A new live action trailer for the China-exclusive Call of Duty Online title has been posted today, and it stars Captain America actor Chris Evans.

There’s also a new poster promoting the new title. The promo reveals that a new launch is expected on Jan. 11th, 2015. The title is exclusive to China and developed by Raven Software.

SOURCE: SuperHeroFeed and JustJared

  • KernosT

    I don’t get it how ATVI is not releasing this game in other parts of the world.Probably cos its free and ATVI giving free stuff has lesser chance then seeing a blue moon.

    • Keshav Bhat

      Actually, the game is free but filled with tons of micro DLC which will make them money.

      • KernosT

        Still the actual thing is free right.

        • Yeah because China doesn’t have online access to any other CoD games as far as i know

          • RdJokr

            No, it’s more of because the F2P market is strong in China and many other Asian countries. Hence, it would make sense to have a F2P COD released in said countries.

        • Hypocrites

          If this was in the US for free we’d still have people crying about the microdlc.

      • smayo

        Sounds exactly like the games we get here in the US and EU, except we have to pay full price for the base game as well

  • I don’t understand why they don’t promote this game in the US and Europe? I’d play this over any other COD from the past 4 years.

    • ccrows

      Meh, maybe for PC players, but I’d rather see IW make a COD4/MW2/MW3 collection (minus OMA/DC, and SRP/PP) strictly for current gen in 2016… 🙂

      • KernosT

        You think these new money whoring,0 fan supportive cunts would do that?

        • ccrows

          If they were to use Ad Revenue? Maybe.

          IDK how PC Gamers would feel about it, but maybe a free version with ads and a paid version without ads.

          Either way – Just make a “MW Collecion” for current gen consoles in 2016, and I’ll be happy…

      • Callum

        but OMA was amazing

      • spartanelite

        That would basically mean like a 5-6 Dev cycle for third next actually game

      • zombiefreak935

        Yeah i would pay for it! but one man army could be fixed by NOT EVEN HAVING NOOBTUBES.

      • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

        God no I don’t want another IW game.

    • VVFZ

      4 years I don’t know about that, definitely over AW or Ghosts.

    • J4MES

      The game was made specifically as an introduction to the brand in China because games consoles were banned there along with many games and most people had never even heard of COD despite its worldwide success. Activison would never give us this because they wouldn’t want their current COD game to be deserted or financially affected even though this would probably rake in the dosh even as a F2P.

    • Laser0pz

      Because they’ll most likely lose sales from the full releases. Places like North America and Europe are very home-console centric, compared to Asia where it’s more PC-centric. I’m pretty sure that F2P games are more successful in China where more people have computer compared to consoles.

      • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

        Or it’s being published/developed by a Chinese-exclusive company

    • Keshav Bhat

      Cause Activision is getting this game live in with help of China based Tencent publishing, so I think, while this game could go worldwide, it would need a lot more work and infrastructure.

      • Ben

        The “work” they spend on this doesn’t really matter… the newest CoDs have solid sales on PC (if we call them solid), there’s no reason to introduce this pay-to-win shit here.

    • Confirminator

      wow!!! jordanxbrookes has not flooded this discussion!

      • Surprise Surprise!

      • Guest

        he’s banned

        • DopeAap

          did he really get banned?

        • jordanxbrookes

          Am I really?

    • omar_soft

      Yeah, Honestly I’d rather play COD Online over just a single game like AW or ghosts. Mainly because online is essentially a mix of COD4, MW2, BO2 and parts from other games too. Ive seen people in the US/UK play this but its so hard to download and the pings are high too :C

    • Abd3l4l

      Because y give the people a great game for free, than giving u shit games for 60$ and promising the next one will be better?

    • nammion

      Agreed. I’d definitely try this out. I like cod but as of right now I dont play it because I dont like the last 2 titles they came out with

    • Puppet Master

      “I’d play this over any other COD from the past 4 years.”

      ^That right there is why.

  • Ronald McDonald

    Still better than the broken ass Advanced Warfare.

  • jordanxbrookes

    See, this is what I expect in Call of Duty, pure adrenaline-pumping fun, boots-on-ground shooter. Just wish this was worldwide and I had a gaming PC :/

    • Rav

      -.- if this had been advanced warfare trailer and advanced warfares live action trailer was this youd fall for it even harder

      stop judging the game before its released, some action video clips from it doesnt matter

      if it did id rate this as like 1/5th that of aw’s

      • jordanxbrookes

        Call of Duty Online has been out for a few years, I think that’s long enough to judge. Also I’ve seen gameplay footage of it which is what I was talking about, not the live action trailer, smh.

      • drew james

        What you smoking?

    • spartanelite

      At well I have an idea with this,when Cod is on its knee’s and on the brink how medal of honor was before it bit the dust,world wide release with all the games polished to shit possibility maybe?

  • Skinner

    Just think a game with no influence from optic cumshot & co. This would be great!

  • J4MES

    I played COD Online for a while and it’s the most perfect Call of Duty experience ever. You cannot beat an AC130 on Nuketown whilst using a UMP! It’s a shame it’s tied to China though with iffy connections as expected and riddled with micro DLC but at least it’s free to play. I’d take this over Advanced Warfare any day.

    • How were you able to play it?

      • MyKogInYourAshe

        Search it on Youtube, but one advise : Depending where you live the lag is horrible

    • jordanxbrookes

      Same here if I had a gaming PC :/

  • Thecallrocks

    Why is captain america there?

    • Whenpplaskstupidquestions

      Cause he can

  • J4MES
    • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

      Vikkstar can suck a dick. Most annoying person on YouTube.

