A few new micro items for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare are now available for purchase on Xbox Live. Players now have the ability to buy new Create-A-Class slots, up to 50 additional, for $1.99. Players can now buy more Armory Slots for $1.99 as well, giving an additional 120 slots. The Extra Armory Slot is available 5 different times, meaning you can own up to 600 additional armory slots.

In addition, an all new Premium Personalization Pack is available – Championship Premium Personalization Pack. This is themed after the 2015 Call of Duty Championship – for $3.99.

Here are the new items, now available on Xbox Live:

  • Championship Premium Personalization Pack – $3.99 – Get ready for the 2015 Call of Duty Championships with the Championship Premium Personalization Pack. Dominate the competition with the golden weapon camo, three reticles, a calling card, and an emblem layer. Plus an extra Championship Exoskeleton and Helmet.

  • Extra Armory Slots – $1.99 – The Extra Armory Slots pack adds 120 extra armory slots to increase the number of items that can be stored in the redeemable loot section of your armory, giving you extra armory slots to store additional Weapon Loot and Character Gear.

  • Extra Create-A-Class Slots – $1.99 – The Extra Slots pack increases the number of customizable Create-A-Class Slots with 50 Additional Slots. Carefully tune your added Create a Class Slots and be ready for whatever the competition throws at you.

You can visit the in-game store on Xbox One and Xbox 360 to buy these new items. The new items will be available on PSN / PC at a later date.



    50 additional slots…., just think of how many more ASM and BAL class variations you can have…. and $3.99 for a skin you can only see in the lobby ! and as for paying for armory slots 5 times… you gota be shitting me right.

    • Muszic

      No one is forcing you to buy it.

      • SPAWNST4R

        no one said they where. no one is forcing you to think either are they ?!

        • Xecho

          They aren’t forcing you to buy you stupid dick shit it’s all optional.

          • Sarge

            He was making a point. It’s pointless to fucking buy it.

          • SPAWNST4R

            not as optional as an opinion tho hey !

          • FazalGaming

            8 Mile FTW

        • Guest

          Seems like no one forced you to check grammar either, did they kiddo?

          • Crossphyre

            Nice! Guest Grammar Nazi present. No board would be complete without one.

          • RebornAngel666

            “Forced you to check grammar either” your own sentence doesn’t make sense, and you’re correcting someone else for their grammar? I just asked 2 different English teachers about your sentence and they said it doesn’t make sense lmao. Nice grammar

          • Guest

            Your lack of commas doesn’t make sense either. Forgot your period at the end too.

      • ScOott

        To be fare the armory is joke … I find it a reall chore going through everything having to delete it to make room I hate it… I’m so very tempted to buy it just to get rid of having to keep deleting stuff… . But then I think no this is exactly what they want people to do…. it would of been so easy to implement a better system but no.. I won’t be forced into thinking I need to buy it

    • Melchor

      You are right, will people actually buy this BS!?

      • SPAWNST4R

        of course they will ! its CoD.

    • insane on bs

      I bought the damn things (xtra slots and armory) and went to the globe at top left near name, see the two notifications, and then hit launch, and guess what nothing, tried another 10 times every which way and still no extra slots or armory, WTF? anybody? This sucks bad.

    • sfsfds

      I bought the damn things (xtra slots and armory) and went to the globe at top left near name, see the two notifications, and then hit launch, and guess what nothing, tried another 10 times every which way and still no extra slots or armory, WTF? anybody? This sucks bad

      • jcaff1968

        I foolishly bought the extra slots and armory, and don’t see any extra anything in my create a class. WTF! I want a refund.

  • Redrum

    yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. not

  • Juses

    Wow. Scamhammer Games

    • RdJokr

      Again with the Sledgehammer bashing. This is totally ATVI’s fault.

      • Juses

        Do you have proof?

        • Xecho

          Are you a fucking idiot? It’s Activision that is the one that decides what to sell and what to make and not sell and not to make. If Sledgehammer was alone they would make Atlas Gorge free because it deserves to be free but nope Acti decides to make it $5 for that cash money.

          • Juses

            Again, do you have any proof that it was Activision alone that wanted to make up pay for extra slots? No? Ok. Also like how exactly do you know that sledehammer would make it free? They’re a company and the purpose is to make money.

