UPDATE: Advanced Supply Drops are now available on Xbox One and can be purchased from the in-game store. Advanced Supply Drops will be available on other platforms at a later date. Stay tuned for more information.

Original Story: 

Activision today announced purchasable Supply Drops called ‘Advanced Supply Drops’ are coming to Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Players will be able to visit the in-game store and purchase these.

Advanced Supply Drops will include:

  • Three items.
  • At least one weapon variant.
  • At least one Professional rarity item or better.
  • All items come with their own Armory slot; all items can be redeemed for XP.

Advanced Supply Drops will be priced as follows:

  • One Advanced Supply Drop for $1.99 USD
  • Three Advanced Supply Drops for $5.99 USD (nine total items).
  • Five Advanced Supply Drops plus one bonus Advanced Supply Drop for $9.99 USD (18 total items).
  • 10 Advanced Supply Drops plus three bonus Advanced Supply Drops for $19.99 USD (39 total items).

In addition, for those that don’t want to purchase Advanced Supply Drops, players will earn these after reaching ranks 20, 30, and 40, and after reaching Prestige.

Since the launch of Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare and the immense personalization of operator gear and weapon variants, players have been asking for more opportunities to secure additional supply drops. Coming soon, Advanced Supply Drops will be available from the in game store, to give you the chance for more Weapon Loot and Character Gear to customize your operator, as well as Reinforcements (Advanced Supply Drops will not include Rapid Supply or Orbital Care Package Reinforcements). Advanced Supply Drops are optional and do not affect the balance of gameplay.

In addition to acquiring items from the current rotation, you will also have the opportunity to get unique cosmetic gear items found only within Advanced Supply Drops. Be on the lookout for the Eco Custom Exo, items from the Arctic Gear set, and more!

Available individually and in bundles of 3, 5, and 10, with certain bundles including bonus drops. Players will not receive duplicate items within the same bundle. To start with, there will be a limit to how many items an individual can purchase as we roll this out. In a few weeks, we will remove the limit on purchasing.

Activision has not revealed an ETA yet for when this new feature will be available. We’ll update as we learn more about this.

SOURCE: Activision and ATVI Assist



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  • Guest

    We knew it would happen, the fact that there is exclusive stuff makes it worse. Does anyone know if we redeem the item we keep the armory slot?

    • NextGenNose

      Should do it at ATVI’s HQ

  • Matthew

    It guarantees not getting BS’d with repeats, or bad items only. That sounds good.

  • More and more micro transactions in a 60$ AAA-game + 50$ for the other half of the game that was just put behind a pay wall (season pass). Nope that’s it I’m done with Activision. P2W FTW

    • Michael Condrey when back on his own words. Unfortunately, I can’t exactly attack him since we all know this is Activision decision… Activision IS the cancer of CoD….

      PS P2W, period.

    • HenryDF

      What pisses me off is that numerous people asked the SH devs about it, and they said they did not expect Supply Drops to be monetised.

      And yet here we are. With not only Supply Drops on sale, but “better” Supply Drops.

    • And this is why I hate how marketing works.

    • RdJokr

      More like P2BT (pay 2 be trolled), cuz most people have shown their bad luck with the RNgesus through buying these drops.

  • IIPlayer99II

    We all knew this was coming sadly. Cod is getting worse with these micro Dlc. If they cared about the community like they say then micro Dlc would have stayed black ops 2 level

    • xVale

      How is adding mirco dlc not caring about the community? You definetly don’t HAVE to buy the supply drops them if you don’t want to.

      • IIPlayer99II

        There are going to be the players who buy a ton just to get the weapon they want and this is not fair. Earn the supply drop that gets you the gun you want

        • IIPlayer99II

          Or reach master prestige

        • GinsuVictim

          Or they’ll spend a ton and not get it, all while we laugh at their efforts. I still don’t have an Obsidian Steed, but I don’t hate on the people who got one first thing.

      • Favorite Ape

        That must be a joke comment.

      • NextGenNose

        The sole fact that they said they had NO plans for selling Supply Drops as “Add-Ons” is what pisses me off

  • JoZer805g

    WHAT! Freakin Pay to Win crap DLC here.

    • ben wills

      Not to mention new exo abilities in the new dlc

      • HenryDF

        Say whaaat?

      • Timothy Brown

        New exo abilities? Where can I see these?

        • ben wills
          • Timothy Brown

            They listen to fans? I understand things take longer but it really doesn’t seem that way

          • common sense

            They don’t. Notice how he has NEVER responded adequately to SBMM. Just it’s ok don’t worry about it 🙂

          • Rav

            they do listen to fans havent you noticed that sledgehammer makes the MOST and BIGGEST amount of patches for any cod ever?
            just sledgehammer probably strongly believes that SSBM is necessary
            but they are probably the cod developers who listen to fans the most
            or they simply wouldn’t make the effort

          • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

            “Well balanced, competitive matches”.

            Whoever stated that SBMM was for the bad casual players and not competitive were mistaken. I knew this game was built for competitive from the start. Thanks for this! Kudos to Sledgehammer for ruining the Casual CoD formula.

      • Drasadex

        Care to tell us the new abilities?

      • JoZer805g

        Is it free or pay to win?

        • ben wills


          • JoZer805g

            Dam 🙁

      • zombiefreak935


      • RdJokr

        He said there’s new Exo Abilities incoming with the next DLC launch. He didn’t say whether it’s gonna be a free update or part of the DLC pack. I think the former is more likely, but knowing Activision, they’ll charge you for anything these days.

      • [i]Skree.*

        you know that they specifically sa you can only use it in the new dlc maps do you?

  • Alter Ego Studios

    I hope you’re talking about with in-game money, that you gain for selling your unwanted gear.

    • Could clan points be used? Or naaah, since it’s Activision.

    • It’s P2W. Real cash.

  • Alter Ego Studios

    Battlefield here I come.

