Advanced Supply Drops are a recent addition to the growing selection of Micro-DLC available for Advanced Warfare.

We decide to join Ali-A, Unknown Player and Wizzite to discuss the thoughts and concerns of the Community since the announcement.

Let us know what you think in the comments section below, and also within the video comment section.


  • conorkvngh

    Advanced supply drops are fine for level 20,30,40 and prestige, but buying them is wayyy too expensive. I was thinking it would be 3 for 2 dollars. I was wrong lol

    • KernosT

      Buying them in the first place itself is fucking ridiculous,they said they wont monetize it ffs.And they said we fans wanted it.Well,we fans asked for a way to earn it not buy it smh.

      • Daniel

        Nope, ppl asked for them to sell supply drops
        Cough cough nadeshot and his brainless followers cough

  • Matthew

    The only problem I have is that they seem a little over priced, but earning them throughout a prestige compensates for that.

    • Daniel

      Its expensive so no one buys them = no P2W model

  • Freeze

    Its not jsut mimcro dlc, it shoudl be “Is cod Pay to Wind? Yes/NO”

    • JoZer805g


      • Freeze

        I also vote yes

        • guestrits

          How? Just because you get a ASM1 Speakeasy or a Bal Inferno does not make it that you will go 25-0 or something absurd like that! Your accuracy won’t improve by much and rarely does an Elite have such a huge positive with little to no negatives. A +1 Damage or +1 Fire Rate does not make anything OP. The base weapons (Bal, ASM1 and imo Ak12) are OP the variants makes it a little better but not too big where you can’t even kill the person.

          • ScOott

            Have u played with the speakeasy ? It’s a machine I haven’t got it n I never understood what all the fuss was about and then I picked up one off the floor N it feels like a completely different gun to any of the other variants … People will find this out for them self and more than likely pay to win … Because that is just a fact Ur going to do better with the speak easy over the base weapon

  • zack

    My problem is that if i were to buy an advanced supply drop, im buying a slim chance at getting what i want. I dont want to pay for a random object.
    I watched videos on youtube of people spending $100 on them and getting 3 or 4 elite guns. Ridiculous considering theres only a handful of good guns.

    • Daniel

      Its gambling, not p2w

  • QuickzZ-_-GhosT

    I think the idea of paying for supply drops isn t that absurd, but the way they did it is indeed absurd.It’s basically giving 2 dollars for a box that may contain shitty things, instead of the things you actually want.And then you have it : a enlisted weapon,a professional gear and a 10 min. double XP.Then you give another 2 dollars or maybe even 20 for boxes that may or not contain the things you’re interested about.With that being said, I still believe that paying supply drops with money isn’t ridiculous (since you can get them while you’re lvling and you can also earn elite weapons in grand master prestige).

  • Raul Lugo

    Team fortress Meets Call of duty.

  • SolidSnake

    This debate is easy, if you’re Activision or trying to pretend like you have any stake in the money Activision makes of course it’s good. If you’re a community that wants dedicated servers and the ability to earn things it’s going to be a bad idea. There needs to be a compromise, calling this “pay to win” is sort of absurd and constantly dismissing anything they charge for by saying, “you don’t have to buy it” is absurd too. If this money went towards dedicated servers or even community voted map designs then I think it would be better received.

    Without doing that you’re simply giving Activision more money simply to help them out.

    • common sense

      I like how charlieIntel can talk about this, but not SBMM…. Remind me how they don’t get paid by activision again..

      • RdJokr
        • ccrows

          I was just about ready to go looking for that link until I scrolled down and saw that you beat me to it… 😉

        • common sense

          I stand corrected. Keshav is still a dumbass.

          • Haitian Jack

            On what grounds?

          • RdJokr

            You, my friend, are a sore loser who doesn’t know when to quit.

          • SoulTaker

            I’ve told him it’s best to just not come on here and go to other places like Reddit or MP1st if he hates Keshav so much.

          • zombiefreak935

            I went to mp1st once.There was 4 comments in the comment section. LOL.

          • SoulTaker

            Lol better than him coming on here just to get angry. If Keshav makes him angry why would he want to come on here makes no sense. HE can always go to Reddit.

          • zombiefreak935

            What does Keshav have to do with this?Oh right nothing you just want to hate.