          • RdJokr

            Dude, do you really need proof for this? Everyone knows that business decisions like DLCs are up to the publisher. Sledgehammer, as a developer, has one job: to make games and DLCs within a limit that is set by the publisher.

            There are many developers who have voiced their opinions on DLC before. They themselves have stated that they would love to make free content for players, but they don’t get to decide that. The publisher does.

          • Juses

            Ok, but the guy said sledgehammer wants to make it free.

          • SoulTaker

            Well he doesn’t really have proof, but lets be honest Activision probably did make it so you have to pay. If I remember right they wanted to charge for the MW3 Terminal map, Mark Rubin wanted the map to be free if I remember correctly. Could be wrong though, but that’s how I remember it.

          • RdJokr

            Typically, developers are more open to giving free stuffs than publishers. Especially when it’s stuffs like CaC and armory slots. But if Activision tells them to make it microtransaction, then there’s nothing they can’t do. Otherwise, they get the sack.

  • Juses

    Should be free.

    • That would be nice. But then again, Activision does whatever it takes to gain access to our money so there’s no surprise here :/

  • Money Boy

    Cant wait to see all the Tryhards or everyone in ranked play to use this personalization pack.

  • Stefan Lang

    Only thing worth it is The camo and calling card itself. I dont even like that exo design. Also, extra armory should be given to players regardless. Extra class slots wouldn’t be needed either.

  • Lol I’m gonna buy the extra armory slots just because I’m tired of clearing space for new weapons and armor

    • NeonPhyzics

      yep !

  • KernosT

    Look at how much effort they put into that MLG Camo.Fucking cunts.”We hear the feedback from our passionate fans” yea sure you do.You mean from Optic Nadeshot and Scump among others.

    • Keshav Bhat

      It’s actually a camo for CoD Champs, the one event a year that Activision hosts themselves, so this basically Activision promoting their own event, not eSports feedback.

      • KernosT

        Yea but it is the eSports championship right.

      • common sense

        and I bet… i bet! NONE OF THAT MONEY GOES TO CHAMPS. How much you want to bet keshav you dumbass?

        • Keshav Bhat

          Where did I say the money goes to Champs? No where in my article or in the comment did I ever say such things; stop claiming I’ve said things that I’ve never said.

          I said it ‘promotes’ the event. The money goes to Activision, for their own use, not for Champs prize pool. It’s never been announced as such; the money is all Activision, just like every other micro DLC released.

          • common sense

            The point is, other e-sports have those samethings and that money goes directly to a prize pool. But of course you don’t want something like that. You dumbass.

          • RdJokr

            Will you ever post something without insulting people?

          • common sense

            Depends will people not be retarded? Keshav is a dumbass. He is the only one I insult. Mainly because he lies about being paid.

          • RdJokr

            You don’t have proof of that.

          • common sense

            The proof is this very site. If activision wanted it taken down they could. However, they don’t because its a ‘positive’ marketing site.

          • RdJokr

            It’s a fan site. Activision has absolutely no rights to take it down. Not unless Keshav puts up illegal or leaked content. But even then, they still wouldn’t have the right to take it down.

            Oh, and BTW, upvoting your own comment is just plain pathetic.

          • Ak74u

            Your the dumb ass because you’re on his website listening to him yet you still insult him

          • common sense

            If he would do something for the community he might not be a dumbass anymore, but he doesn’t.

          • Ak74u

            Ok…So what do you want him to do? He doesn’t work for SHG or activision. He simply finds news and leaks and stuff and writes articles about them. He is a journalist not a God who has power over everything

          • Ak74u

            Why don’t you just ban him from the site? He often annoys us and is always insulting you

  • RdJokr

    The community is gonna have a field day with this “extra armory slots” BS. ATVI just totally crossed the line now.

  • Bobby Bitch

    These things do not give you an advantage and are therefore optional. If someone wants to drop money on these things, let them. Not fuck off and quit complaining over something that is not going to change.

    • jooker-jr

      I’m not mad about the classes, I’m mad about the aromary.

  • IIPlayer99II

    Next cod game 60 for the disc with no content 60 dollars for the content. Just watch and see activision do this

  • ccrows

    As cheezy as the “Championship Premium Personalization Pack” is, IMO nothing will ever top the “Astronaut suit” character from Ghosts… *SMH*

    • RdJokr

      That thing was like a big fucking target dummy…

      • Potato Republic

        Not if you were smart enough to use it on the snow maps. That thing was better than any Ghillie Suit.

