Surfer Exo-Suit images appeared online last week but we werent too sure if they were real till more images surfaced this morning. Along with the Surfer Exo-Suit, new images appeared for a “Kraken” and “Psychedelic” Exo-suit. We’re guessing more micro-DLC is on the way after Condrey tweeted an image of a new cowboy hat last week along with the hash tag for #AWAscendance so chances are we’ll hear more soon…


  • Okay, I really like the Psychedelic and Cowboy one, but the boogie board on that dudes back is way over the top. Lmao that’s so fucking silly ???

    • k5berry

      Agreed, I’ll probably get the Kraken one, but that surf board one is stupid as fuck. And the other 4 TmarTn showed are just meh.

    • RdJokr

      Cowboy Exo all day man. But that big ass Surfer board is a no-no. Almost as ridiculous as the Astronaut in Ghosts.

    • ccrows

      Thank you!

      Before I even made it to the comment section, I was stuck staring at that picture and was like “A Surfboad” Really? Really?!

      *sigh* It may not be as stupid as the astronaut suit, but man it’s close… *SMH*

    • Ak74u

      Haha let them be it makes a great target?

    • ScOott

      U ain’t going to buy that psychedelic exo are you ? …. “I’m going to stick out like a saw thumb which will make me die more often, but at least il die looking fabouloussss” .. P.s “I’m super thanks for asking” … No :-/

      • ccrows

        EXACTLY! lol

        I can’t wait to kill my first camper sitting in a dark corner, only to hear in the death chat, “WTF! How did he know that I was here?!”… 😉

      • I want the Psychedelic camo not the exo. Can you also articulate yourself better? I’m not sure if English is your first language, but that paragraph was frustrating to read. Sorry lol.

        • ccrows

          You’re still gonna probably stick out like Cyborg or Weaponized from BO2 though. Those were easy kills since you could see people with them a mile away…

        • ScOott

          U must be really thick if u can’t understand me … Please get with it it, shouldn’t be that frustrating trying to read this

          • Pete

            English please.

          • ScOott

            Fack you, you facking cunt … English enough for u ?

          • I’m saying type like you have a brain sir

          • ScOott

            Please stop , Ur making Ur self look like a twat … No one cares … Just get over it … It’s sonething u type when u got nothing better to say… Very sad .. If u can’t hack the way people type … Get the fuck off the Internet lol Jeeze! Didn’t have u down as one of them dicks tbh

          • Hey, I don’t hate you in the slightest, but there’s enough illiterate people on here already :p

          • ScOott

            Ok well I apologise for the rant … But if u can understand what I type than why say anything, I’m not going to change.. I was just joking when I made my comment in the first place .. Il keep my mouth shat next time

          • Oh no please share your opinion. Everyones opinion is needed.

      • Logic FTW!

    • Ak74u

      Let them be, it makes a great target lol

    • TheToughLuck

      The surfer exo looks really fake. I don’t think that one is real. Also, the kraken Exo looks like an Eco exo with a little photoshop

    • zombiefreak935

      Why not just paint space cats and ducks on it as well? xD

  • Stefan Lang

    That shit looks really fucking stupid.

    • the specialist

      yes but it fits to the game.AW is for 10 year olds,remember? 😉

  • Tayler Hammond

    Okay. The boogie board is a bit over the top. It’s turning into Ghosts with the REALLY stupid gear. i.e. Astronaught, Hazmat, Rubber Duckies, Space Cats. It’s call of duty, not a cartoon.

    • Rav

      some ppl acctually enjoy them 🙂
      and it is a good laugh

      • Freeze

        Sorry, that opinion is only 1.99, and for extra comments on the opinion you can pay for the Opinion-pass for 14.99 (With a four new opinion vouchers, a “dead” opinion, and a new thing called reason, which is great in our new “sticky topic” mode) 🙂

        • I heard there a new 5$ emoticon dlc, with the reason leaks going around I’m super excited!

