that arent on console and silly aim assist

          • TheShadowReaper

            but that’s the point. COD is nothing but just an average game. there are many games that can and have replaced it or overshadow it on PC.

            also, COD has been actually good on PC until Ghosts. i like how everyone forgets about that SO conveniently.

          • TehShadewRaeper

            1. Type in “Cod Advanced Warfare Player count on pc” on google and you’ll see that cod is dead on a player stand point on pc. One post says he was playing advanced warfare on November 13, the Thursday the game came out there was only 4100 people playing that night.

            2. PC is still waiting for the last patch for advanced warfare. Also the port for ghosts was awful.

            3. Also everyone knows that hackers are more prevalent on PC

            4. Yes some games may be better on PC gameplay and graphically wise but for the extra 300 dollars to get a below average gaming computer is just plain stupid.

          • kplem

            im not defending anyone but cod has been a FAR better experience on PC till Ghosts, ghosts and AW destroyed the PC community. have you seen cod 4 waw even COD 2 COD 1? still go plenty of players with way better connection than console, and a player count of 200 for the laughs, not to mentrion the MODDING community. treyarch’s next game will be better on PC since treyarch has their own dedicated PC team. like BO2 was a complete mess on console, you had lag to the most extreme, aim assist which = quick scoping BS, you had a way toxic community, and completely shit graphics, and no FOV slider. lol even ghosts and AW at least on PC had full dedicated servers but i admit those games are better on console even if AW is a failure of a game.

          • TehShadewRaeper

            I do agree with u that cod 4 and world at war are two games on PC that are worth getting on the sole fact of the endless mods on cod 4 and the endless zombies maps on world at war. That is a valid point

          • Guest

            yeah! MW2 MW3 were better when they had fourdeltaone

            these were the kind of things that were in fourdeltaone. but hey MW3 is still up type in teknogods MW3 have pretty much enabled us to host out own servers. MW2 pics are from fourdeltaone MW3 pics are from now im actually gonna play it now on dome 24/7. sorry for all the pictures just wanna show ya πŸ™‚

          • kplem

            AGAIN GLITCH FFS

          • kplem

            yeah! MW2 MW3 were better when they had fourdeltaone these were the kind of things that were in fourdeltaone. but hey MW3 is still up on teknogods, they pretty much enabled us to host out own servers etc. MW2 pics are from fourdeltaone MW3 pics are from now im actually gonna play it now on dome 24/7. sorry for all the pictures just
            wanna show you

          • TheShadowReaper

            1) the player base on PC isnt as forgiving as it would be on a console. just because the 14 year olds that buy COD for their consoles dont care about a game being unbalanced or not having basic features such as dedi servers, that doesnt mean there is no player base for COD on the PC. there is a player base for FPS games on PC but you need to make a game, not a barely functional shit. (and i’m not talking about optimization which was actually great)

            2) so “port for Ghosts is awful” and “AW still waiting for patch on PC” is an argument against the PC player base? are you insane?
            Also, BO2 was the best port we’ve had since COD4, everyone plays that one on PC! how convenient that you forgot about that!

            3) we havent had hackers for awhile. AW brought that back. that’s not a problem of PC, that’s a problem of AW! also, hackers exist on consoles too, this isnt an argument mate.

            4) OK, lets just assume that COD is a worse experience on PC (which isnt true and if it is, its not very different trust me), so what about all the other games that you can play on PC? you can play most games on PC and have a better experience. COD isnt a valid reason to buy a console man. its just a barely average game.

          • TehShadewRaeper

            I would like to hear facts on why pc CoD is better today than console CoD. Because your giving a lot of generalizations.

          • TheShadowReaper

            but you’re doing the exact same thing. just because Ghosts is awful on PC and AW a bit better, that doesnt mean all the rest are a bad experience on PC. all of them are actually better on PC until Ghosts cause:
            – better graphics
            – better or more control options
            – dedi servers, be it ranked or unranked
            but Ghosts is copy paste on PC with no support for the superior options of PC, and partially that applies to AW as well. so Ghosts is just a console game ported over to PC and AW is a greatly optimized console game ported over to the PC + hackers.