    • thedangerousant

      Bfh has day one dlc XD

    • Daniel

      In bf its even worse…

      • Primey_

        No it isn’t

        • AC

          Battlefield: Hardline P2W package gives players priority in queues. That doesn’t make it worse?

          • Primey_

            priority in queues is not p2w.

          • AC

            Sure. Same goes for the Advanced Supply Drops. The guns really do not add a level of “I will shoot better than you”, and of course the gear doesn’t as well.

    • Bigi345

      Because Battlepacks don’t exist. Sure m8

    • Guest

      You don’t wanna go there buddy

  • Drasadex

    Yeeaaauuupp, saw that coming lol

  • Juses

    I told you guys Activision would monitize supply drops lol.

    • Its comin man…pay for an extra large mag

    • We should all listen to you next time Juses. :

    • NextGenNose


    • Do you still love us ??

    • But you did screw up with the Nigerian character gear saying we would have to pay for it. It ended up to be in supply drops and we all laughed at you. Remember? 😛

      • Juses

        But I was right about this when everyone was saying that you wouldn’t have to pay for supply drops.

        • RdJokr

          TBH, no one saw this coming, really. Sledgehammer themselves probably didn’t see this coming too. And now they’re getting all the negativity for the publisher’s money-making decision.

        • jason f

          But you don’t HAVE to pay for supply drops. They aren’t taking out normal supply drops. And you get free advanced supply drops at 20 30 40 and prestige. It’s an additional option for people who want to waste money.

  • Wow so fuckin greedy..now don’t come and say You don’t have to buy it…they are just so fuckin greedy, they know ppl will pay for that shit…

    • GinsuVictim

      It’s optional.

      • Its not a matter of fact whether if its optional or not but the fact that it exists.

        • GinsuVictim

          Shark Cards in GTA V exist and I don’t know anyone who’s bought one. They exist, big deal, just ignore them if they aren’t aimed at you (like the various flag EXOs).

  • Vikerii

    Next up, purchase premium respawn locations!

    • Drasadex

      $1.99 per spawn

      • DatGuyWhoLookinInYoWindow

        Bit cheap,ATVI need profit = $2.49 or $4.99 for 1 Spawn and 200 Points for one match!

        • Drasadex

          $9.99 for 100 spawns lol

          • That’s a bit cheap if it’s coming from Activision. For 100 spawns I’d say at LEAST $49.99 😛

          • Drasadex

            Of course, how could I be so unrealistic lmao

          • Chris

            TAKE MY MONEY! LOL
            Seriously, I wouldn’t be surprised if you eventually see “Personalized Tactical Insertions” – they’ve micro-offered us damn near everything else….

          • Drasadex

            Exo Launcher camos

            Edit: I mean, who WOULDN’T want to see golden grenades flying everywhere? Lol

          • Mrpompom

            Golddust semtex it’s like tinker bell got mad and said fuck it!

          • Drasadex


          • SgtGhosts

            Next Micro DLC, “Aimbot” -$99.99?

          • franehr

            Aimbot proffessional 99.99
            Aimbot average 55.99
            Aimbot basic 10.99

          • Andy Anastacio

            Funny that your picture is Vonderhaar, and you guys are talking about ASM1 Balfare…. That’s Condrey’s territory, fuck off Vondy. Fuck head, fix the DSR!

          • Drasadex

            Gonna make sure the snipers in BO3 are pea shooters.

          • Brent Searle


          • Andy Anastacio

            lol, ok fanboy. Kill yourself.

          • Robert

            i mean if your talking like DISCO grenades im 8/10 in

      • crawlers

        Ur wrong, its $1.99 to increase ur chances of spawn ^^

        • Drasadex

          OOOOO, I love a good gamble lol

    • Or pay for Prestiges and K/D.

      Be max prestige on day 1 with this all new pack for only $30.00
      Or boost your K/D to 3.00 for only $20.00!

      • Cole Hyntermeister

        With the BS lag comp system they have, having a 3.0 K/D would only be bad for you.

    • Rav

      hey this isnt cheap
      $2 for ONE supply drop
      not many ppl are going to buy that

      • SPAWNST4R

        They will, because the average modern Call of Duty fan is a fucking idiot.

        • sund0wn

          Or because some of us have enough money that it’s just fun. I’m not exactly spending my lunch money on supply drops.
          I’m not trying to sound like a cocky asshole, I just love supply drops, and don’t mind paying money for more. Hell, candy crush makes millions on people who spends money to get more lives sooner.

          • Snapshot Mo

            True bro true dat

    • common sense

      Who honestly didn’t see this coming with the supply drops? I can’t believe people still defend this game.

      • matt

        Jeezus you don’t have to buy them. I won’t either. Most I would pay is $2 for about 5 of them, they’ll see that nobody is buying them, but at least they’re offering. Best COD since MW2

        • xX-Scrublord-Xx

          Mw3/Bo2 are both better.

    • idkwhatmynameis

      Just as driftor predicted way before launch. Smh

      • common sense

        if you listen to drifor you need to get your head checked. The guy is an idiot and does ZERO research into anything. It’s all half assed, and you believe him because he posts up some ‘fancy’ data. Like his SBMM video. It’s based on SPM none of those other factors.

        • Swagmoney

          Not true. I have a 577 spm with a 0.08 kd and still get with noobs all the time

          • Kobrah

            Reverse booster SMH

          • K/D is a big factor of SBMM. It’s always one of the first thing Condrey mentions in interviews. He’s obsessed with K/D. It makes the game even sound more tailored for competitive play.

          • Kobrah

            I know what reverse boosting is and how it works. Just cuz Condrey likes K/D doesn’t make it Ok to reverse boost

        • ThatOneBlazian

          That’s BS because I don’t have a high SPM and I get matched up with sweaty try hards all the time.

          • common sense

            I wish I could check my SPM on AW. oh wait you can’t.

