In an interview with VG247, Sledgehammer Games’s Michael Condrey has stated that the studio is looking at “opportunities” to bring back fan favorite maps to Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare in future DLC offerings.

“One new piece of feedback we have heard in Havoc is the fan desire to see some classic maps make their way to Advanced Warfare, and we’re taking a look at some opportunities to really highlight the vertical gameplay mechanics in some reimagined franchise favorites moving forward, like we did with Atlas Gorge,” said Condrey.

“Verticality is a key component of the new movement set in Advanced Warfare, and we’ve doubled down on that for Havoc,” he added. “We’re about to drop some news on how we’re pushing even further into that space in the coming DLC offerings, so stay tuned for more soon.”

Sledgehammer Games has also stated that the fan feedback on Havoc maps have been “well received.”

“The avalanche dynamic event in Drift is a fan favorite, as is the more sinister flavor of Sideshow with its creepy clowns and wide open sight lines. The AE4 is also hit, bringing the benefits of a directed energy weapon to the AR class for the first time.”

There’s no information as of now as to what maps they may be re-imagining, but we’ll keep you posted.

Which maps would you like to see return in Advanced Warfare? Let us know in the comments below!

We also discussed the subject in a recent video here:


  • bold

    OK then

  • Stefan Lang

    I would love to think they’d do a throwback pack with none of the maps changed but of course they’ll charge us. They should let the fans vote for one map to come back honestly. Terminal was free in MW3 so there shouldn’t be any reason we should have to pay for an old map if its the same way it was in the original game. IW brought back Favela but paying for it was some bullshit.

    • Free would be nice but they have to charge for them because there is work involved. You can’t just leave the maps as they were in whatever previous game because some of the map entities and assets would need to be changed to work in AW but more importantly there would be an enormous amount of boundary issues. With the Exo boost/double jump there are a lot of changes that have to be made to the maps so people can’t get to places they shouldn’t be.

      • Stefan Lang


  • This is always a debate. It’s good because it brings back favorite maps from previous COD games but on the flip side paying for DLC; I want new maps that have been developed from the ground up – not re-skins with a few design changes.

    Makes sense though. I wouldn’t be surprised if they did a whole DLC drop of just remakes. It would costs the studio about %50 less to make some changes to existing maps that are known to be solid versus new development time. Good way to cut costs and make up some money for another title that didn’t break sales records.

    • Arni

      I don’t think that to create a whole Classic Map DLC is a good idea. Adding one map is each pack is far better for the sales, because many players wouldn’t buy a whole dlc pack with only classic maps, but they will buy the 4 packs with 1 classic map in each.

      • Jim

        Not really, i rather have whole classic maps packs itself.

        • Arni

          Every opinion on that matter exist, but i think that to do that strategy would be dangerous for ATVI in a more global context of wanting to get more money as possible.

          Personnally, i don’t care of 1 classic in each pack or one pack with only classic maps, i like classic maps, the dangerous poeple for this plan are the guys that hated classic maps.

  • Josh

    Since Sledgehammer games co-developed MW3 I’m thinking possibly Arkaden or SeaTown since the maps need verticality. Maybe even quarry or highrise from MW2. I’m thinking the maps are more likey to be IW rather than Treyarch tho.

  • zack

    Kowloon or nothing. I think it would be perfect on this game.

  • Michael

    The maps I would want to see re-imagined in MW3 are either Resistance, Hardhat, or Mission. I really loved those maps because in my opinion they had very good map flow. Hardhat is by far my favorite map in MW3. I would say Dome as well but we saw that map re-imagined in cod ghost already.

    • Michael

      **meant to say re-imagined in AW**

    • Guest

      Resistance & Hardhat don’t have much verticaltiy. Mission does but the cliff edges are quite high so I don’t think the double jump would reach. I think Arkaden and SeaTown have more chance from MW3 tbh

  • spartanelite

    Nuketown free for everyone plz?

