Following the launch of Advanced Warfare Havoc DLC on Xbox, many issues have arisen in trying to access the content. This post will provide the latest updates on each of the issues. Stay tuned.

Season Pass Transfer:

Update: This issue has now been resolved and all Xbox One and Xbox 360 Season Pass owners should now be able to access and download Havoc DLC pack. If you’re experiencing issues, deleting and reinstalling the Season Pass will fix the issue. More details on that here.

Original Issue: 

If you transferred the Season Pass from Xbox 360 to Xbox One, you may have difficulties download Advanced Warfare Havoc DLC. The game currently is charging users to download the DLC. Activision is aware of this issue and is working on a fix. No updates or ETA on when this will be fixed has been revealed.

Can’t Access Exo Zombies:

Update: Activision has stated that the current solution is that you need to make sure the full download content pack is downloaded, including the compatibility pack. If you haven’t downloaded the compatibility Pack 1, try launching a multiplayer session and following the prompt to download the Compatibility Pack 1, which will provide a temporary work around, according to Microsoft. Here’s more ways to check to make sure the entire content is downloaded: 

To check active downloads on Xbox One:

  1. Select My games and apps from the dashboard.
  2. Select Queue.

To check active downloads on Xbox 360:

  1. Press the Guide button in the dashboard.
  2. Select Games & Apps.
  3. Select Active Downloads.

Original Issue: 

Many Xbox 360 users are unable to access Exo Zombies following purchasing/downloading Advanced Warfare Havoc DLC. An error message – “A downloadable content package was removed or all profiles are signed out” – keeps appearing. Activision is aware of this issue and actively working on a fix.

More information will be posted here as we get updates from Activision Support.

  • blackburnt7

    praise playstation

    • Lordlau


    • Drasadex


    • CandyManXC11

      Oh god not another one of these comments.. Lol. Xbox and Playstation have their own issues. I will laugh if the same issues occur in a month’s time for you and then it will be the same situation. Besides, it’s not just an Xbox issue, it’s mainly something Activision screwed up on.

    • ScOott

      Why ?

    • jordanxbrookes

      …for getting DLC a month later 😉

      • ScOott

        What you think of zombies u like it ?

      • Dr. Salim

        At least it lets us know if the DLC is worth it.

    • MichiganerE

      Watch this happen with Playstation as well. You’ll then defend it with bullshit excuses.

      • blackburnt7

        no I won’t mister cry.

        • MichiganerE


  • Does anyone know if there’s pausing in solo zombies?


      No pausing. Syndicate posted a video and he was trying to do it

      • I was just watching it but wasn’t sure if he started a private game by himself or actual solo. Sucks though, we really need that :/

        • TROLL TIDE

          He played private. And if there was pausing I would be sure it would be in private if anything.

          • GigaPiemel

            If it’s local, it’s solo. And that means you can pause
            When you are online and you are starting a private match. Its still “online” so no pausing.

          • Dude, my wifi was knocked out all day and i have been only able to play offline, and on the xbone, local/solo, there is no pausing. My workaround is if you want to pause, eject the disc.
            When you’re ready to play again put the disc back in. For me, it starts right were i left.

          • Switching account on PS4 might work

          • I don’t own a PS4, I prefer microsofts line of consoles.

          • My comment implied that taking off the disc on PS4 woulkdn’t work. It would completely quite the game so if any one needs a way to pause on PS4 (when the dlc is released) switching accounts might work 😉

        • RebornAngel666

          Sucks right? Because SHG don’t know what they’re doing, just copy and paste zombies that Treyarch made, and they make extra money off of us ?. Isn’t just awesome? Oh and they can’t fix shit for their lives on this game. Why wouldn’t they even put the ‘pause’ option when going solo? Fucking idiots. Fuck SHG lol

    • tweeateer birdie

      Why don’t u wait for the game and stop asking stupid questions like that .. Never question cod you’ll never get answers you know why … Because nobody cares about you.

  • yuseirko


    • CandyManXC11

      Better than getting it a month later because eventually it will be playable 😉 SO MUCH FOR COMPLAINING RIGHT?

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            hashtags on CI? What is this world coming to?

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            It hurts right?

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          • #ILikeYourHashTag

          • ScOott


          • I’ve already done #HIGHMOONLAG and #HIGHMOONSUCKS on Charlie Intel. #COMEATMEBRO 😛

    • can’t argue against that

    • Your boss

      How’s it feel to have the maturity level of an eight year old? Damn people are petty little bitches these days. I hope they get this cleared up for everybody, even a pin dick like you.

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        • LegitBedsheets

          Yet you run your mouth on CharlieIntel’s comments.

        • The comment section has turned into 6 year olds with new accounts spamming up all caps insulting people, wow.

          • B1G D4DdY

            So true

      • Lolita

        3 years to do this quality game!!

        • RebornAngel666

          ?????? it’s trash!