          • Still no cow stuff though. 🙁

          • Dont worry brother, I’m getting a deal with Activi$on to make a 60$ Exo Cows DLC, including a campaign starring the main character, Jack MooCow.

          • Yes Moo Cow! Taking initiative for what’s right!

    • Daniel

      Its even worse

  • psychedelic is extremely bright… i look forward to easily spotting them on every map lol i thought those different colored circles were fruit loops….

  • Freeze

    How about instead of wasting resources on stuff you cannot even see, add new guns, make the game’s network not fail every 10 minutes (giving me a constant 1 bar for 10 more mins), or just implement a new feature I call: “Fun”. Its somewhat difficult to add in. They removed it after BO1, there was a bit in MW3 and Bo2, and some in ghosts’ infected mode, but aw needs that implemented. Is there a code for fun? How about REDUCE sbmm in pubs, decrease bal to a 4-5 shot kill, increase health by 1.3x.

    • Guywithbrains

      They should add new guns I agree. Also I hope they fix lag because I hope the best for all players. However, I don’t have any lag on PS4.

      Fun can’t be added anymore because earlier title’s “fun” was added to basics of the game.

      As long as competitive players are “deciding” about specific things in Call of Duty games we are getting higher skill requirements which means SBMM coming to public lobbies. I am fine with that because it protects me from try hards playing against “noobs with no thumbs” which gives false skill image. However, I am ready to get rid of that if I get Mercenary playlist.

      What comes to TTK it is fine. Some weapons do need buffs while other guns need nerfs but it takes time. But when other gun gets buffed it becomes more powerful which means that usage of that specific gun rises a lot.

      • Freeze

        I guess with time to kill I am aiming at a bo2, slow ttk, which really depended on accuracy. Skill should not be based on kd and spm, but recoil control, awareness, prediction and positioning. Also reverse boosting is still possible and honestly is more “false skill” than what you are saying. (BTW I am not trying to sound rude, this is a friendly debate). The lag had just started, and I cannot blame it solely on aw, its something with the xb1 servers for cod in general. I will have these times where ghosts and aw have an awful connection. Its different though, you know how when you have a 1bar you glitch around everywhere? Welllll I dont, everything is just delayed by a seconds, its like the built in delay gone wrong. Other games work fine connection wise.

    • ScOott

      Sorry, that opinion is only 1.99, and for extra comments on the opinion you can pay for the Opinion-pass for 14.99 (With a four new opinion vouchers, a “dead” opinion, and a new thing called reason, which is great in our new “sticky topic” mode) (I do agree but activision needs money) 🙂

      • Freeze

        Sorry, THAT opinion of my opinion is only 1.99, and for extra comments on the opinion you can pay for the Opinion-pass for 14.99 (With a four new opinion vouchers, a “dead” opinion, and a new thing called reason, which is great in our new “sticky topic” mode) (I do agree but activision needs money) 🙂

        • ScOott

          Very good!… Il shat ap then … Don’t want to have to purchase that opinion pass

    • QuickzZ-_-GhosT

      The Bal-27 is not OP.But my Obsidian steed is :3

    • samefreezediffday

      How bout telling shg on their website. All you bitches who come here to complain do realize nothings gonna change. Everyday someone on that nostalgia train talking bout old shit, move forward with your life fuckn nerd

    • LetItGo,LetItGooooo

      Yay more useless rants in the comment section. Keep up the hard work m8

  • clercq1983

    This is getting ridiculous…

    • Freeze

      Sorry, that opinion is only 1.99, and for extra comments on the opinion you can pay for the Opinion-pass for 14.99 (With a four new opinion vouchers, a “dead” opinion, and a new thing called reason, which is great in our new “sticky topic” mode) (I do agree but activision needs money)

    • DLC got ridiculous a long time ago. #snoopdog

  • RdJokr

    Meanwhile, the hype for COD2015 begins. SGT FRANK WOODS BABY.

