Atlas Gorge, the bonus multiplayer map included with the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Collector’s Edition and Season Pass, is now available for everyone to purchase on Xbox Live for $4.99. Atlas Gorge is a remake of Call of Duty 4’s Pipeline.

Experience the Atlas Gorge Multiplayer Map, a re-envisioning of the fan favorite Call of Duty® 4: Modern Warfare® map, Pipeline. Explore the map’s new verticality, empowered by Advanced Warfare’s exoskeleton technology, and take control of the devastating map-based turret scorestreak. Do not purchase if you already own Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare Season Pass.

You can purchase this map now on Xbox One and on Xbox 360. Atlas Gorge will be available on PSN / PC soon. You can also get access to Atlas Gorge via purchasing the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Season Pass on all platforms.

  • Underdog BO1 FTW!

    Wow… Season pass maps will be free after few months but not in AW.


      ultimate money grub right here., the circle of fail is complete. A bonus map that has been free in ALL other CoDs is now $4.99, for 1 map, and a sub par remake at that. lol

      • Keshav Bhat

        This is similar to Black Ops 2. Nuketown Zombies was given in Season Pass + Collector’s Edition, but then they released Nuketown Zombies for $4.99 for everyone to get it.

        • SPAWNST4R

          No its not, that was a zombies map, this is a standard MP map, the MP maps have ALWAYS been free after a few months

          • Keshav Bhat

            The MP Maps have “always been free” because the MP maps before were preorder bonuses. Free Fall and Nuketown 2025 were both preorder bonuses, that everyone could get at launch with the standard edition.

            This year, the map was only in Collector’s and Season Pass, so if they let it out free, it would look bad to the early adopters of Season Pass.

          • SPAWNST4R

            like ATVI give a shit about how their fans feel when it comes to money… hahahahaha

            even if that was the justification, charging $5 for 1 old map and a remake at that when havoc is $15 for 5 is all the info you need about how much they care about their fans.

          • Keshav Bhat

            Well, I mean, they have given out maps for free before, so it’s all about business and marketing as well…you don’t want bad press over it, where folks call them out over marketing the season pass with Atlas Gorge, and then giving out free later. It’s all about business strategies.

          • SPAWNST4R

            of course it is but this game is pure accountant focus group driven, from the grind for “loot” mechanic to the DLC every little thing option, nothing about this game is made for the art of it, nothing. they had the chance to make a solid game with real stand out play but instead used their resources to condition the fans to spend spend spend, that the whole point of supply drops etc. they already knew CoD was on the decline and instead of working on the core issues like connections/servers they just used they last gen p2p netcode (even on dedis!) from 15 years ago that hasnt worked now since at least MW3…Like I said, havent got an issue with buying DLC for a well made and properly supported and balanced game but this pile of junk is beyond fixing and they know it so they just push ahead with the sell sell sell.

            Not long until they start calling it a “Fan Favorite” !

          • Favorite Ape

            This is so true! Couldn’t have said it better.

          • TheMarkofRay

            The fact that he would try to rationalize them not wanting backlash from Collector Edition folks seeing a map given away but can’t see the far worse backlash of charging $5 for a map. Only someone selfish would say, “I don’t want them to give the map away free because I paid for collector’s edition” anyway. Again think about what he’s saying.

          • Daniel Sims

            I know you want to stay in Activision’s bed but sometimes you should be reasonable with your community.

            Activision is completely screwing over fans with this game and the greed is showing quite badly.

          • ScOott

            Exactly this has all been planned out from the begginging … They would of thought about all this and worded it correctly to make people buy this map instead of giving it for free like they normally do … This is one thing I can’t belive your defending

          • common sense

            I pointed out his love for activision a LONG time ago. Now do people see why he’s a total dumbass?

          • kplem

            quick slaps in the face to the fans with AW. 1. no dedis. 2. built for MLG. 3. everyone wanted zombies yet they made you pay an extra $20+ not to mention the PC and playstation users have to wait an extra month. 4. making you pay for a remade map. and more

          • common sense

            biggest slap was pre-release when they all they talked about was fan feedback and we see the game after release and it had literally nothing of what we asked. that was the biggest slap in the face.

          • common sense

            It’s amazing how in every comment section you get SHIT on for being a total dumbass and protecting your precious activision. Yeah you don’t get paid.. sure man.

          • kplem

            i agree

          • common sense

            The thing on he does get paid. He get’s paid by having this site dedicated around call of duty. If they wanted to they could copyright this site and take it down. So he has to defend activision or he doesn’t eat. But of course no one sees this except me and keshav the dumbass.