      • lol

        shots fired

      • RebornAngel666

        Lol you’re a hypocrite. Just stop.

      • MinecrafterO9

        What’s ur problem

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    • Simon

      And Playstation will have the same problems when its out too.

      • RebornAngel666

        Excuse me, how do you know that? Can we all suddenly tell what’s going to happen in he future? Is there a device for that? If so, I gotta get my hands on it! Don’t make an ignorant comment you fool.

      • Osuhalls

        Yeah i got the season pass and all i got was gorge…

  • This looks like more issues stemming from the “other” studio working on the “other” platforms – and also maybe a third studio (Neversoft) working on Exo Zombies. Not exactly sure how they are setup or how close they are all really are working together – but so far it hasn’t exactly worked real well IMO – especially with delayed patching and whatnot. Three studios working one game is bound to be a mess with any roll out be it a patch or new game mode. Hopefully Treyarch is working on all platforms themselves – or really just going strictly next gen as I think that would be better.

    • Piemeltje

      Neversoft doesn’t exist anymore. It’s part of Infinity Ward.
      I think you mean Raven

      • Did Raven do the exo zombies too?

        • There is discussion that Raven is doing the DLC (as they have previously for other games) but I don’t think anything is “officially” confirmed. High Moon Studios is doing the majority of the work on the X360 and PS3 as far as we know.

      • Right – Raven was what I meant to say; not Neversoft. Ah the good ole Tony Hawk days!

  • ScOott

    I have no problems 😀 just purchases it for 11 quid n it works fine if u don’t have season pass … Good night everyone I’m off to play zombies … P.s If I was a season pass owner I would demand a refund n get it separate

  • Daniel

    Since today’s patch I cant play a single match without it crashing on X1

  • Adam

    I’m trying to install the DLC and it’s been stuck in my Queue as “Installing…” with no percentage or anything. What should I do?

    • HenryDF

      Delete it from your queue (and stopping the installing process, I presume), and try again.

  • Guywithbrains

    Anyone have time to share opinions about this DLC? What maps are good? Do you enjoy Exo Zombies?

  • Tim Vikouski

    the lame get lamer

  • Vtec

    Anyone know how much tax is on the dlc? I got $15.09 and it still says it isnt enough

    • Rodoe528

      Make your zip code 32912 for no tax

    • Sucks man, xbox 360 if you had atleast 10 cents the tax was covered, now the tax is like 3 or 4 dollars more!

    • Random

      I’m glad all UK purchases include VAT. I don’t see why this isn’t adopted elsewhere.

  • Jay Gautreau

    Exo Zombies Easter egg complete! Music?

  • Chad

    I signed into a non xbox live profile and zombies loaded up then you sign back into your xbox live account and it plays just fine!

    • CandyManXC11

      This definitely worked for me!

    • ghosts sucks

      This works! Thanks

    • Melanie McArdle

      This works cheers 🙂

    • Izz Thaqif

      Not work for me !!! Please help me..
      it just work if i play multiplayer but if i play EXO Zombies is not work

  • waveRaiin

    Downloaded content for AW also doesn’t carry over to other profiles on the console on PS3. I can’t use the AE-4 on my other profile. This is some bull crap. @SHGames this needs fixed ASAP. 🙁

    • Rodoe528

      PlayStation doesn’t have havoc yet, what are you talking about?

      • waveRaiin

        Season Pass holders get it before the DLC comes out. I have the season pass, I even have the AE-4. But I can’t use it on my other profiles. That’s stupid, why would it matter if I wanted to use it on my other profile or not? They made it so you can only use it on the profile you bought it with. The reason why I use one profile for purchases and one for playing is because my profile got hacked before and since I lost that profile not only did I lose my games, but all of my progression as well.

  • tweeateer birdie

    Call of duty Advanced warfare is the best game ever

    • Thank you for your positivity on Charlie Intel. We are really starting to need it these days 🙂

    • common sense

      Must be the only game you’ve ever played. Not negative but saying this game is the best game ever is a disgrace to studios that actually spent time with their games and wanted it to be perfect and amazing. Not paid DLC bullcrap. Keshav if you’re reading this you need to go back to sucking on the devs #$%$# because you still support their paid DLC bullcrap.

  • ScOott

    Zombies is amazing ! Just wish their where a few more maps 😀 wave 12 is my highest a lot harder than trayarch zombies 😮

    • jooker-jr

      My problem with treyarch zombies is that it repetitive quickly, is that an issue with EZ ?

      • ScOott

        Yh it’s more of the same I can’t see this one map lasting till the next dlc the map is also on the small side … Im having fun playing it trying to get higest round as possible.. It will do me till the multiplayer maps go in to normall rotation … Plus I hated black ops 2 zombies so I’ve had a massive break from zombies as not played since bo1 so that might add to the experience for me

      • ScOott

        To answer in short if u think treyarch zombies gets repetitive with all their different maps i don’t think this stands much hope

        • jooker-jr

          OK, thanks.

