The Call of Duty North American Championship is currently taking place this weekend, where 32 teams are competing for a spot to attend the 2015 Call of Duty Championship. The 14 teams that will advance from North America have been decided.

14 Teams advancing:

  • Team Kaliber
  • Prophecy
  • FaZe Black
  • OpTic Nation
  • Team EnVyUs
  • OpTic Gaming
  • FaZe Red
  • Team Revenge Gaming
  • Denial eSports
  • Strictly Business Gaming
  • Orbit
  • Automatic Reload
  • 3sUp Enterprises
  • Below Zero

The 2015 Call of Duty Championship, presented by Xbox takes place March 27th-29th in Los Angeles, California. The event will feature 32 teams from around the world – 14 from North America, 14 from Europe, 3 from Australia, and 1 from Brazil.

The 2015 Call of Duty Championship will be live streamed from and additional broadcast partners. Platinum Package Tickets to attend the event are still on sale HERE.

Stay tuned for the latest Call of Duty eSports news!

  • Lewis Jones


    • Juses

      Stap bein fagit.

  • Axel Noir

    Lets go optic

  • ScOott

    Faze black and Faze red wtf… how original … sounds to much like Pokemon games to me

    • Colin MacKenzie

      It’s the colors of FaZe Clan. They kept it simple.

    • zombiefreak935


  • Nurisson


    • Cosmic Reaper

      This actually made me laugh

  • Stefan Lang

    CoD Champs Sunday on Wrestlemania Sunday? Hmmmm

    • ccrows

      Seriously, WHY would they do this?

      I mean sure I have no plans on watching the COD championships, (only care about he results) but the “timing”? Why?

      ^ Although I will admit, if Complexity was still around I might watch some of it, but FFS it’s Wrestlemania. Maybe next year we can change the date to Superbowl Sunday… 😉

      • super

        wwe is literally the gayest thing ever

  • Willekeurig persoon

    New personalisation pack

    • Guywithbrains

      My eyes! My beautiful eyes!

      It looks so cool.

    • Cosmic Reaper

      Where did u get this photo from

      • Willekeurig persoon

        TmarTn, unfortunaly..

        • ScOott

          Erff if this gets released … I’m going to have to use a lot a will power not to buy it :-/

    • ELITE!!!

      Probably like the rainbow zebra camo from Ghosts last year (Exclusivity)

    • Drasadex

      Eww lol

  • Cosmic Reaper

    Denial esports are they foreal

  • Tdizzle

    Tk all day!