Gfinity, alongside Activision, have announced that the Call of Duty Championship European Regional finals will take place from February 28th through March 1st in London at the Royal Opera House. This event will feature the top 28 teams, that qualified through the online qualifiers, as they compete for a spot in the 2015 Call of Duty Championship event.

Hosted by Activision Publishing in partnership for the second year running with Gfinity, the Call of Duty® European Championships will take place from 28th February to 1st March, in one of England’s most iconic cultural venues, the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden, London, where teams will compete for a $10,000 prize pot. The top 14 teams will go on to qualify for the global Call of Duty ® Championship, presented by Xbox at the end of March in Los Angeles.

The European Regional Finals will feature a total of 28 teams. Only the top 14 teams will advance to the Call of Duty: Championship 2015 event. The 2015 Call of Duty Championship will take place March 27th-29th.

Here are the 28 teams that will attend this event:


  • TCM Gaming
  • Epsilon eSports
  • Team Infused
  • Millenium
  • Aware.EU
  • TotalECircuit
  • Sowerz and co.
  • Barrage.Nightmare


  • HyperGamesTeam
  • Team Vitality X
  • CocaCola
  • Ascentia
  • neVroze eSports
  • Orks


  • Pain Gaming
  • Spirit Gaming


  • NxGrapid
  • VFL.Allstars

United Arab Emirates:

  • Klarity Gaming
  • Team Planetar


  • UX Gaming
  • Rush GG
  • FAB Games.Germany
  • Scheiß Almans


  • Orbit
  • Team Finland


  • FAB Games.Allstars
  • Worstenbrood

The event will be live streamed on Stay tuned for the latest Call of Duty eSports news.

SOURCE: Gfinity

  • HardlineRocks

    you gives a f_ck!
    I want to play hardline!

    • If you’re so into BF hardline why come to CI to hate on cod? I see no logic whatsoever.

      • Stop ur complaining

        Battlefag fans are like this

        • Random

          Yup. Anyway the beta is crap. It plays like everything is coated in treacle. And it looks god awful.

          • Guywithbrains

            I agree with graphics but the game is 100% better than Battlefield 4. Also I haven’t got any lag and it plays like a dream when it comes to beta.

          • Random

            I don’t mean it lags, I mean actual movements and general gameplay is super slow. Even when I played BF3 the movements didn’t feel this slow. It’s like the characters are made of lead.

          • Xx_ThomesAnTennksweg_xX

            Ummm… Normal speed was increased by 15% from bf4. Your argument is invalid.

            I played hardline and it seems good but I went on advanced warfare after it ended and its much funner. I think ill be pick it up when the price drops

          • Random

            Oh it is? Funny, I didn’t realise you coild invalidate my opinion by coming out with such a meaningless stat. I played the game, and I experienced nothing but super slow speed in comparison to pretty much every other FPS I’ve played. It might not be how you experienced it but it’s how I did.

            It’s possibly just something I would need to adapt to, but I’m just not sure it’s something I WANT to adapt to.

          • Xx_ThomesAnTennksweg_xX


            #10 10% speed increase + a further 10% for pistols. Your probably just a run and gun player so I battlefield wouldnt suit you.

          • Random

            Yeah I am more run and gun, actually. I can slow down in CoD but then slow in CoD is still pretty fast paced in Battlefield.

          • Xx_ThomesAnTennksweg_xX

            Yeah, almost any game suits me. Cod is superfast paced and is about reactions. The last of us factions is super slow, like 1 kill a minute, and is about tactics. Battlefield is kind of in between.

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    SBMM SUCKS!!!!

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    Friend:you watch the big game. Me: Yeah it was amazing.

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