Michael Condrey has posted on Twitter that the ability to see your character customization in game in hardcore modes is coming soon. Currently, customization is turned off and players cannot see their gear in Hardcore matches.

In addition, a new Hardcore Mosh Pit playlist is also coming soon. There’s no date for when these will be added as of now. Stay tuned.

  • HenryDF

    Thought it was just a spectator glitch or something whenever I saw people without gear. Don’t really see why this wouldn’t have been there in the first place to be honest.

  • I didnt even notice lol.

  • Lucky_Spetsnaz

    So are they possibly fixing not being able to use camos and stuff on local too

  • I honestly didn’t notice. :p

  • Tim Vikouski

    wow they can do meaningless fixes to the game but cant really fix their garbage wow

    • Keshav Bhat

      Hmm? This is just one of the things they are working on, so they announced it. There’s plenty of things that they are working on. There’s a lot of people at their studio, so they do a lot of fixes, updates, etc at the same time.

      • ccrows

        They really haven’t done much to “fix” their game since the Bal nerf patch though. (at least for pubs)

        I mean sure there’s little things here and there like eSports and ranked play, but the majority of people don’t care about that stuff.

        On 1/27 (if not sooner) they are gonna come out with a giant list of nerfs and buffs, yet the biggest problem in the game (that we all know and love) will probably still not be fixed yet.

        They need to get all “those people at their studio” and get them working on fixing the Matchmaking, cuz I’m tired of playing people in other countries when there’s TONS of people to play in my (Midwest) area…

        • JD

          Have you thought about a NetDuma router?

          • MastaRasta

            NetDuma is sold out since forever 🙁

          • ccrows

            Even if I wanted to get that, it’s sold out.

            However before investing in that router, I want to know ahead of time how SBMM is going to work with this thing.

            Case In Point – If I play really late at night on my main account in a KC lobby, there’s plenty of times that it says “1-2 games found”.

            ^ Now if I immediately switch over to my scrub account (secondary account that I use with garbage guns) it will find more lobbies. Switch back to the primary, and it’s back to 1-2 again.

            OK so let’s say I get the NetDuma router, and I force it to local connections, will AW during non peak hours say 0 games found during that time?

            ^ I know that was a lonnnng post, but I kinda want to know how that would work first…

      • Ak74u

        I know they are working Very hard but when are they going to bring the patches over to last gen. Currently last gen doesn’t have many updates with the weapon balancing except for the bal and system hack is still at 600 points I think and they haven’t removed that skull it gets spammed like crazy

        • I think High Moon Studios is actually just one person.

          Poor soul.

        • Choppabro2psn

          Lol poor guy

    • Baldmanz_RAGE

      Still more fun than ghosts!!!

      • UpRiftCOD

        Really? I have 19 days put in ghosts and 18 hours in Advanced Warfare. I beg to differ, but we all have our own opinions I suppose.

        • Ak74u

          19 days!!! lmfao! Nope I did not wasn’t my time on that game worst cod to date in my opinion stupid IED trash piece of shit

          • bob

            they nerfed it so now you dont die as much as before

          • Ak74u

            It’s still a horrible game you have to admit

        • Justin

          I have 40 days in Ghosts and 8 in AW. I played the shit out of AW when it came out, then hit Max prestige and just got tired of it. It’s not a good game.

      • DanK

        I gave up on Ghosts very quickly. I will readily admit that I’m not the greatest player but I got tired of every game I played being on a team with maybe 1 or 2 low level prestige players and going up against a full team of high prestige players and just getting destroyed by one killstreak reward after another. I swear I played many games where the other team would have a hind a minute into the game. And then it seemed like the teams were never balanced between games. Maybe they fixed that after I stopped playing but it was enough to make me give up on it. I don’t see any of those problems in AW, even though I just started playing after Xmas I don’t see it being THAT out of balance and I’m having more fun with this game than any COD since MW2.

        • UpRiftCOD

          Idk, whenever i was playing AW, i was always put up against higher skilled players. I rarely went positive and everyone used the same weapons, perks and killstreaks. And to top it all off, I was put into lobbies with hosts from the UK. (I live in Canada like WTF?) I got so frustrated at the game i snapped my disk in half. My opinion, worst cod i’ve ever played. That’s it I’m done bitching, come at me you fanboys.

  • Justin

    Why the hell wasn’t this already in hardcore? That makes no sense, I never play HC so I didn’t know.

    • Is that a tattoo of Ghosts for your profile picture?

      • Justin

        Yes it is.

        • Is it yours?

          • Justin

            Is it. So feel free to talk shit about it, been getting a lot of shit for it the last days about it.

          • No, I completely respect it! The main thing I personally hated about ghosts, was the haters. They still come and go though. But anyways, have a good day knowing that you can have your own opinions just like anyone else could! 🙂

          • Justin

            Thanks,man. I never understood the haters, it’s a great fucking game. People always ask if I regret it. No, obviously I got it because I love the game.

          • Random

            Regardless of whether the game sucks or not (I’m in the it was OK but not great camp myself), it’s a pretty sweet looking skull. Worthy of being a tattoo in my opinion. And the main thing is you’re happy with it.

        • Is that yours?

          • Justin


          • Pretty sick looking m8

          • Justin


          • *small snicker*

          • Justin

            *Bite size snicker*

  • I can predict what people will complain about after reading this article.

    1. HC team killing issues need fixing.
    2. More game modes.

    • Mooper

      actually i want them to fix the spawns, because having to wait 15 seconds to respawn, only to respawn in front of a dude or in the middle of their whole team and then wait 15 more seconds is super shitty. also it would be great if lobby leader boards were there.