        • RdJokr

          True. But there weren’t that many snow maps…

    • Yeah, I got it for the sweg, not the practicality.

      • Moosey Moose

        I got it so I could act like I was the first moose in space. 🙂

        • Haha, while you were pretending, I was in space.

    • Drasadex

      I loved using the suit on Extinction’s Nightfall.

    • Ak74u

      But you can’t even see your character in game lol pointless which is why I never bought any characters in ghosts

  • Max Martinez

    You guys are so whiny when it comes to this stuff. This is not the first time they have done it and it certainly won’t be the last. Let me remind you it’s only $2 which you can probably find change under the couch or something.

    • Beef Supreme

      It’s not the first time they’ve done it, so it’s ok?

      • bird

        there’s nothing wrong with it,. People who want it will buy it, ATVI makes money, customer gets something they want. People that don’t want it, don’t have to buy it. it’s a win-win-win

        • gumbie7

          Thank you bird! I am so tired of hearing everyone whine about this crap every year. It is people like this that ruin the CoD community, If you don’t want it don’t buy it and stop pissing an moaning about it. If you do buy it, it is not going to give you and advantage over another player. It’s not like you are buying an OP gun or something like that.

          • bird

            exactly! I haven’t bought any of the personalization stuff yet this year because none of it has really piqued my interest, but i bought several of the personalization packs for BO2 and really enjoyed using them.

        • Siftblade of Rivia

          The problem is they purposefully limited the amount of loot slots, knowing it will not be enough. If someone wants to own the items from the core game, they would either have to destroy things they previously got, or pay Activision to keep them all. It would have been just as easy, maybe even easier, for SH/ATVI to let us keep all of our loot. But they put a limit in so that we would have to pay for more slots in the future if we planned on keeping our items. That is not okay, and people paying for these slots encourage more of this greedy behavior. Locking stuff out of the original game so that they can sell it back to us later is bullshit.

          • bird

            there’s like 80 of them! It was not meant for you to be able to collect every single item of loot. you have to choose what is valuable to you. You keep saying you HAVE to pay for extra slots. No you don’t. You don’t have to do anything. You have the OPTION to buy new slots for a small price if it is worth the value to you. Other wise, it is completely optional item to purchase. Nobody is holding a gun to your head. If they gave you like 10 loot slots and then decided to sell 10 more for $1.99 or whatever, ok that’s not great value. but A) they already gave you almost 80 slots (i haven’t even gotten mine halfway filled up at any point) and then they are offering you to more than double that for a couple of bucks if you want. If you want it? knock yourself out and buy it! If not? keep calm and just play the damn game

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            It was not meant to collect every item of loot because they want you to buy more when they release the extra slots as DLC. Anyways, the problem isn’t the slots themselves, but the practice of locking content out of the game so they can profit off of it later. I said you have to buy them IF you want to keep items you like from the actual game. There are only 80 slots at least over 2000 items of loot you can collect in the game. They purposefully locked out slots that players have so that they can sell it back to players. And no, 80 slots is not enough. I’ve already had to clear half of mine out at least 3 times. So either you’re lying about your loot or you barely play the actual game. With that said, I will not be buying this or supporting what ATVI is doing. I called it years ago when they started selling “optional” micro-DLC camos. Is it optional, yes. But, by buying it, you show ATVI that they can lock out things from the original game and sell them back to players, and they will buy what should originally be included in the $60 original game.

            It’s like going to a Burger place, and at first, they sell normal burgers, and everyone loves it. Then, the burger place decides to sell an optional sauce on the side, that makes the burger taste better. Sure, this is great at first, right? But then, the owner sees how much money the sauce is making, so he removes the tomatoes from the burger and sells it separately as an “option”. The burger is still the same price, but now it lacks tomatoes, that you have to pay extra for. Next thing you know, you’re paying for a full price “burger” made of only buns and a patty, and everything else is being sold optionally on the side.

            If you people don’t stop buying/defending this crap, this is what the gaming industry and COD in general will become: A dry patty and some buns, with everything good being sold on the side. At least, if that’s not what it already is.

