UPDATE: SHGames has announced that PC players on Advanced Warfare will also be getting the KVA Paramilitary Exo, which will be in the next Supply Drop you open, as a way to apologize for today’s delay.

Original Story:

Sledgehammer Games has stated that Havoc DLC for PC has been delayed until March 3rd because of issues that have arisen. To compensate, Double XP is now live for PC players for the weekend.

We have encountered an unexpected issue with the PC release for Call of Duty: ‪Advanced Warfare‬’s first DLC content pack, “Havoc,” and we’re holding its release until March 3rd. We don’t take this decision lightly, but rest assured that our team is working with Activision to get this content to the PC community as quickly as possible. In the meantime, we’re turning on ‪Double XP‬ for all PC players to enjoy.

Stay tuned for the latest on this issue.



    This is fuck all of a compensation! Totally unacceptable from SHG.

  • VVFZ

    “Ah, it’s just a little delay because we were too moronic to get it right the 1st time. We’ll shut those PC players the fuck up with this useless dose of 2xp since most of the people eagerly waiting for the DLCs are master prestige or close to it anyways. Might as well get them to master prestige sooner rather than later so they can get super bored with the game at max level and we can hype them up for Treyarch’s COD game, which they seem to always love!” -SHG

  • HAHAHAHA! I mean… That really sucks 🙁

  • Guywithbrains

    Best of luck to PC players. Let’s hope it works when it launches. :]

  • Fggts.

  • Wallby

    Wow this is just sad lol, that’s a really weak compensation from Sledgehammer too. Looks like Rockstar’s way of treating pc players catched on.

  • brianjamesaltamura

    I don’t care about 2XP I want my dam zombies….

    • Sample Text

      Meanwhile at Jameson’s

  • Hunterdv

    They really couldnt tell us this yesterday huh?

  • Sectario

    Hijos de puta! but its not that bad in my case because I bought it via VPN for 29 euros (base game and season pass). Last COD I buy really

  • jordt123

    GG sledgehammer FCKING GG

  • LovekillerX

    First GTA V and now Advanced Warfare DLC. What is this nonsense? I don’t really play much on PC but damn PC players are having bad time!

    • smelly butt pc gamer chicken

      yup it sucks and not to mention people have been having a glitch to where we get vac banned once then not the banned again and it keeps doing that and it has been happening to me alot

    • fre0n

      Console sales are decreasing, they hope to get people to buy console-games again.

  • Dr. LilRobot

    they’ve outraged an entire population of gamers. this will not go through lightly. they should release it immediately as it’s fixed, rather than waiting for some arbitrary release date.

    • RdJokr

      It would be hard to do, seeing as Steam doesn’t push out updates and DLCs during the weekends. The earliest they could put it out is Monday. Tuesday is more likely to happen, seeing as that is the usual time when Steam updates its store with new games and DLCs, as well as game updates.

  • Man they really hate the PC platform.

    Why would you wait until the absolute last second to announce this?!? It’s freaking ridiculous.

    • RdJokr

      Because it’s an “unexpected issue”? It’s always till the very last minute that you get unexpected issues.

      • I highly doubt that this “unexpected issue” occurred just 20 minutes before the DLC was supposed to be unlocked on Steam. The content needs to be in place on Steam and ready to go well before the unlock period.

  • dabbo1983

    double xp what a joke whats the point in season pass i bet ps4 goons dont have to wait just anouther point of pc users being screwed ? double xp crap

  • 2015 The year of Delay for PC!
    SHG PC devs are a joke.

    • JDahn

      SHG is a joke ,not just the PC devs…

    • KnownNemesis

      PC is a joke, if you wanna play CoD go get an Xbox One

  • I wouldn’t mind having double XP back on consoles

  • Neoconnected

    Maybe they could fix the problems with the ORIGINAL maps that came out last November! Map “Defender” lags terribly on PC no matter what your build and has since day 1. Despite updates since then, they have never fixed it. Defender is just the worst of the maps for lag while others also suffer from lag issues as well. When are these fixes coming Sledgehammer???

    • Mantas Jokubauskas

      Uhh, I’d include Instinct to this list, but I think it’s because of some kind of NatureFX (let’s call it like that). At least for me Instinct lags the most, then Defender.