      • smb3master

        15? In the older games it was 5.

    • Mooper

      i understand why there arent more game modes and i dont have a big issue with team killing, it is after all hardcore…

    • SoulTaker

      I would love me some Gun Game but I’m not gonna complain.

    • Ak74u

      Yea they should of left it how it was before because when I get a kill streak on HC like the bombing run or paladin or just throw a Semtex and I accidentally kill a teamate I get kicked out we can’t use these score streaks. I like the time out penalty instead if the 4 teamate kills and your out system

  • TheDemonOfHate

    I just want HC FFA 🙂

    • DanK

      I agree! That was my favorite mode in MW2 & BO.

      • TheDemonOfHate

        If you know the spawns. Instant victory.

  • YES!!

    Finally!! They’ve listened.

  • nokki00 .

    Why can’t they have regular matches with no huds?

    • I do think it is intrusive but I think the mini map makes for more fast paced action.

  • SoulTaker

    Hope they add Gun Game soon miss that game mode so much !

  • beamer

    About time. I didn’t know that that was a feature to work for items just so you could look like everyone else. I actually called tech support because I thought something was busted, till they told me that’s how it was supposed to be. Bad enough that crap expires every 5 minutes, but everyone running around in short sleeves and the same beenie cap?

  • Just give me some Gun Game and I’ll be happy! I’m starting to think that Gun Game complaints are going to be the new trend though 😛

  • Why wasn’t this in the game in the first place?
    Also I find the BAL to be broken right now.
    I feel they should lower the recoil to AK-12 or Xbox 360 bal level, lower the damage and then increase the ability to were it actually shoots faster holding down the trigger to compensate for the low recoil, because right now the thing is a mess.

    • Fariko Lunatik

      I agree apart from the AK as I find it has 0 recoil

      • Thats the point of it, to have less recoil. Because when you have a gun that kicks up and down only, inside of a game with no recoil compensation, it forces you to use it in CQB, turning it into a SMG. ARs should have low recoil, to give you the ability to use them at long ranges.

  • Neoconnected

    Mr. Condrey…et al…I have been a hardcore domination player on PC for a number of years and have played thousands of hours in each. I was enjoying Advanced Warfare (AW) and was having an overall pleasant experience with the game until the recent addition of the “3 Team Kill (TK) ” kick rule that was added. In HC Dom, it is far too easy to accidentally kill a teammate and is frankly a normal part of the HC experience. The prior use of the “ricochet” was in my opinion the best way to handle this situation as the player that makes the mistake of shooting a teammate is the one that is punished, and not anyone else. Why should my effort to capture a flag be thwarted by my own teammates mistake? Unfortunately, that is often the case now in AW and it is ruining the experience of HC Dom in particular and I believe my opinion on this to be a near universal sentiment based on my daily interactions with other players who voice the same frustration with the 3TK rule now in place. In addition, when a player succeeds in earning a kill streak such as a bombing run or pallidin, etc….it often beyond their control that some of their teammates are in the vacinity of enemies and when they accidentally kill them….they are kicked. The 3TK rule also makes the use of explosives such as frags and semtex almost useless now, as when the enemy team attempts to take a flag, the fear that a teammate is nearby makes many players go without explosives altogether. Simply put, and in summary, the 3 TK rule is punishing players for being successful when earning kill streaks, is rendering facets of the game like explosives meaningless,and making the overall experience much less enjoyable for those of us who are hardcore mode players. Please abolish this 3TK rule and return to what it was when the game came out (a spawn delay for TK) or better…a return to ricochet which resolves all of these issues. Thank you for making a good version of COD and we in the HC community would appreciate these issues being given serious consideration by Sledgehammer.

    • Random

      Ricochet is awful. You ask why you should suffer because of the mistake of a teammate? It works both ways. If your teammate walks in front of you in the middle of a gun fight, and you die due to ricochet, how is that fair? It’s swings and roundabouts. There needs to be some sort of punishment, and an increasing spawn delay for each TK would be enough for me. 5 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minute, 2 minutes… by the time anyone has tried to TK more than a couple of times they’ll get bored and have to leave as they won’t be able to respawn for so long. As long as once they leave they’re unable to rejoin and start again.

      • Neoconnected

        While we can agree to disagree about Ricochet, (I think it the lesser of two evils) I think we can agree that the 3 team kill and subsequent kick from the game needs to go asap. I can deal with a spawn delay as you described, at least you are still in the game.

        • Completely agree with this.

          Ricochet is awful but it’s the better of the two.

          Gunfire isn’t audible in AW anyway so these “team mates” that get in your way of gunfire.. you also do! You just don’t know it.

    • Ben

      I wholeheartedly agree with this post. In addition to the points mentioned, I think it is absolutely foolish for the person who gets team-killed to lose out on their streak and incur a death.

  • Mr.Good News

    They have a “loose” idea of customization if you ask me. I’d like to see true customization. It would be funny as hell to see people running around with pot bellies, male pattern baldness, ect,ect complete with the ability to upvote them. The custom player cards were some of the funniest things about the lobbies in BO 1 and 2. Being able to do with the avatars would be great.

  • jooker-jr

    Speaking of customaization , I would love to have the option to use the HUD from the campaign.

  • DanK

    Thank for fixing this! It’s a little thing and obviously doesn’t affect gameplay or address the other issues that people have…but why have all the customization options and give those as “rewards” if they are absolutely meaningless to a HC player?

  • daanish

    SHG please update for ps3