          • bird

            The problem is you are disconnected on who gets to choose what “should” and “should not be” included in the game. No I don’t play the game 24/7, i probably play enough to get 4-5 supply drops a week. i usually keep everything until i prestige and redeem the stuff i don’t want to get through the first several levels of the new prestige. They are not purposefully withholding stuff that they “should have” included with the original game. Again, if you are so raged that they are selling an OPTIONAL extra 120 slots for 2 FUCKING DOLLARS, then you are missing the forest for the trees.

            This is the first game where there was an armory or supply drops at all.. there was no benchmark for how many they would include “on disc” and again, shit, 80 different gun variations and nigerian gloves is plenty for a regular human.
            If you don’t like the optional pack then just don’t buy it.
            If you think the game doesn’t have enough shit in it for $60 don’t buy the damn game then

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            Well, seems like you missed the entire point of my long ass comment and instead decided to ignore everything I said and repeat what your original argument was. GG, thanks for helping ruin the gaming industry.

          • bird

            I got your damn point. you don’t want to buy anything extra, you think that all the shit should be included with the game for free in addition to what the company intended to be included in the game. Your burger analogy would make sense if AW had less armory slots or less create a class slots than previous CoD games, but that wasn’t the case. The game has been very consistent from year to year on what is offered “on disc” , but since they have offered more and more optional packs as add-ons as the years have gone, people like yourself feel like you are entitled to that stuff as a buyer of the game, when in fact as consumers we are not entitled to anything. Again, you review what is included in the game, decide as a consumer if it is worth the price, and then make a purchase decision. People who talk about the “decline of the gaming industry” look at the industry like it is a charitable organization. ATVI is a publically traded company. They are focused on pleasing stock holders first, then pleasing consumers. Business is business and that isn’t changing

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            Your telling me to accept that because ATVI is a business, we should accept that they should be able to remove stuff from the game? Nope. With my burger analogy, I was talking about COD as a whole, not slots specifically. For example, with CAC slots, do you really think that after 3 games of selling the slots as DLC, that the devs are not building it into the game prelaunch and locking it out? Same goes for camos. They build these camos, lock them out, and sell them later. I decided before the game launched that I’m buying the game, as it looks fun and enjoyable. But these “optional” DLCs are a scam. Like I said, I’m not going to buy them because I don’t really need nor do I want this stuff. But you should not be going around supporting these greedy habits and defending ATVI. Imagine if everybody defended XBOX One’s policies when they were first revealed. We, the consumer, would have been screwed over, and it would have showed Microsoft that they can do whatever they want to the product and consumers will still buy and support their choices “because they are a company.” No, instead the consumers got pissed and told Microsoft to fuck off, and now we have ended up with a better console. If consumers keep allowing companies to do this stuff, it will only get worse downhill from here. Like I said, next thing you know they’ll be locking out things like Zombies. Oh wait..

          • bird

            “we should accept that they should be able to remove stuff from the game?”

            BRO, they didn’t remove anything from the game! they still have the same amount of CAC slots, camos, maps, game modes, etc as every damn CoD game for the last 6 years. they have just added more and more OPTIONAL stuff for purchase IF YOU SO CHOOSE.

            The ONLY argument to be made here is that they should have put exo zombies original map on the disc. Although i really believe that they only started making exo zombies because of how disappointed people were that the 3rd mode was just exo-survival, and they didnt have time to actually make exo-zombies before the release date.

            I mean N64 games were $60, and here we are getting WAYYYY bigger and better games for the same price? Millions upon millions of people buy the game, the only way they are going to literally give away shit for free is if people stop buying the game altogether

          • Not_Your_Average_Genius

            People like you disgust me. Do you know how long they put into developing each dlc? Do you know how much it costs them? No, you don’t. You never looked in to game design. They don’t just pull this out of their buts, you know. It takes a long time to develope these things. They make more money, so what? So they can finally use that money towards the dedicated servers that are actually happening now? Put into a role like these people are, you would make exactly the same choice.

          • Run N Gunning Camper

            Thank god MDLC is still not present on Destiny.

          • bird

            why do you say that? That is basically my argument against the guy above is that he wouldn’t have any complaint if they didn’t release micro DLC, but all of a sudden because of this additional content, he assumes that it was cut out of the original game and withheld to gouge more money out of people which is just plain insane

      • Max Martinez

        Just don’t even start. You’re probably going to buy it anyways.