    • ScOott

      No nuke town … U would be able to hop from one end of the map to the other in one jump … Spawn trap heaven

      • Guywithbrains

        You make it sound like it isn’t already a spawn trap heaven. 😛

        • ScOott

          Lol i suppose …. I’d love them to remake it n be able to go in the underground bunker tho … Just not with this cod

      • spartanelite

        But that’s kinda the point of small map’s it absolutely horrible when that’s you but I feel’s amazing when your the one doing it

        • ScOott

          Yh I do love nuketown but I think they would have to make it a bit longer .. Plus if they put a remade nuke town in this game the chances Are we won’t get one in black ops 3 id rather have it on treyarchs game even if it would be the 3rd time

          • spartanelite

            True but it is a great map so I wouldn’t mind it a 3rd time

  • wy

    they should look at a way to remove sbmm, i’m sure they’ve gotten enough feedback about that

    • Devin Wolfe

      I love how the people complaining about it are mostly Youtubers who say they’re good at the game and don’t want to prove it with people of their own skill level.

      • bird

        hahaha exactly right.

      • dude

        I wish it didn’t match me against the same people every day

      • The7Reaper

        I have no problem with SBMM the only lag issue I experience is when someone at my house is on the internet while I’m playing

      • Melchor

        They may have decent plays but their YT channel requires DNA bombs

    • whoosh

      Coming home from work just to have to “work” in a video game is terrible

  • justin


  • Arni

    That news fucking made my day.

    • wow

      did it really.

      • Arni

        i like remake maps because i’m nostalgic of some of the greatest maps from the pasts cod. Furthermore, i think that AW is the perfect game for remake maps because it allows you to rediscover a classic map with the new moveset of the game. So yeah, i’m happy while reading that kind of news.

        • wow

          nice. i like your perspective

          • Arni

            I’m happy but i’m not running naked in my house screaming “Condrey is my god”.

    • Cameron Mc

      you fucking loser i bet you suck so much cock that you get strep throat and just because holy crap guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • j

        strong first comment

      • Arni

        Oh my god ! What a deepness in this comment ! I don’t even knew that people as stupid as you are still living on this Earth ! I though that the Natural Selection was more efficient than that.

        • 1. I didn’t even know** 2. Thought**

          • Arni

            Sorry, english is not my 1st langage. I hesitated btwn know and knew

        • Ak74u

          Hahaha I love your comeback, smart and clever!

  • j

    how about giving us atlas gorge for free?

    • Jim

      Haha No.

      • j

        why not? super cool sarcastic laugh followed by a firm “No.” though

        • EricJW

          Nuketown became free and so did Free Fall. Don’t see a reason why thy shouldn’t do the same with this

          • zVitiate

            Wasn’t Atlas Gorge only available in the collector’s editions? If so, that’s why. The other maps were pre-order maps, these were collector’s editions maps. It would be fair to those that paid for the maps to then have it released as free. It’s kind of like the Black Ops 1 DLC Collector’s Edition zombies.

          • Guest

            Only a petty collector edition person would even care that someone got something like that free since you can’t gauge if someone literally paid the extra money just to get that map…It’s cutting off your nose to spite your face. Giving it away free gets more people into the lobby to play that map. You could be petty and have empty lobbies, or welcome more players thus giving you a chance to actually play it more often.

          • Guest

            Besides collector edition people still paid at least $15 more than the $5 the non collectors paid.

          • Axel Noir

            yea but a lot more shit for that money

    • Arni

      I nearly got an heart attack when ATVI announces that Atlas would cost 5$

    • Fjolltzu

      how about removing sbmm

  • Piez

    WMD from black ops 1. It would fit the play style of AW.

    • Fannystrangler

      Good call!

    • NuttyTheSquirrel

      No it wouldn’t. It only had 2 or 3 Vertical places.

      • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

        Fuck verticality that’s the reason why the game sucks so bad.