          • kplem

            the excuses he comes up to blindly defend CoD is amusing

          • TheMarkofRay

            Wait. So they should care about backlash from Collector’s and Season Pass people for giving a map away(and allowing more people to play) but they shouldn’t care about the backlash of charging $5 for one map? Do you really think people bought Collector’s editions for Atlas Gorge? I could see if they gave away all collector’s items for free.

  • Guywithbrains

    Wait a minute… I thought Michael Condrey said it will come to normal rotation for all as Nuketown 2025 and Free Fall did?

    Maybe I missunderstood something…

    • RdJokr

      Coming into normal rotation =/= free map.

      Nuketown 2025 and Free Fall were free because they were pre-order exclusives. Atlas Gorge was Season Pass/Pro Edition exclusive, similar to Nuketown Zombies.

      • Guywithbrains

        I understand but it is a huge problem that Atlas Gorge playlist is empty so far. I don’t know if people want to pay more money to Activision.

        • RdJokr

          Seeing as they’re selling it separately now, I think it’s a safe bet that the map will be made available in normal rotation some times soon. Probably when the map is available on PSN and Steam. It could be sooner, but I’m not working in SHG nor ATVI so I can’t say for certain.

          • Guywithbrains

            Let’s hope we all get it without paying more money. Because Advanced Warfare cost already 70 euro which is a lot for a game.

          • RdJokr

            IDK, if you REALLY, I mean REALLY, want to play with the map, season pass is a better deal. All of this ridiculous pricing is just to make the season pass’ $50 price tag look more appealing.

          • Kobrah

            So they get people to pay for it, then release it for free a month later? I doubt that

          • RdJokr

            You don’t understand what “adding into normal rotation” means right? It means the map will be made available for finding matches in regular playlists, like Mosh Pit, TDM, Dom, KC,… It does NOT, and I repeat, NOT mean that it will be made free.


      so thats at least 4 different playlist pools, normal, normal with atlas gorge, normal+ DLC and DLC with normal+DLC+atlas gorge.

      The SBMM is going to implode into a singularity and future mankind will send matthew mcconaughey dedicated server code encoded into a watch…

      • Really

        Dont forget the people playing classic!

  • Redrum


  • Money Boy

    Nuketown and Free Fall were free. I doubt alot of People would pay so much for 1 extra map.

    • PoppyMelt

      Nuketown came with the game, Atlas Gorge comes with the season pass. This is the same as Nuketown zombies coming with the season pass or you can buy it for $5

      • Kyle G

        I’m pretty sure he already knew that.

      • smayo

        Either way it’s a f*ing rip off, one of the reasons that this once great series is rapidly declining are this ridiculous DLC offers

        • Luciano Juan

          that truth!

      • Guest

        Free Fall came with season pass but we got it free after a few months

        • Dave

          But it came with pre orders of Ghost as well

    • common sense

      5 dollars for a map.. What’s next we have to pay for zombies, skins, and SBMM in pubs? I mean my gawd. What in the hell are they thinking? Wait…..

    • kia0525

      I’ll wait til it’s actually free

    • ccrows


      Free Fall on Ghosts wasn’t available until March 4th.

      Nuketown on BO2 wasn’t available until April 10th…

      ^ With that said, IMO Atlas Gorge should be free for everyone, and yeah this does kinda feel a little shady.

      Hopefully it will be free for everyone within a month or two…

  • I don’t get why anyone is complaining about this lol if you don’t want the map then dont buy it


      not buying or buying a map has nothing to do with someones opinion of the situation does it ? do you have to buy kayne wests music to think hes a prick ?

      • RdJokr

        Kanye’s music has nothing to do with his personality though. Kinda bad example you got here.

        • SPAWNST4R

          he’s a rapper, the main part of a rappers art comes from their personality/persona (or lack of in some cases) You dont have to like AW to have an opinion on the devs and publishers just like you dont have to buy an artists CD to have an opinion on the artist. So no, its not a bad example really.

          • Fr0zenKold

            You dont even know Kanye’s music do you? His music is nowhere NEAR a reflection of his personality. If that was the case, then all 90’s rappers should have been put in jail for murder huh? Music is a reflection of what you FEEL, not who you are.

          • SPAWNST4R

            way to generalize bud, all 90’s rappers rapped about murder…….. lol ok

            My analogy stands. not my fault if you don’t understand it.

