Sledgehammer Games has just announced that Double XP will be activated this weeked for Advanced Warfare in honor of Call of Duty Championship 2015. This should make it easy to gain another prestige or two however it’ll be difficult to multitask and watch champs and play at the same time! Either way, Call of Duty will dominate this weekend. Have fun!

  • Awesome!

  • ghosts sucks

    I’ll take it. I’m master prestige 6 so I’ll take all the XXP I can get

  • SoulTaker

    I would rather really see a rapid supply drop weekend where you get one supply drop every 2nd or 3rd game, but then they would be no reason for A.S.D.

  • VVFZ

    I’d rather have some Black Ops 3 news but I’ll take it m8

    • Guywithbrains


    • Ak74u

      Hope the next cod is really good still loving advanced warfare though just hope it won’t be as bad as ghosts

  • Matthew

    Time to get my grind on

  • Freeze

    Prestige is pointless except for Advanced supply drops. But I prestige accidentally so I need to get back to 50 so great!

  • Ryan

    Update for PS3 out but with no supply drops

    • Aceshigh87

      Advanced Supply Drops aren’t out for PS4 or PC yet either so this isn’t surprising. We’ll likely get them soon.

      • Ryan

        Yeah next week after dxp so I cant get them for 20 30 and 40 until I prestige

        • Aceshigh87

          I’ve sorta stopped caring about how many levels I get before they come out. I’ve fully prestige do twice since the XB1 version came out. Better to enjoy the game, even if I lose a few drops

  • MTC

    Sorry the game to boring to play quick. Havent played in almost a month or more. Waiting for next COD and hope there no exo suits. You know its boring when the pro players stream other games more than COD

    • Misinformed

      You obviously don’t watch the streams then because most of them consist of over 5 hours of COD. This past week they refused to stream it because people might watch to view their strats.

  • Potato Republic

    It’d be better if they’d just activate Double XP for the entirety of Spring Break, but whatever. A weekend is good enough.

    Or if they did a whole new thing together, where they increase the chances of getting elite materials and guns, but that’s just me.

    • SoulTaker

      They have done the second one they increased chances of getting elites apparently twice now the second time it happened on Saints Patrick’s day but all I got was Knee Pads and ugly helmets.

      • RdJokr

        Same here. Thought I might finally get a crack at the Insanity, and the only piece of Elite I got that day was a friggin care package 🙁

        • SoulTaker

          So sad right? After a couple supply drops I lost my patience and just stopped. :l

  • supr squirrel

    Is it for the CoD championship or is it because they always do 2XP the weekend immediately prior to DLC being released on a platform? 😉

  • ccrows

    If this Double XP is in celebration of the COD Champs, then next weekend should have Double XP in celebration of Ascendance right?… 🙂

  • JoZer805g

    Looks like I need have my friend level up for me while I play Hardline since its Double XP for both games.

  • Better than some cosmetic rubbish! I’ll take it!

  • Kyle G


  • jheeze

    Mmm plus it’s Easter weekend lol

    • Random

      Easter weekend is next weekend…

  • The7Reaper

    Guess I’ll hop on and gain the 10 levels I need to hit prestige 9 just having so much fun on Bloodborne haven’t had time for CoD