The new character gear announced on Sunday, the Atlas Engineer set, is available now in the Advanced Supply Drop rotation for fans to earn and unlock. As a special thank you, Sledgehammer Games is giving the Atlas Engineer Exo for free; the Exo should be in one of the next Supply Drops you open. This offer lasts from today, March 17th till Friday, March 20th at 9AM PT. After that, it’ll be available via Advanced Supply Drops only. The rest of the Atlas Engineer character gear set can be earned through Advanced Supply Drops. 

 SOURCE: SHGames (via @moriarty1975)


    Meh !



  • Redrum

    very bold colour’s

  • Jon

    Is this in all consoles or just next gen for now??

  • Baldmanz_RAGE

    Again, same shit different colors!!! Who cares!! They will save the real cool stuff for micro DLC.

    • Daniel

      I dont blame them

  • RdJokr

    That exo actually looks quite decent. Love the color scheme. Thank god I got blessed with a drop earlier and got this baby.

    Wish I could say the same about the rest of the set though…

  • Stefan Lang

    Id rather have this than a damn exo with flowers. Besides, its free so I wont complain. But about earning AE4 variants, I dont wanna earn them because I dont want any dlc that comes out. Hopefully they fix it soon.

  • ScOott

    Another dull colour to add with the rest of them .. I don’t want unicorns and rainbows but come on… When b.f has better looking camos than cod you know something is wrong .. But then again if it was nice it wouldn’t be free In this game

  • LovekillerX

    *insert complaint here*

    It is free so can’t complain guys. I don’t care if I get new exo because it is FREE. Gosh people on this site only complain nowadays. You can say your opinion by telling constructive criticism. Not just telling “OMG I CAN’T UNDERSTAND WHY SHG IS SO STUPID!!”

    • ScOott

      Why don’t they make an exo like the ones their selling and give it away for free ? No one would complain about that … But if your happy with this free stuff/ garbage they been giving us in recent months then … Good for u I suppose … I consider this a bag of wank personally

    • GinsuVictim


  • BHCMax

    fragmented game, fragmented communities (maps), selling us micro dlc’s that the community once gave for free, cod is dead, long live cod4 and waw

    • Und3rY0urB3d

      T_T This is free…

  • J4MES

    OMFG this is incredibly generous! Sledgehammer you are forgiven. I will now buy all your micro DLC from now on for you kind generosity in delivering this impeccable exo that is beaming with beautiful colours and probably took years of careful coding to produce. This puts COD4, MW2 and Black Ops to shame. I think Sledgehammer should hire Mark Rubin now and become a powerhouse not just of the franchise but in gaming history.

    I just hope Tmartn and Ali-A don’t get too excited that they jizz in the video but it could very well happen..

  • CoDisDeaD

    I’m so glad I got Battlefield Hardline for this. Such a better game with half the commercial BS. Looks like BF wins again. Even broken; BF4 destroyed Ghosts and I think Hardline will dominate AW until the next CoD arrives and not even Treyarch can save this dwindling franchise. Most of the money made from CoD goes straight to Destiny now so no matter what; this community just gets ripped off and no freebies are gonna make a difference.

    These pathetic microtransactions take no effort to produce either. $$$$$$$$$

    • GinsuVictim

      Microtransaction? Can you even read?

    • bobby

      Have you forgotten about battlefield premium… Is just as much of a scam

      • BF4 premium gave us 6 map packs each filled with Easter eggs and quality far beyond even cod campaign maps and

        20+ weapons,

        free camos,

        knives and even to play on Dlc maps weeks before they’re released.

        Cod has 4 map packs full of small plain crap,

        just this year they’re giving us 1 or 2 weapons and

        1 Exo zombies map, for the same price.

        Get your head, OUT of your ass.

    • Viking

      Battlefield hardline isnt even that good. Its a step down from battlefield 4. Of course bf4 stomped on ghosts. Bf4 was amazing and ghosts was by far the worst cod ever. That’s like comparing a healthy ripped body to a morbidly obese one.

      • Juses

        No AW Is the worst cod

        • TheShadowReaper

          NO! its like you forgot Ghosts exists. please, no!

          • Juses

            AW is worse than ghosts.

          • Juses, no.

  • Kill Denied

    People take out a second mortgage just for weapon skins in CSGO and you guys complain over free stuff

  • ScOott

    It amazes me how quick people are to defend this cod… We know cod are good at weapon skins and so on … Look back at previous cods then come back to a.w … And then tell me which has the better quality skins …it won’t be a.w …. It’s like u forgotten how good they used to be and your all happy with what SH have given you … Don’t have to agree just don’t bash on people that feel like the odd free exo suit that looks like dirty water is good enough

    • GinsuVictim

      I never use any of the crap they give us anyway. I sell every exo and piece of clothing for XP. The camos for the guns aren’t very good at all, outside of diamond and royalty. Even Ghosts had better camos.

      This is free, though, so whatever. I won’t buy personalization packs, camos, etc unless there’s something that just wows me, and right now, it ain’t happening.

      • ScOott

        same as me then I keep the gold n black mask the blsck t shirt and some Black jeans looks good with diamond vest on top and the bronze exo : D everything else is gone

    • So true! To be honest, the only customization add-ons I think should be in call of duty are weapon camos. Do we really need to make it harder to get the elite weapons we all are trying so hard to get?

      • ScOott

        Exactly .. Prestige 6 and the only elite weapon I have is mk14 … I feel like I’m the unluckiest person in the whole of The game … It can’t be normal lol? N more gear to make me even more unlikely to get anything is not the one … I was excited when I first heard I could earn some elite weapons … But no I’m going to have to wait till max prestige which I doubt il get to until It comes to end of its life cycle (big sigh) I also agree to just weapon camos … If they put all their effort into just the weapon camo we might of had better ones instead of trying to make good suits and exo

  • Melchor

    Still waiting for the PS3 update.. :/

    • AC

      PS3? Time to embrace current gen.

      • Melchor

        So true, but unfortunately my whole clan still owns the PS3, but this year we will make the jump to PS4 in time for the 2015 COD release.

  • zack

    Lmao! I play until i get this in my first supply drop then its back to hardline.

  • Daniel

    Stop complaining and enjoy free stuff
    AW is AWesome

  • OMG its FPSBroski

    i got the loadout in my normal supply drop tho

  • Max_Ukraine

    Sledgehammer, why not drop on PC rest of the Atlas Engineer (Not available on the PC)?
    Why you do not respect the PC players?

  • Guest

    I have had that Atlas Engineer Exo for months now, I always thought it was just in game. Now you tell me that it hasnt been… Now thats messed up