          • ThatOneBlazian

            Are you serious? If you actually had common sense, you would know that it shows your SPM in your Combat Record.

          • Iloveadvancewarfare1

            Yes u can…. It’s in your operAtor category of u may….. Next to ur k:d ratio

        • idkwhatmynameis

          Stay on topic buddy. It happened. All I’m pointing out.
          What’s your YouTube channel so I can sub for all the latest and greatest cod content as well as psychological in depths and commentaries

          • common sense

            There’s a reason no one posted ‘in depth’ videos about the game before driftor. because at one time.. one time long ago this stuff was called common sense. comes full circle doesn’t it?

      • Well, it´s not rocket science.. With all the other “micro” BS, Who can really be supprised about this?

        • bobby sack sniffer

          I heard you wanna sniff driftors sack

    • Ak74u

      Hell no I new this was going to happen one day… Paying for supply drops. activision is trying to make more money and this will ruin my gameplay experience. I new this would become a play to win game eventually. This is what the community does to their own game. Asking for more supply drops and shit.

      • Justin

        Pay to win, give me a fackin’ break. Pretty sure cosmetic exos and loadouts aren’t going to make people suck less. And don’t even get me started on the weapon variants that while not JUST cosmetic, may as well be. They look cool. They buff a stat or two and nerf a stat or two. I guarantee unless you are a TOP LEVEL PLAYER competing against other top levels, weapon variants will have almost NO affect on outcome. Average Joe Gamers aren’t accurate or fast enough for these tiny variations to do anything other than cause these debates. So tired of all the complaining. Don’t like the new drops, don’t buy em. I’m certainly not.

  • Wow, I guess my prediction as well as others came true. Officially P2W – ggwp.

  • NextGenNose


    bunch of effing liars

    They clearly said that they had NO plans for selling Supply Drops

    • Bigi345

      Loophole. They said no “plans”, basically means that they’re going to sell them just not day 1


    Never thought sledgehammer would actually do this and it’s honestly just a shame. This is 100% pay to win and is going to kill this game. RIP advanced warfare

    • Devin Wolfe

      It’s more ATVI then SH.

  • Favorite Ape

    Pay to win is here! (If it wasn’t already). “Do not affect the balance of gameplay”? Is that a joke? Why would you buy one if it didn’t?


    you don’t even have to hate on this game anymore, its obvious that ATVI and the Devs hate it, and its fans. lol P2W FTW…..

  • ScOott

    Lmao what did they say at the start ? What a fucking joke id expect this kind of shit on my mobile games but cod! Really! Wtf!

  • AcePhoenix007

    Or you could keep it non-P2W and give supply drops sooner….

    • GinsuVictim

      It’s not P2W. It’s more for them to just go, “SUCKER!!!”

      • AcePhoenix007

        So it’s becoming Counter-Strike: Global Offensive then….

  • Money Boy

    I can see big Youtubers doing a 100 supply drop opening already…

    • #richpeopleproblems

    • NextGenNose

      Ali-A: Hello everyone, watch me dump $1000+ on just opening Supply Drops even though I have everything!


      • He does have a RIDICULOUS amount of money. Wouldn’t be surprised if he did that.

      • Drasadex


        • iti

          TMartN: This is a great feature added to Call of Duty and there’s nothing wrong with this or this game at all.

    • Odin

      Tmartn did a 230 supply drop opening… smh

  • WTF?!

  • Max Martinez


  • Daniel

    Ppl asked 4 this shit, now eat it

  • Willekeurig persoon
  • MichiganerE


  • O.G.Bobby Johnson

    I bet the update for this won’t be held off a week for PlayStation

  • Zarky

    Basically making the game pay2win… Horrible idea. #MoneyChangesEverything

  • ScOott

    O yh and any one who gives activision money and supports this is a fucking idiot … Dlc yes… But this no no no!

    • So true. Why spend money on a supply drop when you could use the money on lunch? And if you think a supply drop would be better, well then there’s sometimes wrong with you.

      • NextGenNose

        It’s even worst than Map Packs/Camos; like you’ll never know if you’ll get an Elite weapon or what you want. You can probably spend $50-$100 or even more before you even get what you want. It’s just like all that Gachapon/Lottery RNG garbage.

      • ScOott

        plus if people didn’t fall for this shit .. It wouldn’t be in the next game … If they see people buy this they will ofcorse add into the next game.. Activision and ea are always compared to Being shit but activision have just took that crown if they continue with this .. I’ve never experienced so much bull poop in one cod … I’m sure their just trying to milk every penny out of it then kill the franchise off this is what this game represents to me

        • GinsuVictim

          Create a Class slots were bad enough, but the Armory Slots still has me shaking my head. This, though I won’t spend money on it, is for people who blow money taking a spin on the wheel. It’s basically gambling.

          • ScOott

            At least in real life when you gamble its actually for something worth while … People chucking away hard earned money gambling on a video game for virtual guns and gear is … Well .. I have no words to describe these people I really don’t

          • justchill

            you can also get it by levelling, you know

          • ScOott

            I know, that’s the way I’m going to get it … People shouldn’t be able to buy weapons tho .. Spend 10 quid for the advantage of having the elite bal for example is a joke n people who don’t want to buy supply drops just have to accept people are buying their way to the best weapons

  • zach

    So many people asked for this, and now they’re complaining. I feel like call of duty would be much better if they ignored all of the 12 year old drop outs.


    “Advanced Supply Drops are optional and do not affect the balance of gameplay.” Ya sure they don’t…

    • GinsuVictim

      How? You already have people starting out with Elites on the first drop while other people have played since release and got barely anything worthwhile….and still play fine without them.
      This is still as random as before. It’s just like a gumball machine.

    • Devin Wolfe

      I’m prestige 7 and people the aren’t even level 50 have the Speakeasy or the Obsidian Steed.