          • common sense

            No he refuses to call out Activision and these devs on their bullshit. Such as the reddit fiasco pre-launch and a few weeks after launch. It was all publicity. He even tried defending SBMM in the game. He’s a joke honestly. It took UNTIL FEB. TO MAKE A VIDEO ABOUT SBMM. And it wasn’t even KESHAV WHO DID IT. Remind me how much they are being paid again!

          • Well then you must not be a very nice person. What did Keshav ever do to you?

        • SPAWNST4R

          I’ll just leave this here too:


      Peepul cen spind deer ewn moonie howevar dey woont 2.


      Hey ke$ha don’t delete my comment this time. I want some up votes you bastard.
      Go give an Activision CEO a hand job for another leak or something geez

    • ccrows

      Honestly I really don’t care that they are giving people the opportunity to buy drops, BUT I HAVE A HUGE ISSUE that we don’t have the opportunity to unlock/earn all guns.

      It COD Devs want to use supply drops in the future (IMO) that’s fine, but FFS give us an “opportunity to unlock each and every item” that’s all…

      • RebornAngel666

        They did, only if you prestige again though! Lmao, the game is a joke. And they don’t let you even CHOOSE which weapon, they chose FOR YOU! Fuck them!?

    • ScOott

      Yh I agree if a business puts up their prices they normally provide a better service … If the trains up the ticket price they improve the railways… That’s how business works … It’s all take take take at the minute and we getting nothing back … I just said to one guy on here it’s a big screw you guys for supporting is for so long … They have completely lost focus on the customer and are to focused on getting our money …. Which is what this whole game is about, and that is why everyone is pissed … Yh it’s annoying anyway but if we had an improved service it would sweeten this whole mess up

      • SolidSnake

        They can be moneywhores AND help the community. Offer rentable servers, add dedicated servers, tweaks to the engine with extra money. People who just want to dismiss this as “it’s optional” miss the bigger picture. We want to make the game better and more than just a graphical upgrade. I think people want to rage or just rage against ragers so they miss the big picture. Hell things like Map Pack DLC is one of those win/win things where community gets more maps and Activision gets extra cash by making sure 15-20 maps are saved for DLC later. Every year they find more ways to make extra money which to this point hasn’t been put towards things fans would want. So people just constantly playing the “don’t like it don’t pay” thing just just probably stay indifferent and let those that care voice their opinions

        • ScOott

          On a brighter note your game has got a release date .. I just watched an hour of gameplay and it’s going to be a contender for game of the year no doubt …

        • Frank Magana

          I disagree about not giving the fans what they want. For years fans (not all) but a large majority of the fans wanted a sniper only playlist. We wanted the asm1 debuffed and there it was in the next update. Of course every company wants to make more money. That’s how they survive. Whether or not the fans want to buy the Micro DLC. Fans love the idea of custom camos and since some accounts are claimed to he “Cursed” at getting an elite weapon it now gives the fans more of a chance of getting that special weapons of their choice. Fans want the opportunity to be more successful whether paying or not to ‘Speed up’ the progress

          • RebornAngel666

            They barely listen to the fans at all! Look at SBMM! They didn’t remove the biggest issue with the game and went with what THEY wanted. They took YEARS for a sniper playlist, when it’s easy as fuck to implement it in the game with their knowledge and abilities and skills to be able to do it. They just didn’t care, they didn’t take the initiative. They’ve become assholes who care about money over fans. And out of all the money they’ve made, I don’t think they need to be worrying about “surviving”! With ALL the money they have made, they should care about the fans EVEN MORE!! There’s no excuse, but they don’t give a fuck, because they’re corrupt assholes now. Fuck them

      • RebornAngel666

        I been trying to get People to realize this. Activision doesn’t care about anything else but the money. No support for the customers at all. People ask for something such as SBMM to be removed and SHG doesn’t listen. They ignored us all, Activision corrupted all these companies, and now they will corrupt bungie.

    • We are being played like damn fiddles

    • Chris

      I agree that the profits should be put towards improving the online experience but still – no one is forcing you to buy them. It may be absurd but it’s also the truth. I don’t see Activision, Treyarch or any of the others holding a gun to our heads.

