UPDATE – Feb 13th: Beachhead Studio has stated that this Clan War has been delayed by one week because of issues connecting Call of Duty accounts to the game. A fix for this issue is currently scheduled to be deployed on Feb 26th, and as such, the Bronze-Platinum Clan War will start February 27th at 12PM PT and end March 2nd at 12PM PT.

For the Diamond Division War, a new start date has not been determined yet.

The Montreal, Canada Clan War is being delayed by one week due to account issues on some game platforms where players are unable to connect to their Call of Duty accounts. These players’ wins would not correctly count towards Clan Wars. A fix for this issue will be in place on Thursday, February 26th.

As such, Bronze through Platinum Division Clans will compete from Friday, February 27th through Monday, March 2nd. Diamond Division will also now be a 2-day war on that same weekend. We are determining whether the Diamond war will be held on Friday and Saturday, or Saturday and Sunday. Timing below reflects the new dates. Stay tuned to @BeachheadStudio and this article for the latest on the timing of the Diamond Division war.

Original Story:

Beachhead Studio has announced that the next Clan War for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare for Bronze-Platinum divisions will take place from February 27th at 12PM PT through March 2nd at 12PM PT. The location on the map is Montreal, Canada.

For Bronze-Platinum War, here’s the current order of unlocks for the Centurion set:

  • Centurion Exo: Win 1 Clan War
  • Centurion Shin Guards: Win 2 Clan Wars
  • Centurion Pants: Win 3 Clan Wars
  • Centurion Loadout: Win 4 Clan Wars
  • Centurion Helmet: Win 5 Clan Wars

Diamond Division – 

The next Diamond Division War dates to be announced shortly.

Regional times each day as follows:

  • Pacific: Starts 7PM PST, finishes 11PM PST
  • Eastern: Starts 7PM EST, finishes 11PM EST
  • Europe: Starts 7PM GMT/8PM CET, finishes 11PM GMT/12AM CET

For Diamond Division, here’s the current order of unlocks for the Valkyrie set:

  • Valkyrie Exo: Win 1 Diamond Division Clan War
  • Valkyrie Shin Guards: Win 2 Diamond Division Clan Wars

SOURCE: Beachhead Studio

  • Good News

    Looking forward to it! 🙂

  • GreenBolt01

    My clan is in diamond! If anyone is is interested in joining send me a message. Gt: GreenBolt01 must have a mic

  • Ugh, last clan war was my first clan war defeat in AW (because of really, really sweaty tryhards). “Clan Wars”…

  • Willekeurig persoon

    Why don’t they just use the clan ops system? It was based way more on skill than playing time.

  • Money Boy

    Why do some people already have the valkyrie loadout?

    • Tamsin M

      We seemed to win the Valkyrie loadout instead of our Centurion Loadout for our 4th Platinum win, no idea why and want to know how we now get the Centurion Loadout.. We also have Centurion Gloves which we seemed to win at some war

      • Money Boy

        I got Centurion Gloves, Pants and Knee Pads in our first clan war (Platinum)

      • Randy Perry

        After the last update our Centurion loadout was changed to the Valkyrie loadout. I brought it up with Activision. I had an update a few days later & it changed back.

  • Joe Campr

    Is there any Centurion gear after the helmet, like the shirt and boots? I have tweeted this question but have not gotten an answer from anyone.

    • Randy Perry

      I asked too we won all 5 clan wars in Platinum but don’t want to do the stupid diamond wars because of the times they pick

  • Holy crap! It’s my town!

  • Mr.115

    I’ve been waiting for Montreal to be on CoD for quite a long time.

    • me too, if the Champlain bridge is a capture point, Irons won’t have to bomb it… It’s already collapsing!

  • Has there ever been a Clan War that has gone without a hitch? I swear every time there is a Clan War or is about to be a Clan War Beachhead is posting about apologizing for issues happening. It’s actually quite funny at this point. You just kind of expect issues to happen and them to Tweet apologies when there is a Clan War.

  • Anthony Lynch

    looking for people to join my clan Fused Clan or add me MG 4ssassin and will send you invite

  • hdbagger

    they say they cant find us even though i sent three first place screenshots, my profile/clan with centurion bling so i said send me a valid gtag and ill invite you to join the clan…we got screwed out of the last war and they are still yankin my gun barrel for more info.follow-up didn’t start until a few days after the competition. why is support not available on competition weekend. so i have changed my user name on xblive to “U gotta B kidden me.com”. so what could be worse than all the issues – not even gettin mud on ur boots


    Ok as for clan wars gear i’m calling poop they dont have a system set up to award the prize …we won 4 wars in platinum dev. and only received the centurion gloves and exo and shin guards…no pants. so i tweeted activion they said they need a pick of my war vault so i sent it no reply . i did some research and turns out thy switch out the prize order i’m guessing 4th war because it was top 3 in platinum dev. gets the same prize??? im realy dissapointed in haveing to do the work for nothing so are my clan members .


  • jr

    They need to add more hardcore instead of core games in clan wars

  • jr

    As a matter of fact they should remove core mode with the stupid map and having to empty a clip on someone in order to kill them …… Hey that’s what they should do one their next game remove those things and add more maps !!!!!