    • Corey

      I second this, it’s so frustrating that even on a high end rig this happens whilst other maps work flawlessly. In the meantime, try set everything to low, the lag on these maps tends to be caused by overusing the amount of VRAM your card has and by setting textures, anisortropic filtering and all of those sorts of settings to low you’re minimizing the use. At least it’s playable until they decide to fix it – if – they decide to fix it.

      • Neoconnected

        You are right…”if they decide to fix it”. While they are at it, maybe they can get rid of the absurd team kill feature that nobody asked for in hardcore modes as well. Seems like the PC gamer is an afterthought unfortunately…

    • fre0n

      dedicated servers would help

  • Jorge Pereira

    damn activision and their desire to earn more money by giving prioridada to Xbox AND ps4!!!!

  • DVDxR

    2xp! Yay! That will help out a lot while I’m setting there not getting a game because no one is playing the f’ing game!

  • Thepissedcodplayer

    What the F*ck man, i bought this game just for the zombies. Tell us its freaking delayed a day or 2 before the planned release date! Stop making PC games and go only console if you want but stop delaying game/dlc because of some f*ckin issues you could’ve fixed way before!

    • Trizay

      If you bought Advanced Warfare just for zombies, you’re gonna have a bad time.

  • Ice_cold_chief

    Last COD game I buy. Period!!

    • Trizay


      • Guywithbrains

        I wouldn’t trust Treyarch’s next Call of Duty is better because of it’s earlier Black Ops games. You know what happened with Modern Warfare series… 1 and 2 were great but 3rd one (my favorite)… went downhill.

        • Trizay

          That’s true but if you look at it from a more technical point of view. The 3rd game in the series for IW failed, but that’s only happened once so you can’t classify that as a trend yet. Also, IW and Treyarch are two separate developers so one’s failures shouldn’t be directly associated with the other’s. With that in mind there’s no logical reason to assume that Treyarch’s next game will do badly unless you’re looking at it from a superficial POV or we’ve seen some of the game.

        • ben wills

          MW2 had a trash PC port. That’s where this all started/

        • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

          Yes, BO2’s Multiplayer wasn’t fun to me… But I’ll take a Treyarch CoD over the others’ any day. Fuck IW and SH… I’m done with them both.

    • Drasadex

      Uh huh, sure.

      You people say that EVERY YEAR lmao

  • Ice_cold_chief

    Oh and keep your fucking Dbl XP. I only want zombies.

  • barry k

    So they screw it again and they give us double xp for compensation? What about 10 supply drops? More game modes? Hardcore HQ, Demolition. More fun games from BO2. That game is coming alive yet again on PC since that game isn’t a pile of garbage with tons of issues. We all paid for the season pass. Most of us. All are max level? They need to think more about compensating the PC users who can’t play the game we ALL WANT TO PLAY. Zombies. All should get it at the same time.

  • Mark Cagle

    way to go sledgehammer you greedy fucks fuck you and your non dedicated servers hacker paradise game oh and fuck double experience weekend what a lame ass excuse

  • Alessandro Virgilio

    Please fix the lag on big maps. It’s very unplayable

  • SoulTaker

    At least they did something for PC players, but still that doesn’t excuse the fact that PC players have been fucked brutally with the EM1 fire rate bug, no browser support which is needed since it’s hard to find games etc. Now DLC gets delayed as well man PC even gets patches last so sad to see PC get almost no support after the game was a half decent PC port and hell of a lot better than Ghosts port.
    Also “We don’t take this decision lightly, ” that’s just a lie they could care not one shit about the PC community. Not one I tell ya.

    Also really a KVA Paramilitary Exo?? I’ve had 4 of those already please if you’re going to give us something in a supply drop let it be something elite…

    • psicoticos psicoticos


  • xXMRxBeastXx


  • un1Q-DE

    SH should better give us some micro transactions for free. The additional supply slots or at least some of the new skins. 2xp as compensation – what a joke!
    They should really stop porting COD to PC! Maybe some other dev steps on the PC scene with a PC optimized FPS! ID SOFTWARE were are you? Or Respawn remakes Quake3 instead of Titanfail 2.

