For the first time ever, Activision will be awarding one player from the 2015 Call of Duty Championship with the Most Valuable Player award. In order to determine the player, Activision wants your help. 

During the finals on Sunday, March 29th, Activision will open up a poll where fans will be able to vote on the player they think deserves the MVP award. The MVP award is sponsored by the Call of Duty Endowment. 

During the Grand Finals on Sunday, we’ll open up the vote and let you weigh in on who you think was the tournament’s best-performing player. Compiling the fan votes along with the picks from our expert panel, one player will take home the honor and be rewarded with the Call of Duty® Championship 2015 MVP trophy.


The Call of Duty® Championship 2015 MVP trophy is sponsored by the Call of Duty Endowment, a non-profit organization that seeks to help veterans find high-quality careers. For more information about the Call of Duty Endowment and how you can help, please visit

SOURCE: Activision

  • SwegLord420KushMASTER

    It’s gonna be Nadeshot, no doubt. I honestly can’t see anyone outside of OpTic winning a player-chosen MVP award.

    • burrgee

      If anybodys goni win it, it will be formall or cumshot

    • JD

      Actually it was based on gameplay in the tourney AND fan votes. As both Opticteams went out on Sat, there was a lot of time for other names to surface.

      Clayster won MVP, his squad Denial won the whole thing pretty easily as they didn’t drop a series outside of pool play all weekend.

      And cumshot spent $15K to buy out the contracts of Crim and Formal, only to get destroyed at Champs. LOL no ring for you!

  • XKillerDroneX

    here we go, optic fanboys are going to vote for Nadeshot or Sump. GG

    • burrgee

      Fuck the pros if i was there i would win it hands down. I might not be a well known pro but god im good, very good.

      • Guest


      • Kyle G


      • Please tell me more

      • Ha Ha Ha! That was a good laugh.

  • Cosima McInnes

    Nadeshot #GreenWall #Optic4Life #IdontCareAbouteSportsButImJustTryingToFitIn

    • Drasadex

      forgot #EsportNation


  • ScOott

    I know nothing about e sports … I know theirs lots of teams… Yet only two players …nadeshot and scumpi … I don’t think anyone else exists so one of them will win .. The way people talk about nade shot on here it will be him

    • Ak74u

      Yup all I hear is nade shot so most likely him I know nothing about esports either

  • Fariko Lunatik

    Nadeshot is ass and will not win.

  • Mark

    They might as well give it to nadeshot right now. I don’t pay much attention to esports or the players so can someone tell me why nadeshot is so popular?

    • zack

      Because he has over 1 mil subscribers on youtube and he is a long time member of one of the most popular teams in optic gaming.

      • zack

        You will hear nadeshot and scumpii’s name alot because of their huge fan base they have created from youtube.

    • JD

      Nah, Nade isn’t even the 3rd best player on his own team. Optic got knocked out early, as did most all the favorites.

      My guess on MVP would be:


  • ccrows

    Watch Optic lose in the tourney, and Nadeshot still wins the MVP… 😉

  • I’m probably gonna vote Crim or Swanny since they are nearly definitely going to play well. Swanny had the highest K/D in both BO2 and Ghosts.

    • Swan

      Well Epsilon are already out.

      • I know 🙁 I’m really sad about it. But Crim went on a 9 streak yesterday against Orbit, so as an OpTic fan I’m really happy about that. Then as a EU fan I’m pissed about TCM and Epsilon

  • LovekillerX

    Achievements for new Zombies map:

    • zombiefreak935

      Feel free to post whenever xD

    • zombiefreak935

      Activate Bubby. xD

  • Colin MacKenzie

    Formal or Crimsix will win the award. No doubt.

  • Arinord Gral

    Nadeshot. WhY? Not because he is a k/d slayer wich he is not but because its him that pushes the team for the win because of hes brainmas! The perfect objective player that carryes hes team of destroyers For the win. Dont say optic wont win thats just ridiculous, they have the best objectine player in the world whom is nadeshot, and pissibly the best slayer in the world combined with perfected team chat

  • OpieNukez

    Not an optic fanboy but I think Scumpi is playing pretty good right now.

  • zombiefreak935

    $1000 says Nadeshot will win. Please Scumpii. xD