The new Advanced Supply Drops went live today on Xbox One and users have been sending us images via Twitter. We decided to make a gallery below of all the new gear that players are earning. There’s new “Eco,” “White Out,” and “KVA Believer” sets that are exclusive to Advanced Supply Drops.

Checkout the gallery below:

More information on Advanced Supply Drops available here.

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SOURCE: @DIRTYSHARKCLAN, @zombieraskul1, @Niklas151, @DainTheGamer,  @Amp0930, @joshyb0y, @Venoms_

  • I was in a lobby with that guy like 20 minutes ago lol

  • moop

    Lol at people buying.these advanced supply drops.

    • The7Reaper

      Let them spend their money how they want to

      • MichiganerE

        And have this cancer become worse and worse? Yes, let them keep buying.

    • Keshav Bhat

      People can spend their own money however they want too.

      • PatPatPat


      • Fariko Lunatik

        Just a quick question, the arx had its magazine size increased by in TmarTns video he said its fire rate had been increased aswell so just wondering if he got it wrong or?

      • kplem

        no shit but they should be ready to be laughed at lol.

        • RdJokr

          For people who can’t afford the time to play regularly and unlock stuff, it’s a good option for them.

          • ScOott

            I’ve been playing since day one n not had any decent supply drops … Now I know why … People who don’t play the game often arnt going to waste money on this … Why would they if they don’t play the game often enough ? This is just one big con

          • RdJokr

            True. Activision knows that a lot of people are blinded by the “Elite is best” mentality. Those people will fork over a bunch of cash just to get a better chance at getting those Elites (even though this is entirely the work of RNGesus).

            It’s a con, but if I were the CEO of Activision, I would make money out of this as well (though I’d charge less for a drop. Seriously, $2 for a fucking supply drop is ridiculous).

          • burrgee

            Agree one big CONdrey

          • ScOott

            lmao I knew someone was going to say that!

          • çħιđєɾå™

            but the one’s buying it are the no life try hards lol

          • kplem

            agreed and little clueless timmy with no clue on life lel

          • çħιđєɾå™

            don’t forget the little

          • çħιđєɾå™


      • ScOott

        You love cod … You must do to run this site … And yet you agree with the direction their taking this ? Dlc weapons ok but people are paying for a gun that’s allready in the game just to get better stats … Come on now u can’t tell me this is a good thing for people ..

        • Freeze

          he wont respond hes almost as bad as those activision dick suckers. Not saying any names. He has to be professional and play devils advocate.

          • ScOott

            Yh a few months ago I would of disagreed with you … But the more n more I see him defend activision and SH the more n more I’m seeing it

          • Freeze

            Same man, activision probably need to make money because thye pay off so many people

  • Jay Gautreau

    Whelp lookie what me gotzz…

    • arcengine

      its so fuckin stupid. game has already lost a ton of following and now this.

    • Looks like a fuckin turtle on your back

      • ScOott


    • Freeze

      Whelp lookie at the money you wasted.

  • I suppose they were saving all the good stuff for these P2W supply drops and just released re-skins before they came out.

    • k

      not really p2w since you can get all the weapons without paying and you get these supply drops for free at lvl 20, 40 and prestige.

      • k

        Oh and you aren’t guaranteed anything good in these so explain to me how it’s p2w?

        • Fariko Lunatik

          For real I brought 5 of them and never even got an elite weapon, just all fkin enlisted

  • This isnt any worse than the stuff they were selling for Ghosts last year. Actually it isn’t as bad yet.

    • Fariko Lunatik

      True people moan but if they want to spend there own money then let em be, I have brought a couple so far

    • I dunno but if I remember correctly Ghosts’s DLC was all purely fixed cosmetic items – this on the other hand is different as you gotta be lucky (AKA spend until you get something “good”). Sorta reminds me of those terrible MMO gachapon/random box items which gives out random stuff that make you “godly”.

  • Fariko Lunatik

    They should start selling double xp next? For real id pay for that

    • RdJokr

      All the 2XP weekends not enough for you?

