To celebrate the 2015 Call of Duty Championship, Activision and Xbox are running a new promo that allows fans that watch the finals on March 29th on Xbox One or Xbox 360 event player to get the Nanotech Personalization Pack for FREE. If you can’t watch the finals, you can watch the on demand VOD of it by April 5th to also earn the personalization pack download code. 

Everyone who watches the finals on their Xbox One or Xbox 360 console live on March 29 or on demand through April 5 will automatically receive a free Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Nanotech Personalization Pack download code. Plus you’ll also be entered to win great prizes like an Xbox One Limited Edition Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Bundle, Xbox Live Gold Memberships, and Xbox Gift Cards!

SOURCE: Call of Duty

  • Juses

    Halo, am vury prud tew sey det em Furst!

    • All hail King Juses the FIRST! 😛

      • derrrrrrrrrrrrr

        noah u faht fak u dint us propr gremmr

        • Kieran

          And this is why people hate the CoD community, grow the fuck up.

          • derrrrrrrrrrrrr

            no its juds spoderman sry ;(

        • If you’ve been on CI for awhile, you know I don’t do that stuff. We once had a discussion about it, and how I thought it was sorta stupid (even though I don’t think it is, as I know where the “language” originated. But I won’t type like that ever. I will stick to my word.

    • Kyle G


    • zombiefreak935

      U sey halo on cal a dootie sight.

  • Luis

    Secund Bruh

  • mason 117

    Where can I watch the cod champs? like, what app?

    • hazmat

      Im sure they will have some banner on the home screen

    • bungie

      Mlg app

  • How u get it tho?

    • Vrtcz

      Download the mlg app

  • Michael

    Nah u good…

  • Daenm, sn.

  • Viral Echo

    Of course. The one pack I have… ?

  • XKillerDroneX

    how does it give to us though

  • drjakeyoung

    What about us PS4 users? I am sorry, but this is a whole new level of bias!

    • Eses

      Not really. Microsoft sponsor Cod Champs and have been throwing money at activision since mw2 ( I think ) for the one month exclusivity on dlc this is just an extension of that. The sales figures of the new gen consoles may change that in the future ( xbone – ‘nearly 10 million SHIPPED’ ps4 20.2 million SOLD ) but that depends on player base.

      If there are more people playing COD on xbone/360 then Activision have no reason to either stop the exclusivity or try to cut a similar deal with Sony, but if the numbers are playing on ps4 as a business move of not wanting to annoying the larger player base things may change.

      Personally as a ps4 and xbone owner I would prefer there was no exclusivity and both consoles got everything at the same time but it’s all about the $$$ and always will be

      • Jasy

        I agree, we as a community should get everything at the same time.

        • PHAT PETE

          this is why we pay for xbox live, this is where the money goes towards business moves like this.

  • Why did I buy this? But to be fair, this is my favorite DLC camo. Very laid backed and very sweg 🙂

  • spartanelite

    That’s the only one I bough ;_;

  • Niiice. The only camo I bought.

  • Ratboy

    Damnit wish I was on xbone and 360. Could have gotten a kewl skin but still definitely watching the games

  • Cosima McInnes

    Does anyone consider this a slap in the face to the people who actually paid money to buy this camo ?

    Just wondering ?

    • wee

      they dont care, they already have their money, and with this they’ll get even more money. They are fat white people that only care about money. maybe they’ll give us atlas gorge now though

    • JustStop

      Just stop crying. Is this what u spend your time whining about? Your life is fucking sad.

      • Cosima McInnes

        I wasn’t whining? I was just asking a simple question you complete and utter moron.

        I know you may have trouble with your eyesight and I suggest you go and see an opticians for a free eye test just to make sure that their is nothing wrong with what you see. And when you finally take that test … Come back to me and point out exactly where I was “crying” or “whining”.

        Ok ?

    • PQ_Young_Savage


  • guillaume

    Will it be worldwide?

  • RdJokr

    Yeah, Activision. Let’s just forget that this game exists on Playstation and PC as well…

    • m8

      cod champs is and has always been presented by xbox

    • zombiefreak935

      Xbox runs it. They don’t have a choice. xD

    • Slothigans

      Bro, as great as you PC players claim your stuff to be. It will NEVER be presented on it. Not insulting just looking at the facts. :/

      • RdJokr

        This isn’t even about which platform is better, it’s about platform equality. Yeah I get it, Microsoft funds everything for COD, so you know, Xbox gets a little something special. But as a business, Activision should really think about making their customers on other platforms not feel left out. There should be some form of compensation.