    • RebornAngel666

      I agree 100% with you. I would blame Activision for everything that’s wrong in the game. They’re corrupt, they don’t care. They only want the money.

  • Juses


  • Drasadex


  • arcengine

    worst thing that could’ve happened to this game. opened up 10 advanced drops and i still can’t get a decent gun. could’ve spent that $20.00 on a hooker

    • SolidSnake

      You shouldn’t base them being good or bad off you not getting what you want.

    • WestCoastMcConan

      worst thing that couldve happened is you buying them in the first place. Good job supporting this, they’ll do this (and get worse) in every COD from now on.

      • kplem

        they know little timmy will steal mummy’s purse and buy like 100 it is a good marketing scam, please everyone just give up on this piece of shit they overdid it in ghosts with DLC now this is over the top like i said im skeptical on my purchase but again there is Zombies on PS4 with friends.

    • SoulTaker

      Or you can save those 20$ and buy yourself a nice tux.

    • ScOott

      Agh well look on the bright side .. At least u can’t get aids from a supply drop …

  • Buying a Advanced Supply Drop is no different than gambling (IRL) or playing the damn lottery. Let’s also take into consideration, 1 Supply drop for $1.99??? omg, now u really letting ATVI to f*ck you in the a$$ without lotion. I actually feel sorry for anyone that actually buy or support this; anyone with common sense know this is a HORRIBLE business practice.You be better off spending that money on the lottery and try to hit jackpot….

    PS I’m just waiting for Treyarch to release info about their CoD. Has soon they release information about Supply Drop system (or any similar system) coming back to their game, I can easily said this is the last CoD I’ll purchase. This IS P2W and you guys have no idea how I hate those kind of games….

    • Guest

      This guy spent $30 already for supply drops. Btw I know it says 14 but he brought another one after.

    • RdJokr

      It’s not really “pay-2-win”, it’s more of a “gamble-2-win”. With P2W, your chances of winning are somewhat secured. Here, you have to deal with RNGesus. From what I’ve seen with some people showing off their purchases of these advanced drops, I can say damn well that these drops aren’t that much better than the normal drops.

      • lol, I’m sorry I really can’t take your comment seriously. So you are going to tell me in my face that Hearthstone isn’t a P2W game? You buy Booster Packs (the same has Supply Drops, randomized cards) in order to build better decks. In this game, you have 2 options:

        A. Spend money (real money) and you’ll be able to make the best decks in minutes AND be able to compete in META faster.

        B. Spend hours and hours building in-game credits to buy Booster Packs. You could spend over 100 hours in-game and still not be able to have the best cards.

        – Look at the Grand Master Prestiges, look at the rewards (all elite guns, guns that people so badly want). You also AGAIN have 2 options:

        A. Spend real money, and hope for the best in Supply Drops you get the elite you want

        B. Spend hours on the game Prestiging (if the gun is on the list) or grind until you get it.

        ATVI pull a Hearthstone AKA P2W (Let’s not take into account that AW cost $60 while Hearthstone is f*cking free). I’m pretty sure that if AW was free people would be spending so much money on Supply Drops because everyone wants the best stuff there is without grinding hours.

        Would you be happy that Supply Drops were for sell has soon the game came out and all those people that pay extra for Supply Drops have the best guns? Wake UP!!

        • RdJokr

          Dude, calm the fuck down. First of all, I’m not a fan of buying Supply Drops either (mainly because it’s pretty much a con, due to the influence of RNG).

          Second, I have yet to be convinced that the drops can guarantee you “best guns” every time. Case in point, Tmartn opens up like 100 of these and what “worthy Elite guns” did he get? The Inferno and the Pwner. 2 “best guns” out of 300 items. As long as RNG is involved, it’s never P2W. Especially since Supply Drops also give clothing items, whereas Hearthstone just gives you cards, and cards only.