  • Dr. Salim

    It’s like an unfair bootleg CSGO

  • Damien Christopher Fraley

    “rng”, “microtransactions”, and “rng/microtransactions” have been a plage in the MMO community for a long time. It sucks no doubt. But I can think of far worse scenarios. There are games like Tera Online(PC), and Valkyrie Crusade(iOS,Android App) that unnecessarily suck the money out of your pocket just so you can be on par with all the other people who are lacking in skill so must buy their way through it. In CoD however, I don’t really see this as P2W. All the variants are just the same gun with stats moved around. You can do just fine with the standard guns. This isn’t going to affect my win/loss or give ANYONE an edge over me. Dwelling on this is just as stupid as debating over the color of a photographed dress……

  • DB

    no way…too much – the market will decide this one

  • lel

    Best way to handle this: Dont buy it. I just solved so many problems.

  • You guys bitch about everything… go play battlefield if you don’t like it or get a fuckin job you turds, it’s not that expensive.

    • That’s not the point, you turd

      • Then wat is it asshole because it seems like every year people complain about everything like it changes anything. Get off your fuckin high horses and just pay the 25 bucks or go waste it somewhere else. In the end no one is going to give a fuck what you said in this forum and the supply drops are still coming to the in game store. Yall act like they owe us something for a game you already paid for. Grow up.

        • LovekillerX

          This is so damn true. Upvote for you sir.

          • steelersdc26

            I’m sorry, but I’m on Scott’s side in this case.

        • ScOott

          If only you had a brain my friend … U would realise what they are doing and be annoyed to … If they added pay to see the cliffhanger at the end of the story .. You would probably part with more of your money ..

          • Except that’s not what they’re doing. They’re giving us more options for a better game play experience than what was previously installed for little to no money… They don’t have to give their fans the option of having more just like broke ass bums like you don’t have to ask their parents to buy it for you. Spoiled.

          • ScOott

            I have a well paid job … Sounds more like people like u who have no value of money .. You are clearly the bum round here as if u worked for your money u might actually understand it’s true value n they are ripping people off with pay to win … Poor kids like u or your parents Are going to spend a fortune trying to get the best guns when u should be able to earn them fare n square like everyone else .. People shouldn’t have to chuck more money away at a game they allready bought

          • This is the future of gaming and your complaints aren’t going to be heard…. get with the program and accept it or just stop gaming. The industry will manage without you and your false sense of how to value money. It’s worthless to you because it doesn’t fit your needs but it’s something that someone else could benefit from considering there are still people just now buying the game. Do I die a thousand times to the same guy with the obsidian steed or do I get one and manage to stand stand a chance in the fire fight ultimately causing me to call this game shit. I’m master prestige +1 so I don’t need to buy it. What I’m saying is if it doesn’t work for you than there’s probably 5 others it does work for. Weigh out the pros and cons instead of complaining like a fuckin woman.

          • ScOott

            I’ve had the game since day one and not got a single decent elite weapon … Doesn’t mean I’m going to go out buy a handful of supply drops till I get one (pay to win) Ur correct this seems to be the future of gaming it’s just very sad people accept this fact

          • Because what else can we do…. honestly lol I haven’t gotten shit either and all I want is the Mors – Doctor lol 16 days 8 hours and 7 minutes. I have the Bal 27 obsidian steed now for 1st grand master prestige and I’ve been on the act vision live support chat I can’t even count how many times only for them to do nothing. Lol

          • ScOott

            Lol I really want the speakeasy but what are the chances of getting it when their is over 300 variations … I’d be all on bord if this was black ops one virtual money that would be good .. But I can’t give them any more money when I’ve paid for the game and paid for the dlc and one of the camos and they still want to try milk more money out of us .. Just my opinion of corse

          • They give you the speakeasy through grand master prestiges

          • ScOott

            I’m along way off only just reached prestige 5! *face palm*

          • You can prestige like 4 times on 2 xp weekend when they have it next…. just play alot of ground war with uavs and system hack for the extra points.

          • ScOott

            Agh yh might try a different game mode i tried all of them when game first came out n only liked kc and tdm because The spawns were awful n have kind of stuck to them modes

          • Hardpoint is fun …. do challenges too some offer 10k for just one challenge. Check to see wat you haven’t done yet

  • Ben

    Why would you pay for something if you get them for free anyways on level 20,30,40 and when you prestige?

    • GinsuVictim

      Well, you can get them randomly now. Who the hell is going to do all that prestiging? I recently hit third prestige and decided I’m done with losing all my crap.

  • Axel Noir

    Come on Marine Grenadier Exo

  • Get better

    OMG. Since when did COD have gambling? This is borderline immoral. How much are they charging for this?

  • AC

    Why does CharlieIntel attract so many trolls? Holy Christ, if you don’t like Call of Duty, why do you continue to visit the website, read the articles, and then post hate? I personally do not like shrimp. Just not a fan of it. However you don’t see me visiting websites on shrimp and commenting that shrimp is awful. Get a life people, seriously.

    • GinsuVictim

      The self-loathing in the CoD community far exceeds that of most others.

    • Get better

      Wot I do?

    • ScOott

      Il post about this being complete bull shit because i think cod is great I’m not a troll .. I don’t want the game I know n love to go down this rout .. People come here to express their opinion bad or good or If u agree or disagree with it .. Doesn’t matter… I don’t see Many trolls here just people that have bought the game n don’t like being taken for a ride

      • GinsuVictim

        “I don’t see any trolls here”
        I was with ya until that. Come on, Scott….

        • ScOott

          Lol ok I’ve changed the any to… Many 😮

      • Keshav Bhat

        *this is completely optional and will not effect how you will play the game*

        It’s for those out there who care and want too.

        • justchill

          and you can also get them by levelling up

          people should read the whole article before commenting crap.