    • Kevin Kerns

      I agree they should give us some micro transaction for free or at least release one of the other things still for free such as the additional armory slots, camos, etc. Double xp is garbage we get that in supply drops every time. They clearly don’t know how to run a business as delaying a product release the DAY OF its’ expected release is going to lose you customers. Some people may ACTUALLY get pissed enough to stop buying games. I know I’m still going to buy cods, but they need to get better at that shit. I am looking forward to the next game more though as treyarch has never disappointed me.

  • JDahn

    SHG is definitely the worst CoD developer 😛 They can’t even launch a DLC properly.

    • noobswontlie

      At least they listen to the community more than IW, where Mark Rubin hadn’t tweeted since the Xbox One release.

      • ben wills

        At least Ghosts had a functioning net code and sightlines longer than my closet.

    • Luis


      • JDahn

        Nope ,Infinity ward released the MW Series that was awesome!

    • fre0n

      ghosts was the worst. AW is pretty awesome. It’s activision calling the delays

      • JDahn

        AW sucks IMO and it’s not even doing well in sales. The sales are 30% down compared to Ghosts

      • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

        AW is worse than Ghosts.

  • However I think that Playstation Asia will delay longer than PC.
    And the files of Havoc DLC has been uploaded to Steam for about 3 weeks according to SteamDB (https://steamdb.info/depot/318791/ )

  • jooker-jr

    When is the last time I hears the word “delayed” in cod universe ?

  • Stefan Lang


  • Matthew


  • Freeze

    They have completely killed the PC community, with shit support and now DELAYED dlc ports from consoles that are build on the same architecture. It means they didn’t give a living crap about the PC community. I dont even play on pc but this is ridiculous. What this probably means is that there are going to be a bunch of camos released for console instead of developing the DLC for PC.

  • Fuck this shit! I waited an entire month while the bullshit xBox community got to enjoy the DLC and today was supposed to be the release date and they POSTPONE IT!?!?! The PC Platform is the MOST USED platform for any game…why don’t they release it for that FIRST? It is such one-sided bullshit. They have beta-testers for a reason…USE THEM! You all had an entire month to fix any problems and you failed to even do that. It just goes to show that most of these companies are dumbasses and can’t do anything right. I admit, I am inpatient but release a game and its extensions on you FIRST PROMISED DATE and stop trying to shut us up by giving us these favor-apologies (even though it is considerate, I respect that) and just do what you guys are hired to do. You have ONE JOB all day…finish it in the time given to you.

    • TheGamerBeast

      i think i’m the only one that feel u, i’m a pc player like u and i know this is just BS

    • Zpr4y

      Pc player here 2… This sht is unreal

  • TheGamerBeast

    oki i’m a PC player and i got the season pass and been waiting for the DLC for long time, and didn’t expect that to happen at all, and i should start RAGGING, but nah i don’t care anymore activition is always screwing the PC Community, even though i can’t play the game cz i can’t find lobbies… i really don’t know what to say but SIGH SIGH

  • phsycoticfly

    sledge hammer why are you guys being jerks to pc players im sick of this we should get it when promised you guys suck at communication with us there are very little pc players left that still want to play and there all leaving because you guys keep pulling this crap i want my maps

  • Subrojit Freiheit

    Oh man , :/ What the F !

  • Subrojit Freiheit

    I already have the KVA Paramilitary Exo 🙁 , man i have plans for 26 and now i have to cancel it :/

  • RdJokr

    People are too quick to jump at Sledgehammer’s throat for this (and I can understand why). Still, we don’t know the exact story behind the delay. Sure, maybe it could be a deliberate delay to screw PC gamers over, but what do they gain by doing that?

    No one is happy about this delay, but until anyone knows the exact reasons for the delay, slandering Sledgehammer isn’t the right thing to do.

    Though I gotta agree, their compensation kinda sucks. They should at least give away something better than one loot piece (that they don’t even know if anyone will wear).

    • SoulTaker

      It’s not just about that man it’s about PC being fucked brutally by Slegehammer since the PC launch of the game and now this. They can take their 2XP and that stupid KVA Paramilitary Exo and shove it up their ass. If you played PC you would understand the problems, but I’ll break it down if you don’t know already.

      -EM1 Fire Rate bug you can unlock the frame rate and that thing would tear people apart.

      -Lack of browser support which is needed since games are hard to find.

      -Broken challenges since I can’t find a game on Infected I can’t do certain challenges thus broken.

