A new patch for Advanced Warfare is now live on PS4 (went live last week on Xbox and PC). The new patch includes Master Prestige Ranks, Gun Game leaderboards, new font size/text for the Killfeed, pause feature for Exo Zombies, new layout for Challenges, Probation time in Ranked Play and more. 

The patch is expected to come soon to PS3. 


In-Game Updates:

    • Full Royalty Character Loot Set unlocked.

    • Connectivity Optimizations

    • Connectivity and matchmaking improvements when in a party.
    • Added 15 Master Prestige ranks and Grand Master Prestige.
    • Added 15 more Daily Supply Drop Challenges.
    • Fixed a rare issue where players were not able to spawn into the game.
    • Fixed the sound of the SAC3 with the Suppressor Attachment to not play in stereo to all players on the map.
    • Fixed a rare issue where players would spawn without a gun.
    • Players will now be shown a “Player does not own the map pack” message when a player without the Havoc DLC joins their party.
    • Added the ability for purchased Create-A-Class slots to appear in Private Matches.
    • Improvements made to the party chat system’s audio handling.


Weapon Balancing Updates (Note: Adjustments affect base weapon and all loot variants):

    • Heavy weapons: increase player movement speed by 5%
    • Corrected scopes on the AE4.
    • MK14 – reduced recoil
    • ARX160 – increased magazine size
    • AMR9 – increased damage, decreased time between bursts
    • SN6 – reduced recoil
    • KF5 – mid damage range increased
    • Atlas 45 – mid damage range increased, max damage range increased
    • PDW – increased damage
    • Shotguns: reduced spread when using Gung-Ho
    • S12 – increased fire rate, increased damage
    • EPM3 – reduced recoil
    • Lynx – reduced recoil
    • ASM1 – slightly reduced initial fire rate


UI Updates:

    • Rare Supply Drop Error messages when opening fixed.
    • Added a display for how many free slots you have in the Armory from the “Redeem Items” menu.
    • Replaced the camouflage images for Diamond and Royalty with the correct images in the Create-A-Class menu.
    • Replaced the Valkyrie loadout for the Centurion loadout for players who were incorrected rewarded this character gear in Clan Wars.
    • Fixed an issue where duplicates of unlocked items were showing in the New Items list.
    • Fixed an issue where some Create-A-Class were showing the incorrect lock status when selecting a Permanent Unlock when Prestiging.
    • Adjusted kill feed speed from 4 seconds to 6 seconds.
    • Fixed a rare issue where players would experience a delay when viewing their Friends list in-game.


Challenges Updates:

    • Removed ability to earn more than one of a non-redeemable character gear from the Daily Supply Drop Challenges.
    • Players will no longer receive a Daily Supply Drop Challenge for non-redeemable gear they have already acquired.
    • Removed the incorrect challenge for the Crossbow Scope to unlock at 10 kills.


Emblem Updates:

    • Fixed an issue where the Emblem would sometimes apply incorrectly to the player card.


Scorestreak Updates:

    • Sentry Gun turrets now die in one melee hit.
    • Decreased the amount of time the player has to hold X to exit a remote controlled Sentry Turret.
    • Unmodified Missile Strike missiles now travel faster when boosting (by hitting the fire button while coming down).
    • The Vulcan laser scorestreak now fires longer.


Ranked Play Updates:

    • Added probation time for players who do not complete or disconnect from Ranked Play matches.
    • Will properly award Division Points in the case of a forfeited match (when the entire other team leaves).


Broadcaster Updates

    • Adjusted the colors and over all look for Broadcaster mode to make text and names easier to read and a better experience for viewers.
    • Fixed a rare issue where HUD elements would get stuck on the broadcaster’s screen.


Game Mode Specific Updates:

    • S&D: Added UI to show if you were attacking or defending at the start of the round.
    • One Shot: Increased Kill Confirmed score limit to 80 in the One Shot Mosh Pit playlist.
    • Gun Game: Added a leaderboard for Gun Game.
    • Momentum: Adjusted spawn locations for the Drift map.
    • Uplink: Fixed an issue where the satellite drone could get stuck on the Clown Inn sign.