        • Siftblade of Rivia

          Not really. Hearthstone is a free to play game and you can buy packs without spending one cent on the game. I haven’t spent a dime on Hearthstone and I have almost all of the cards besides some legendaries. It’s not P2W as long as you’re good at the game. If you follow the competitive scene, you’ll see that some people have made it to the top with F2P decks, which means they use decks that don’t use any cards from packs, just the standard ones. If you’re good at the game, you can beat someone with legendaries. Now, if HS sold each legendary card for $2.99, that would be P2W. But, you have to buy a pack for a chance to get what you want. Therefore, the people who pay and the people who don’t have an equal chance of getting good cards. On top of that, if you’re good at Arena, you can rack up tons of coins quickly and unlock tons of packs in half the time it takes you when playing ladder. So no, HS is not P2W because the base game is free and there are multiple other methods of getting the cards you want (gold, Arena, and dust).

      • SolidSnake

        It shouldn’t even be a case of “omg you money whores” vs “don’t like it don’t pay it, they are a business.” It’s about the bigger picture. Nothing wrong with them making extra money and making things optional but that added revenue should be used towards dedicated servers and tangible things the community could use and I think it’d get less shit. No reason for us to have misguided anger nor stick up for a company that we aren’t getting money from and excusing what they do just because it’s optional. Use this for enhancements to the actual game more and it’d be less backlash.

        • RdJokr

          We all want our money to go towards making the game better. Unfortunately, shareholders exist. So you know, business comes first these days.

  • ghosts sucks

    More power to them. If they ever sell something that is truely making a gun or anything that makes someone op that they can’t just earn is bad form. They are here to make money. So if they selling and people are buying, thats just buisness. Sell there underwear for all I care

  • Juses

    I wouldn’t call this “micro-dlc” but whatever.

  • Guest

    Bad imo

    But if people wanna spent their money on it then that is completely up to them … It’s their money and they can do what they want with it.

    Won’t be long before Activision makes cod a “free to play” game with thousands of add ons.

    • MichiganerE

      They already have. It’s called CoD Online.

      • Guest

        …. In china

        • MichiganerE

          …It still exists.

        • You can play it wherever, you just have bad ping. That’s why I stopped playing it.

  • Rav

    pay to win implies that you cant beat a person who spends too much money if you dont spen dmoney at all. lol the base bal 27 or asm1 magnitude (300 kills) are already pro guns

    its SKILLS 99%
    weapons 1%

    • Freeze

      How many idiots are there. It give you a better chance of winning. That means you pay to win (or do better)

      • Rav

        yeah but its not pay to win! and if you get ONE good weapon from supply drops like obsidian steed its not like ill use any other gun ill get from advanced supply drops (im not buying any though) when i want to play seriously
        and lol i would find out who the other person is before calling him an idiot…

      • SoulTaker

        No no no it’s 10% luck, 20% skill 15% concentrated power of will 5% pleasure and 50% pain and 100% reason to remember the name!!!

        • Freeze

          I love you

          • SoulTaker


      • justchill

        watch prestige is key, he opened 50 advanced supply drops and got terrible items

        • Freeze

          But is there a chance to get better stuff with better odds?

    • Guest

      No no no it’s 10% luck, 20% skill 15% concentrated power of will 5% pleasure and 50% pain and 100% reason to remember the name.

      • Daniel

        You made my day

  • SoulTaker

    Sadly it’s a business and as a business you want to get the most money in the easiest of ways. This DLC is easy money a lot of the people complaining now wouldn’t be complaining if they were the executives of Activision the point of view is different from theirs, it’s whatever to me because it’s not my money I’m going to waste.

  • I dont really mind micro-DLC (mainly cosmetics) but this advanced supply drops is just something else…

  • A Pissed Off Consumer!

    Just another RIP OFF to go with all the other RIP OFFS that this game has produced!

    The base game doesn’t work STILL! All thier time and effort is going into making micro transactions to screw MORE money! Activision have got worse year by year and this year they have hit the bottom as low as they could be! They have DESTROYED the francise and made it nothing more than a money train that they can get ALI A & TmArTn etc. To hype up to make them even more money!

    SH Games do not give a shit about the gamers as long as Michael Condrey can get Ali A & TmArTn to let him suck thier dicks!

    Year on year they screw more and more money out of us and yet the quality of the games get no better neither does the service or anything! The dedicated servers never materialised etc! The connection is the worst of any Call of duty ever!


    Rant over Bye! ?

    • Daniel

      Shg is the best

      • Why? Why is SHG the best?

      • A Pissed Off Consumer

        What have you been smoking?