      • SolidSnake

        That makes since. Problem is after a while it’s like a guy always complaining about his girlfriend. At first it’s okay and you listen but after awhile you come to the point where you are tired of listening to him complain yet constantly go back to her every night. This is pretty shitty of SHG or most likely Activision this is true. However, your love of COD isn’t at risk because of micro dlc. There is no evidence that micro dlc has any correlation to how “OP” a weapon is or SBMM or any other complaints. Expressing opinions is always fine but you gotta admit we’ve been making the same complaints for months. For some it’s hard to fathom someone having same exact complaints over and over and feeling the need to keep voicing them especially in places where you’re getting nowhere.

        • ScOott

          I agree but if it’s about the article then u should be able to say what you like … Sbmm moaning got out of hand people complaing about it in all the wrong articles but seen as this is about the subject if u don’t agree with it voice your oppion I say … I won’t carry this on into unrelated articles

      • SolidSnake


    • SolidSnake

      It’s more like the person addicted to the quick and ease of buying McDonald’s every day. They talk about how terrible the food is and about how prices are increases yet they still eat it. It’s knowing something isn’t very good but being too lazy to change so it’s better to just bitch and vent and seek others that want to bitch and vent daily. They want to play COD but they want everything to go the way they want it. They want to make sure the enemy doesn’t use weapons that are too good, no anti UAV perks and no camping so that it’s easier for them to succeed. Anyone who is better than them is a tryhard. Anyone that doesn’t hate COD is a kid or a fanboy. That being said this is deplorable.

      • GLWAT

        You are mentally challenged. Not really.. But, we don’t want to feel like we’re being conned every year, which is precisely what happens every year. I don’t want to buy a game that is geared towards using bullshit tactics on playesr who want to play with simplicity and a certain level of excitement. Providing a simple, yet fun game that rewards the better player is not something that Call of Duty has become. It’s consistently proven the opposite, and with the slight exception of Ghosts (riot shield c4 toss was stupid as hell) , the bullshit meter increasingly makes playing the game a nightmare annoying train wreck. Take me for example. In BO2 I’ve never once used the AN-94, the Remington, the skorpion, or the Ballista. What does that say about me? That I’m an idiot for not taking advantage of OP weapons? Not at all. I have a certain way that I choose to play. You have a certain way that you choose to play. If the devs kept the game fair and balanced, people wouldn’t give a damn about nerfs or buffs, or getting bullshitted on by some quickscoping invalid. I mean, I’ve only been playing CoD for 3 years. I’m a hair, maybe less even, from selling my entire PS4 rig and buying a PC to play CS:GO. You can’t say that the most hardcore CoD fanatics doing abuse the BS tactics now, can you? I wrote this in 3 minutes. If I wanted to write a complete diatribe I could.. but I digress. I seriously doubt I’ll ever buy a CoD again, but I’ll be paying close attention. BO1 was my first and after I got decent I couldn’t believe how annoying that second chance and ghost cheese was. But literally, besides the not so decent hit detection, BO1 was the closest CoD to perfection and in 3 years time I’ve bought them all. My 2cents bro. Take it.

  • ShankSquadIII

    I might buy a few to try get my Steed or Breakneck

    • tarfeef101

      Good luck. Only one guaranteed professional or better that isn’t even necessarily a weapon

      • ShankSquadIII

        I know but I won’t keep on buying them, I’ll just give it a couple of go’s and if I get it, All Good. If I don’t All Good!

        • tarfeef101

          That’s a positive attitude at least. Guess I’m just a pessimist. Good luck.

  • tarfeef101

    And of course, nothing for us who’ve already missed hundreds of opportunities to get these drops because we support the game the most and have already hit master. And yes, I know there is more New prestiges, but that doesn’t change the fact that we lost 16 previous prestiges of at least 4 extra supply drops

  • ShankSquadIII

    Will this becoming to PS, Xbox & PC at the same time?

    • ShankSquadIII

      Because it doesn’t specify if it is or not.

      • Keshav Bhat

        No, Xbox first.

        • ShankSquadIII

          Thanks, Keshav

  • Stefan Lang

    Lol. Shitting me. Ill earn my shit. Its never that serious.

  • tootired

    Gambling is accepting, recording, or registering bets, or carrying
    on a policy game or any other lottery, or playing any game of chance, for
    money or other thing of value. Title 18, U.S.C., Sec. 1955, makes it a
    federal crime or offense for anyone to conduct an ‘illegal gambling business.’

    • GinsuVictim

      It’s not gambling.
      (No matter what I said below)

      • tootired

        Its a game of chance for money.

        • GinsuVictim

          Put a quarter in a gumball machine and try to win that watch. OH! You got the slime. Too bad.

          • Get better

            I’d imagine it’s more than a quarter though. And unlike the gumball – this lottery resides in your home, forever trying to tempt another sale. Just one more try, and you’ll get that..

            But I’d agree that legally it won’t be classed as gambling, but morally I’m not so sure. I’ll be interested to see how this is received.

    • Damien Pillsbury

      “…for money or other thing of value.” So, either Activision is breaking the law, or the supply drops are worthless. ???

  • F1maniac

    BAD MOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Redrum

      True, it really makes the game/SHG/ACTIVISION look desperate

  • Und3rY0urB3d

    People getting bitchy need to stop and realize it’s not gonna change the game. If you are good it doesn’t matter what gun the enemy has you will win. Just shut the fuck up and don’t buy them.

  • Tyler

    This is why you assholes shouldn’t buy those camos and other micro-transaction bullshit.

    • GinsuVictim

      At least that stuff guarantees you get what you want. This…..ugh…..

      • justchill

        and you can get them by levelling up

  • çħιđєɾå™

    this is so stupid, I don’t have any useful elite weapons and now I have the chance to buy it haha nice joke shg

  • RdJokr

    It’s the Battlepacks all over again… But hey, at least it’s still random content, and not guaranteed to give you Inferno and Speakeasy on your first try.

    Exclusive character gear though? Fuck. That.

