A new update for the Call of Duty: Heroes app is now available for players on iOS. The new update brings the game to version 1.2, and adds new features and bug fixes for the mobile game.

  • Holiday Theme
    • Winter has arrived with snow falling across the lands – enjoy the holidays, and be sure to clear out snowmen, holiday trees and stockings for a chance to earn resources & celerium!
  • Decorations
    • Make your base unique by adding country flags and statues of your favorite Heroes
    • Initial set of decorations available – more to come in future updates
  • Higher Command Center Cap!
    • The level cap of the Command Center has been raised from 8 to 9
      Provides access to dozens of new structures and upgrades
  • New Drone Available!
    • The CLAW drone is now available at Command Center level 9
  • Heroes Cap Increase!
    • All heroes can now level up to level 25
    • Heroes can now be promoted to 3 stars
  • Veteran Chat Channel
    • Players that reach Command Center level 4 will gain access to the “Veteran” chat channel
  • Survival Mode Leaderboards
    • Added the ability to visit & check out the bases of the top commanders on the leaderboard
  • Structure Size change
    • Reduced the size of the Oil Pumps (from 4×4 to 3×3) and the Deployment Yard (from 7×7 to 6×6)
  • General Improvements
    • Various bug fixes

Get the mobile game now on iOS HERE or on Android here.

  • Juses

    Pay to win. That is all

  • zombiefreak935

    Does anybody play this game?

    • Juses


    • spartanelite

      Its OK I still prefer clash of clans thoe

    • I’ve played it a little, but on my opinion it doesn’t feel like cod at all. I wonder who Activision is marketing towards. Little kids with no life?

      • Mr Doge

        Its supposed to be a Clash of Clans ripoff. It’s not supposed to feel like CoD. And I’m not defending it either. The entire mobile gaming market is a big ripoff. Heck, Clash of Clans is just a copy of another game.

  • Vermell

    Lmao. That moment when this gets an update before the PC version of AW does xD.

    • zombiefreak935

      Different people made this update.

    • tweeateer birdie

      Microsoft wants to wipe Sony and pc but more pc because of copyright pirated games and all I’m not saying you download pirated stuff but you know … They also want every body on the Xbox for easier money .. There’s no excuse in not being able to do a simple patch on the master race of fps gaming pc 😐

  • Mr Doge

    Wow they updated that game which no one plays but they still haven’t fixed SBMM? They need to treat their customers a lot better because I paid money for AW. When I go on Bo2 I don’t lag but when I go on AW, I lag through a wall every time. It sucks 🙁

    -Every CoD Hater


      stop complaining about complaining bitch

      • Mr Doge

        Stop complaining about complaining about complaining, bitch

        • SPAWNST4R

          damn, you just stole the shit I just stole

          • Mr Doge

            That is really confusing haha

    • Juses

      -Every cod Fan*

    • RC-1009/2025

      I’d be honest, that above is true. I would personally have this game, but my iPod is too crappy to run it.

      • RC-1009/2025

        Now that I think about it, I want a iPhone 5 just for games.

  • GinsuVictim

    Tried it, hated it, deleted it.

  • ScOott

    I love how many people care to comment on this post 14 😀 (not including me) that in self shows me it’s not worth my time

  • derrrrrrrrrrrrr