UMG Orlando, the second Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare eSports event, has come to an end today with OpTic Gaming taking first place and the $15,000 prize.

Top 4 placements:

  1. OpTic Gaming – $15,000
  2. Stunner Gaming – $5,000
  3. Denial eSports – $3,000
  4. JusTus – $2,000

The next Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare eSports event will be the MLG Pro League Season 1 Playoffs, which will take place on February 20th-22nd at MLG’s Columbus Arena. Stay tuned for the latest info on this event and on all things Call of Duty eSports.

Main image picture via @CODBlackIce

  • I’m so happy I could cry. If they don’t win COD Champs I will be devastated! Lol

  • Humza Qureshi

    Haha Jordie

  • Stefan Lang

    Stunner shocked me I saw them finishing last. I thought Denial would beat them. TJ had a clutch Uplink play. Shit was insane!

    • Colin MacKenzie

      TJHaLy was highly underestimated coming into this event, and Huke’s reputation, while known, was put on the line with this LAN. It’s a shame STNNR cannot qualify for the CoD Championship because Lord knows they would have a nice shot at placing well.

  • Fluffy Monkey


  • jordanxbrookes

    GG OpTic.

  • Colin MacKenzie

    Look out US Nationals! OpTic Gaming is on the rise, once again!

  • Super029something

    Dayum after their shitty first day im surprised they came back, GG.

  • optic wins

    millions of quickscopers around the globe depressed

    • GreenBolt01

      I wanted FaZe to win sooooo bad 🙁

      • I cried so much moutain dew when faze didn’t 420 quickscope optic

        • Did you poop’d out Doritos afterwards?

      • I lolled when tk beat them 3-0, even tho tk got put out 3-0

    • Tep Kok

      Funny because OpShit started the entire quick scoping fad

      • It was Grizz, him alone started it in Cod4 and he is in Faze now and all the members gushed out on Twitter because of it.

        • *COD2 montages first

          • Oops, sorry. I’m not big into actually watching montages or let’s plays or MLG or any of that really, no time for it. I was only told Grizz started in Cod4.

          • He had some sick COD 2 clips. Especially his grenade spots. They were sexy

        • Eirik Skjelbakken

          GRIZZ WAS AN SHE…………….

    • Guest

      when u said this a african call of duty quickscoper came to my mind.

  • I just wanted TK to win. I’m hoping they’ll win cod champs!

  • Andy Nguyen

    FaZe Doodoo 🙂 Let Go OpTic

  • Soldierzz Gaming

    Nadeshot and Scumpii are too good together

    • guest

      Naw nadeshot is garbage and they have 3 major wins in 3 years

  • Ronald McDonald

    Who the fuck are the other two?

    • w

      other 2 what?

      • Ronald McDonald

        The nerds beside Nadeshot and the redhead.

        • iwoot

          crimsix and formal. lol

          • Ronald McDonald

            They can go fuck themselves for all I give a fat fuck.

          • Mr Doge

            Lol Nadeshot and Scumpii (“The readhead”) are fucking idiots. Nadeshot said he was going to quit the pro gaming scene last year but then came back so it was just a big publicity stunt.

          • KoD Phazz

            He said he didn’t know if he was going to continue being a pro player is 2015… Then he played AW

          • Ronald McDonald

            Yeah, they’re all fucking idiots. The other two assholes probably suck Nade and Scump’s dick behind the scenes.

          • joey

            Is this a recurring fantasy of yours? Don’t be afraid, it’s okay. Try to accept your sexuality instead of repressing your desires, otherwise you will develop some kind of neurosis.

          • Ronald McDonald

            What the fuck are you on about?

  • Puppet Master

    Optic is the only team who likes AW. Everyone else just don’t care.

  • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox

    Where is the replay…?

  • codisrubbishthesedays

    GG Optic. Not only have you ruined the design and structure of Call of Duty games whilst zapping the fun out of them; you’ve continued to prove that having aim assist makes playing the game take no skill whatsoever. Perhaps they should try something like Counterstrike or DOTA which a REAL competitive games and require skill rather than handicaps.

    eSports has to be the worst thing ever to exist other along with selfies and fanboys.

    • meow

      thats why i play with out aim assist and on PC ^_^

    • Crimsix and FormaL were Halo pros. A lot of them play CS:GO for fun when they’re bored and DOTA IS A WHOLE DIFFERENT THING THAN AN FPS. IDK why you’re mad.

    • Mr Doge

      How can you compare CoD which is an FPS to a game like DOTA which isn’t? Also your user name is hilarious -.-

    • Guest

      GG. You are by far the biggest dumbass of the day. Some one give him the “biggest dumbass of the day” medal.

  • jooker-jr

    UMG Orlando 2015: Stunner Gaming vs Denial Esport…:

    Just watched this match, so intense !

    • InstantHawk

      Apparently the ASM1 is the only weapon in the game. Am I the only one who hates using the op guns?

      • jooker-jr

        Me too, the ASM1 was one of my favorite weapons but after the patch I stopped using it because I feel like a noob if I used an op gun.

  • Rei


  • meow

    didnt optic get raped first match 3-0 against revenge?

    • ww

      yes, and 0-3 against this same stunner team that same Friday (went 0-6 that day) but it seems like it was a fluke day

      • meow

        so they lost 2 and won how many? xD

  • Just noticed, you misspelled ” take ” by putting a k in the word, in the sentence
    ” Play offs which will take place on Febuary “

    • ScOott

      That’s how u spell it ?

      • He saw my comment and changed it. He spelled it ” tkake ” and I corrected him.

  • Tim Vikouski

    cant get much more boring then this with a boring game

  • ExoskeletonX

    OPTIC 4 LIFE #GreenWall