The biggest eSports event of the year has to come a rousing conclusion, with Denial has taking first and claiming the title of World Champion. The team has won $400,000, the trophy, and the Advanced Warfare Champion Rings. 

Top 8 placements: 

  1. Denial Esports | $400,000
  2. Revenge Gaming | $200,000
  3. FaZe Red | $120,000
  4. Prophecy | $100,000
  5. Automatic Reload | $70,000
  6. Mindfreak | $50,000
  7. OpTic Gaming | $35,000
  8. Team Kaliber | $25,000 

It was an incredible weekend packed with amazing Call of Duty action. In case you missed it, be sure to check out the new Exo Zombies trailer.

Upcoming eSports events:

  • UMG California – May 16-18 
  • X Games – June 4-7 

Stay tuned for the latest Call of Duty eSports news! 

  • PatPatPat

    Ayyyy my boys!

  • Redrum

    Well done to them, Well deserved

  • Ryan Robertson

    How do I get my nanotech code ? I registered and then I watched it and now what?

    • XKillerDroneX

      A code will be send to your E-mail or your Xbox Live account before April 6, 2016

  • Tep Kok

    “The biggest eSports event of the year”

    there’s no need to just straight up lie

  • zombiefreak935

    What the HELL just hapened?

    • zombiefreak935

      Not mad just surprised.

  • Romeo Benjamin Laurente RN

    Where’s my nanotech code? Watched this crap since 11am lolz.

    • w

      8 weeks

      • Romeo Benjamin Laurente RN

        Oh lawd. Seems legit.

  • Guest

    I lost count of how many people said the words “it’s super exciting”

    In reality…. I have seen better things come out of bieber’s ass than this cod champs

  • Juses

    Lol tK is last.

    • Kosdff TK

      You no Lika tK?

    • I know right? The world hates Tk it seems. 🙁

    • clercq1983

      TK isn’t last. They are 8th. There were 32 teams in this championship.

  • Stefan Lang

    Im just glad FaZe Black didnt place t8. Apathy must be hella salty right now for talking shit about Crim.

  • Syll_HD

    Who was MVP?

    • fdsafds


  • HypeeZGb

    Fair play to Denial as they are easily 2nd best pro team, just a shame OpTic choked it still better than bellow 8th #GreenWall

  • Mateo


    • Next article on CI:

      ” Website Charlieintel may have Intel on Cod2015 “

      • RdJokr

        The future is Black, and it involves Operations.

      • Daniel

        Check out my twitter right now @deniel61
        Charlie intel confirmed to me
        ITS BO3

    • Maybe they got invited to play Black Ops 3 super early. I wouldnt mind if Treyarch changed their main color scheme for the next Black ops though.

  • Nadesh1t


  • Guywithbrains

    In my opinion orange and black doesn’t fit together. But maybe it is a must because Black Ops 3 is on the way.

    Maybe we are getting some big hints/real leaks soon?

    • Random

      I’ve always loved orange and black together. I doubt this is hinting at any leaks or reveals soon, more they’re anticipating the next game will be BO3 and so they’ve moved in that direction.

    • GinsuVictim

      Black goes with every color.

  • Kyle G

    I bet all of the OpTic fanboys are in Denial that they didn’t place first hahahahaha…… no?

    Fuck you.

  • zack

    I bet my friend $20 denial would win and clayster would get mvp. I saw scump make a vlog talkin that shit and i knew they were going to lose. Was happy to see clay get his revenge finally for getting dropped by optic. Thats one thing i hate about esports is how the players constantly change teams. Each player has probably been on at least 3 to 4 different teams in the past two years.

  • Juses

    i thought you got a million for winning

    • ScOott

      No I think the total winnings is a million… As in total prize pool they have given out to each team comes to a million …

  • ScOott

    What the hell is everyone talking about, nothing has changed on mobile … Please some screen shot it

  • Drasadex


  • Optic got rekt. LMAO!

  • Daniel

    CI knows its BO3

  • LovekillerX

    Treyarch posted an article to their Facebook page:

    Coincidence or not? Share your thoughts!

  • dimitri

    Do ppl think treyarks new game will be ghosts 2? that is the best cod ive ever played. advancd warefer is so bad

  • noobswontlie

    This isn’t related, but I decided I’d drop it anyways. Official Treyarch


    Why did Keshav change his twiiter name to bLackops2?

  • William Taylor

    When will advanced supply drops hit ps4