Michael Condrey has confirmed on Twitter that a probation penalty is on the list to come soon to Advanced Warfare’s Ranked Play playlist. Currently, players only loose a certain amount of points for backing out mid-game. A probation system, which was in Black Ops 2’s League Play, will add a “time-out” period, where you are not allowed to play matches for a set period of time if you back out of too many games.

There’s no ETA yet for when this will be added. Stay tuned.

  • HypeeZGb

    First nigguuhh

    • Gooby


      • lol, this is win.

      • HypeeZGb

        Loool i done it as a joke 🙂

  • Bob

    I still play on the 360 and last time I played ranked, JIP was still happening. When will we get the update to fix that? It sucks when you join a game that your team is getting destroyed and lose ranked points because of that, which is usually the case.

    • Fariko Lunatik

      nah you cant join in progress anymore on the 360 my team mate has bad connection and lags out, i invited him back but he couldnt join so when your team quits thats it nobody can join back plus they have now banned stim and cloak but it still says pre season on the 360 so idk

      • Bob

        That’s good to hear. Did you ever have a problem where the host leaves and everyone gets kicked and you lose ranked points? That happens to me at least once a day.

        • Fariko Lunatik

          Yep happens all the time man, I got to the point where you have to win 2 out of 3 matches to get promoted I won my first then it reset my back bottom league I dont know if you have had that problem? They really need to work on Ranked Play and sort it out they have had enough time

          • Bob

            Yes, that has happened to me too. I wonder if it’s just us 360 players or if the one players experience this too. They really need to fix that or ranked is a waste of time for us.

  • Juses

    People will still rage quit lol.

  • AreTheyRetarded

    Why was this not already in the game?!

  • ccrows

    Speaking of penalties for this game:

    I will NEVER reverse boost, however I’m quite interested in what the penalty is going to be for people that get caught. (a warning? a week? Account ban? Console ban?)

    The amount of reverse boosting account services are growing by the day. More people are making Youtube videos about it. Heck people are now starting to sell that stuff on eBay right now. (and it’s gonna get worse)

    Annnnnnd of course I’m seeing MORE people pulling out rocket launchers and killing themselves over and over in matches and ruining lobbies by doing so. Or just entering lobbies and not moving, and going like 0-30.

    Condrey said that there is going to be a ban, but I’m interested in what the ban is. Otherwise more and more people are gonna take advantage of this for personal gain…

    • Psychomaggot105

      I know what they could do………

    • Drasadex

      I seen some dude the other week going 0-200+ using the RPG or something.

      pretty hilarious lmao

    • TheDemonOfHate

      Nope Just 5 Minutes. Like Blops2

    • jordanxbrookes

      JayEx23 got console banned even though he had everything unlocked legitimately, that’s how much the devs know their own game. Poor Jay :/

    • Sam

      i got banned for a day for doing it lol

      • rider

        Same for me

    • Ak74u

      I have never seen anyone reverse boosting the whole time I’ve played in advanced warfare I guess people only do it in current gen and not last gen but I know they do it for shure

      • tarfeef101

        Oh I see them almost every match. And they always seem to end up on my team!

        • tarfeef101

          But I am next gen

    • Kyle G

      Reverse boosters should be profile, console, and IP banned.

      • hungryandrew

        What’s reverse boosting?

        • Kyle G

          Well first, I should start by defining skill based matchmaking. Basically, it’s just like how it sounds, it’s a matchmaking algorithm that pairs you up with other players (for the most part anyways) based on your skill level, which is determined by a number of different stats on your combat record.

          In Advanced Warfare, people intentionally make their stats worse, such as K/D, SPM, and any other stat that would effect it, for the purpose of pairing up with people that are much worse then you. That is what “reverse boosting” is.

  • Mrpompom

    @michaelcondrey here’s a better tip SUCK MY DICK WITH A C4 sandwich!? Jk but really where is the fucking c4!!!!!??????

  • TheDemonOfHate

    Ok so I know I hear people can get banned for trickshotting. Because it counts for deaths when doing sucides. Dang what has AW come too. Just wait when they ban you just for shooting your gun.

    • Kyle G

      Good. Everyone thinks trickshotters are cancer anyways.

      • TheDemonOfHate

        You’re right. It’s pretty funny though. Snipers didn’t see that coming.

  • Paul Beard

    haha what a crock of shit they couldnt give a flying shit about cheats in the game, i paid for the game so i will leave whatever game i want ooh i might get penalised all thats going to do is make people trade the crap in for another game simply because AW is total garbage i tell ya there was some serious retards that made this crap…

  • kimberlyann586

    Ummmmmm…yeah, it’s CLEAR that a probation penalty is needed. Or maybe it’s such a piece of garbage that I get kicked out of every other match I play and it’s already set me all the way back from gold to bronze. Now THEY are going to put me in “TIME OUT” for faulty merchandise. That’s a helluva way to keep up your popularity.

  • Raines


  • Raines

    The penalty is only like 5 or 10 minutes. It needs to be MUCH longer. I still have jerks backing out almost every game and I cannot rank up because of this. Makes ranked absolutely no fun. All they do is take the paultry few minute penalty, play some regular, then they are back in Ranked to back out again.
    Obviously the current back out time penalty isn’t working. People still back out in droves. It needs to be like 4 hours or better. The “leavers” are ruining ranked play.

  • Raines

    Ok, now the Ranked play is even a bigger joke. The matchmaking, for one, stinks. I get a diamond level and I’m paired up with bronze levels that don’t care if they back out.
    Not only that, now I lose with a particular team…I lose 20 points. I win with a particular team…I might only gain 15. Not worth it.
    Sledgehammer, change it back. But with a slight modification
    Back outs: 1 hour timeout from Ranked and a loss of 50 points
    Lose a match: -10 points
    win a match: +25
    Otherwise if I am going to lose 20 points and I waste my time staying in a game when everyone else left, its a joke. I’d rather lost 25 and back out because I don’t want to wait to lose.

  • jake

    Fucking bullshit i paid good money to play this game and now they can lock me out if i have to piss? Fucking assholes should be sued for theft. Definitely not worth the money. I got suspended for two days for backing out to go to the fucking bathroom.

    • Raines

      You don’t back out. You put the controller down, go piss, then come back.
      Or….make sure you pissed before you start match. Its not fair to others on your team.

    • Raines

      Oh and no, you didn’t get banned for 2 days for backing out. Its only like 10 minutes. Quit lying.

  • Shelton’s momma

    they should add an 0G achievement called Sore Loser or something of that embarrassing variety and have it for all of those quitters that leave when they go 0-1

  • Raines

    I change my mind now that I still have to deal with jerks that back out. 4 hour banning from Ranked Play if you back out. Tired of backing out a#@$#%%s!!!