  • Primey_

    I wonder if they’ll put it in the other playlists now instead of having a separate playlist

  • LegitBedsheets

    Atlas Gorge gets put into normal rotation, but not any other DLC maps. Logic.

  • Tep Kok

    Wow Kike Goldbergshekelstein must be rubbing his hands really hard at Atvi right now

  • Kobrah

    Is it even a good map?

    • Primey_

      It’s decent. Do you like pipeline in cod4? if yes you’ll like this map basically.

    • Juses

      Best map in AW imo.

    • jordanxbrookes

      It’s not that bad, played it a few times.

  • kplem

    Greedy dogs i swear this is so pathetic 5 dollars for a remade map? pure trash just shows the pure greed of activison (maybe because their game sold poorly). WAW Makin day was free (which was the map makin just in day time instead of night), MW2 wasteland which was free with the game which was a remade map of COD 2’s map brecourt, BO1 remade version of cliffside from waw was only like $12-15 which came with 3 other maps and a zombie map, MW3 terminal was free, they even added some free face off maps, nuketown 2025 was free. now you have advanced trash which charges $5 for a 1 remade map that no one even plays now what a complete waste. i can only imagine how much this would be in Australia. have you noticed how much the prices and greed have gone up with cod ever since the deny in sales from BO2? every year since then has gotten worse and worse game and money wise. only reason treyarch’s game will be purchased by me is for zombies and campaign.

    • Fr0zenKold

      Yep, Makin Day was free, Wasteland was a base map, Cliffside was part of a map pack, MW3 had several maps that were free. BUT, NONE of these maps mentioned were part of a special edition or season pass other than Cliffside. AG WAS though so to pay 5 bucks to play a map you havent had access to is pocket change compared to other games’ DLC. So you dont eat at a fast food joint for 1 day, what are you going to lose? I will tell you, maybe about 5 pounds. Its people like the ones on these comment sections that ruin games like CoD. Ive said it before in a previous comment, dont support the devs that make the game you play, then dont play it.

      • SPAWNST4R

        Nah, the Devs and the fabbois who lap up this shit without question, the thermal m27 in guille suits lying in corners of maps, the one man army tubers, the no-scope spinning off roof idiots, that guy sitting in a corner behind his tripmine with a shotgun all game, the whole clan of riot shield c4 throwers, they are the ones who ruined CoD , in short, the community.

      • SPAWNST4R

        Some of the free maps include..Winter Crash (PC COD4) (all COD4 + WaW maps where free on PC!)
        Makin Day

        By AW logic thats $45 dollars of free shit they just lost out on.

      • kplem

        same old recycle invalid agument “dont like it dont play it” or whatever shove that up your ass, that is like saying you cant have an opinion on anything you dont like or saw, you telling me you dont have negative opinion on stuff like this? i felt like sharing this because it is ultimate show of greed by activsion and puppets like you buy stuff like this. $5 for a fucking map that is REMADE from an old game nothing new let that sink into your skull who wouldnt facepalm no matter if you like it or not, as well as no one even plays this map.

        • se7enX89X

          same old fan boy invalid argument ^ Don’t like what he says? Tough its his opinion quit being butt hurt.

          • kplem

            fanboy of what? elaborate. what he said is the stupidest counter argument read what i said.

  • Darun98_

    Yay already have it from Ps3 ,,,and why it should be free while i have payed for season pass and got that extra map but you guys getting it for free ? i don’t understand it they don’t force you to buy it + WHY IT SHOULD BE FREE ?? NOTHING IN THIS WORLD IS FREE ,,so get ur ass up and get a good job

    • You must be new to call of duty. Since MW3 there were always some free maps.

      • Fr0zenKold

        Yes, free maps that were a preorder bonus, THIS was NOT a preorder bonus. The only way to get it before today was to buy the collectors edition OR season pass ONLY. I personally dont agree with the philosophy that if you dont buy the extra stuff then bugs and stuff will get fixed faster. NO it just dont work that way. Buy the DLC to support the game you play and if you dont support it, then play something else. Its that simple.

    • You payed to get early access to Atlas Gorge PLUS the discount of the map packs, dolt. Now non seasons pass owners pay $60 plus $5 for Atlas Gorge which no one plays anymore, because of its separated playlist. How the fuck is that fair?

  • zack

    This map will be free in two months after noone buys it.

    • common sense

      doubt it, they will probably make it $10 after two months to make up for ‘lost’ income.

  • 5 bucks for one map? Thats too much IMO.

