Activision has sent over this incredible infographic on how far Call of Duty has come since it launched back in 2003. We’ll let the numbers speak for themselves…


  • Naqash Liaqat

    Had to take the opportunity.

    • Don’t we all, yet no one really cares (except for Juses). 😉

    • jooker-jr

      You’re the MVP.

  • Baruck obuma

    Wow call of duty is turning in to a famous game worldwide.

    • ScOott

      You do know it is a famous game world wide ?

    • J4MES

      ….what they said back in 2007..

    • Raptor


  • Guywithbrains

    Numbers Mason what do they mean? Sorry I had to say this because of news picture.

    However, I am happy to be part of these numbers.

    • Get better

      WTF did the numbers mean.. did they ever mean anything?

      • Grigori

        Oh yes they did

      • Yep. They were the codes to a missile launch, which was the whole reason of going underwater for something. I haven’t touched BO1 campaign in 2 years so i forgot, sorry.

        • Damn BO 1 was amazing

        • Get better

          Cheers dude, always wondered. Don’t think I even touched the campaign, was too busy with the zombies.

        • RdJokr

          To be precise, the numbers were encrypted orders, and only sleeper agents who were brainwashed at Vorkuta were capable of understanding it.

          Yep, I replayed the BO campaign so many times now, it’s basically stuck in my head.

  • Smayo

    Nice statistics, but if they want to keep this up in this console generation, they need to step things up an notch or two for their next instalments


      sorry to tell you but ur always gna be shit and the game makes no difference

      • Smayo

        so if i play better activision are going to release fun CoD’s again ? nice, i start right now man…

        • DEMOLITION12

          do you see people that are good at the game complaining? or is it just people that are bad

          • Smayo

            im not complaining, just giving my opinion here, but if you think AW and ghosts are anywhere near as addictive/intense and most of all FUN compared to the older entries, then you and i have a big different view on fun games…. real big

          • ha ha great

          • DEMOLITION12

            if you want a fun game instead of a competitive one dont play cod lol

          • Smayo

            You just won the yearly CI most retarded comment of the year competition with this statement, congratulations bro

          • DEMOLITION12

            very compelling argument

          • J4MES

            I’m fucking amazing at AW and at Ghosts but they are complete dogshit compared to the old COD’s.

  • Rorke File

    Hope there comes a good COD again.

  • burrgee

    We are brain washed just like mason was lol

  • ScOott

    I love it when they bring out these stats, always amazes me … 300 billion grenades is a big number to say u don’t have to use them anymore … I haven’t used a grenade since the mw3

    • ScOott

      Agh thought this was a.w stats it’s not … Ignore me … How thick was I to think this was all one game .. And a.w at that lmao

      • Juses

        yeah, theres no way aw sold 175 million copies

        • ScOott

          lol no… I was just being fagit…

          • The Only Logical Person Here

            its alright man

          • corekt

  • ghosts sucks

    Hope they are around for another 10 years!

    • burrgee

      Im sure they will as long as people like us keep buying it they will keep making it.

      • LovekillerX

        I buy Call of Duty games just because it is Call of Duty. It brings the odd feel (in a good way) which is unique feel. I don’t get that feel from other games. Every year Call of Duty pleases me in some way (campaign mostly but multiplayer too) so I definitely hope they will keep making these games. 🙂 Nothing beats Call of Duty multiplayer!

      • J4MES

        People will always buy it no matter how crap the game is. Typical AAA marketing = brand over quality always wins.

        • jooker-jr

          Well, its not easy to be a “brand”.

    • ScOott

      It’s the one game that keeps split screen alive, for that I will always love it.. And hope it never dies

  • Ratboy

    Probably 25 billion of those matches is me trying to raise my KD. But it ending to a lower KD.

  • k5berry

    And a shit-ton of bitchy fans. Jk

    But that was a nice touch with the “Numbers” thumbnail for the article haha.

  • J4MES

    100,000,000,000 Multiplayer matches have been played
    Shame only about 00000.1% have been on dedicated servers though!

    • You do know 00000.1% is the same as 0.1% right? What’s with all the zeros man?

    • The Only Logical Person Here

      Bruh… How do you spell Education?

      • I like your name even though it’s not true when I’m around. 😉

        • derrrrrrrrrrrrr

          Hey, you forgot about me! 🙁

          • Juses

            Dunt furget abut Juses!

          • derrrrrrrrrrrrr

            luv u juses

          • derrrrrrrrrrrrr


  • 579 billion in-game rewards? How many of those were weapons? That’s something I would want to see. Getting dumbass kneepads, and those strange helmets no one wears just sucks. :/

    • Dr. Salim

      Not supply drops, they mean medals like “skeet shooter” and “bloodthirsty.”

      • But supply drops also are. I get what you mean though. I wonder how much of the rewards earned actually have value.

      • SPAWNST4R

        its even sadder than that, lowest attitude, most time ads, least distance travelled in a match, the kind you get on MW3 for just being in a game. lol

  • PatPatPat

    “300 billion grenades thrown”
    “44x the number of cell phones in the world”

    They should have said “That’s 40x the number of people in the world”

  • Marcel Souza

    How many players are playing advanced warfare multiplayer? There`s no audience numbers online in the main menu.


    I love how they keep dragging out this historical stat shit because they dare not quote any Advance Warfare only figures because then it would confirm suspicions that the game is a fucking fail. The next thing you know they will be bribing/begging people with camos to watch the championships…..

    175 million copies sold, $60 every 2 seconds but fuck your dedicated servers fans. keep buying tho…..