  • kplem

    From being sponsored by the UFC in COD 4 days (watch UFC matches back in like 07) you will call of duty 4 modern warfare and a cool thing to play cod, to all these faggots MLG nerds wanting to be the next nadeshot instead of the next tom brady or labron or pacquio, community full of 12vies and faggots and wannabe gamer girls (very few hardcore fans remain and i dont blame em), and a toxic publisher (they showed their true colours after firing zampella and west) CoD multiplayer wise is a failure now no one plays it, talks about it it is completly irrelevant HELL i see youtube video of people getting hyped over BF hardline more than this trash. treyarch wont do shit to change this, you people shouldnt be fooled multiplayer wise you know what they did with BO2 completely ignored the public and didnt patch shit besides the SMGs or has everyone forgot that because for some reason they are so far up treyarch’s ass? maybe because AW and ghosts are such jokes they make black ops 2 look good. I’m skeptical on my purchase but then i remember zombies with friends on PS4.

    • SolidSnake

      All that ranting and by the end you’re still saying you’ll be buying lmfao. Yeah you can frame it under “zombies with friends” but you’re still buying. Whether someone is buying it because they are mindless fanboy or wannabe MLG or wanna play with friends the $60 is still the same which is what you’ll be giving Activision despite your tirade.

      • kplem

        who says im buying it new? Activision will not have my cash if i buy it I’ll make sure it is pre owned that is the beauty of pre owned games, actually I’ll torrent it as well 4 days before release. im not buying it on release as well i said im very skeptical but if i do itll be pre owned because Activision deserves nothing.

  • Xecho

    What a surprise.

  • Alejandro Sepúlveda

    So cod is now pay to pay to win?

    • Rav

      not at all
      these advanced supply drops cost a ton and arent much better than the normal ones
      and lol tbh a good player can go with almost any weapon and kick butt 😛

      • justchill

        and you can earn them by levelling up

  • ProfezurDre

    This reminds me of FIFA games lool

  • Redrum


  • Stephen G. Perez

    I widh that normal supply drops had the same algorithm as the ones you can buy.

  • Devin Wolfe

    Opened 14 got 6 elite items.

    • TheDemonOfHate

      What elite items?

      • Devin Wolfe

        ARX-160 Damnation, Nigerian Armoured Exo, Bulldog Face Hammer, Royalty Pants, NA-45 Screamin’, Atlas Orbital Pants, Sentinel Covert Helmet.

        • TheDemonOfHate

          Looks like it’s kind of worth buying. Them Royalty Pants 😉 Lucky.

          • Devin Wolfe

            Bought one more and got a AK12 R.I.P.

          • Juses

            You just spent 28 dollars on supply drops.

          • Devin Wolfe


          • ScOott

            lmao that is something I never thought I’d hear … I would feel so stupid reading that

          • Juses

            My mistake because he actually spent $30 on supple drops is stupid, or him spending $30 on supply drops is stupid?

          • ScOott

            Lol no I didn’t do the maths … I ment him reading your comment realising he just spent $30 on some virtual guns He should feel stupid

      • Max Martinez

        it’ll be funny if he got all elite guns and an exo.

        with an Elite MK14.

        • Devin Wolfe

          See my comment below.

  • Redrum

    Really 1.99 for one wow it should be a quarter of that.

    • GinsuVictim

      I was thinking a quarter period.

  • Freeze

    Fuck Activision

  • GinsuVictim

    I went to walmart today and gave them $1.99 and said, “surprise me.”
    Fuckin’ Duck Dynasty light switch cover…

  • spartanelite

    Haven’t read the comments but I can already imagine its people bitching about this to be pay to win it’s really not you get a bunch of supplie drops from just playing normally

  • PatPatPat

    Believe me i love the idea of supply drops, But seriously? There’s Not desperate, desperate, and then there is Activision

    • PatPatPat

      Also, didn’t Michael Condrey say that he WASN’T going to monetize supply drops?

      • justchill

        yes, since you could also get by levelling up.

        • PatPatPat

          yes, you can get it from leveling, but only when you reach the master prestige’s.

  • TheGamerBeast

    Holy Shit that’s expensive O_o

  • BradyAlucard[sillibk]


  • Ludo
  • Duh

    To all the people bitching, it’s simple, don’t buy! lol.. Yes they want to make more money, just like everyone else in the world.

    • xGeneralRex

      “Don’t buy!” That’s not even the issue people are taking with it. AW has officially become pay to win. Those with strong weapon variants have an undeniable advantage in matches. So those who are willing to spend $20 are probably going to have an easy time getting some overpowered gear.

      Previous micro DLCs were just camos, meaning they were purely cosmetic. No one could hold an advantage over you simply by shelling out some cash [arguably so with map pack weapons, though] But that’s completely changed.

      • gif

        you could still get it by levelling up

  • Travaris

    I’ve been pretty lenient with all the micro-DLC in COD mostly because I dont care much for it, but this is too far. Pay more than a map pack for supply drops? Come on now

  • iti

    This article says that you’ll get these supply drops for every 10 levels
    past 10 and prestige. Will I be rewarded for all of those milestones
    that I have already passed?

    • SolidSnake

      No if they already you all those potential drops retroactively then how would they make any money? You could have 24 drops depending on if you’re prestige 6-7

  • I swear SHG said they had no intention in monetizing supply drops before the game came out. smh

  • zombiefreak935

    What the hell $1.99 per supply drop!

    • Terry

      i wouldn’t buy them if they were 10c.

  • icet1235

    is there tax involved with these purchases? I forget and am curious

    • Random

      This is why I’m glad I don’t live in the US – it’s all already taken into account in the UK!

    • GinsuVictim

      If you pay tax on your other console DLC, then yes.

  • ScumbagCondrey

    I swear how do people earn advanced supply drops when you can buy them and i havent got em and im prestige 10 lvl 46

  • WonderWaffle

    Hurray! We get to purchase repeat items and Nigerian armor!

