Beachhead Studio has announced the details regarding the Diamond Division Clan Wars. The first Diamond Division Clan War will start January 30th at 12PM PT and end February 1st at 12PM PT. Clans need to opt-into the Diamond division; your clan leader has to opt your clan in via the Call of Duty Companion App. Your clan needs at least two first place Platinum wins in order to opt-in.

In addition, Beachhead has revealed the new character gear set that can be earned via Diamond Division wars. It’s called the “Valkyrie” and is awarded to first place clans in the Diamond Division war.

SOURCE: Beachhead

  • I thought they were this weekend. Nevermind then

    • MJforlive

      It is this weekend and diamond is later

  • drjakeyoung

    Fuck clan wars 🙂

  • SuperDonut

    When will they put gun game in? I thought it was going to be in the game when it released but it is still not in the game… Will it even be in Advanced Warfare?

  • Thecallrocks

    soooo a Atlas Tier 1 armor but with diamond coating? Alright… it will do

  • JFlesh

    If you opt in to the diamond division does that mean you no longer compete in platinum or are you in both since they’re at different times?

    • BOO

      nope once in diamond you don’t apply for broze through platinum

  • Stefan Lang

    Weapon Master gear looks better than this shit.

  • nicholdale


  • Another repainted armor, lulz.

  • jordanxbrookes


  • Ykyd Chris

    We have 2 Platinum divisions under our belt, didn’t participate in the ‘Bonus’ Christmas clan war. Does anybody know if you MUST remain in platinum division to accept the offer for Diamond division?

    • Ak74u

      I’ve also got two platinum division wins and am wondering the same thing if we can be in the diamond division but I don’t know how if anyone knows please tell us what are the requirements for diamond division also have you gotten your next centurion armor piece? I still don’t have mines

      • squirrel4eva89

        There will be an update on the app nearer the time of diamond division clan wars allowing you to opt in if you have got 2 platinum division wins but I do think you have to still remain in platinum division before going into diamond division not 100% on the last part.

  • A Dazzlin Man

    GoDzALLMiGhTy is about to bring home the ‘W’ lets get it

  • Christenak1

    We have won every war platinum but im still not seeing the opt in option. Guess it be out soon.

  • Victor

    Disappointed in the armor they keep recycling the same shit in different colors.

  • wimko

    stil had no option to opt into diamond division yesterday and not even today
    now the clan wars has started…
    nope it dousend its not working again 😮 !!!!

  • West

    We thanked now to diamond but we got in the diamond division and we are to small clan for diamond so we can’t get first place my clan leader thanked no