    • Jungle from BO1, you could boost from the elevated trench and dash up to the cliff. Also there’s a few narrow chokepoints which means you can’t rely on your exo all the time.

    • Damien Anderson

      Silo, or better yet Convoy.

  • ScOott

    Jungle from black ops one would be amazing

  • Michael

    What about BlackBox or Overwatch from mw3’s dlc? I’m just throwing maps out there but do you guys think that those maps could work out well?

  • Riskninja YT


  • Guywithbrains

    My favorite maps list include:

    Terminal, Mission, Dome, Highrise, Afghan, Favela

    • w

      favela would be interesting in AW. Too bad it was already remade last game (shoulda left it for this game)

      • Guywithbrains

        Agreed. Although Favela looks awesome in Ghosts.

        • The7Reaper

          Favela in Ghosts was the only time I had fun playing Ghosts lol

    • hondanuts

      They remade Terminal and Dome too. I think Afghan and Highrise would be pretty sweet though!

  • Jamie Hudson


  • Said this on a previous article . I want:
    1.) Broadcast (COD4)
    2.) Castle (WAW)
    3.) Highrise (MW2)
    4.) Hotel (Blops)
    5.) Raid (Blops2)

    Perfect Exo maps in my opinion.

    • The7Reaper

      Just give me Castle out of that whole list and I would be happy

    • reamerb .

      Hotel would be fun

    • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

      Rearranged Castle plz

    • Nathan

      Most of those sound awesome, but I’m not convinced Raid would work with exo movement; Standoff has much more verticality and is just as well liked if you want a BO2 map, or possibly Hijacked (this could open up some of the upstairs areas you can see in spectator modes but I’m not sure if it’s too small or not) 🙂
      If I was taking one from ghosts, I’d say Freight just because I think jumping all over the trains would be cool and it has 3 levels in multiple places. And as for MW3, seatown is an absolute must for exo stuff.

  • bird

    Enough with the map remakes. this is a terrible idea

    • Ak74u

      Pipeline plays well but Idk

  • J4MES

    I do enjoy the old maps but on a new brand like AW; I’d like to see them to continue to create their own maps instead of relying on historic ones.

    Bringing classics back e.g. Firing Range from BO into BO2 is fine but pinching old maps from games that aren’t associated with the series or developer is just a bit desperate.

  • MuscledRMH

    Remakes should be FREE, not paid DLC just like Atlas Gorge should have been FREE.


      Nothings free in the wonderful world of ATVI

      • JoZer805g

        Except Terminal in MW3.

    • Axel Noir

      Praise it

  • Remove sbmm and there you go, best Cod ever…..

    • HACKERsr

      Go play against bots on rookie if you get a hard on for playing weaker opponents. Don’t even pretend it’s connection reasons why or that you’re in Wyoming some damn where playing people in Beijing either. You just wanna play scrubs, like the scrub you are.

      • whoosh

        If he’s playing against good people he’s probably good. Maybe you want SBMM so the good players don’t spank YOU

      • Obviously I want to play with shitty people, who wouldn’t, and why do you think I posted that comment? Yeah, don’t be an idiot.

      • No life who tried to copy my name just to reply to me…. Smh

  • ElPero420

    Bring em all! I personnaly miss almost all mw3 maps specially the dlc’s! Fkn great idea I was hoping for this!

  • zack

    wheres the patch notes?

  • Luis Vazquez

    I would like to see Storm, wasteland, derail, & underpass from MW2. Would be nice to just have the maps classic then reskinning the whole thing & with all the issues that the maps had fix of course. I don’t know just my opinion.

  • Diego Diniz

    Call of Duty is THE ONLY GAME i PLay everyday for years, and I can tell for Sure! Some of the best maps already been remaked (Favela, Vacant, Overgrown, Scrapyard) but the best maps are:

    RUST – MW2
    Departed – Ghosts

    • Guywithbrains

      Did you like Overgrown in Call of Duty 4? It was my favorite because there was so many bushes where you can snipe from.