        • BlaCkOuT

          Gosh you’re delusional… You don’t see other competitive games reaching out to other platforms. They can do what they want and Microsoft deserves having eSports on Xbox, especially since all the competitive players are already on Xbox.

          • Drb2018

            Yeah, I’ve never seen a mlg team with Sony products only.

    • Drb2018

      Cod champs is presented by xbox… Not be Sony or your pc build/company.

  • Matthew

    Free Sweg, I’ll take it

  • Kyle G


    • Well someone’s upset…

      • Kyle G


  • infedel

    Goddamn people here are fucking stupid and whiny.

    • Drasadex

      Welcome to CharlieIntel! lol

  • Adam

    What time is it on the 29th?

    And how will they know I watched it? Is there an app on the XB1 I have to download to stream it or something?

    • Vrtxz

      Yea you have to download the mlg app

      • Potato Mastah 3000

        r u sure? they said u need the event player

  • zombiefreak935

    Finally!!! Something good!!! xD

  • Guest

    Why the nanotech camo? Why not the actual Cod CHAMPS camo? smh I even paid for the nanotech awhile ago. FUCK YOU ACTIVISION

  • MyPulloutGameWeak

    Why the nanotech camo? Why not the actual Cod Champs camo? wouldn’t that make more sense …

  • ScOott

    I’m bit late on the article can some one tell me how this works ? How will they know if u watched it or not … I wouldn’t mind the free camo but I don’t want to sit n watch it … Maybe turn it off n on again would I get the camo ?

  • ViralVelocity

    People who say that they are making more money are stupid. They are giving away the pack. Key terms here guys are giving away which means they’re actually losing money.

  • gefw

    So how do we watch the championships?

  • Gusty

    how can i watch the tournament, and how can i get the skin? is it a code that they give while the stream is playing?

  • o.o


  • ME

    I’m pretty sure this is only for people in the US? The full rules on the website say that. You should update the post, I spent ages looking for the Live tile.

    • Get better


      • Get better

        I wonder if this is also true with the skin, or if it’s just the competition. They seem perfectly aware of the rest of the world when they want to sell their games. Pretty lame really.

  • Raffiica

    If I watch it using the app on xbox one, do I still get the camo?

  • Joahua

    did they just give out the camo

  • noah

    wen does it end

  • Joahua

    idk but did they already give out the camo ?

  • Downtown

    Is this USA only ?

  • Does anyone remember what they said we needed to do to download this? They said it during codchamps

  • Cody

    When do you get the code. Because I think I have watched the entire championship but i don’t know

    • Fluffy Monkey

      Same here I don’t think anyone his gotten it

      • noob

        you will receive code on the email associated to your xbox account. within 8 weeks. no one reads the rules anymore?

        • urmom

          it says the code will expire by the 5th. go read the rules agin dumb f##k.

  • Fluffy Monkey

    Anyone know how to get the code???

  • Raptor

    They lied 🙁

  • Tayler Hammond

    So I watched the whole thing on the Live Event player on my Xbox One. And I was never offered the Nanotech pack. WTF??

  • zack

    I already have this camo but i couldnt even watch it on my xbox. It would not work on mine or my friends xbox one. Streamed perfect on my laptop.

  • Ronan Mckenna

    were the hell is my camo

    • Tom


  • Ronan Mckenna

    give me it
    give me it
    give me it
    give me it
    give me it

  • Annoyed

    I did not recieve my nanotech camo for watching the CHAMPS

    • noob

      you will receive download code on email within 8 weeks. on the email associated to your xbox account. 🙂 read the rules, dude.

      • Annoyed

        I only saw it on charlie intel so i didn’t know any rules but thanks

  • Ronan Mckenna

    screw you @disqus_GtwmRPwL86:disqus

  • Ronan Mckenna

    why did you lie charlie i thought we were buddies

  • G Man
  • IllusionsTV

    Where do i recieve my code??

  • Creston

    If you watched the call of duty finals, where is the code to get the nanotech camo and now do you do it?

  • tom coon

    Do I have to live in the U.S.A. or something cos I cant get the code.

  • Siddhant

    Guys…please help me

    I can’t find the tile to press to enter into this giveaway.(or maybe I am just doing it wrong)

    Please tell me exactly how to do it…just download the Xbox live event player and play the cod champs??(well,when I search for Xbox live event get no search results)…

    Please help me 🙂

  • Patrick Edwards

    So where is the code to get the pack?

  • James

    has anyone got it yet? ive watched the VOD and still havent gotten it