Michael Condrey has just teased an image which gives us our first look at 6 new Exo-suits coming to Advanced Warfare. Leaked earlier today, still no word on when these will arrive but we’re guessing really really soon! Stay tuned..

  • Fluffy Monkey

    Cool now give us our free nano camo

    • Deadly Ed

      Impatient much?

      • Fluffy Monkey

        Been watching it this all day and haven’t been able to get it. Just sad ?

        • Raptor

          It just finished and I didn’t get it

        • Adam

          Apparently it could take up to 8 weeks.

          • Ali Al-hussein

            Yep, it takes 8 weeks

    • Daniel

      I watched that shit just for it

      • Eddie Caldera

        How do I get 1

  • The7Reaper

    All look cool except the surfer one which looks stupid

  • udum?

    give us rocket exo then i will pay for this shit

    • Why??? What, you want to blast off into space and ditch the game?

  • JoZer805g

    The green Exo better be Kush.

    • Ball

      Or What? Quit playing the game? Like they would honestly care if your bitch ass quit

      • disabledmosquito

        You mad? Like JoZer would care about the name not being kosh. Your just trying to start an argument

      • RIMMERS6

        Yeah ball your a fuckin rude cunt you filth dog maggot, start fights with old ladys and children but don’t you dare start shit with a fellow stoner, it’s just unsavoury

        • A Perry

          Yall have no chill lmao ? relax dude

  • Daniel

    Too stupid, now where is my nanotech camo?

    • w

      8 weeks, hope you dont get it tho

      • Axel Noir

        You are a prick

        • mcconnan

          Daniel is the prick here

  • Angels

    It will be funny jumping all around the map with surf on the back haha

  • mason 117

    Where is my nanotech camo? 🙁

    • It’s in your pocket in the form of $1.99 or whatever currency you use. I think the whole promo is B.S. as it sorta failed us.

  • DaMadOne

    Exo suits? Why not patch the ASM1? Nerf it, please! I can get killed almost across the map with that gun.

  • Confirminator

    It’s so bizarre that these clown suits were favorited 1014+ times. It’s unbelievable that they got away with the COD banner in the background. AW is not a Call of Duty game. Might as well make a Call of Duty Care Bears game. Activision can pull it off, for sure.


    • frealdoe

      while i think these designs are kinda silly, it’s still call of duty dude. learn to handle change, you’ve informed the conception of call of duty in no way.

      • Confirminator

        There is a world of difference between changing a game by improving it and changing a game by re-inventing it. It is what is.

  • Hmm, the kraken one isn’t there, odd.

    Also, loving the new theme on Charlieintel!

  • bugsy

    Looks like the surfer is wearing more than just the exo. Looks like a trucker hat, wet suit, and life jacket load out.

  • Andrey Martim

    Loving those exos… Can spot someone using it crossmap, made my game easier.

  • Rorke File

    It would be cool, if you could make youre own one.

  • Eddie Caldera

    How do I get them

  • Eddie Caldera

    What do I watch