  • Luis

    First supply drops and now the comments section is saying Spawns are next. Than what’s after? Servers? Oh god

  • viral

    Lol man expensive as fuck. Was expecting something below 1$

  • Xx_ThomesAnTennksweg_xX

    If we are already a high prestige level how will we get them for free? Do we just have X amount unlocked?

    • Terry

      as everything else in this game u don’t get rewarded for putting in effort and getting good (SBMM)…. in this case being high level. new players is where the money’s at

  • Gueste

    Trash, last game i buy from them!!!

  • xX_ShadoW_AssassiN_Xx

    “In addition, for those that don’t want to purchase Advanced Supply Drops, players will earn these after reaching ranks 20, 30, and 40, and after reaching Prestige.” does this mean i will get supply drops for the times i have already prestiged and reached levels 20 30 and 40 or no?

    • Random

      I’d say no, so if you’ve stopped prestiging for whatever reason and what any, get back to prestiging.

  • KernosT

    Fucking ridiculous pricing too.I really wanted SD in 3arc game but since the ATVI cunts are gonna monetize it,I dont want it.We the fans asked for a WAY TO EARN SUPPLY DROPS FASTER not to buy it and get it.If this franchise goes likes this,as long as ATVI are at the helm.There will not be a savior for this franchise.


    Be real great if they gave everyone Advanced Supply Drop on the same day, instead of Xbox One whoring everything. Even if it is a stupid idea.

  • Calloffruty

    In addition, for those that don’t want to purchase Advanced Supply Drops, players will earn these after reaching ranks 20, 30, and 40, and after reaching Prestige.

  • Cole Hyntermeister

    If we’ve already hit one or more of those level checkpoints (20, 40, 60, prestige) do we get the drop in retrospect?

    • SolidSnake

      I’m going to just say no. Otherwise you’d have at least 4 for every prestige you’ve had thus far. I’m sure if you’re currently level 39 now, you’d get one at 40

  • jahladagaming

    I got an advanced supply drop randomly, did not pay for it and never will pay for one. Why did I get it? Inside was a pro shotgun (redeemed it) a hat and an ELITE Nigerian exo suit, useless, redeemed it.

    Why did I get one without buying it? Anyone else? Hope they didn’t secretly charge me.

    • tarfeef101

      You earn them at ranks 20, 30, 40, and when prestiging. Hope this helps 🙂

  • Melchor

    I saw a fifty Advance Supply Drop opening yesterday on Youtube and it’s totally worthless BS.

  • xX-Scrublord-Xx

    $1,99????? That’s way to expensive. Activision money whores…

  • CoD: MW3 Fan

    Next: Paying for bullets. 100 bullets for $5. This game is going nowhere.

  • Aceshigh87

    I doubt I’ll be buying any of these anyway I have to question if Activision understands how bulk buying is supposed to work. What incentive is there to buy 10 supply drops when you could buy them individually, for the exact same price, and just stop if you get something good that you want.

    Let’s say I buy 4 individual supply drops for $8 and get something really nice like the Insanity. I would likely then stop since I got the gun I want, thus only giving them $8. However, if the 10 drop pack was say $10 versus $20 I would be more likely to get it (thus giving them more money) since it’s only a little bit more for a lot more content.

    As it stands there’s no benefit to buying in bulk because each individual package costs $2 no matter how many you buy.

    Anyway, that rant was longer than I intended. My bigger question (being on Playstation and unable to test it myself) is if you earn the supply drops at level 30, 40, and 50 of every prestige or just after entering master prestige. If the former, do we get any for all the times we’ve already done that?

    • GinsuVictim

      They do give a bulk discount.

      • Aceshigh87

        How do you figure? $2 for 1, $6 for 3, $10 for 5 and $20 for 10. That’s $2 per drop no matter how many you buy.

        • GinsuVictim

          Purchasing 5 gives an extra drop, 10 gets three extra.

          • Aceshigh87

            Ah, thanks, I see that now. Didn’t really look closely at the image or descriptions I guess. At least that makes it a little more worth it. Still don’t think I’ll be buying these but at least they offer some kind of bonus to spending higher amounts of money.

  • arcengine

    Had $10.00 in my Microsoft account so i decided to buy a 5 pack. What a fucking waste of cash. the only thing I got that I already didn’t have was a new Nigerian Helmet. Yes, another fucking piece of Nigerian of shit gear. This is probably the worst decision Activision made with this franchise. This is just as bad as FUCK YOU FINAL STAND. This game has only gotten progressively worse since its release. The spawn system is completely fucked now. Constantly getting put in lobbies with 2 people on a team because of the high amount of quitters in this game, and now purchasable supply drops. Holy Shit.

    • SolidSnake

      Sounds like the worst decision you ever made was spending $10 on a game with rage quitters and shitty spawns.

  • Nika noodles

    Press F to pay Sledgehammer
    *hit marker*

  • This day and age the route Call of Duty has taken is pathetic! Who the hell pay’s for this trash? Stop giving them your money and play the friggin game!

  • YoMamaOnline

    Get Ur exclusive dildo gun next

    • Rapid Dildo Auto Launcher. Kek, it looks like the Chain SAW only only shoots hot pink projectiles. Instant victory if you get ’em in the mouth.

  • Mrpompom

    Advance kills to bring k/d up buy a bundle pack with 25 advances kills and also “ghost mode” where you never get seen for the first 2 minutes of the match but cannot kill more then 5 people in a roll without it taking effect to your time. So buy a better k/d never be seen maybe call it advance ghostfare?

  • PursuitofGreat

    Clearly this epidemic of ignorance is caused by the youth being able to buy anything they want through the store feature without there being much supervision from parents or guardians. Eventually Microsoft will have to step in (much like Apple had to on the App Store) and regulate the makers of games, etc… from allowing youth to purchase all of this garbage. I assure you, as a parent, my child won’t have unlimited access to the card on file to drop $20 every time they want a cute outfit on their soldier.