          29 days left for me 🙁

          • ScOott

            🙁 Yh it’s something that annoys me … I understand having exclusive for each console is necessary for each console but when it comes to dlc for any game we shouldn’t be punished because where not buying it on a certain platform (big sigh) let me know what u think when u get it

          • jooker-jr

            Alright 🙂

  • Ethan Aldaz

    I got on and found this,so New camo ??

    • RdJokr

      Nah, they just messed up the icon. The camo is still the same.

      • How you get Diamond without completing Carbon Fiber fam?

        • Rab Orr

          the camo glitch when the game was first released, patched now though

          • Yeah I unlocked diamond with out even completing all the challenges lol

    • How did they mess up the diamond icon into a wood texture?

      Like, how is that even possible?

      • RebornAngel666

        They don’t know how to fix jack shit on their game. That’s why.

  • tweeateer birdie

    Wow zombies is looking perfect !

  • I haven’t had any problems on the XBONE other than playing Exo zombies gives me like 6fps when playing it…

  • ghosts sucks

    Anyone having problems with redeemable loot not discarding?

  • Help

    Apparently earlier in the day there was a Havoc DLC file released that was 1.12GB and now there is one that is 1.13GB. I’m not sure if that will make a difference deleting it and re installing it, but you never know!

  • Sebastian Vedø

    I got a nice refund back from buying the DLC so its all OK for me 🙂

  • al

    Does any one no why the dlc is not on hardcore

    • Redrum

      ”What’s Hardcore” say sledge hammer games

  • Help, I bought Havoc yesterday and everything was fine until today I found out my AE4 was taken away, I still have the maps and exo zombies but the AE4 I was using got removed, what do I do?

  • yomama

    with the exclusivity they get to become activisions guinea pigs and playstation will get everything perfect on release

    • Kobrah

      I wish

  • Austin Fisse

    Ok so if u move the update, the dlc , and the pack 1 to the Central memory unit and it will work while not connected to Xbox live…this as proven effective on the Xbox 360 4gb but no idea about any other Microsoft gaming consoles

  • JDM BoosT MerKz

    I cant even play it and i purchased the DLC

  • JDM BoosT MerKz

    Xbox360 gamertag JDM BoosT MeRkz

  • Dallas Phillips

    found a temporary fix for those still having issues: at main menu sign out your main account and click create profile, dont link to live or nothing this is just a dummy account once the account is created click on zombies again it should load cutscene and let you in, from there just sign into your normal account. This is what worked for me 🙂

    • JDM BoosT MerKz

      thanks it worked

  • austin

    For the error message log into a offine account go into exo zombies then log into ur online account

  • lucask220

    What about PC??

  • Zackary DeCorte

    I paid money for havoc

  • vinny007

    I feel totally let down , i paid for the season pass in advanced warfare on the 360 and after hours and hours of downloading and deleting etc etc i still cant play exo zombies the main reason i purchased the season pass in the first place. They should not accept payment if they can not provide the everything promised. The weird thing is friends who payed just for exo zombies not the season pass are happily playing exo. The fact that i opted for the more expensive season pass in order to gain unlimited access but have been totally and utterly let down is a real pain in the xxx. This is just one more problem that makes me sick.


    Heads up we can still play exo zombies ps fans it’s just a bit awkward as we must sign out and then sign back in. I also have a few friends who is working for perfectly but the majority are having this issue

  • ChickenWaffle

    So I am having a few issues and it seems not to be resolved even though I tried ever single thing Xbox support has given me. Deleting the packs from my profile deleting my acc re downloading my acc and then downloading all the packages. This didn’t resolve it. I went to Eco zombies and it pops up the same error code “the downloadable content was removed or all profiles signed off” this has been happening every time I go to multiplayer for 2days now and the support team said if it did not fix it then to come here. I had my account checked if I had the license for havoc and I did so idk what to do. Please email me at [email protected]

  • zeus warrior

    A month later and this problem is still here. My best advice is not to buy this dlc or any others till Activision decides to stop being lazy bums.

  • Nickyazwar

    How about ps4? I can’t access exo zombies, need to download the dlc. But i have download it, but still can’t play. Any suggestions or tips?

  • PurpleNinj

    i was pissed when mine didn’t work, i tried making that new profile and then signing back in but it didn’t work. i tried deleting it then re installing. even tried that with the whole game but it still says i don’t own the exo zombie dlc even though i got the code and such in my preorder case. the packs are downloaded but it says i do not own it. I’m on 360.

  • Gunman87215

    What should I choose when downloading my content on ps3 as there is 3 options with different letters

  • Head Mcmuffins

    Hey i downloaded all my stuff i bought for the 360 onto my one for aw and i cant acsess it in game can anyone help me it says that it downloaded n when i go to the in game store it says i already own it that i can get it in my games n apps i see that it is there but i cant use it n i cant ply havoc maps

  • BlindCreeper


  • ack

    I have a ps4 with the problem