Sledgehammer Games has announced some exciting things coming to Advanced Warfare this weekend. In terms of new playlists, Gun Game, which teased last week, is coming to Advanced Warfare with Double XP this weekend. Also, a new One Shot Mosh Pit playlist will be added into the game.

Sledgehammer Games has also announced that new character loot will be added to the Supply Drop Rotation this weekend. Stay tuned for more details on what the character loot is.


  • Spodermen

    i love how they dont tell you what the gear drop is

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      It says stay tuned.

      • Spodermen


    • Get better

      I heard it’s a spoder suit.

      • zombiefreak935


      • Spodermen

        its a spodersnepbeck that only players that have sweg+YOLOS can get

        • zombiefreak935

          So only you get it?

          • Spodermen

            k. lol

      • Better be a cow exoskeleton or Condrey is getting a talk.

  • Spodermen

    I have footwarmers

    • Juses

      Sut tek fuk oup Spodermen. U r bein fagit.

      • Spodermen

        Juses pls 🙁

  • Dr. Salim

    One Shot with the RW1 only.

    • Drasadex

      I’d like to see that.

  • Jonathan Armstrong

    NOOOO not more loot. I already cant get a decent weapon to drop now I have more kneepads im going to end up getting.

    • ccrows

      Beat me too it, I just dumped 4 pages of clothes.

      The last thing I need is more clothes…

    • Keshav Bhat

      If I’m not mistaken, I believe this will be similar to the holiday loot, where the first Supply Drop you get after a certain date, you’ll get a new exclusive gear or something.

      Not 100% sure, will let you know once I find out.

      • Rav

        well acctually the they basically gave everyone a free supply drop the moment they got their first kill or death for christmas, contatining only the gear XDD at least i think

      • GinsuVictim

        I never did get the holiday loot and I’ve played daily since day zero.

      • Anvil

        Speaking of loot drops, did anyone notice the supply drop icon being that pertaining to Valentines Day with the heart in the middle? I wonder if Easter comes around is it probably going to be an egg?

  • Glad to see gun game finally! It’s one of my favorite game modes. 🙂

    • zombiefreak935

      I miss having sticks and stones and one in the chamber.

      • GinsuVictim

        One in the Chamber would be awesome in this game. Just imagine all that hopping around trying to melee each other at the end. The other players would be so annoyed. 🙂

      • Kobrah

        Sticks and Stones is the best

  • Why is one shot included here? Wasn’t it already a game mode?

    • OPIE

      Its Moshpit

    • zack

      One shot moshpit. So kill confirmed, hardpoint, domination and team deathmatch.

  • Mason

    One Shot Free For All…?

  • NRG


    • Rav

      …well everyone likes gun game
      and so you want them to take out tdm and those too?
      they have already added one shot and uplink, and a sort of new one (momentum). Thats a ton more than normal cods come out with.

    • zombiefreak935

      Uplink?Oneshot?New version of war [momentum].

    • Xx_ThomesAnTennksweg_xX

      Im more pissed off that theyre taking out game modes weve been playing since cod4 :'( #bringbacksabotageanddemolition

      Anyway, Uplink and momentum are great, also almost every game mode is played different in aw because of exos so its like completely new modes. In dom you have to watch out above aswell as around

    • slaps

      At least Black Ops 1 nailed the game modes. The “new” gun game is the most pathetic rendition yet. Why is there a 5 second delay to level up guns?

  • Stefan Lang

    That gear better be the Royalty Gear cause it’s fucking sick looking.

    • Guest

      I already have the Kneepads and gloves. Had them since first month after launch. Yes the purple ones.

  • Anthony

    So when are they going to allow us to earn Elite weapons like they said?

    • Guest

      If they make you buy the elite weapons.

      • Trizay

        They already clarified awhile ago that you earn them instead of buy.

  • zombiefreak935

    The old KVA Parimilitary mask from christmas.

    • RdJokr

      There’s already a version in black though…

  • Moosey Moose

    Yay! Gun game is back!

    P.S. Did you miss me Moo Cow?

    • Spodermen

      I dank know u

      • Moosey Moose

        It’s been awhile sense I was last on CI. Moo Cow and I have an interesting history.

        • Spodermen

          well Moo Cow isnt hure right nuw, Wunt too gett sume snepbecks und yolos

          • Moosey Moose

            Sure 🙂

          • Spodermen

            im suries

    • * pumps shotgun *

      who the fuck told you to come back

      • Moosey Moose

        I did. Also, CI is a pretty cool website!

  • Cosima McInnes


    Yup … I went there … come and get me 😉

  • ghosts sucks

    I’M OVER SUPPLY DROPS! I don’t want anymore knee pads or MK14’S

    • PatPatPat

      I feel you.

    • zombiefreak935

      Am i the only one that gets lucky with them?Both elite bal27’s,MP11 goliath,MORS silver bullet,and more.

      • ghosts sucks

        U must be

  • FraMarte

    I’m gonna love those!! Gun game, amazing (hope with all variants) and finally a mosh pit playlist for One shot (not just tdm anymore but dom, ctf, hp…)
    SHG is for now, who has tried to improve his own game the best in a so little time, and step by step everything will go good keeping listening the community! Go so on please!!!

    • Guest

      What allot of people are not thinking of is this is basically there first cod, but seriously for there first cod I loved it,yes SBMM is bad but it sure as hell wont be in cod this bad ever again.

  • Xx_ThomesAnTennksweg_xX

    They cant give us more loot without increasing the armory, this is bullshit

  • Yay!

    More USLESS supply drop filler.

    It is near impossible to get weapon variants already, but when you factor in more, and more cosmetics into the game and not even model new ones, just the main color of lower teir cosmetics changes youre just digging yourself deeper into the dirt.

    Not to mention, were ARE my new weapon variants?

    I’m sitting here with awful variants that have one attachment and a bunch of
    ” minus 600 of this three catagories ” stats

    * cough cough, variable and kingpin linx cough cough *

    But when I buy the DLC you get different variants for AE4s that have completely different stats, body structures and even lazer colors!

    Like come on seriously! This helps no one!

    People who like cosmetics get nothing but retextured low tier armor,

    People who open supply drops a lot have less chance of getting what they want, because more of the retextured stuff is in play.

    And people who are in it for weapons are screwed over the most, because they’re having a even lower chance because of these new items!

    This game is starting to be like TF2, more cosmetics and less weapons.


    pretty much sums this game up when the most interesting thing about it is a pathetic meta game of opening a supply drop you didn’t earn for some loot you don’t want in the hope that maybe its that OP gun EVERYONE else is using…..

    Just put the player numbers back in the game Glen so everyone can see how quickly your poorly developed shitty kids game is dying. Or why not just post some more historical data about generic CoD to make it look like its a success??

  • Frankenstien

    Off subject. But you little bastards who hang on the perimeter in “Flag/point Modes” to get easy kills on people playing objectives are weak. There is TDM and KC if that’s the kind of game you want to play. You would ruin the game if you were good.. thankfully you’re not and are just a pain in the a$$. But still somebody has to run the long way around and kill your sorry a$$es instead of going for the “flags/points”. Don’t know what the rest of you guys are doing about it but “we” have just been dropping the lobbies with the weak sauce and leaving them to play with themselves. Takes a little the fun out of it but it’s better than playing with a bunch of weasels worried more about dying than winning. And stay the hell out of Momentum.. that’s for competitive players.

    • Capt. New Jersey

      I’d like to see these idiots get “Kills” taken away from them when they can’t capture. It would probably ruin their’ little lives. But who cares?

  • You know what we need? One shot FFA