    • common sense

      ANY amount for 1 map is TOO much. It’s the fact that their game FAILED because they did NOTHING that we asked them too. Other than change cod, and to their credit they did. But the smaller things, like dedicated servers, a league play that actually had some sense to it. Scorestreaks that actually worked. It’s just stupid what they did. On reddit we had scrim lobbies, dedicated private matches that were set up by a third party and alternated hosts. (gb’s here). and so so much more. But noooooo that was ALL a publicity SCAM to get us hyped for the game. Never again will I ever believe anything a cod dev has to say. Keshav also is a dumbass.

      • AC

        Seek help. Take medicine.

  • F1maniac


  • ScOott

    Now this is a joke ! The pricing of the camos was a joke n now we have to pay for this pfft screw u SH / activision

  • Kyle G

    Yes, because pipeline was a really good map in CoD4.

    Lmao give me a break.

    • Kyle G

      Now that I think about it, all the maps in AW are shit, so I guess this map would be considered pretty good compared to them.

      “Sorry for our garbage ass maps! Pay only 5$ more for a semi-decent map from a 7 year old call of duty game that probably won’t even get voted in normal playlist rotation anyways!”

      • Guywithbrains

        Only bad or not so good maps in AW are Ascend, Recovery and Retreat. Comeback is good if you are on a winning side but it becomes hell to those who are losing in that map.

        • Kyle G

          Oh, I have no idea which maps those are. I haven’t played enough advanced warfare to know which maps are what.

          I have played about 10 different maps, and all I know is that they all suck.

          I really wish that they would just go back to the three-lane maps.

  • JonJonFTW

    $15 for 4 (sometimes 5) maps was already bullshit. $5 for 1 map? Fuck that shit.

    • 1 map=5$
      Map pack that has 4 maps, a gamemode and a new weapon=15$
      Just from that alone, you’re paying too much for it.

      Now adding in from what ghosts did,
      1 weapon=3$


      The Nuketown zombies map from BO2=1$
      ( can be considered the gamemode )


      8 divided by 4 map packs= 2$

      We’re paying about 3$ more than we should, Atleast from my shit theory.

      • MSTAR020

        Your math really sucks

        • Sorry, I wasn’t fully awake at the time

          • guest

            nah youre just retarded

          • You must be very young, aren’t you?

          • guest

            Are you asking me that with that name and picture ?

          • It’s a inside gag with my family, it’s not a serious roleplay like kids on YouTube.
            And yes, I am. You’re acting like a child for no reason.

          • guest

            I said one thing

          • se7enX89X

            moo cow should just stfu and quit being a keyboard warrior

  • What 5$ for one map? SH Games plis nerf

  • Potato Republic

    Okay, I can deal with the ‘Extra Armor Slots’, and the other shit on the previous blog, but $5 bucks for a freaking single map?…

    Yeah, not gonna happen.

  • jordanxbrookes

    This, this is just reeking desperation, pathetic.

    • ScOott

      This is not desperation this was all planned from the start … This game has never been about the fans its been about how much money they can squeeze out of people …. I never thought id be a “cod hater” I thought ghosts was a one off but this game is sinking very low imo … I can’t w8 for this whole thing to be over n hope treyarch do what they do best

      • Guywithbrains

        This shouldn’t be any kind of surprise anymore. It is Activision and they just make business.

        Also what Treyarch does best? Definitely not MP in my opinion. But I give them a chance because I am not that kind of person who just says crap about developers and doesn’t give a chance because they have had bad games before.

        • ScOott

          I love their multiplayer… Imo they have never made a bad game … I didn’t like zombies in the last one but the multiplayer was that good i didn’t care about zombies … And yes it’s activision but if they carry on they are going to be losing business … Theirs only so much customers can take

      • jordanxbrookes

        Same, I just hope Treyarch don’t fuck up.

      • kplem

        dont except much remember who is in charge activision the ones who fired the ones who created cod and who have shown and massive amount of greed

        • ScOott

          Well hopefully if no one buys it … They will be forced to rethink their business plans for the next cod .. I play advanced warfare for about 2 hours a day and when it comes to the end of the week I would of only seen a handful of people using the dlc camos but in black ops 2 u couldn’t get away from them because everyone had them cuz they where so cheap … And now this dlc map… I just really hope people avoid it and see what activision are doing otherwise we won’t get no free map next game we will have to pay n micro dlc will still be over priced

          • kplem

            this is activision we are talking about they dont care they will milk this franchise till it is completely dead like they did with guitar hero and tony hawk

          • jordanxbrookes

            Smart people will, but there are plenty of idiots that will keep buying them. I for one have yet buy any AW DLC, unless you count having the Season Pass included with your Atlas Pro Edition.