        They are TERRIBLE! They don’t listen their game is shit and Michael Condrey is arrogant and ignorant and sarcastic and rude to anyone who isn’t called Ali A or TmArTn etc,

    • Inferno

      We can all agree the Treyarch will always be the best studio for cod

  • MichiganerE

    Very, very bad.

  • Daniel

    Ppl asked SHG to do paid supply drops so the fault is on the community.
    The price is expensive so people wont buy too many of those and make the game become “pay to win”.
    You can get these Advanced supply drops by hitting level 20, 40, prestige…….without having to spend a single dolar.
    The advanced supply drop is still random, so it doesnt give you a guaranteed speakeasy.
    There is a limit of how many of these you can buy(even though its high)
    You can still unlock elites by regular supply drops and grand master prestige


      it cant be pay to win because buying these doesnt fucking do anything lol

      • Daniel

        Yup, that’s the point, you might say call of duty is becoming a gambling game, but its far from P2W

  • Edwin Cortez

    Is not pay to win that’s for sure, but what is wrong is that this is the beginning of a system like that. When they started with the micro dlc in bo2 i was ok most of them were cosmetic and i dont have a problem since it doesn’t affect gameplay, then in ghosts they limit the create a class slots and started selling them it started to get worse. Now in AW we see that armory slots were limited that hinted that they would sell more spaces and they did, a lot of people were worried about the supply drops at the beginning exactly because they could be sold. I could see in the future they selling us perks, attachments etc and that is just wrong. Is not pay to win yet but if people support this schemes we could see P2W in 1 or 2 years.

  • Assist King

    I was not crazy about the idea of buying, but I thought I should buy a couple before being set one way or the other. Made me feel like a scientist for a minute. Bought two and got nothing but same shit I already had. Then in an even weaker moment of stupidity, I prestiged since I had so much shit. I hated the idea of losing all my attachments on all my guns so I have never done it. I had so much junk I redeemed for XP points that I was at level 35 when I was done getting rid of all the shit I did not want, Nigerian everything mostly and 20 some exo. So I got no speakeasy, Goliath or obsidian steed, wasted $40 and am now stuck redoing all my attachments. This is what happens when I think. Wish I would have pissed the money away on some bourbon. FML.

  • Kobrah


  • Unknown

    Jordan is a cunt

  • Baldmanz_RAGE


  • WesupDude

    Ready, set, terrible.

  • Love-Hate relationship

    It does not matter whether its pay to win or gambling. THIS NEEDS TO STOP. Remember Just camos as micro-dlc? Oh but it is just camo it is optional. Then comes along the extra CaC slots. but love-hate it is just extra Custom classes nothing big. But then came the armory slots. but again It is optional you dont need to buy it, It cant get any worse. Oh but here we are with supply drops that give you in game gear. DO YOU SEE THE PATTERN THAT NEEDS TO BE BROKEN? Mark my word, pretty soon they will be trying to make you pay $1 per attachment or give you limited ammo that carries over into other games. You need more bullets well $5/500 bullets. The cycle needs to be broken Now or it never will be.

  • Guest

    in other news BO2 invades MW2 #PCMASTERACE lel

    • xGeneralRex

      That happened ages ago. Not exactly news anymore.

      • kplem

        it only happened like 2-3 weeks anything is better than AW no matter how old it is lol

  • Potato Republic

    I’ve thought about buying the Supply Drop bundles, but I ultimately decided against it. I was expecting a system where you could get Elite guns by doing hard, yet cool challenges. Such as:

    ARX-160 Steel Bite: Get 1550 kills with the vanilla version weapon with no :insert restrictions here:

    Or add a system where each time a player Prestiges, they get 3-7 free Supply Drops with a higher chance of getting Elite guns or whatever.

    I think I’ll just save my money specifically for the main DLC packs. If they are even worth it.

    (Note that this is my opinion on the main DLC. I don’t care if you disagree or agree. That’s not the point.)

  • Guest

    in other news BO1 and BO2 invade Modern warfare 2 #PCMASTERACE lel

  • kplem

    the B23R is OP in MW2 aswell

  • zombiefreak935

    Can somebody make a poll?I am pretty confident in the results.

  • zombiefreak935

    I like how there are dollar signs on the picture of the video.

  • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

    It gives a p2w vibe. So it’s bad. Doesn’t matter if they’re random or not. You’re guaranteed to have at least one Professional piece of loot per drop…

    • HeyItsNick

      Actually I recorded myself opening advanced supply drops and didn’t get a professional in one if the drops.. I really felt scammed

      • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

        I’m pretty sure it says that it promises you to have at least one Professional drop… Weird.

  • Guywithbrains

    This just points out that Activision is ready to make some more money. Of course Treyarch fanboys will put all their money to special editions this year and later on complain about Black Ops 3 having even worse “P2W” micro-DLC.

    Oh boy I can’t wait to see those same persons to come back and complain how Activision ruins their favorite game series.

    Wake up and realize that you will have another disappointment this Fall. I hope you guys learn your lesson soon enough so we don’t have to listen to how “surprising” it was that yet another Call of Duty didn’t live up to the expectations.

    ^ Some thoughts lol.

    • Juses

      You hate on the next game yet it wasn’t revealed lol. You just don’t like treyarch games because you’re bad at them. btw you can’t say black ops 3 will have even worse P2W micro dlc without proof. Also when has a Treyarch game been bad? (of course you’ll say they’re bad because you’re bad at them, which is why you like SBMM). If SBMM wasn’t in AW you wouldn’t like it because you would always have to play against people with actual skill and not against noobs because of your kd.

      • LovekillerX

        Somehow I knew it was one of the Treyarch worshippers. I spent my time looking who was going to answer to this and I wasn’t wrong lol.

        All the Treyarch worshippers use “you’re bad at the game”-excuse because they think Treyarch games are best. Why? Simply answer: feasters can enjoy having 75+ kills by killing noobs. Now that AW doesn’t allow that Treyarch fanboys hate it. So basicly I can claim same thing as you did: you are bad at AW lol.

        And yes I think Guywithbrains is right when he said that Black Ops 3 will have even worse micro dlc. You don’t have to know next Call of Duty game, you just have to know Activision and we all know Activision.

        • Juses

          Well he is bad at the game, he said that’s why he doesn’t like their games himself. I’m not bad at AW, I don’t like the game because it’s not fun btw I edited my comment above.

          • Guywithbrains

            I appreciate your opinion and I can see your point. Who knows maybe Treyarch does a game that I can like too this year. At least they do great campaigns so even that makes it worth the purchase.

            I just wonder what new plans Activision has to get all money they can. “Micro-DLC” in AW is not yet the worst case scenario but we are going towards that.

        • SolidSnake

          The guy Juses replied to states he can’t get a UAV in BO2 and paints a picture that somehow he is on a team full of noobs that tryhards stomp and get Swarms. So the tryhards think they are so good because they stop noobs. He also states he puts a full clip into someone without them dying. So he sounds bad at the game and making excuses. No way he is always on a team of bad players facing Youtube all stars and people that care too much. Juses and others saying they don’t like AW doesn’t have to be just because they are bad or can’t stomp noobs. Any even admitting you just want to stomp noobs is more honest than trying to mask just not being good at BO2 like guywithbrains does. Playing the, “I know you are but what am I” game doesn’t apply here. Especially since you can stomp noobs and get 75+ in every IW game too. Only difference is they gave bad players Support and Deathstreaks to compete

          • Juses

            Yes. This.

  • J4MES

    It would be more of an acceptable and credible concept if the income generated from the micro DLC was actually INVESTED back INTO the GAME and not for brand SHAREHOLDERS and overall VALUE. The fact that they generate all this added revenue and we still don’t have dedicated servers across the board is an absolute monstrosity and the ultimate kick in the bollocks to the community who blindly support their antics.

    I won’t even entertain watching the video as franchise dick rider Ali-A is in it and he is so far up Activision’s arse plus financially tied to the series; I cannot bare to see people still sticking up for this greed.

    People say it’s no different to Battlepacks and CSGO cases but the packs from BF4 don’t include beefed up weapons for an advantage and the cases in Countertrike include weapons that can be traded or sold on the community market.

