The 2015 Call of Duty North American Regional Championship has come to end, with OpTic Gaming taking the title of North American Champions and the $5,000 first place price.

Top 4 placements:

  1. OpTic Gaming – $5,000
  2. Denial eSports – $2,500
  3. FaZe Red – $1,500
  4. OpTic Nation – $1,000

The North American Regional Finals featured 32 teams competing for a spot to attend the 2015 Call of Duty Championship. After intense matches throughout the weekend, 14 teams North American teams have earned their spot at the 2015 Call of Duty Championship.

Upcoming eSports events: 

  • MLG Pro League Season 2 begins March 10th at 7PM ET live on
  • 2015 Call of Duty Championship, presented by Xbox: March 27th-29th
  • Gfinity Call of Duty Open: April 4th-5th
  • UMG California: May 15th-17th

Stay tuned for the latest Call of Duty eSports news!

  • Juses


    • Spodermen


      • Juses

        Er nut teh reel Spodermen

    • Woo, big play Juses!

    • ScOott

      Stap bein fagit 🙂

  • I want Tk to win, but I honestly think Optic Gaming is going to. :/

  • WeinerOptic


  • Let’s go Optic!

  • Alex

    Ahh … I wish COD was still FUN like it used to be

    • Rav

      it is…

      • Alex

        not for me

        • Rav

          its still fun for most ppl….

          • 4564

            Still not fun for most ppl……

          • Rav

            most ppl acctually DO enjoy it. its just on here theres about 5 ppl constantly hating on it so it seems like EVERYONE is cuz they comment EVERY article like crazy. even if only 10% of the people hate AW it will seem like the majority is because those who enjoys it dont usually take their time to make a comment such as I LOVE THIS GAME, weeks after it is released. However, those 10% of ppl who hate it will go everywhere and talk about their feelings, thus making it seem as if almost everyone hates it…

          • SPAWNST4R

            5 people ……. lol …….. 10% hahaha gotta love made up statistics. 142% of people love made up statistics.

          • ScOott

            I agree with this 226%

          • He’s not saying 5 people is 10%… He’s saying IF 10% hated on it, it would be alot of people.

          • SPAWNST4R

            nobody , nowhere said 5 people was 10%, The only person confused about what was said is you ! …… anyhow, He said there’s about 5 people here hating on it, a gross underestimate, then made up a statistic to try and prove a false point.

          • ScOott

            That is your opinion … I can tell u for a fact … Community was divided on mw3.. Majority of people liked bo2 …Majority of people didn’t like ghosts … How do I know this …. Player count give u all the information u need … The fact that advsnced warefare don’t have one means we will never know if the majority of people prefer exo jumps or SBMM … We will never find out how many people play this game n they have no reason to hide this … Or do they ? My guess the numbers arnt as good as they should be

          • Daniel

            I hate bo2 so much I hope it burns in hell.
            BO1 and AW and Cod 4thewin

          • ScOott

            Yh I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea ofcorse … I was talking about majority of people … Of corse their going to be exeptions n I’m not talking about just you I mean thousands… But as far as numbers go u would have to say the community as a majority do love black ops 2, just look how old it is n how many people are still playing it till this day, never mind when it first came out! …p.s I also love black ops one 🙂

          • SPAWNST4R

            Id say its more because of how bad ghosts and AW are, BO2 isnt a great game on its own merit, its buggy, laggy and full of bullshit NPC spam.

          • ScOott

            Yh I agree if ghosts and advanced warfare lived up to the cod name so to speak then bo2 would just be another cod, imo black ops 2 is a good cod but if SH and iw had done a better job I wouldn’t of thought to go back to it … Its the other two developers that have made it into “great” cod game that everyone goes back to … Just because it’s the last cod that felt … Well like cod .. If that makes sense

          • Guywithbrains

            This. I can say over 50% of the community are 10-12 years old kids who don’t write to internet. So it makes it seem like people hate the game because minority (same usernames) complain all the time. It is an illusion. However, majority of Call of Duty community (kids) just enjoy and play the game. Just like me (I’m not kid).

            There is always an option to go and play other games. No one is forcing to stay and saying “I paid so I have a right…” is just an excuse for endless b*tching.

            I hope this Fall people don’t fall to the hype and then come back and complain about how they wasted their money. It won’t be surprise IF it is a bad game because Call of Duty has been going to downhill since MW3 (not in my opinion but the newest titles lack of the feel from MW2 and older titles).

          • ScOott

            I thought u had brains … U will buy the next cod n if they get rid of SBMM u will “bitch” i love cod but if they increase the price of micro dlc again I will “bitch” I’m not going to not buy the game cuz it’s not going to be perfect that is stupid… If u don’t like hearing people’s opinions no one is forcing u to stay here … People will buy the next cod knowing theirs going to be bullshit … People just didn’t expect so much in one cod to be fair to everyone “bitching”

          • Guywithbrains

            I will buy the next Call of Duty because the campaign makes it already worth purchasing so I won’t be missing out if MP sucks. But by “b*tching” I meant endless complaining about same things. You, me and everyone else can say an opinion about the game but saying it all over again and calling SHGames lazy is not the right way to do it. Opinions can be said but there is a limit how much people want to hear the same thing.