    • GinsuVictim

      I had to pay to get it at launch, so why should people get it free? The price is too high, but I’m fine with them charging people.

      • ScOott

        People assumesd they would get it… Including me … You always get the map free … They just worded it differently this time to make it so people have to pay for it … I buy all the dlc separate so in theory I give them more money than the season pass holders and yet Im forced to buy this extra map instead of also having it free … It should of just been s pre order bonus like it always is

        • GinsuVictim

          It was different this time as stated below. We had to buy the special edition or season pass to get it, unlike the other ones that just came with the game.

          • ScOott

            I understand that I just think it would of been better if they kept it how it was … People like me who are giving them extra on their dlc are missing out …

      • jordanxbrookes

        I got it at launch too, but it’s now been a good few months so it should be released free for the public like Nuketown 2025 and Free Fall.

      • Diego Diniz

        Bullshit! I paid for Season Pass too and cant find 1 single lobby with enough people to play Atlas Gorge Map. If they release it for free will be great!

    • Awoba Bob bob

      You know what’s pathetic? You are! Day in day out you’re on here bitching and complaining about something, need to get a life pal call of duty is just a game, go get a girlfriend or a cat!

      • jordanxbrookes

        Let me guess, you’re one of those peasants that’ll pay money for this instead of having the brains and balls to stand up for what’s right. It’s people like you that have turned this franchise into a joke. I paid my well earned money for this shit so YES I have a fucking right to complain you arse-kisser.

        • SolidSnake

          I bet if they offered to remove SBMM if you paid $5 you’d buy it in a heartbeat though…

          • w

            hell yea thats a sweet move

        • Awoba Bob Bob

          LMAO your the ass kisser mate your the one who eat, sleeps and breath Call of Duty you said you love cod those were your words I couldn’t care less about the game just saying your pathetic always complaining about it day in and day out

        • kplem

          never seen you this mad at a COD game lol

        • kplem

          calls someone a peasant and ass kisser has bought every DLC some micro trans LOL, has daily orgasms over cod, LOL hypocrite

  • LovekillerX

    I don’t know why everyone is being so negative. I get it that Activision is doing “stupid” decisions but it is all about doing business and marketing. I understand them although it doesn’t please fans. They are trying to take our money and somehow they can do it every year. So in other words Activision at least knows how to get money and every single dollar from customer’s pockets.

    I can wait and I suggest that when money isn’t coming out anymore, make this map available for everyone. I know it wasn’t for preorderers but still it is so empty that it really needs to make it’s way to everyone.

  • Adam Wodark

    When I went to store last night and searched Atlas it just said ‘install’ and didn’t charge me. In-game said $5 but the store didn’t. No I don’t own the season pass.

    Hurry and check before they fix this!!!

    Unless they have already and I just saw it a the right time. 🙂

    • Raindrop

      Is it for PC too ?

  • Baldmanz_RAGE

    COD is in serious trouble!!! I don’t even thing Treyarch stands a chance. R.I.P. COD!!! Whoever is in charge of these Micro transactions should be fired. How do you charge any amount of money let alone 5 freakin dollars for a map that no one is playing. It should be free for everyone. That is the only way the map will be played if people are still playing this game that is. Lol!!! Activision’s ship is taking on water. I just never thought they would be this desperate!!!

    • Guywithbrains

      Another future title is coming if Shinobi is to be trusted. I have seen so much complains about future theme and fans want to go back to the past.

      Remember my guess: it is Black Ops 3 about in a year 2030.

      • Smayo

        if that is really the case, AW is my last CoD i ever bought, instead of giving Treyarch’s upcoming title the benefit of the doub.

        • Guywithbrains

          We’ll see on May 4th. Who knows what will happen. Everything is just rumors so far.

      • jordanxbrookes

        I’m betting Black Ops 3, just after the events of Black Ops 2. As long as there’s no Exos and SBMM, I think this CoD might be fine. I’m putting my trust in Vonderhaar and the team at Treyarch.

        • Guywithbrains

          I bet they will kill some of important main characters because I have a feeling that if it is Black Ops 3 it will end that trilogy as MW3 did Modern Warfare series. In MW3 they killed you know who (if someone still haven’t played MW3 campaign but is going to I won’t spoil it).

