UPDATE – March 11th: Activision has stated that Drift/Capture the Flag will not replace Bio Lab/Capture the Flag.

Sledgehammer Games and Activision have announced that, for the first time in Call of Duty, a DLC map will be included in the eSports rule set. For the 2015 Call of Duty Championship, Activision will be adding “Drift” into the rule set, replacing only Recovery Search & Destroy.

Here’s the new change for eSports rules for the 2015 Call of Duty Championship:

  • [UPDATED] – Drift/Capture the Flag has been reverted back to Bio Lab/Capture the Flag
  • Recovery/Search & Destroy will be replaced with Drift/Search & Destroy

MLG has not stated whether this change will be included for all of their tournaments as of now. Stay tuned for more information.


  • Michael T. Simpson


  • Yet Ascend is still in the map rotation? Smh. That map is awful for competitive COD. Also, I liked Recovery S&D so I’ll be sad to not see it anymore.

    • zombiefreak935

      Dude you are so right. Ascend sucks!

      • Daniel

        Ascend is awesome

    • guestrits

      Personally I love Ascend! My favorite is comeback or terrace tho

    • Josh

      Ascend is one of my favourite maps

  • 😀 ahah

    • Drasadex

      still hilarious lol

    • heeyyy haha I made that XD

      • Yeah I remember I saw it on a post before and I went looking for it. Not trying to take any credits or anything 🙂

      • Guest


    • Bryan


    • Duke of hazard


    • burrgee

      Hahaha totally agree m8.. not so much ali a but tmartn omg dont get me started. That fruitcake puts up 2 to 3 vids a day about the biggest load of shit most people dont care about.. hes defs super exicited lol.

      • bukkake


    • NextGenNose

      omg LOL
      You made my day good sir

  • zombiefreak935


  • Kobrah

    I don’t follow e-sports at all but I consider this a step in the right direction

  • Daniel

    Fuck yeah! Now we need some sideshow as well

  • Colin MacKenzie

    This is a bad day for eSports when Activision is putting their foot in like this. For the record the only reason they are doing this is because they want to get more DLC sales and hope the viewership from Champs will increase those sales. To those who say that Activision is now an eSports loving company, don’t be fooled. We fans have a bone to pick with them as well…

    • burrgee

      Dude couldnt have said it better myself. Your 100% right imo

    • common sense

      This a MILLION times. Advanced Warfare is like the Destiny of cod. It’s pathetic.

      • FazalGaming

        Well Activision own them both…

      • Console

        Your name is “common sense,” yet you fail to use it. Gold star, my friend.

    • Kyle Hubbard

      Well obviously ATVI wants higher sales, but don’t be under the illusion that there are no positives for this. Most competitive players are getting sick of constantly playing the same maps over and over again. This at least provides some variety to the maps played for both the players and the spectators. Now we just need some half-decent DLC maps that eSports can accomodate; i.e. Not Long Range/Slow Pace maps like Core and Sideshow, and not cardboard box sized maps like Urban.

      EDIT: It sucks that Recovery SnD had to be taken out though.

  • Redrum

    SHG is just Activision’s puppet not to say Treyarch or IW are not, It’s so noticeable this year.

    • jooker-jr

      Can you explain more ?

      • Redrum


        • Kobrah

          Thanks for clearing that up

          • Redrum

            Any time

  • burrgee

    OpTic Cumshot and his bumboys are going to be sooooo Mad looool

    • CrowReap .


    • FutterNutter69

      They actually really liked the idea 😀

  • Tayler Hammond

    Really? They’re taking out Recovery SnD? After Crimsix got that clutch 1v3 to win SnD in their series against FaZe? Damn…

    • burrgee

      Crimsix is a slayer hes the the best player in optic imo after scumpii. I seen that 1v3 it was epic. Want to see how the new map plays out for them.

  • Ryan

    I can see why they chose drift, but personally I would rather have atlas gorge, such a better map

    • Random

      Atlas Gorge is HUGE though. For 4v4 it’s too big.

  • Stefan Lang

    Fucking Recovery S&D is way better than Drift wtf. They shouldn’t even have CTF when there is Uplink also.

    • Random

      So would you rather have just the 3 game modes? Personally I would like to see them replace SnD first time around with Dom or Momentum, but I have a feeling Momentum would be seen as unfeasible and potentially boring as it could be over in seconds. Plus too many respawn game modes.

      • Stefan Lang

        I’d like to see Uplink, SND, and HP only. I just dont see why they didnt remove Ascend. That map is boring everytime I watch it. I could watch Comeback Uplink all day though honestly.

  • ScOott

    Now add them in to normall rotation …… Pleasssssseesss … Why they do this to me

  • Tep Kok

    Wow it’s just like when Valve forced Cobble into the CSGO map rotation except this time it’s a shitty paid map pack instead of a free update for everyone

  • Guywithbrains

    In my opinion Havoc DLC maps are in this order beginning from my favorite:

    Sideshow > Drift > Urban > Core

    • jooker-jr


  • Juses

    Dlc 2 trailer today?

    • J4MES

      I think it’ll be yesterday

      • Juses


    • Max Martinez

      It’s going to come out on March 29th during the championship.

      • Juses

        Hao dew yew kno?

        • Max Martinez

          Confirmed in a COD video. I don’t have link but they have a post on charlieintel. Just check previous posts.

  • Ed

    For this to be included in MLG tournaments, they’d need to make the map free.

  • Guest

    Which other maps are they playing on

  • Get better

    Still no trailer. When does DLC 2 normally drop? Need to see the next zombie map. 😛