    • SolidSnake

      Exactly. This is what the folks that feel like they are making breaking news by saying, “don’t like it, don’t buy it” don’t seem to understand. We know we don’t have to buy it but that nor other games doing it are no excuse for allowing them to make additional revenue yet we don’t have dedicated servers or really nothing new besides slightly better graphics and exo abilities. Also EA was voted worst COMPANY more than once so clearly those communities didn’t like the OPTIONAL pay systems either.

  • From BO2, to Ghosts, and now AW, Activation is turning a game which cost at least 100$ for a full experience to a game like a free to play one which usually appears on PC, by using Micro-DLCs. They keep earning money but I think my game experience is getting worse.
    Just a few hours ago, I was playing exo-zombies with my friends. We reached 25 waves, and then I left the game and the game said that there was no internet communication. But at that moment I could easily connect to PSN and to the server of Activation, and then I joined the game again in less than a minute, with 500$ and a Atlas 45 pistol, and I really didn’t know what the hell just had happened.
    When I’m playing MP, the enemy is not other player,it is the network. And the only thing I can do is hoping the next time I press the Find Game button and it won’t find a lagging one.
    And now, I just hope the next step won’t be pay to win.

  • zack

    Well i think the people have spoken.

    • Mako Shark

      Yep they want MICRO DLC. I have no problem with people getting all the Elite weapons they want while I melt them with my AMR9 Propipe Elite. You have been PWND!

  • steelersdc26

    I believe it’s bad because I don’t like the fact that people who spend the most money will now end up with Obsidian Steeds and Speakeasies, while the people who try to make the gaming experience fun by earning the elite guns are stuck with default Bal’s and maybe the occasional enlisted AMR-9.

  • Dave Evans

    I bought 10 supply drops which give u an extra 3 as a bonus only got 1 elite weapon but was the ak12 rip so was very pleased but yeah the price of these things are rediculous

  • Gusre

    Goodbye Call of Duty

  • NeonPhyzics

    it is gambling – and they are preying on the weak minded or kids.. you are not paying $20 for a gun you are paying $20 at a CHANCE for a gun – its a slot machine and they are using your dopamine against you

  • ChickenDoughnut

    You know, I’ve finally understood what I hate about this game, other than the Exo Suits (which I can live with). It’s the character customization, which leads to 99% shit in Supply Drops…. and the weapons. The only truly viable weapon classes in AW are the AR and SMG weapons, and the MORS. Everything else is pathetically underpowered or not used. I used to enjoy sniping, but with the introduction of the Exo, practical sniping is gone out the window. Ghosts was probably the worst of the franchise, yes, but at least all the weapon classes were usable on the maps.

    • Guywithbrains

      And for me Ghosts was maybe the most balanced Call of Duty. I know there were things like M27-IAR + thermal and I.E.D. But in Ghosts I can use almost any gun I want and that hit detection is just spot on.

      • ChickenDoughnut

        Well, there was also the Target Detector and LSAT in BO2, and that was still fun. I know what you mean, the hit detection in AW is spotty at best

  • arcengine

    i was in a lobby earlier and some kids mother started screaming at him. he charged up over $200.00 worth of supply drops on her card. yeah i know shame on her for leaving her card vulnerable but this is what’s happening sounded like she started smacking the shit out of him.

    • tom coon

      Dam I would have loved to hear that.

  • Tim Reichel

    The hard part about the gaming community is that it is a mix of consumers. There are older gamers with some disposable income and younger gamers with no disposable income. This offers players the chance to get more supply drops. It was brought to sledgehammer by the community. Sadly it is in Micro transactions, but they listened. I would not call it pay to win. You might have a better version of a Bal-27 than the next player, but I still find variants to be extremely well balanced. All in all its different, but no reason to hate on Activision or hate on those don’t like Advanced Supply drops. Ill see you out there players.

  • Juses

    Dlc 2 trailer today?

    • Guywithbrains

      My own wild guess is next Tuesday.

  • You guys bitch too much. Like a bunch a prepubescent girls on their first period. Get over it.

    • ben wills

      I’d just like to point out that you’re a very stupid person. VERY.

      • Lol youre silly…. follow me @iiillilili

  • ShadowMaster862

    I like the idea of all of this, but the prices, not so much. I’m not sure how much CS:GO players spend but this is probably more as it’s $2 for one. I may still buy some since I have lots of spare money but it kinda seems like a pay-to-win sort of deal.