          • kplem

            at least dont like your own comments

    • ScOott

      They didn’t hold all the decent camos back in black ops n save all good ones for dlc so people feel the need to buy them cuz the ones with the game r shocking, the price was better in black ops their is good reasons to complain I can’t speak for ghosts because I didn’t play it long enough for dlc to bother me, I love cod and advanced warefare but at time it feels like they taking the biscuit

      • ScOott

        The game is good but the way they go about everything is piss poor people complain about SBMM I don’t have a problem with it but I know for others it’s a nightmare … The amount of complaints they had they should release a statement a clear one .. As to if the issue will get solved when it will get solved if they even see it as a issue n why they added it in the first place … People just want some honest answers n it’s frustrating everyone because we are never clearly informed about anything edit sorry for two posts

        • condorado

          despite all this negativity, my guess is your kd is around 1.00. that’s the people that dont complaint about sbmm and the people it is implemented for.

          • ScOott

            What’s my kd got todo with Anything people don’t like SBMM because they have bad connection I don’t it’s that simple … My kd is the same as it always is 1.70 in that region … It’s like that in every game I know it’s not great so what ever but I’m happy with it why people with just 1 . Kd what about people that actually have a decent kd in the 2 and 3s and above not every one who complains about it has a poor kd

    • Moonwalker925

      I agree . I am one of the few who does miss Ghosts , at least in terms of MP. I think the micro trans were really well suited for Ghosts as it gave you the chance to customize your entire squad , of which for me soon will include my 10th member . That is with soon to be 3rd prestige , I just invested my squad points in opening up all the slots . The Micro dlc for AW is nice , but with just one character you won’t see the full range of its effect over time the way I get with my 10 man squad . I know you can only see 6 at once if in squad play , but at least it was a option

    • Batman

      I agree. AW is a serious best cod ever title contender. but yet everyone is bitching

      • Favorite Ape

        This is the only one you’ve ever played.

      • drew james

        To say it’s the best is weird imo

    • Tricky VIk

      “Make an account to officially welcome you to our little corner of the internet, comrade.”

    • Dagger_X333


    • Gooby

      I like you.

    • kplem

      zombies in a DLC money hungry copy cats of treyarch, AW added more things than BO2 and ghosts> give me a brake the only thing they did is copy and paste BO2 with the exo suit gimmick, we played it FIRST on titanfall and on COD 4 (hacked servers). their excuse for innovation is this exo gimmick which doesnt work. do you think they care about you? they care for your cash, WOW gun DLC yeah for 5 bucks with each DLC being 20 bucks when back in WAW MW2 they were 10-15 with actual quality maps, as well as the game hadn’t even come out yet yet they had plans for DLC, as well as the game has been out for 1.5 months and they are already spamming micro trans for your cash. i get pissed at them because they actually dont listen and keep shoving MLG in our face and building the game from the ground up for MLG please stop saying they are listening because they are listing to nothing, you seem to actually think they are listening but why dont you look at the disaster of cod from BO2 and up especially BO2 they gave you the big middle finger with that game as well as AW so far. interact with fans? give me a brake the only ones they interact to is their god nadeshot, people who complement their game and MLG nerds, everyone else is irrelevant. YES i know there are rude people but there are plenty saying it nicely yet they are ignored. as well as SBMM is still in the game yeah real listening there come on now.

    • Michael

      You should interact on the site more though. It gets conversations going. I like expressing my opinions on this site to see who agrees or disagrees with me. Plus, I like interacting with everyone in the comments πŸ˜›

    • Who gets hyped for micro transactions? For sure I wasn’t one of them. Negative comments keep coming if the core of the game isn’t fixed or the important stuff, updating the game with a few small positive things isn’t going to help. They didn’t add more than bo2, they took some of the thigns from bo2 (I’m not against it, just proving what I’m saying). It wasn’t polished, they still have to add more stuff where as bo2 already had everything needed in the game. Zombie dlc? Yeah, dlc. You have to buy it. And it’s not like Treyarch zombies, just because the enemies look like zombies, doesn’t mean the og zombie fans would be happy with it, it’s just stupid. All the other studios delivered patches like SHGames does, nothing special here… They interact with fans? Yeah, before launch. What is it now? Fans getting ignored, eSports players are praised as Gods who know how to make the game perfect (for sweatiness and competitive to ruin pubs). Condrey and Schofield just retweet trolls and respond to them, which isn’t helping at all. New gun with every patch? Yeah, guns which are OP at first and then nerfed to the bottom so no one uses them, real helpful for people who paid for it. SBMM is a problem in AW and it was a problem in BO2. People kept talking about it. People didn’t ignore problems in BO2, now you’re just imaging it by yourself. And I don’t think AW is the best cod even when the stuff gets patched. Better than Ghosts but worse than MW3, and every Black Ops comes before it.

      Even if I disagree with someone it doesn’t mean I hate them, so welcome to CharlieIntel where I keep bitching until they change SBMM.

    • jordanxbrookes

      But Black Ops 2 had Zombies on disc, not by paying it as DLC, just saying.