      -Copy and paste patches on PC even though they have separate issues from consoles like the EM1 bug I talked about it was already OP on launch on PC and what did they do they copied and pasted the patch that made it even stronger on consoles into the PC making a big fire even bigger and refused to fix it.

      -Defender, Recovery, Terrance all have major FPS issues I can have a GTX 980 and the damn thing will still lag for the first 2 minutes of the map.

      -In the campaign you can’t skip cut scenes as well it loads halfway and waits until the scene is over to load the other half.

      -PC has gotten patches late even though they are still cut and paste notes which is unacceptable.

      -Hackers have yet to get banned I’ve run across the same hacker 4 times.

      There’s more but PC has issues but Slegehammer doesn’t care which is a shame since the game is a much better port than Ghosts.

      I’ve defended the game for a long time, but these issues on PC are getting to me and the DLC getting delayed is a just adding more fuel to the fire and again that joke of a reward called the KVA Paramilitary Exo can be shoved right back into their asses. If they aren’t going to take care of a certain platform don’t charge 60$ for it PC version should cost 20$ or include mod tools so the PC community can fix these problems.

      • RdJokr

        I am well aware of the issues (I play on PC too FYI). However, it is not solid proof to say that today’s delay is because of SHG’s incompetence.

        True, SHG has been neglecting PC a bit too much, and this problem just made them look even worse. But blaming the whole problem solely on their past performances is wrong. Especially since nobody even knows why the DLC is delayed in the first place.

        I’m not saying it isn’t Sledgehammer’s fault (because it is), but their incompetence in the past is not to blame.

        • SoulTaker

          Well I’m just saying man this is just adding more fuel to the fire and it’s easy to assume since we get late patches and almost no support that they were lazy on porting the DLC to PC and waited till the last minute to make sure consoles were perfect…it might not be their fault, but still come on at least give season pass owners more than a stupid exo.

          • RdJokr

            It’s very easy to assume things are like that, because COD’s PC support is almost non-existent except when it’s Treyarch’s turn (thank God for PCDev). But at the end of the day, I try not to blame people for the wrong reasons.

          • SoulTaker

            I try to look at the bright side to man, but it’s just a little fire with problems and some b.s stuff that happens then later it turns into a bigger fire when stuff isn’t done (maps lagging, EM1 fire rate etc).

          • RdJokr

            Better start making requests to PCDev then, so we can avoid potential disasters with Treyarch’s game this year.

          • Bloodhound

            I agree here it is the 3rd and I still don’t see any DLC maybe by 9 tonight.Double XP big deal.

    • ben wills

      They’ve been working hard at weapon camos, but our content we paid for is delayed.

      This is inexcusable no matter what.

      • PoppyMelt

        100%, i’m sure the artists working on the camos are the reason the DLC got delayed, makes perfect sense.

        • ben wills

          You don’t really get it, or how business actually work, but that’s cool.

          Yes, different teams would draw the camos, and another team would work on DLC’s, but VERY FREQUENTLY people move around and do different things. The leaders have dedicated the time, money, and workers to work on the camos instead of moving them to help the DLC process along. Resources get allocated. The resources have been allocated to camos, and not PC. It’s an embarrassment.

  • Now where is TheShadowReaper to go tell us some B.S excuse why PC is still better than console 😛

    • Freeze

      how is it not? The issue here is with the devs, not the pc

    • RdJokr

      He hasn’t been playing the game since December, so I don’t think this would bother him the slightest.

  • Insane Doctor

    wow delay for one week and give us a set Endlist gear for apologize, 🙁

    • No. They released 4 new Havoc screenshots LMAO.. Time to put the dust off BF4 and starting to get ready for hardline 🙂

  • ddd

    Hey,fuck you gay~ Just 2XP!?Whats wrong with your fucking head?Fucking asshole



  • Max

    Could give DLC Extra Armory Slots $1.99 as apologies.

  • Tricky VIk

    “I might be mistaken but in the title I think it should say character instead of charcater.”

  • Gil Dias

    always the same story ……

    changes the team, but the disease continues.
    PC gamers always devalued.

  • JoZer805g

    SHGames should fix some bugs in AW like the screen flickering bug. So annoying, been like that since the game launched and the frame rate drops in Campaign on the PS4.