GameStop is offering a limited time promotion that allows fans who pre-order Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Ascendance DLC for Xbox One or Xbox 360 from their local GameStop store to get an exclusive poster. The poster is in limited quantities and available for a limited time. Contact your local store about their poster availability.

SOURCE: @GameStop

  • Guest

    That is such bullshit. Whats special for all the players that bought the season pass get? Thats right NOTHING! Oh but then Gamestop gives out promotion for the people that “Pre-order” the DLC. Once again we get fucked over. Thanks SHG!

    • Keshav Bhat

      I believe that GameStop only gives you $15 worth of Xbox credit, so you can preorder and get $15 to do whatever with on Xbox.

      And this isn’t an Activision or Sledgehammer Games thing. It’s an GameStop thing.

    • Psychomaggot105

      Just ask for one at your local GameStop. If you show proof of purchasing the season pass from them they’ll give it to you. Atleast mine does. That isn’t the poster is it? I thought four similar posters like the first would be cool.

    • Slothigans

      You do realize that getting a season pass means NOTHING but saving ten bucks right? Besides getting to use a gun a few weeks earlier. You don’t get anything else special. It’s been like this since mw3. Should’ve known this by now.

    • AstroCyborg

      its justs a poster calm down buddy

  • Ew Xbox and esports on my wall? I wouldn’t touch either with a ten foot pole

    • Cosima McInnes

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      • Anthony

        The greatest comment ever.

      • burrgee

        Wtf lmao.. fifthy shades of green.

      • i cri eri tim

      • Drasadex

        Lmao oh my…

      • ScOott

        This comment is all over YouTube

        • Cosima McInnes

          I know 🙂

      • ccrows

        So basically you came out of the closet for a SCUF controller? (which BTW is pointless in this game anyway thanks to SBMM)

        Meh, I’m sure you, your dad, & Nadeshot will look back at this one day and laugh right?… *SMH*

        • ScOott

          lol that was funny … I hope ci doesn’t turn into YouTube comment section … I hate people ask for upvotes upvote this comment if u agree, the above message and the tmartn jokes o and upvote for tits reply for ass and ignore for dick … These kind of people should stick to YouTube not come here

        • Cosima McInnes

          lighten up ffs

      • This is kinda disturbing

        • Cosima McInnes

          Not as disturbing as part 2 😉

  • Too bad I have the season pass. :/

    • PatPatPat

      Me and my friend both have the season pass. We went in and asked for the Havoc poster and they gave it to us.

      • Maybe I’ll do that 🙂

        • ScOott

          Or pre order then cancel the pre order if u want the poster … I seen someone say that before n thought it was a good idea …

  • ScOott

    The game is still not fixed … I was playing yesterday (on one of the maps that got a bit of snow on) don’t know the name n some one was killing me from outside the map impossible to kill him n it closed off half the map I couldn’t use … Had to quit gone down as a loss … Joke … I honestly love cod but I’ve never experienced such a glitchy game they allready fixed a bunch of stuff like this n still people can glitch out of maps n get cheap kills … I’ve been playing cod for a long time n can honestly say I’ve never come across anything like this before this game ..

    • Guywithbrains

      Well I have to agree it sucks that some players can’t be good enough player without glitching. It especially ruins Infected for me which I loved mainly in MW3 but also in Ghosts.

      But we’ll see because seems like fixing PS4 title isn’t so easy. For example Battlefield 4 still needs patches so let’s hope it won’t take that long.

      Although for Black Ops 2 it has taken 2,5 years and still not enough weapon balance etc. Also same can be said about every Call of Duty title after MW1. But that is another story which I am not going to argue about.

      • ScOott

        Well yh weapon balancing which Is always going to be a tuff task to get right I can cope with a few op n under powerd guns but being able to glitch out side the game is a joke :-/ … I quit cuz I had enough but I really wish I got his gamer tag before I left .. People like that should be banned … I don’t see the fun in sitting in a glitch personally n shooting people … But never mind lets just wait for treyarch to save cod ….