      • TheShadowReaper

        why do you bother? if you werent super friendly to every retard in here they would jump at you for saying that. or give you a stupid excuse as a reason behind their twisted, god make it, reasoning. same thing every year. just more excuses for the wrongdoings of multibillion money-greedy corporations.

    • Favorite Ape

      This is a crap game for #11 in the series for the year 2014. This game just has different gimmicks and has failed to fix the poor connections yet again. This game is selling 27% less than ghosts did so it seems repainting the same game another year is costing them their fan base. The problems in this game should have been far less given 3 years dev time. Players are not asking for no lag, they are asking for it to be as little as possible. As games that sell far less are going to dedicated servers, cod only promises them and fails to deliver. Players can rightly see this game is only about soaking as much money as possible out of this francise, not providing the best game for loyal players. People like you do nothing but empower them to continue putting out broken games. So for your first comment you have only argued to not improve the game. The loyal fans of cod thank you for that, smh. This is not my first time commenting because, unlike you, I care about the direction this franchise is going.

  • Random

    (insert comment complaining about matchmaking being terrible when really my internet is shit or I’m bad at the game)

    • Favorite Ape

      Insert random comment showing Random has no clue.

  • HenryDF

    SBMM, SBMM, SBMM, money whores, money whores, money whores, Treyarch FTW, Treyarch FTW, Treyarch FTW, good old days, good old days, good old days, dedicated servers, dedicated servers, dedicated servers…

    • Guest

      Oh, Treyarch isn’t going to have microtransactions? Come on, man….

    • You nailed it. That is pretty much every top post on every article here.
      I dont know why his comment was deleted^

      • Siftblade of Rivia

        I don’t know either. It wasn’t even hateful or spam. Maybe someone was just butthurt that they got called out…

      • HenryDF

        Pretty sure Jordan must have deleted it…

    • john


  • Gump

    Glad the camos are animated!

  • mrsnuada

    Again copy paste from Black Ops 2

    • If you are going to copy a recent Call of Duty game, that is the best one to copy so…

      • mrsnuada

        We are having the same problems we had at the launch of Black Ops2

        No wonder the game is in the state it is! Bad!
        The community accepts all!
        3 years to copy/paste and add the the exo to Black Ops 2.

  • Lizard squad

    We change our mind. You guys are cool.

  • RockerxxRicardo .

    Just wondering does anyone else have trouble finding a game on PC when I try to play anything but TDM it says “No Games Found”.

  • Juses


  • Woah, he spammed the crap out of the comments.

  • Marshmalloh

    I still don’t have my fucking AE4 this is bullshit it has almost been a week and SHG still has not done shit accept for fucking camos fuck this bullshit!

    • Γ§Δ§ΞΉΔ‘Ρ”ΙΎΓ₯β„’

      why u telling us what do u want us to do lol…. go on twitter and complain to the devs

  • Name

    3rd person confirmed

  • people….. you are not obligated to buy it soooo…..shut up and break you keyboards. Thank you

    • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

      So? This should only exist in F2P…

      • This. I hate it when people attack other people who tell what Activision is doing is wrong. This is wrong, you wouldn’t get any of these even if you bought the super extra deluxe premium mega edition copy of the game which cost you over 150$. That’s just ridiculous. Even 60$ should give you these. And of course I understand Activision just wants more and more money, but this is just too ridiculous…

        • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

          I’m more bothered by Zombies being $40 than anything else. I can’t stand it.

  • Justin MD

    {A Better Advanced Warfare} Just for fun.

    Having hundreds of weapon variants is ridiculous, especially when only 34 of them are different. Dump all variants, add twice as many different weapons and a few more attachments. Weapons can have three attachments. Add a four attachment wildcard. Most of the supply drops is garbage. Have nothing timed & add weapon camo uniform pieces. Remove all laser weapons. A more controllable missle strike. Put System Hack at 14,000 points. 30 Flag calling cards and exos should be in the game. Add 3rd person TDM & DOM, Gun Game, Sharpshooter, & exo zombies. Every map should have some destruction – destroy the turtle statue in Retreat & destructible inner playfield walls in Greenband. Random time of day – cool to see Instinct at night & daytime Terrace. On Detroit & Solar, a vehicle of the future would roll away from danger, tell you to back off or attack you with it’s doors if you’re using it as cover. On Hanger, the ship in the hanger would take off along with anyone on it.

    • Justin MD

      (Weapon Camos) Are a bit on the dull side. They look like kitchen countertop samples, the last one; a rug. I’d do…

      None, army jeep green, choco, multicam black, urban, woodland, kryptek raid.