            I am just trying to point out that constant complaining about same things won’t change anything. It just makes complainer look stupid as in here for example.

            Every year same sentence: “What bullsh*t! I ain’t buy Call of Duty anymore!” Yet complainers are the first on the pick up line.

            Also my name is irrelevant when it comes to opinions.

          • ScOott

            n that is exactly why sales are down because when people Say they not going to buy another cod again, they tend to mean it … U name me one person that comes on here year after year n complains about the same thing …

          • spartanelite

            I think sales are down because ghost was a punch too the balls along with the new consoles and the fact that SH made a game better than 2 of IW game’s is actually good but even with thire screw ups its still thire first Cod and IMO they did a good job

          • ScOott

            Yh they did a better job than iw last cod for sure, which must be emmbarasing for iw with all the experience they have with cod… And I’m pretty sure most things that are wrong with this game are down To activision… I’m still playing the game.. I just hope they get to show their skills without exo next time but that’s just personal prefrence

          • spartanelite

            Well I think the exo is going to be like SH signature thing

          • ScOott

            Yh suppose so … I think it will end when they end the advanced warfare series tho … May be * shrugs shoulders*

          • TheToughLuck

            Why are you always so negative?

          • ScOott

            I don’t see how u got that from any of my posts … I love cod n I’m always a happy camper 🙂 … It was just bull poop how some guy made up some stats for cod when none of us know any stats for this cod

          • ScOott

            P.s this all started with one guest saying something negative … N then a random user coming out with a silly percentage … No regular person started bitching about anything

          • J4MES

            Seeing that Call of Duty has lost over 9 million players in 4 years (aside from BO2) I think that equates to more than ‘5 ppl’

          • Daniel

            I hate bo2

          • jooker-jr

            That’s they change the gameplay in AW.

          • Smayo

            Only the esports douchbags and the sad idiots who believe they have a shot as well to be professional are left at this stage

          • SPAWNST4R

            Even BlackOps3 lost a huge amount of players compared to previous CoDs. AWs estimates (because ATVI now hide figures) are 15% down on Ghosts which was 19% down on BO2, which was 14% down on MW3 these are massive numbers (Millions and millions)

            Dont let SHG/ATVI/Condrys bullshit fool you, they know the franchise is on the way out and are pumping it for every pocket money penny on the way to the bank.



          • TheTruth

            AW is dead, literally nobody plays it, bo2 has more players!!!

          • Daniel

            I LOVE THIS GAME, its flawless fun and addiction
            Best CoD everr

          • MLG

            Still people playing cod?

    • J4MES


    • ARC

      Let me tell you some thing my friend this game is way better than halo, hope Master Chief gets better.

  • ccrows

    I wish we could see Old Complexity reunite, and let Optic put a team up against that.

    I would actually watch that start to finish…

  • Random

    As expected, a walk in the park for OpTiC Gaming. Denial seemed to run out of steam late in the final. That 11th round in SnD should have been a win, but when it turned into defeat they were out of sorts for the majority of Uplink.

  • J4MES

    Meh, just another AW sweat-fest.

    • SolidSnake

      Sweating for money while you’re bitching for free…

      • J4MES

        I earn my money with a proper job and play games for fun in my spare time. That’s how life should be.

        • Guest

          No. Life is making a living from doing what you love, not being a judgmental asshole because someone didn’t walk the same road as you.

  • SolidSnake

    Doesn’t matter who says they “hate” COD since those that hate it or complain the most still purchase it every year and play a good 4+ days of in-game time. Games in the past were more fun because partly being potentially better games and because we weren’t 6+ games deep into the series like we are now. The amount of people who hate the game who still play or even deeper follow news about the game daily still put money into the game so imagine what those who don’t “hate” the game spend.

    • Smayo

      I got 9 hours of playtime on AW before I deleted that turd, never had such little playtime on any CoD (yes that includes Ghosts), and I know it doesn’t say much but all of my friends did the same at on point, now literally nobody plays this game on my friendslist, not even the biggest CoD junkies on my list, it’s sad actually, I keep track on treyarchs game but will not pre-order it nor will I buy it day 1, I hope it will be good but I ain’t getting my hopes up

  • Smayo

    Esports, esports, esports… F* this shit, hopefully treyarch releases something soon about their new game, sick of AW and these stupid esports competitions with the same BS teams and those crusty players…

  • Love-Hate relationship

    I hoped they thanked the Cod Community for the prize money considering that probably 70% of the money gullible people spend on micro-trans goes into these ridiculous Cod Championships

    • Cosima McInnes

      And then the pros share of the prize money goes straight back into them buying more supply drops …. It’s a vicious cycle *_*

  • Wraith

    Lol 5k dollars. Meanwhile in the land of MOBA pro gaming.