        Just joking calm down :-p

        • Guywithbrains

          I see what you did there. ;]

          Glitching has always been problem and it is never fun so let’s hope they get banned for their lifetime (maybe not happening…)

  • ezskinsezlife

    relax guys, its tuesday which means trailerday for call of duty

    • Max Martinez

      Trailer is coming out during the Championship.

      • ezskinsezlife

        yo, “dude” who was right you dick cunt motherfucker daddyfucker!!!

  • jooker-jr

    *prints it.

  • Kyle G


  • Hey Guys and Gals, it’s been a long time since I’ve commented on this great site. I wanted to assure you that NO burgers were harmed in the making of this new map. The SledgeHammer team and I want to thank you guys for all of the support! This wouldn’t be possible without you guys(and gals).

    • Kyle G

      Make a mercenary playlist

      Take out SBMM

      This game would honestly be a masterpiece then

    • ScOott

      Lmao why don’t u remove SBMM n get rid of the exo In the next game … P.s suck my balls …. P.s I wish this was his real profile and he read that

      • Kyle G

        I checked out his profile and it seems legit.. i guess

        I just commented the same thing but also mentioned mercenary playlists

        • ScOott

          Lol it wouldn’t be him … I could make a profile pretending be god n n give everyone my blessing after every comment but it wouldn’t be legit

      • LovekillerX

        Just being curious… why remove SBMM? It has been proved it doesn’t cause lag? Also I don’t want to start third world war so let’s discuss like adults, shall we?

        • ScOott

          Lol what do u take me for ? … It’s just boring I never play any one better or any one worse than me … I miss the randomness of some times Getting destroyed and other times almost at a nuke … I know exactly what is going to happen every game

          • LovekillerX

            Well that is true. I was really good in Modern Warfare series (MW1 – MW3) but then my downhill started. :/ But in AW I get pretty good K:D because of SBMM. 🙂 I did worst in Black Ops 2 for some reason and I hope that won’t happen again in Black Ops 3. :/

          • ScOott

            Yh some times I could have a bad game n go 5 15 n other times I could 30 n 10 n I remember once going 52-10 … Now In a.w il either be positive be 8 or lose by 8 one game il be top of table next o won’t that’s as fun as its gets … I understand catering to people that never ever do well but i mean I’ve brought b.f since b.f 3 n this the first b.f I’ve had a plus kd in n I love the fact I’ve practised enough to be able to have that … I wouldn’t want SBMM to cater for me … I’d much prefer ranked play and just normal mode … Not just to “pub stomp” as people think but for the challange … When people hear people say they want sbbm remove they just think that player is the best player ever n can destroy anyone I’m far from the best player never had 2.kd or anything like that n just enjoy playing different people

          • LovekillerX

            I understand your point. I loved Modern Warfare series because there I could do well and getting hammered SOMETIMES didn’t matter so much to me. My favorite Call of Duty is MW3 because it had specialist system and nice killstreaks and weapons. I didn’t use death streaks because getting rewarded for deaths isn’t a good thing.

            But for some reason I couldn’t do well in Black Ops 2 – the only game I got hammered and sh*t on neck every single time. I don’t know what is the reason for it because in earlier titles I got easily moabs and nukes without using the most OP gun. I hope Black Ops 3 multiplayer will be more like Black Ops 1. I don’t hope Black Ops 1 campers with their “camper setup” to return but it got more “Modern Warfare” feel than Black Ops 2.

            What you hope that we will get this year?

          • ScOott

            I really wanted ww2 but the more I thought about the more I can’t imagine going back … It would be to limited the guns they could use the camos are getting crazier wouldn’t really fit, equipment would be limited… If it’s like bo2 or mw3 il be a happy chappy … Il just be glad of cod that feels like cod on next gen consoles we have ghosts that doesn’t feel like cod due to big maps n ttk n then A.w with exo, while I think it’s nice change n it’s a good game n I would even buy the next a.w with exo, it’s just not got the exact cod feel I want some times … Basically I want a cod that I don’t have to dig out a 360 or PS3 to play ..

    • Drasadex


    • Ryan

      How about you get off charile Intel and update your fucking PS3 game

    • Should I tweet “you” and see if you actually commented on CI?

  • AstroCyborg

    screw gamestop