      Digital orange, kryptek highlander, kryptek yeti, yellow tiger, urban pink (for the ladies), kryptek neptune, carbon fiber.

      3D hex red, trippy (animated multi-color kaleidoscope effect), chrome, animated lightning, animated sound waveform (animates when gun is fired), and royalty that is purple metal with precious gems and is the last camo for any weapon. Plus add in a couple variant camos.

      • Justin MD

        (DLC) The Premium Exo Custom Packs look great, but I’d add gloves, weapon camo, 1 reticle, a calling card, and an emblem layer to each one. Release four Premium Exo Custom Packs between each of the four DLC packs for a total of 12, all free with season pass. No more micro DLC than that. Each DLC pack would have 4 brand new MP maps, 1 exo zombies map, 2 weapons (1 new, 1 classic), 1 Exo Launcher, 1 Exo Ability, and a Legend Pack. Legend Pack Characters; Jack Mitchell, Jonathan & Will Irons (seperate, not two-headed), Sergeant Cormack, & Gideon. $60 for the standard game plus $40 for season pass for a $100 combo price ($80 digital). All anyone should spend on one game. 20 million combo units sold worldwide. $2 Billion in gross sales worldwide (1.6 Billion digital). Boom. Done. On to the next one…

        • moonwalker925

          Bravo ! Good marketing ideas, now tweek Michael C and see if hes down with it !

        • An Unknown Player

          But Gideon and Cormack are already playable…

  • Dagger_X333

    Sometimes when I dash or engage an enemy in AW, my guy will randomly switch to my secondary (which is my combat knife) or he’ll melee? Anybody know why? And does this happen to anyone else??? It’s soo annoying!!

    • Kobrah

      Never happened to me on PS4

    • Rodoe528

      Your controler is probrobly broken, I haven’t heard of this issue

      • Dagger_X333

        It happens to both of my controllers, so that can’t be it.

  • Diego Diniz

    “If you got the money, honey
    We got your disease
    In the jungle
    Welcome to the Jungle…”
    Congratulation$$$$ $GH Game$$$ !!!

  • Diego Diniz

    I like the Game, they just have to:
    1) Fix the Lag Completely
    2) Give us New VERY GOOD MAPS on DLCs
    3) New Scorestreaks on DLC (they were kinda LAZY on Scorestreaks Design…)
    4) Fix SBMM

    And the Game will be OK! Waiting for next COD…

  • Guest

    Is it just me or do these items not seem to fit with the game? Like they don’t really look similar to any other camos or exos in the game and their colors are a bit funky.

    • Diego Diniz

      The community ask fot that…colourful maps and stuff. Ghosts were grey and everybody ask for colorful things…

  • tweeateer birdie

    Omg i have to say it this game is the best game ive ever played in my entire life they are adding dlc for we can have fun with dlc now i can put a flag in my back and change my reticles to what ever i want i think i cought a mind orgasm i remember back in days when i use to play cod4,waw,and mw2 them games have no chance against advanced warfare.

    • Diego Diniz

      ahahahaha I kind like these features, but MW2 was the best ever!!!

      • Carrisi

        He was joking

      • tweeateer birdie

        Lol Diego I was joking on my last comment come on I chould get smacked for saying advaced warfare is better than mw2 i just wanted to see some reaction but I do agree with u about advance warfare its a nice game but the only thing that cripples it …is the odvious score based match making .

        • Diego Diniz

          I know you joking. Thats why I smile!

  • angry ps4 gamer

    Balance weapons and remove SBMM thats when I will buy micro dlc and maybe season pass. Otherwose, just a no-no. Remove in March? Too late SHG. Dont fuck this up please.

  • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

    In light of recent news, Kim Jun Un has a Pauly D haircut

  • J4MES
  • LovekillerX

    Today I had a patch on PS4 and after that I had first host migration ever in Advanced Warfare? Anyone know which things they patched?

  • What a f*cking ripped off….I’m just going to drop this pic here. I’m 100% sure they had these camos really to go but they got scrapped just to be sold has DLC (also the fact they are RECYCLE CAMOS, this is laughable). Destiny also did the same thing, taking out original content just to be sold has DLC later. The era of gaming is getting pretty bad man; in a few years I won’t be surprise we have to pay “extra” just to unlock the “muliplayer” mode for each game…..

    • GinsuVictim

      Your bottom camos don’t match. Also, who cares? If someone was a fan of a camo in one game, they have the option to buy it in this game. You don’t have to buy shit.

  • No Latvian Exo?

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