    • Freeze


    • SoulTaker

      I don’t know about anyone else but I would love the return of COD points to purchase guns and attachments. Always loved that and the ability to purchase contracts!

      • RdJokr

        I’m excited to see how Treyarch expands their Pick 10 system. Hopefully we won’t have to end up with attachments locking after prestige again like in AW. That was some mad grinding.

        • SoulTaker

          Tell me about it. I have hated going for advanced rifling on shotguns since I’m not use to aiming down sights.

  • LovekillerX

    Anyone know about the time (in hours) when new trailer for Burgertown zombies comes?

  • ScOott

    I hate it when they go ott

  • J4MES

    AW launched as quite a serious and polished COD compared to Ghosts but now it’s just getting farcical. What’s next; Pharrell Williams voiceovers!? C’mon Sledgehammer; keep the game clean and not some childish, cartoony hellhole.

    • brutedawg

      You’re obviously playing incorrectly.

  • Nandoni

    I don’t care about Exo’s and player customization, I want some cool new weapon camos like the Beast or Lightning one!

  • ScOott

    When is zombies its 7 at night here in the uk 🙁

  • BootySooRatchet

    This is so fake

    • ScOott

      Lol! I’m stil yet to see ci post a fake article yet … I’m pretty sure they don’t post unless they know it’s real

      • Guywithbrains

        Should I see something because I can’t see any pictures in his comment?

        • ScOott

          He’s talking about the exo stuff in the article (their is no picture lol)

          • Guywithbrains

            Oh right. I messed up because I saw a video and there was a picture from Charlieintel article with a headline “Treyach reveals Black Ops 3”. The most funny part is that faker couldn’t even type Treyarch right… if one is going to fake then fake properly…

  • Drasadex

    what, no Mountain Dew Exo?

  • Ak74u

    That pink fruit loop looking exo looks pretty cool, looks good on the weapons too

  • Steve Cox

    There’s got to be a Buzz Lightyear Exo suit surely.

  • Money Boy

    Looks nice, but that surfboard imo is plain stupid. Reminds me of ghosts stupid micro dlc

  • Sorry for being off topic, but when is the Exo zombies trailer coming? This championship stuff is so damn boring, it’s hard to watch it.

    • LovekillerX

      I think it is coming after “lower” section of the championship. Right now there is going “upper” section (I don’t remember the full version of each section) but it isn’t coming in a few seconds… I have waited over 1 hour and section hasn’t changed from “upper” to “lower.” :/

      EDIT: It is now in “lower” section so… soon.

    • ccrows

      Not going to plug any popular YTbers, but some will be showing stuff for both MP and zombies later this evening (from gameplay footage that they already recorded)… 😉

  • ScOott

    9 o clock in the uk … And no zombie trailer 🙁 what is going on :-/

    • LovekillerX

      It is coming after lower section which is already going.

      • ScOott

        Ookay, thankyou 😀

  • Ak74u

    Ascendance trailer?

    • Guywithbrains


      EDIT: A while ago I just watched over half of Assassin’s Creed Unity cutscenes and still no trailer… >.<

      • ScOott

        Lol why was u watching the cutscenes ?

        • Guywithbrains

          Because I don’t have a plan to get it at least any time soon but I was interested in the story so I watched all cutscenes because of that. I wanted to see if it has any good story or not.

          • ScOott

            I suppose that’s a good idea, I couldn’t buy a game after I watched all the cut scenes tho … No where near as good as black flag imo I actually completed black flag 100 percent … Unity I just finished the campaign n left it alone After that… They did this stupid thing where u have to go into the app on your phone to open certain chests and was impossible to get 100 percent without it.. And the app was a pile of Bob

  • Pete

    The surfer one looks like they’ve officially run out of ideas.

  • Guywithbrains

    Ascendance Zombies looked awesome!

  • zack

    Booty so ratchet… Nice gamertag lol

  • Redrum

    lets hope they release a bacon Exo suit.

  • Chris

    Lol moderate…