    Enough is enough. Let us hope that Halo 5 doesn’t go this route. Otherwise, I am going back to board games.

    • Aceshigh87

      Any kid old enough to legally play this game shouldn’t have their parents credit card hooked up to their account, or at the very least should have some impulse control or be held responsible for the money spent. If the parents are buying their kids the game (which they must be since the kids have it) then they should deal with the consequences.

      I do agree with you though, my kids will not have my credit card saved on their consoles. If they want anything, I’ll be approving it first.

  • Stefan Lang

    Some people are getting the Royalty Exo in these which is fucking stupid imo. Game gives you gloves, boots, and knee pads FREE and you have to PAY for the rest of the outfit? What the actual fuck. They should just add all this shit to regular supply drops. Nobody should be paying for loot. The greed. Its ridiculous.

    • Aceshigh87

      I believe the patch added the rest of the Royalty gear to regular drops. People were reporting getting it before these launched.

      • Stefan Lang

        Oh I hope so. It would be stupid if you had to pay for it.

  • xlExquisite

    15 more prestiges, 60 advanced drops, 119.40 in savings.

    Don’t waste the money.

  • Aceshigh87

    Wow, Tmartn already has a video (well part 1, wonder how many he’ll force on the community to make money) of 230 Advanced Supply Drops opening. Apparently that’s the max you can buy right now. I’m not doing the full math but that seems like around $400 (before tax). He could have bought an entirely new XB1 with the money he spent on Supply Drops. Way to rub it in everyone’s face how much money he gets from the community.

  • codgod

    Will these come to ps4 with the patch next week or do we have to wait a month?

  • SolidSnake

    Well if the drops were really good two things would happen

    1.) People would REALLY say this is pay to play
    2.) You wouldn’t keep spending money to buy more.

  • Justin

    Pay to win, give me a fackin’ break. Pretty sure cosmetic exos and loadouts aren’t going to make people suck less. And don’t even get me started on the weapon variants that while not JUST cosmetic, may as well be. They look cool. They buff a stat or two and nerf a stat or two. I guarantee unless you are a TOP LEVEL PLAYER competing against other top levels, weapon variants will have almost NO affect on outcome. Average Joe Gamers aren’t accurate or fast enough for these tiny variations to do anything other than cause these debates. So tired of all the complaining. Don’t like the new drops, don’t buy em. I’m certainly not…

  • Fredrich

    When does this come out for ps4

  • Plzhelpme123

    I am unable to buy the 10 pack there is no price shown and when I try to buy it nothing happens does anybody know how to fix this?

  • jooker-jr

    Wait, didn’t they say they WILL NOT sell supply drops ?

  • Cat hunter

    what decides when you get a supply drop now? is it based on time?

    • Aceshigh87

      Normal supply drops are still based on time (roughly every 45 mins) just as they always have been.

      Advanced Supply Drops will be earned at level 20,30, and 40 of each prestige.

      • Cat hunter

        Oh OK thanks

  • NuttyTheSquirrel


  • TrueHOAS

    When will this be available for PS4?

  • shaun

    will it also be on th xbox 360

  • Bryan

    When is this content coming to xbox 360?

  • Terry

    Anyone know when the new doc gun ohm will be available for ps4

  • This is insane. I dread to think what’s next.

    Pay to remove in-game advertisements? Pay for ammo? Christmas special – buy 10,000 bullets get 5,000 completely FREE!

    Considering we already pay extra for additional weapons, maps, uniform, weapon camos, recticles, playercards, extra custom classes, additional armoury slots, I wonder what strategy of marketing they’re trying to implement by alienating fans by pushing this micro-DLC so hard and in your face.

  • Playstationuser

    Why does nothing come out for the playstation players

  • Braxton Baker

    When is it coming out on the xbox 360?

  • Jack

    Are the advanced supply drops going to be aviable on XBOX 360?

  • Dante

    When is advanced supply comin out for 360?

  • Tired of it

    Just make it so we can trade variants with our friends already. Hell why not impliment a auction hall. *#&% while we are at it lets go full morpg feel and give us mounts and a nice hard staff to hold onto. God stop Fucking us with even more junk.

  • Elite

    $10 for 100+ Elite Supply drops
    & $1 for 100+ Custom spawn points!LOL?

  • Chase

    When is it coming out on the Xbox 360

  • William Taylor

    When will it come out for ps4 #advanced supply drops

  • Owen

    You should be able to pay for a full armour set that you want.

  • Micro

    80 minutes of invincibility 499.99

  • bajs

    Can u buy them on xbox 360??

  • danmik

    finaly you can buy suplie drops thaks! but its very expensive, i love this game and i have etliest investid 20 euro, and i like to buy suplie drops but its so expensive.
    my parents say dont play this game becouse its a scam.
    plz can you make the price lower?

  • Bozie

    What I REALLY want to know is when they’ll be out on the other platforms I went past level 40 and realized I didn’t get it even after the new update finally came out for ps4 and now I’m just sitting at level 49 waiting for them to add it. Because of my rank I’ve already missed out on like 12 or 13 and I really don’t don’t what to miss out on any more so I just can’t play until they release it, and before you say you can play nothings stopping you I just really REALLY don’t want to, or elts I’ll probably miss out on a bunch more.

  • Logan

    When do they come out for ps3

  • Liam

    When will PC get them?
    I heard early April, but I don’t know if that’s right…

  • Josua Canales

    when will PlayStation have advanced supply drops

  • Kane Bennett

    when do ps3 get the new supply drops

  • Azbo

    Playstation 4 now has ASDs

  • satan

    I guess im not buying any. I already have all the elite weapons

  • Lol


  • Loading…

    I bought a 10 pack of Advanced supply drops but the game never gave them to me pls help!

  • kai

    the asd isnt in the store for me why?

  • ZyNc ELiTeZ

    I’m confused are there gonna be DLC’s on the old generation consoles