Map Specific Updates:

    • Fixed various out of map exploits across different multiplayer maps.
    • Fixed an issue where Orbital Care Packages were removed from areas of the map on Drift after the dynamic map event.
    • Fixed an issue where indestructible objects would show up on the Sideshow map.
    • Adjusted the A Bomb site location on Sideshow.
    • Fixed a performance issue with some of the dynamic map pieces on the Core map.
    • Adjusted spawns locations for the Drift map..
    • Fixed Aerial Assault Drone and Recon Drone out of world exploits on the Sideshow map.


Exo Survival Updates:

    • Fixed various out of map exploits across different multiplayer maps.


Exo Zombies Updates:

    • Added ability for players to pause the game in single-player Private match.
    • Fixed an issue where players were not able to join a match together while in a party.
    • Fixed various out of map exploits where players could remain in place and not be attacked by zombies.
    • Removed the ability for host to start the match before players were ready in a Private Match setting.
    • Fixed an issue for the 20/20 Achievement so weapons that are reacquired after leveling it up to level 20 still count towards the achievement status.
    • Exo Zombies intro movie is now skippable.
    • Fixed a rare crash issue in Exo Zombies.
    • Fixed an issue where certain camos were missing for the ARX160.
    • Fixed an issue where the pop-up messaging for Player 2 could only be closed by Player 1.
    • Fixed a rare issue where the After Action Report was showing the incorrect map information after joining a Private Match.


  • carson kelly

    Wahoooo yes can’t wait to play after school

  • carson kelly

    And guys please don’t comment stupid negative comments and cool

    • Jimmy

      Stupid negative.

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  • Michael

    I’m on xbox one and I’ve noticed there is much more lag with this new update. I don’t know if it’s just my connection or I’m being pared up with people from Guatemala, but it’s kind of annoying.

    • carson kelly

      So you might just have connection from Walmart or it’s the idk

      • Michael

        My friends say I have temple connection. (Not referring to a religious belief or anything) like a ruined sanctuary or something ?

    • arcengine

      same here. red and yellow lobbies. once again, I’m matched up with people from france and uk. the last update was fine for me. its unplayable now. i think they added a new perk also that makes you teleport. forget sniping on sideshow. now you see me, now you don’t.

      • Michael

        Lol a teleportation perk! Lmfao I’m done. Smh

        • Exo Teleport, I got it from the supply drops you have to buy. Sadly it costed another 50$ to actually equip it.

          • Michael

            Ha! SHG’s would’ve thought I was buying them. Such a scam it’s not even funny.

          • MichiganerE

            Rumor has it that SHG is going to release a new supply drop with a new perk known as: MLG 420blazeit. It’ll cost about $59.99.

    • If another patch did indeed just roll out then it is probably due to the limited player base that only received the patch so far. There are fewer people for you to get matched with. Once more get it things will probably balance out.

      • Michael

        I guess so. I haven’t played the game in about 2 months so a lot has changed since the last time I played it.

        • Same here. Haven’t played since Jan. 9th. No intention to any time soon.

    • Ak74u

      It’s just your connection mines is perfectly fine. Get rid of that macdonalds connection you peasant.

  • anyone know how big this shit will be? like space?

    • carson kelly

      10-15 GB maybe or lees

      • WTF

      • Kobrah

        15GB? WTF? It better not be. 1.5GB maybe 1.5GB

        • carson kelly

          The update frames per second all and all like a bug update its going to go fast

          • Kobrah

            Wtf are you on about mate?

      • 380

        Ten to fifteen GB when the game itself is forty to fifty? Nice try.

  • If its 10-15gb i wont be playing AW for another week cuz my internet is slow asf

    • carson kelly

      Put your system in rest mode it will be done it like 15-25 min

    • monkeyspankz

      1.92 gb

      • carson kelly

        That’s like a 5-10 min update sometimes a 1-3min update in restmode

  • ccrows

    There’s also a 153MB patch on the XB1, but so far all I can confirm is the new St. Patrick’s Day supply drop icon…

    • carson kelly

      YEH about time

    • RdJokr

      Supply Drop icons are handled by the server, so the update has nothing to do with that.

  • Ayoooo

    Laughing at PS3. Brace yourselves for the downvotes from PS3 users.

  • Drdayde

    This sucks: Sentry Gun turrets now die in one melee hit.