      • Fariko Lunatik

        Not really because I work most weekends

  • Fariko Lunatik

    TmarTn is super excited for this so he can spend all the money he has whored over the last few days on these lmao *joking*

  • I might buy a couple now… Sorta stupid though… :/

    • Freeze

      dont support them

  • Cosima McInnes

    For $20 you can get supply drops which will contain gear that makes you look like a tree
    Might actually do that and change my gamer tag to ‘I am groot’

    Just kidding 😉

  • Siftblade of Rivia

    That is the kind of exo I wanted to see. Something with a new design, not something that’s just painted over. Shame they decided to only release their creative designs to people who have to pay for just a chance to get it. It’s not even guaranteed.

  • zombiefreak935

    I just lost hope in cod.I had mixed feelings about SH until now.And come on $1.99 for 1 supply drop? WTF!

    • NextGenNose

      I can post cute kitties too

    • Ak74u

      I did too, finding out supply drops were being sold broke my heart a little and also because condrey had said it would never be that way but look at it now.. its embarrassing

    • Guest

      Why? No one is forcing anyone to buy these. You don’t get anything other than cosmetic changes, and a higher change of getting a gun you can already get randomly for no extra money.
      But no, all you 12 year old kids instantly jump on the hate bandwagon to appear “cool”, What a bunch of sheep.

      • Ryan

        People who just bought the game can just buy these supply drops and have a little advantage over the grinders

    • Justin

      I hope everyone here realizes that micro transactions are an ACTIVISION decision, so I would suggest you all stop looking stupid blaming sledgehammer.

      • SolidSnake

        I get your point but it’s semantics at this point, this is happening during SHG’s game. Regardless of how powerless or against this they may be people are angry at the idea. Replace the complaints towards SHG with Activision mentally if it makes you feel better.

  • SoulTaker

    Not gonna lie that looks sick…shame you gotta pay and HOPE you actually get it…would love me a Predator Helmet though kind of looks like it.

    • RdJokr

      Or just rank up, and get an advanced drop every 10 level. Sounds more reasonable than paying $2 for a drop.

      • SoulTaker

        Right I feel every 10 levels should be a auto supply drop and when you get to level 50 it’s a automatic elite drop.

        • PatPatPat

          I just got to level 30 prestige 4 and i didn’t get an Advanced Drop.

          • Viral Echo

            Same, but on prestige 16. It showed me getting one, but then I looked and it wasn’t there.

  • ProFootBallTeam

    When you think the next 2XP will be?

  • I also heard that you can also earn these supply drops once you hit certain levels when you’re Master Prestige 1 but when you’re rank 30-50.

    • Random

      It’s not just for Master Prestigie as far as I’m aware. It’s any time you hit 20, 30, 40 and then Prestige.

  • Juses

    I feel sorry for whoever buys this.

  • Money Boy

    They really need reasons why to buy supply drops. Okay

  • Xeppelin

    What happens if you unlock the gear on the One, and got to the 360 and wear it there? Is it still there? Can you still wear it?

  • ScOott

    Holds back any kind of decent camo .. Making more people thinking they need to buy a camo

    Over chargers for the camo

    Holds back on armoury slots so we get annoyed that we have to sort through our stuff and delete them leaving people wishing they had more

    Adds that options and charges for it

    Zombies held back

    Forcing people to buy the Dlc that just want to play zombies pfft

    And now this …

    But it’s a business they say … No shit sherlock but all this has been implemented in this one game … How people can stick up 4 this is beyond me

      If you want the shit so bad that you find the need to complain about it on the internet then clearly you must think its worth the money?

      • ScOott

        Lol a virtual gun that’s all ready in the game just with boosted Stats … Yh it would be nice to have one … I’m not going to pay for it tho why should I, why should anyone ? … That’s my point … Just because it’ optional doesn’t mean I have to like it .. It’s far from worth the money imo it’s just another screw u customer for supporting us for so long

        • They aren’t making you pay for it?? There aren’t any new guns in the drops you pay for. You can still get the guns randomly in normal supply drops, just now you can pay to get more supply drops which can give you those guns at the exact same chance of getting them. They aren’t screwing anyone? They added optional micro-DLC, just like Activision did with BO2 and Ghosts. You literally get no extra benefit from buying the supply drops than you do from getting them via time played.