    • J4MES

      You either earn cases or buy keys to open them on Counterstrike. It’s a different format because each weapon you receive can either be traded or sold on the market. I’ve spent about £40 on opening cases in the last couple of years but have earned about £600 in profit on guns wheeling and dealing. The guns from cases also have no differentiating stats unlike AW where you can gamble and earn ultra OP Elite weapons in just one go.

  • PursuitofGreat

    So I played last night for a bit… I didn’t buy any advanced supply drops. I just played the game. At no point did I feel like I was at a disadvantage because I had not purchased anything. I played competitively, kept my KD over 1.00 each game and was none the wiser. I do not know if anyone had purchased these micro-DLC or not.

    In the end, I honestly don’t think it matters whether you buy them or not. Spend money if you want, save money if you want. Either way, it doesn’t matter. You’re either good at the game or you are not. Life goes on.

    I do feel like the gameplay has been much improved online over the last month. It was almost unplayable, but it seems to be more balanced at this point and I enjoy playing it now.

    • Guywithbrains

      To me it isn’t unfair that others get elite items easier than me. There is still a 100% free method to get elite weapons but it just takes time. From awesome elite variants I only got AK-12 R.I.P. with 8 days playtime in AW.

      A key to having fun is to forget about K.D. and make a class you wouldn’t normally play. For example try to run just with RW1 Tactical Knife, Spike Drones and Exo Overclock. Very much fun. Of course this isn’t suitable for objective modes.

      • Inferno

        Easier? It’s not easier. Buying isn’t the same as earning, but there still is the randomness from what you get out of a supply drop, bought or earned

      • PursuitofGreat

        Completely agree. Just have fun. My idea of fun is staying above 1.0 and camping with a big bag of marshmallows and a Golden Lynx. But that’s just me!

  • Louis

    Ffs this game sucked already with those exo suits and rooftop camping. But now you can buy the best guns…. the next cod has so many lessons to take from AW.

    • GinsuVictim

      You can’t buy the best guns.

    • J4MES

      You can buy drops for the chance to get better weapons. It’s a bit of a gamble but if it pays off; the player can hold a significant advantage against opponents.

  • Aymen Skiken


  • Blaine

    Judging from videos I’ve seen where people buy a ton of these and open them all up only to get a bunch of garbage, I really don’t think it’s pay-to-win. I do think it’s really petty money-grubbing on Activision’s part, and they probably had this all planned out long ago, but it’s still randomized. I think the bigger problem is the supply drop/imbalanced weapon variant loot system as a whole. Variants should be balanced with each other and directly unlockable.

  • CookieChairman

    ~$2.00 for a chance to obtain a rare cosmetic item. Where have I seen that before?

  • ghosts sucks

    The more I think about it the more I don’t like it. More people get the same gear over and over and the only way to get better items is to pay. I don’t think so. It will be lucrative regardless.

  • ben wills


  • broke dudes

    You can always tell who does not have the 10 bucks to buy DLC

    • GinsuVictim

      It’s not a matter of having the money.

  • k5berry

    A video about purchasable supply drops with Ali-A? CI is straight trolling its commenters now lol.

  • Wraith

    The Free 2 Play model applied to a full priced game on top of the season pass which is another hunk of dough.

    Welp, at least they aren’t using any pay2win stuff…..yet……next thing you know people will be buying 4x EXP and special bonus attribute weapon attachments and armor.

  • haruntimurceylan

    Everyone here do not I REPEAT DO NOT GET THESE ADVANCED SUPPY DROPS YOU’d think that it will boost your chances of getting elite well you wrong I’m bought the 27 dollar package and all I got was fucking enlisted shit that were fucking useless

  • OfficialFalconX

    I think the decision of these “Advanced Supply Drops” is 50/50. You can still get bad items in them so their not all good. If SH Games were to remove them, I think they should buff the original Supply Drops to give you three items in every one to make it more fair.

  • tenoneten

    Iv paid for at least 100 worth of supply drops and nearly everything i have received has been stuff i already had. This really makes me angry i want some of the new gear that just came out with the new dlc but have been unable to receive a single thing that i dont already have

  • progamer1294

    how many advanced supply drops do you get when you’re level 20