    Its hard to get that thing up and now this.

    Decreased the amount of time the player has to hold X to exit a remote controlled Sentry Turret.

    I never hold X its square. Shit update.

    • u use sentry guns? shit player

      • Drdayde

        You never got one haha

        • i dont use killstreaks…

          • Drdayde

            Because you can’t get em…

          • no because they all suk dik lol. waste of space. also i play comp/ranked.

          • Drdayde

            Well good for u, I liked the sentry gun but this update makes it trash. Try bf for non killstreaks though.

          • the sentry gun is shit and good thing i can kill it in one slap.

    • Kyle G

      o dam u cen git turent in AW!1?one!! wow m9 u mus be gud!!!1!1!

    • spartanelite

      Nope its definitely X

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    • Mario Rivera

      Did u wait for a xbox one price drop too?

      • Kyle G


    • Kyle G

      Oh man, starting console wars is so much fun!

  • JRevenge™

    The New upgrade from 153mb to ” xbox one” system of the problem in the lobby closed ranked match ?

  • derrrrrrrrrrrrr

    So… I’ve said this before… The update is coming to PS3 a month later?

  • Aceshigh87

    The update is nice but it would be great to have a timeline on advanced supply drops. I don’t plan to buy but don’t want to waste any levels that I should be unlocking them.

    • Kobrah

      I waited 2 weeks for this update to prestige. Today I prestiges and realised no advanced supply drops yet 🙁

  • tarfeef101

    Really wish they let you pause private match zombies games. Me and my friends REALLY need that

    • GinsuVictim

      That’s an online mode. You’ll never be able to pause an online mode.

      • Implying their arent splitscreening..

        • GinsuVictim

          That changes nothing. Private match is online, local is not.

          • So if I make it private, splitscreen and make it so no one else can join, it doesn’t pause?

          • GinsuVictim

            I hate to repeat myself.

          • I don’t know about you but I find that a issue

          • GinsuVictim

            I gave you the answer above.

  • guest

    So asm1 still OP or fine? Mk14 any good?

    • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

      ASM1 will always be op.

  • Tobiaskie

    when is this shit coming to ps3?

  • Saiqe

    And what about the championship camo?

  • BobMarleySoul

    I prestige do Sunday so I should get atleast 1 but I’m only 4th prestige level 12 even at level 20 I get one

    • BobMarleySoul

      I ment an Advanced Supply Drop

  • solostar21

    Dang what about garbage ps3 why it couldn’t be for the ps3 also now got to wait wow sledgehammer

    • jooker-jr

      High moon.

  • Saiqe

    What about the championship camo and the purchaseable armory slots

  • Stefan Lang


    Gonna leave this here. Sorry for the spam but this is a pettion to get mw2 remastered for next gen and is almost at 100k signatures. Sign it.

    • RdJokr

      Even if this thing gets over 100k signatures, Activision has no reasons to listen to you.

      And another thing is that Jason West left IW after MW2, along with Vince Zampella. I can’t believe that the guy who made this petition doesn’t even know this simple fact.

      • Stefan Lang


    • GinsuVictim

      You’re wasting your time.

      • Stefan Lang


  • noobswontlie

    What about PS3?

  • solostar

    Should of just let ps4 and ps3 patch instead of doing one console at a time wast of time

  • Keiron harris

    Does this include advanced supply drops?

    • Kobrah

      Nope 🙁 dunno why

      • GinsuVictim

        Because Sony.

  • Tseug

    Says “fixed a RARE issue where players would spawn in without a gun”. That happened to me so many times I can’t even count.

    • common sense

      At least you got to spawn in, I played for the first time in months couldn’t spawn in because it threw me in a full game… I just shut it off and unplugged my ps4 put my ps3 back on with blops 2 and went back to enjoying cod again.

  • Hsbs

    Am I the only one who got banned for no reason???

    • Keshav Bhat

      Banned from what?

  • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

    Advanced Supply Drops coming in a month?

  • Richman2304

    When is this coming for PS3?

  • Unremarkable33

    Do custom classes reset in the master prestige ranks?

    • ryan


  • thr33pw00d

    Still no news about PS3?

  • Richard

    so when are the advanced supply drops coming to ps4??

  • William Taylor

    When will advance supply drops come to ps4