          • Jonny

            you actually do, you get EXCLUSIVE content from advanced supply drops ( paid ), that you CAN NOT GET from normal supply drops.

        • duke

          There’s no way I’d buy it but I want that exclusive armour it’s cool haha but would never pay for that Shit

          • A person

            I spent some money on one. It’s ok I guess. Eco exo got some eyes to me but that’s it.

    • Kylerowbotham

      Ikr I’ve bought game an seonsons pass for a total of 120$ and now we have to pay for more bullshit

  • Gueste


  • Everyones whining about these supply drops…have you never played FIFA? CSGO? Battlefield? No one seems to have a problem with the packs, cases and battle chests on those games…

    • RdJokr

      While I agree with FIFA and BF, CSGO’s cases are a different story. Because there’s a chance for you to make a shitload of cash from opening them.

    • Freeze

      Those do not provide an advantage (at least csgo and bf4) and also sledgehammer earlier said thye would never charge for supply drops

      • Yeah and the Advanced supply drop exclusive items are only gear, there isn’t any exclusive weapons in them? And seriously by now if you’re still blaming the fact that you haven’t got a good gun then its time to just stop, I’m 17th prestige and I’m still using the stock ASM1 and it melts people just fine

        • Freeze

          I’m prestige 3, haven’t done it since I realized it reset my attachments, but I have Insanity, both Elite BAL’s, Bang Stick, KF5 (forgot its name +3 elite variant), have 2 good professional variants of the ASM1 and more. I am not complaining about my luck at all the STFU

    • SolidSnake

      Where is the evidence that those communities DON’T care about those things? Of course the COD community wouldn’t care or maybe even know what packs EA is selling.

      • Well every person I know who has played FIFA has bought atleast one pack, plus if you remember when they revealed FIFA 15 everyone complained about the possibility of getting banned for buying coins from 3rd parties, whereas the opposite happens in the CoD community because they just want to play against dog shit enemies, i mean they complain that bad players can now essentially ‘buy’ good guns, they’re still a bad player regardless of the gun they’re using

  • Guywithbrains

    I rather get my armor and elite weapons by free methods.

    However, Activision is just making business and it is nothing new to me. Also feel free to spend your money to whatever you like. I am not going to complain.

  • Stefan Lang

    That tree exo is fucking stupid

  • KingofCounterstrike
  • NastyNutzzOnYouTube

    That Eco Exo-Suit is Vile lol, I wouldn’t want to get that outta supply drop, they shoulda gone all out with the gear in these paid for supply drops tbh! Not some weird tree looking thing! Lol

    • Kobrah

      At least it’s not a reskin

    • Brenden Lewis

      AT least it’s someting different than the norm.

  • burrgee

    What the hell is that ugly exo thing? I like this game but those stupid micro dlc crap are putting me off it bigtime.

  • They should add custom armor sets, like Predator, Master Chief (paying their royalties of course) etc..

    • Freeze

      That will be 14.99 w/out tax! Buy now the INSANE RADICAL NEW CHARACTER PACK! We used to have it already in the game code, but we felt like giving our loyal fans the chance to buy it instead of get it for free. We also require that you purchase the increased armory because we don’t want you to not be able to receive your items because of reduced Armory space. The last announcement is a new feature called injections that are totally “optional”. For a low price of 4.99 you can instantly win the game you are playing. We think this adds a new dynamic to the game. We are glad we have are fans to support of franchise.

      P2W, its becoming the cod killer, not titanfall.

  • Looks like the person who came up with this was taking a shit


    Just think, When BO3 or whatever Treyarch shits out next comes along, no matter how good or bad it is, is going to be utterly jam packed with this kind of grubbing crap. BO2 was the one that really got the MDLC ball rolling, ghosts took it a step further (killstreak skins !) and now P2W supply drops, don’t joke about shit like premium spawns etc… I remember on CoD1 and 2 when we joked about paying for weapon skins and how silly paying for maps would be. We already have “timed” loot etc, CoD online China has gun/ammo rental by the hour, how long till you rent an obsidian stead like weapon by the hour for $X ??