      • Diego Diniz

        Dude, overgrown is TOP! Cod4 maps are Epic. If they remake Crossfire, you can snipe on both sides of the map…

        • Guywithbrains

          Sniping enemy from mounted machine gun is so awesome.

    • Daniel

      Any bo1/mw2/cod 4 map would be good, cara
      Btw I would love to have silo again

  • Melchor

    I personally dislike Atlas Gorge, the map is really big and there are too many places for campers to hide.

  • Memphus

    “Verticality is a key component of the new movement set in Advanced Warfare, and we’ve doubled down on that for Havoc,”

    The Havoc maps are considerably less vertical than the launch maps, what the hell is he talking about in this quote?

  • Dalton Johnson

    ambush from cod4 would be sweet or wet work or Yemen from bops 2 high jacked as well but what do i know

  • Potato Republic

    I want to see…

    Wet Work
    and that one Mexican map in Ghosts. Say what you want, but the DLC maps for Ghosts were awesome.

    • Nathan

      Are you thinking of Departed?

  • jooker-jr

    Hope they are free like MW3.

  • Possiblilties: These are just interesting concepts thought up on the fly. They do not reflect my desires of DLC maps.

    BO1 – Jungle: Themed after the training run in the campaign mission ‘Atlas’. Variety of indoor and outdoor, with winding and elevated paths + added interiors of the huts in the ‘village’. You could boost from the elevated trench and dash up to the cliff. Also there’s a few narrow choke points which means you can’t rely on your exo all the time.

    MW2 – Rundown: Wide play area with a tight interior, and flank routes via the trench below.

    CoD 4 – Showdown: No excuses, all gun play. Themed as a dark, rainy monastery/garden (Almost like Dynasty in Ghosts) Showdown brings you back to basics with intense team scrimmages. The roof of the 2nd floor is now accessible via boost jump.

    MW2 – Trailer Park: Wide open play area with little to no elevation. Use your exo to boost on or over trailers, gates, or anything else, but beware, doing so leaves you visible to most of the play area. Adds a dynamic of strategy to every exo boost.

    MW2 – Sub Base: A small-medium map that’s most symmetrical, and fits with exo movement due to it’s blocky design.

    MW2/Ghosts – Favela: No brainer. (+ addition of cannibal/tribal apparel)

    Ghosts – Tremor: A mix of tight and open interiors and exteriors with a variety of rooftops, flank routes + a dynamic supply drop in the central square of the map, that drops at any moment, both teams are notified by the announcer. You might want an air cannon for this one.

  • KevJumbaify .

    Any map from world at war and black ops 1 will be fine for me.

  • Ryumoau

    i liked that they did the first map pack with all new maps and i would have been okay with all the remaining map packs continuing it. But since they are planning to bring back older maps, i just hope they are appropriate and have many tall structures in them.

  • Hino ThatGuy

    Favela from MW2

    • Juses


  • ghosts sucks

    Nuketown and hijacked for me. Big BO2 fan right here

  • Axel Noir

    Bring terminal. #AWtradesystem

  • shantzonpoint

    Favela and Quarry would be fun AW maps. Hardhat would also be a good one. Being able to jump over the walls to the center of the map would be fun. Good luck camping on top of the tube……..

  • Redrum

    please SHG no more of you’re Remakes.

  • Mobin Amanzai

    Because they’re too lazy to create all new maps

  • Bigjoe275

    I don’t have an interest in remade map if we have to pay. So I guess I’ll pass on that dlc


  • Aaron


  • Dominic McCall

    Does anyone else on PS4 Nat type go from open to strict? Today was the first time it happen to me

  • Michael

    Kowloon from Black Ops 1

  • RoachTheIntelCollector

    Can you remake Quarry from MW2?

  • nammion

    That would be a waste of good maps on a crappy game