        • Beef Supreme

          I haven’t touched this game in a month and a half. I haven’t even bought DLC since Black Ops 2. We can’t get them to make us an unbroken game, but they’re ready to shove micro DLC down you clowns’ throats.

  • ThatGuy

    Activison- The guys who can’t produce a COD without making you pay for extra slots.

    • Keshav Bhat

      They gave us 10 at launch, unlike Ghosts – where we had 5 and needed to buy 5 more. For this year, they gave us 10 and now let us have 60 total.

      • Pae

        Ghosts gave 5 each on 10 character which total up to 50 at launch . . .

        • NeonPhyzics


        • bird

          God that was fucking retarded. IW must have been high on loons when they made that game

          • k5berry

            “Loons” a british slang for drugs? Never heard it before haha.

        • Siftblade of Rivia

          That system sucked, I hope it never returns.

        • Edwin Cortez

          it wasn’t 50 at launch, since you needed to buy the other soldiers in order to get the others, and also it was basically only 5 because you cant change a soldier in midgame so you can have 45 more custom classes but only available pregame.

      • Pretty sure we had 6 loadouts at launch?

      • waveRaiin

        Treyarch gave us 10 to start, plus 90 more, they gave us 100 in total. A much better deal, wouldn’t you say?

      • Love-Hate relationship

        Remember when Cod only gave 5 at launch and the other 5 when you prestiged. That is the way it should be. We do not need 60 classes. The whole fun of having only ten is when you needed to change weapons between rounds and did not have time to change or you forgot something in your class and knew you were fucked. It is purely for money making purposes same as the armory slots. Activision knows people want more space and are willing to pay for it. Just the fact that half the people that buy them are Parents for their kids and the other half are showing that this is ok, which It is not ok. We cannot keep supporting this idea of ridiculous micro-transactions

        • idkwhatmynameis

          I’m gonna buy everything

    • bird

      if they gave you less slots than normal to begin with, I can see why people could get upset, but they gave us 10 to start with, just like the past like 6 CoD’s..

      They did the same thing with BO2 and nobody seemed to object

  • waveRaiin

    Why on earth… do we have to PAY for more Class Slots and more Armory Slots? Really. You couldn’t just put that in a update and give it to everyone for free? Greedy man. Almost as bad as Infinity Ward. I mean come ON! At least give it to Season Pass holders for free, we paid you guys a total of $110.00 for the video game and access to everything it has to offer. I would expect everything.

    • IMO people should really stop buying the Season Pass. It works like pre-orders and just sends the completely wrong message. It promotes the I don’t care how good the content quality is that you make in the future I will give you money up front for it! We need to make them work for sales these days and actually show us the effort put into the content.

      • kia0525

        Yep, people should really start speaking with their wallets.

  • Luis Vazquez

    Waste of money -__-

  • zack

    Seriously why would you need 60 slots? Would take 3 hours just to get those classes setup. Only thing maybe worth buying is the extra armory, but still petty. They should give everyone 1 elite gun/item of choice.

  • ZOMBIE GUT kill

    I want more character customization slot dlc!!!!

  • I purchased the the extra CAC slots for Black Ops 2 and I love it. It’s great having every weapon customized and groups for different game modes. But in BO2 the weapons all hold their own differences. Granted I haven’t played a whole lot of AW (30 hours) but to me most of the guns just feel too generic and I definitely would not have a use for 50 additional slots!

    • k5berry

      BO2 and AW have spoiled me with all these CaC slots. I really love it cause I can use a variety of weapons, rather than being forced to use like 6 weapons at a time until I prestige.

  • AC

    Why do a lot of people here hate on COD.. but read every article and comment? If you hate the franchise, the why are you wasting your time reading about it?

    • smayo

      because i think most of us here have some little sparkle of hope left that for once this franchise gives us the fun and addictive gameplay it once offerd, a game made actually for the players and not a money grabbing MLG, DLC infested half assed attempt of a mediocre FPS game with CoD stampt on its cover

      • AC

        Adding 16 new maps with a new weapon is half-assed DLC?

  • AC

    Extra armory slots and Create-A-Class, sign me up. My armory is full, and I really do not want to redeem anything!