        • SoulTaker

          As I told you once Jordan please wait a month after the release. Don’t buy into the hype as you did A.W that way you don’t get people bagging on you like you did. It can’t hurt you to wait a month that way you can know what you get yourself into be a responsible COD buyer. No hate man just saying.

  • Jordan Rolf

    we’re now paying for a fucking map. KIDS PAY FOR THIS GAME WITH THEIR CHRISTAMS MONEY! 5 $$$ is bullshit. newktown/ free fall where both free + they’re twice as good!

    • GinsuVictim

      Nuketown and Free Fall(?!?) are twice as good as Atlas Gorge/Pipeline? You’re not going to get a lot of people to agree with that, especially Free Fall.

    • Drasadex

      Free Fall was fucking terrible.

  • shTRASH

    Trash! stupid those who give them money!

  • Dude, they’re really trying hard to reel in the money than both IW and treyarch, SHG making me loose faith every step of the way.

    • jooker-jr

      Marketing and pricing are up to activision, not SHG

      • I got an email today that said Havoc purchasers can now buy the Season Pass at a discounted rate of £24 instead of £35.

        Just when I thought that they couldn’t get any more desperate.

        I sort of like AW… Not a lot but they’re money madness marketing just completely puts me off playing it or prospectively buying any DLC regardless of whether it looks good.

        • jooker-jr

          Yeah, cod is one of the most profitable games ever, if activision is going to do this to every single release, I don’t think the series will continue for a long time.

  • lol $5.00

  • TheMarkofRay

    Why are people who paid for collector’s editions saying it shouldn’t be free since they had to pay for it? It’s flawed logic. So it’s okay for them to charge others $5 for one map just because you decided to pay for a collector’s edition? We shouldn’t be beefing with each other at all. That’s like acknowledging you’re overpaying $70 for 10 mbps yet mad that people who only pay $40 for 2mbps internet got a free upgrade to 4mbps.

    • TheMarkofRay

      The bigger issue is them charging $5 for one map that won’t be in regular rotation anytime soon, not who gave more money to the company that doesn’t care about us anyway.

  • satish pydikondala

    This game is literally a money whore now, it’s alright but there are literally a lot of bullshit in this game and I thought this would be a massive change from ghosts but instead it was only a little, SBMM is massive let down and I know this article isn’t about SBMM but it just annoys me, and also now with the fact that we have to pay for the Atlas Gorge map is just pretty dumb we didn’t have that for BO2 or Ghosts but ATVI or SHG decided they wanted us to pay. Even though I still find AW fun I just find the fact that we have to pay for all these little add-ons just stupid

  • Cosima McInnes

    Wow *_* and I though evolve charging you $6 for Monster SKINS was mad enough *_*

  • MichiganerE

    Anyone remember back in CoD 2, 4 and MW2 when map remakes were free? I do. For fucks sake, even Halo 5 has map remakes launching with the game.

  • MagicNinja Klown

    lmfao they releasing all these dlc when they should be fixing there server with ranked play so friends can play together.

  • Diego Diniz

    I paid season pass and canf find a lobby to play Atlas Gorge. Release it for FREE…

  • The player pools are gonna be fucked. You are literally paying to get fucked.( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Angels

    A DLC have 4 map, a map zombie and a weapon for 15$… why ONE map is 5$…

    • jooker-jr

      Because… LOGIC !


    what they should have done was remove sbmm entirely from the game and give away atlas gorge to everybody still playing this garbage as a thank you. and THEN release a brand new map to season pass holders that can be purchased for 4.99. that’s marketing.

  • Run N Gunning Camper

    They should sell a micro DLC that removes SBMM and charge $30. It will be a win-win situation for Activision.

    • Favorite Ape

      This would be HUGE.

  • SoulTaker

    I wonder how the SBMM will play into effect. As this divided people with DLC, DLC+Atlas Map, and no DLC. I don’t mind SBMM as PC has a low player count that you don’t even feel it, but I wonder how it’ll effect consoles.

  • thu

    no one plays this map as it is

    • GinsuVictim

      Now that it’s in rotation, they will. It’s a great map.

  • Louis

    $5!? You’re joking right?..

  • Emre

    ahahah 5 bucks

  • PatPatPat

    this is a joke

  • leo

    I got this for free, I am not sure how or why but I got it for free. I only purchased two other micro dlcs but never would I have paid $5 for one map so I’m just glad I got it lol

  • ender

    You have to have atlas gorge to play zoms its bs

  • bhall

    does this come w/ Zombies