      • jordanxbrookes

        I got to talk with him back in Black Ops 2 a couple of years back 😛

        • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

          He’s probably nice I just can’t stand his voice

  • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

    FU send it to America

  • If only this could be on steam as free to play with hats and other cosmetics i don’t mind.

  • meow

    hate that this is fine but 4D1 was a no no. stupid activision

  • Bring this game to the US as a full price retail game and include most of the content as far as maps and guns. I know most of the game is old stuff, but the sheer amount of things in the game would make it a decent deal at 50 or 60 bucks.

    • SlyCooper5555 .

      Your profile pic makes me really hungry

  • Had to do something to keep him busy until Civil War lmao

  • TheGamerBeast

    i think Activition is Going to use alot of actors in the coming COD games

    • RdJokr

      As if they haven’t done it in the past games already…

  • TheGamerBeast

    i FEEL like Raven Software is going to be the 4th Developer for COD in future, for now they just joined IW

    • J4MES

      I don’t think anyone cares about the future of Call of Duty anymore. Seems most people are just looking forward to Treyarch’s game next year and that’s it. COD 2015 will definitely be my last title and I want to go out on a high. Screw Ghosts 2, Infinity Ward and any prospective guff Sledgehammer churn out. They’ll still be using P2P in 2017 too probably and by then eSports will dominate the franchise to death. Future is bleak and all COD does now is destroy what was once a fantastically fun series driven by the heart and soul of the community and not some eSport idiots who are paid to play this rubbish.

      • Ak74u

        Next years cod will probably be my last too I’ve been playing cod since I was 14 and my first cod was cod 4 it was awesome and amazing to me and I enjoyed the series now that I am older (going into being 20) ive lost interest in cod and I feel bad because it used to be the best thing ever to me but cod feels different now and is not as a serious game as it used to be. Ghosts mainly lost my interest

        • Ak74u

          Advanced warfare is a great game though Im enjoying this one and I’m also just getting next years cod just because it’s treyarch

  • Juses

    A 14 second trailer -__-

  • Felipe Rios

    Just let the COD negativity roll in Lol

  • Ryumoau

    Chris Evans is awesome! Wish they used him in one of the ‘real’ CoD titles and not this free to play thing.

    • Juses

      This is real

    • Evans would be amazing in a COD title such an amazing actor.

  • tweeateer birdie

    I wish I had this game I love the sound of the m4a1 it sounds exactly like the one from mw2 can we have this game ? On the U.S. ?

  • tweeateer birdie

    If they showing it us its a sign that they are going give it to us … ACTIVISON would do enything for customers

  • SkylineDesigns

    i want this to release in north america so bad

  • Ak74u

    Patches for last gen on advanced warfare com’on please

    • Keshav Bhat


      • Ak74u

        Thank you we need those patches it’s been a while

  • Stefan Lang

    If they released this in North America on Next Gen a lot more people would be completely sold. It just feels good to get back on 360 and play COD 4, MW2, BO1 but it would be really cool if America got this game on Next Gen then they wouldn’t have to go back and forth and not be forced to play Ghosts or AW while they’re tied to their next gen consoles.

  • Chris Evans.. I thought they meant.. Nevermind

    • Juses

      What… Captain America?

  • THEAVENGER2015 .

    optic cum shot thats funny,mlg ruin call of duty ,truth

  • The Telephone Pole

    Just visited CharlieIntel after a month. Uh, what happened?

    • Juses

      Trolls and ultra cod fanboys came to Charlie Intel

  • ScOott

    Does anybody know anything about halo ?

  • tweeateer birdie

    I sold advanced warfare for 20 bucks lol

    • Juses

      Wow… You could have sold it for more.

      • Guywithbrains

        That’s what I thought too. Although I never sell my games because I love to collect physical copies. 😛

      • tweeateer birdie

        Lol I sold it that way because thats how much it’s worth me and ppl already tried the game soo know the game is broken

        • Siftblade of Rivia

          How much it’s worth to you should be the same amount that you bought it for. Otherwise you lost money and got ripped off.

          • tweeateer birdie

            lol come on 60 bucks on a game that everybody hates u bring it down to 40 bucks ((but)) people always want 1/2 price I didn’t get ripped off

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            If you bought it for 60 and you hate it, then you got ripped off. Not by the sale itself, but by you purchasing the game. You shouldn’t have bought it if you are selling it a few months later. You lost $40, I’d say that’s a ripoff. At that point, I’d rather keep the game and wait for it to get fixed.

          • tweeateer birdie

            Christmas kappa it’s gone I sold it to a poor kid who just has a ps4 with no games …. Trust me kappa do u really bulieve they are going to fix the game ? Come on there is no fix to this game so there is no point in waiting for one the old cod days are over and it breaks my heart to say that.

  • Juses

    No new article in two days… 🙁

  • Chris Evans: You guys ready?
    Chinese soldiers: Who the hell are you?

  • Favorite Ape

    Instead of dedicated servers, we spent our money on Kevin spacey and Chris Evans. Looking at sales, looks like that didn’t pay off.

  • jooker-jr

    Btw from 00:01 to 00:06, that clip remainded me of the first mission from BF4.

  • Guywithbrains

    I am so confused because every single year people get surprised about that the game has lag, overpowered weapons and bad spawns. It has been like that always.

    Next year’s pro tip: when BO3/WaW2/whatever it is called launches, think twice before buying the game on launch day. Will there be lag, overpowered weapons and bad spawns? If you answered yes, don’t buy the game on launch day. Or if you do, put all the blaming on yourself.

    • Favorite Ape

      Looking at the sales, I would say players are doing exactly that.

  • Tim Vikouski

    this isnt even worth a comment pure garbage

  • Tim Vikouski

    why not they always get host

  • Capital L

    I blinked