    • J4MES

      No matter how good the next COD will be; Activision will ruin it. All the added income they now receive and we still don’t get investment in dedicated servers. It’s the ultimate kick in the bollocks to the community, but people keep blindly lining their pockets and getting sod all in return.

      • Guywithbrains

        This. No matter how much flawless god Treyarch (according to fan base) would want to do to their game it is all up to Activision.

        Brace yourselves for another disappointment. Not story but MP.

      • SolidSnake

        100% Agreed. People would rather keep stating the obvious of, “you don’t have to pay for it” as opposed to asking where is this optional yet profitable money going if not towards dedicated servers? Are they just using it to pay out at tournaments so our OPTIONAL yet real money is damn near a donation.

        • Actually one of the most popular PC games DOTA 2 has there version of the world champ’s prize pool entirely funded by fans paying for DLC, and the prize pool for last years was over US$6mill, if you want the cool looking camos then buy them, if you dont want them then dont buy them, simple as that, and the money goes to Activision which probably funds sweet fuck all to be honest, but seriously, its $2 if you’re honestly angry about having to spend $2 than you’re gonna have a hard life ahead of you

  • Deadly Ed

    No one is forcing anyone to buy these. You don’t get anything other
    than cosmetic changes, and a higher change of getting a gun you can
    already get randomly for no extra money.
    But no, all you 12 year old kids instantly jump on the hate bandwagon to appear “cool”, What a bunch of sheep.

    • Freeze

      Okay you are retarded. I have two questions:
      1. How long have you HONESTLY played CoD?
      2. SO you think that getting better chances for money is not P2W? IN a 60$ AAA game?

      • Deadly Ed

        – SInce CoD3
        – Its not giving you anything you cant already get randomly.

        How is it any different or worse than adding new cars in racing games, or new characters in fighting games?

        And i will reiterate… NO ONE IS FORCING ANYONE TO BUY THEM.

        • Freeze

          Payoff for a better chance at earning op stuff is still not right. Also they promised never to monetize supply drops. Activision is bs

          • Deadly Ed

            Chances are that you’ll have one of those “OP” weapons by now. On day one i got the MP11 Goliath, and just the other day i got 2 ASM1 Speakeasy’s in 1 day.

            “for those that don’t want to purchase Advanced Supply Drops, players will earn these after reaching ranks 20, 30, and 40, and after reaching Prestige.”

            I see no problem..

          • Freeze

            Please. Your a veteran player. I don’t see how you cannot feel betrayed from their lies. YOU KNOW they have increased the amount of purchasable items. Yes I may have many of those op weapons, Inferno, obsidian steed, insanity, breakneck, bang stick, chicancy (or whatever), and maybe some more, BUT I don’t think people should buy this. Remember when we all asked for more armory slots? Oh that just a few bucks. They just keep adding more “optional purchases”. Its not a good thing at all. We will soon (as a prior person said): have premium safe spawns, unlockable killstreaks and abilities and perks all hiding behind a paywall, on a full 60$ game. If the game is any more focused on purchases then it is right now they need to decrease the price of the game. Yes I know they are a company but this is dirty and scummy. Do you want cod to become the next guitar hero? thats what they are doing. COD is becoming another version of that. They noticed the player count decrease, (there isnt even one on AW but trust me it is not what it used to be) since ghosts and aw and are milking all the money they can before the entire franchise collapses on itself and the bloated publishers behind it.

          • Deadly Ed

            I understand what you saying. but no i dont feel betrayed. i expect this sort of thing to happen, its a business at the end of the day.
            So as long as paid items dont give you a clear advantage over everyone else, im not really bothered. Those paid for supply drops arent really offering anything i cant already get, other than some new custom clothes.

            As for the player count, it cant be blamed purely on micro-transactions. There are many factors. Previous games not living up to expectations, People getting bored of CoD in general. And we’ve had a new generation of consoles. it takes a few years for everyone to catch up. Currently the whole player base is now spread over 4 consoles and pc.