  • GinsuVictim

    I bought the CAC pack, but I don’t see the point in buying the Armory Slots. I never have any redeemable loot (damn supply drops aren’t dropping the guns I want!).

  • ScOott

    I remember when u had to earn your gold camos they where the days

    • GinsuVictim

      Yeah, I just earned my first ever diamond camo. Hope that’s not next.

      • ScOott

        Lol it wouldn’t suprise me … If the people that are Bob can’t get it they will probz cater to them n let them buy it, that’s the way this game is going trying to make it as noob friendly as possible … im going to shut up before some one eccuses me of complaining to much 😮

        • SPAWNST4R

          Celeb announcer packs for AW next !!! lol

          • Kobrah

            Please no

  • zack

    I heard you can now buy the obsidian steed for $2.

    • GinsuVictim

      Keep your bullshit to yourself.

    • jooker-jr

      Please don’t give ideas for Activision.

  • Kyle G




    • Guest


    • Drasadex


  • Ok Rant time! The Armory, finally expanded. BUT costs actual money, other games would do this free (since it was free for SH to expand it) BUT nope. Pay $10 for free work.

    As for Extra Slots, I’ve bought all the previous ones, but now I’m thinking. After 3 years, wouldn’t having 10+ slots be a default thing? Clearly it’s free for them to add them.

    And if one person says “you don’t have to buy them” guess what, you’re right, NO ONE should have to buy free things. Hell even free to play games expand and improve their game free (like Warframe, which gives $100 worth of content each month free)

  • TheGamerBeast

    i hate that COD is trying to find things for players to purchase, like the Armory Slots and Class, extra slots for money, but i personally want extra armory slots, i asked for them before and here they are, 120 not bad though

    • ScOott

      But u shouldn’t have to pay for extra slots in the armory … When you open your supply drop should of been a simple option to take the items you want from it n leave the rest in their … I know my armory would be pretty empty if this was the case instead of having to sort through it all

      • TheGamerBeast

        yes i know :/ we really can’t do anything about it

        • ScOott

          Lol it’s one thing after another with this cod can’t belive it’s only feb!


    When does this come to PC? I for one would enjoy the extra class slots for the different game modes.

    • yardis

      A month from now.

  • Guest


    • Drasadex

      Lmao nice

      “hey guys! Extra EXTRA super duper excited today!”

    • F1maniac


    • ccrows

      Looks more like Ali-A running from the reverse boosting ban hammer again… 😉

    • k5berry

      Everyone here treats these two like some ex that broke up with you so now you feel the need to shit on them every chance you get.


    Championship Premium Personalization Pack Should be free to help promote it

  • Biff Ibkus

    This series has officially become a joke. Making it cost money to buy extra armory slots? REALLY? Not to mention that trophy reticle looks like a penis.

  • JaRniBoi

    lmao this was the camo i posted and was taken down by activision a few days ago, yet i tweeted, emailed and posted here and charlie intels Facebook but they never even acknowledged it yet they claim they post leaks? seriously?

  • JaRniBoi

    whats more messed up is i even tweeted the guy who made this article and my vid was then instantly taken down by activision. Fishy!

  • jooker-jr

    That rage moment when you close you eyes and open a supply drop, you hear ELITE, you smile, you hear ELITE again, you smile even more, you open your eyes and congratulations ! you got a boot and a reinforcement.

  • jooker-jr

    Really Activision, REALLY ? You can’t give us the extra armory space for free ?? REALLY ???

  • Haitian Jack

    If you dont like it, dont buy it. Simple as that.

  • JoZer805g

    Still waiting for previous Call of Duty title rewards for AW. Like getting rewards for playing MW3, Black Ops II and Ghosts. Maybe get gear, emblems, camos and calling cards.

  • Huh, so that guy spamming up the comment section was telling the truth.

    • Ak74u

      Yea he was lol and I know because I’ve seen him post years ago too

  • Adam

    Anyone who pays money for camos is a scrub.

    • Well then I must be a scrub. Anyhow, let the scrubs unite (and shun dumbasses A.K.A. Adam)!

