MLG has announced the next two Seasons for the Advanced Warfare Pro League Schedule and plans for their upcoming World Championships. 

Here’s the schedule for Advanced Warfare Pro League:

  • Season 2 runs from March 10th – May 22nd
  • Season 2 Championship will run from June 5th – 7th
  • Season 3 Relegation Tournament – June 19th – 21st
  • Season 3 runs from June 29th – September 4th
  • Season 3 Championship will be held in September, Dates TBD
  • World Championship will be held on October 16-18

Season 2 will start on Tues., March 10th at 7PM ET. More details on the schedule will be announced very soon. 

In addition, MLG has revealed that the World Championship, which takes place Oct 16-18th, will feature a $250,000 prize pool. The World Chmapionship will take place in a large venue in the U.S.; an exact location has not been announced of now. The championship will feature open bracket play, which will lead into the championship pool.

Overall, MLG will handout over $600,000 through the course of the next two seasons and championships. 

All of the matches, tournaments, and more will be live streamed on

More detailed information is available here.


  • 735

    Went on AW for the first time in about a week today. There was an update for it and whatever that update was, it’s killed the game. It was quickly deteriorating in the last couple of months but now, it’s just unplayable. There’s a number of factors, the awful hit detection, disgusting spawns, the unbalanced weapons, the hours of playing for supply drops only to be rewarded with low value care packages. I know people will say, you’re just bad at the game, but I’m not bad at the game. I’ve had a consistent 2-2.5 K/D throughout the Call of Duty series and this is the first time where I’ve joined several games, and only been able to get around 3 kills, because the guns are effectively useless. This game has gone from the most amazing on launch, to the now worst Call of Duty, and in my opinion, one of the worst games of all time. I’ve never had such a bad time playing a game as I’ve had with this. I’d say I’ll wait and see what Treyarch do but at this point I really don’t care. From the last few days we can be sure it will be a futuristic chasm of awful gameplay and endless micro DLC. I’m done with this franchise, I had such a fun time playing MW2 with friends, but since MW3 there has not been one CoD game I have enjoyed. They have just progressively got worse and worse and I’ve had enough now. Not wasting any more money on a franchise that has been run into the ground over and over again. Just milking a dead cow now. Not to discourage anyone else from playing Advanced Warfare obviously..

    • Guywithbrains

      Well I have to agree latest Call of Duty games haven’t got that same “feel” which I got from MW2 back then.

    • Markdg23

      I’m in the same boat as you man cod has lost its fun factor, what happened to OP shotguns and just making all the weapons useful with some modification… Cough cough Stopping Power! MW2 had a fun factor that hasn’t been matched ex: badass kill streaks and every weapon having the capability to make you feel unstoppable. Now this game just centers itself around Minor League Goons and awful marketing strategies… Treyarch restore the fun factor please!

      • Sam

        why are you even on this website if you don’t enjoy call of duty

        • Markdg23

          Maybe bc I’ve played the cod series for many years and come here to find reason to play again. As for you, I can assume you like advanced warfare since u replied negatively therefore I can tell I was playing cod when you were still getting breast fed bc if you enjoy AW you have been deprived of a good CoD and that’s a mother F in fact son!

    • common sense

      It’s literally turned into a mobile game with their DLC now.

      • ScOott

        Play 10 games In a row … Stamina low please purchase 10 more stamina to get into the battlefield

    • Favorite Ape

      You just need to Pay-to-Win now. Why wait for the reduced supply drops when you can spend hundreds of dollars and buy all the best guns? This game transformed itself into trash.

    • Kevin_Hart

      Go kill yo self bitch

  • Guywithbrains

    • You’ve said it yourself “Nobody cares” so why have the first comment?

  • Guywithbrains

    Is it real? Black Ops 3 related picture (Thanks to Biblicalreaper’s YT video)

    • LovekillerX

      Well this looks more real than earlier picture because of those trademark markings (lol how did the earlier guy do that mistake??) but that doesn’t prove anything. But hey we will see what happens 11.3. 🙂

    • CharlieIntel

      It’s fake.

    • Seems fake :/

      • Guywithbrains

        Is there any specific thing that makes it fake? So far it looks a lot more real than WaW2 poster back then.

        • Well in my opinion it doesn’t really have the genuine Call of Duty or Black Ops feel. The design also seems like it could have been made by anyone with 3D animation skills. If this turns out to be real, well I’ll be surprised then. Let’s just hope Call of Duty 2015 is Black Ops III!

          EDIT: It has to be fake, there’s no sign of a Treyarch logo anywhere. Not even just the name is in the design. Well there you go, it’s fake.

          • Guywithbrains

            Well when Call of Duty site updated it hadn’t SHGames’ or Activision’s logo.

          • But that’s a reveal poster. Not the game poster. Also, that one doesn’t even have Activision’s logo.

    • ScOott

      anyone could of made that .. But at the same time that 3 looks like the same shape as vonderhaars black ops 3 glasses *shrugs shoulders* … They both look like a number 3 … A triangle has 3 corners … Black ops three has three words … Black ops 3 confirmed

      • Guywithbrains

        Does that 11/3/2015 mean incoming 11th day of this month or 11th of November? So confused.

        • ScOott

          Depends where your from lol … Cod do it the American way and Put the month first as far as I’m aware … So if it was real that would be the release date and not when we get our first info

    • PatPatPat

      It depends. Is this real? of course it is. a reliable source sent this to me. This is the real COD 2015 poster leaked.

      • burrgee


    • burrgee

      Has to be fake m8 its so dull loooking. No treyarch or activision logo just cod bops 3 with some rain droplets. Wish it was real i wouldnt mind another bops game.

    • Keshav Bhat

      No, that’s fake. One of the ways to tell is that the ® symbol should be after the Y in Duty, not after 3.

  • ScOott

    All that money for winning some cod games … Lucky mofo’s

    • We should have a CI team. Have all the commenters compete and see who makes the team. Now that would be cool!

      • GreenBolt01


      • ScOott

        lol Yh that would be good… I would be interested in mlg then even if I wasn’t in the team It would be good to see ci members winning the world championship