          • Freeze

            I know that it is a buisness but Im sure activision has the $$ to not have to charge for armory slots ect. And yes I am aware of the other factors reducing player count.

  • hdbagger

    they should spend that money on capable/accountable support staff and training – inept insensative baffoons…on a good day – zeena!

  • Thatlazykid

    Am i the only one wanting any call of duty 2015 info??

  • CookieChairman

    Seriously? All I want is the disgusting exo and helmet

  • Stefan Lang

    Ill just keep my Red Baron exo ?

  • Colin MacKenzie

    The pressure Activision is putting on developers with these microtransactions is insane. While I don’t care as much about camos that are purchasable vs camos that have to be earned through challenges or Ranked Play, I will admit it is disappointing that these microtransactions are being pushed so hard. I will agree however, that they aren’t harmful to gameplay (although the supply drop concept is really pushing it).

  • LulWut

    What’s the point of buying all these exo’s if you can’t even see them when you’re playing unless it’s in the enemy killcam? The COD community is so stupid I’m left completely speechless.

  • Smayo

    Just hurry up with whatever you announce treyarch, im sick of everything related to AW now

  • iReallySellPower

    Shame how everyone doesn’t like this. It limits you to how much you buy and think supply drops make aw 100 times better IMO.

  • Aww man, the whiteout outfit from the campaign is in here.

    I don’t wanna give out my entire wallet for it..

  • Daniel

    I can get these each 10 levels up, so I wont complain

  • mrHammerman

    U guys do know that you don’t have to buy these right? You’ll get 4 of them each prestige.

  • callum

    I’ve got the kva believer gloves

  • Get a job your broke

    You can always tell what kids are broke when DLC comes out they are the ones complaining about it

  • Melchor


    • Kenji Jojima

      lmao so true. you’re basically stamping yourself as a sucker if you buy supply drops and wear that shit salad hat

  • Wes

    I have Xbox one and don’t seethe option to purchase the supply drops on the in game store.

  • Wes

    I have Xbox one and don’t seethe option to purchase the supply drops on the in game store.

  • GodzillaNation

    LOL! BROKE ASS KIDS! stressing over some CHUMP ASS change that your mamma’s going to buy anyway. and honestly it makes sense it takes 45 minutes to get a drop…..ummmmmmmmm no thank you, I have a life lol….Playing a game for hours waiting for a strider variant,

  • Izaiah

    How do you buy them it doesn’t show up when I go to the store… P.s. I am on Xbox 360

  • Bryan Sweeney

    Yes, it is Activision’s fault, but knowing that they can make changes are any time, the developer should not use definite terms. In my opinion this has damaged the credibility of the developers. My time line my be inaccurate, but to the best of my knowledge Condrey tweeted the never sell supply drops less than three weeks before the official announcement to sell them. Im positive that there were management meetings well before the tweet to discuss how to implement the advanced supply drop micro transaction.

  • Ryan

    Used to be game companies rewarded their loyal players with things like cheats, hidden unlocks, etc now publishers see that as a cash grab, the only thing to do is talk with your wallets…sadly it’s a growing industry and that means there are a lot of noobs that don’t know any better, good for amount of content, but bad for quality.(also why every time you speak out on an internet forum your trolled..Not much you can do, I’ve stopped buying DLC until it goes on sale, the continued increase of ‘arcade’ games has me not buying anything over 15 and I will not even think about buying a retro styled game for anything more than 10 . It would be one thing if it went back to the consumer instead of this ‘taxation without representation’ bullshit, only thing to do is not buy unless you can afford it. I’ve said this a couple times now and everyday it gets truer and truer, Video games are an addiction; the advertising is the nicotine that has you believing you need this because everyone has it. That being said controlling your addiction is the only way to save yourself some headache and cash, as long as they know your addicted the only thing they know how to do is give you your fix, stop needing them though, and you’ll see how much they kiss your ass to get you back. Be the controller, not the control e . That being ended I am addicted to Treyarch’s zombies it’s like heroin and I will be buying my fix as soon as it hits the streets.