  • Matthew

    Finally, I need the extra space and classes. Thank you…

    • But sadly we have to pay for it. 🙁

  • Mark

    Yay more create a class slots, I don’t even need the 10 I have, let alone 60 total. The armory slots are the only thing I would consider buying, but then again, I don’t need another 120 enlisted fucking kneepads. If there was a camo only pack, I’d think about getting it, but I’m not paying 3.99 for a camo and an exo that I’ll never see.

  • Fariko Lunatik

    Brought the Championship pack today and man it looks fucking amazing the camo is sick! I just wish it was the whole caracter not just exo and helmet

  • Dr. Salim

    “Now I can feel like a legit 360 noscoper with this camo.” -12 year olds

  • k5berry

    People are gonna have collections of ASM1s like those clothes hoarders. “Yo, you have SIXTY different ASM1 classes?!?!” “They’re different! See this one has the silencer and lightweight, this one has the silencer and OVERCHARGED, this one has the same scorestreaks as *thiis* one but the UAV has another upgrade… and these two? Well they’re identical cause I just love them so much <3."

    • Drasadex

      “And let’s not forget my 30+ BAL classes too bro!”

  • Spodermen

    I really dont want to comment on this

    • Then why did you just now?

      • Spodermen

        I dont know…… Why did I?

        • How should I know? You’re the one that commented in the first place.

          • Spodermen

            But did i really comment though?????

          • Technically you did…

  • Moosey Moose

    Now I can go run around looking like a shiny moose who wastes money on DLC! 😛

    • jooker-jr

      *Micro DLC.

      • Moosey Moose

        DLC still works. I just meant in general. If I was being technical Micro DLC would have been more appropriate.

  • Sven123456

    Doesn’t work…

  • Mako Shark

    I want my slots!

    • How the hell does that image relate to your comment? I mean seriously, what’s the point showing us a gif with someone wearing a messed up mask?

  • SoulTaker

    I’ve been positive about the game so far, and I don’t have a problem with Extra classes as Treyarch started that, but extra armory slots come on? I know I’m not being forced to buy it, but that’s cheap man. Extra armory slots should awarded if you want to waste a permanent unlock on them when prestiging. Smh Activision.

  • GinsuVictim

    I ran into two people using this new personalization pack. They were attempting no-scope 360s and both came in last on our team. We lost because of them. Thanks douchebags.

  • psychorival

    I got the armory slots and they arent showing up anyone else having the same problem???

  • CookieChairman

    Oooh…I’m loving the new personalization pack. But for the life of them, Sledge can’t make useable reticles.

    • GinsuVictim

      Red/blue dot has always been my go-to. No other reticle works for me.

  • Siddu

    The armory slots could actually be very useful, probably the most useful

  • PandaMan

    How about more characters to create for more outfits

  • Edwin Cortez

    the way they are selling create a class and armory slots I can see them in a couple of years wildcards and even attachments. armory should have been unlimited but they saw an opportunity to make cash and took it.

  • xSpArKsNYCx

    does anyone know if i buy these additional slots will it transfer over from a 360 to the xbox one and vice versa?

  • Guest

    U guys know when it comes out on ps4.? I heard it was a month bot i don’t know if its true.

  • Ear Collar W

    You should get Extra Armory Slots for Prestiging not for buying them! This is totally unfair.

  • Ear Collar W

    They should add Extra Layers Upgrade for the emblem editor and calling cards should show up at the bottom of the screen in matches when you kill/got killed by someone like in BO2.

  • sergio mantegari

    Date for ps4??!

  • Wildcatboy

    When do you think they will come out for Playstation

  • Vonce

    Can u get this for ps4

  • Scottie Airington

    add me on xbox one iceman17984

  • 1000midgets

    I bought some extra slots today, got the confirmation email from psn and everything but the slots still aren’t showing up in my armory, and i still have to delete stuff…anyone else having this problem??

    • James Hernandez

      Yeah I am too. I have 2 accounts. One that I get dlc with and the one I play on. I use my dlc account because it was my very first account I made and had added money to my account there. Now I have them on it but not on my other account that I play on.

  • Joe Ridenour

    hello I need
    oops help

  • Joe Ridenour

    how do I use the extra slot pack I purchased

  • Jeremy Campbell

    So these premium packs are only for use in the call of duty companionship bullshit? I purchased additional slots and 2 exo personal packs for my kids and they can’t even use them?? Am I doing something wrong or what?