In the new update for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare on Xbox One and Xbox 360, Activision has increased the limit for Advanced Supply Drops from 10 to 15. Players can now buy a grand total of 765 supply drops.

In addition, Activision has added a brand new 20 Advanced Supply Drops plus eight bonus Advanced Supply Drops, which costs $39.99.

Advanced Supply Drops are now available on Xbox One and Xbox 360 and are coming soon to PSN and PC.

  • Kevin McQuade

    Been with cod since 07. Sad to see it come to this.

    • JoZer805g

      Same here, sad that now a triple A title has micro DLC transaction

      • xxxxxMLGxxxx

        Indeed. It’s just getting pathetic

        • Deadly Ed

          Pointless bandwagon hate is pathetic.

          • Colin MacKenzie

            Bandwagon hate may be pathetic, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some elements of truth to the argument. Call of Duty’s sales have been declining over the years. To make up for this issue, the Micro DLC has been introduced to keep the sales coming, keep the developers in business with Activision, and keep the franchise alive. On top of that, the complaints for the Micro DLC (while normally not required to play the game) do now introduce a borderline pay-to-win scenario with the nature of the elite weapons. After paying $60 or more for a CoD game for one year, one would think the content would be provided with the game. In the past, players stomached the idea of having to purchase more maps as they were introduced, but to then pay more again for Micro DLC is rather insulting. It implies greed by default and that greed is aimed at the pocket of the consumer.

          • frealdoe

            it makes sense though. as a business, if you’re not growing, you’re dying (even if your revenues stay level). i don’t like all the microtransactions but people wouldn’t buy the supply drops if there wasn’t a demand for it.

            of course there’s “greed” involved. it’s only natural when a business like this gets this big, it’s how it survives. sad but true. no giant corporation just gives stuff away for free.
            and to be fair, playing the release version of AW for over 36 hours so far, buying no DLC at all, i’d say i got my money’s worth. all about perspective.

          • Deadly Ed

            Keeping the franchise alive? Yes the sales have dropped, but its far from dying. Its still the biggest selling game on the market.

            And the public clearly want micro transactions, because if they didn’t, they wouldn’t sell and Activision would stop adding them.

            Its not “pay to win” at all. You can get all of the weapon through playing the game. its not like in some racing games that add dlc cars that are better than the in game cars.

            Just look at the big CoD youtubers that have spent £100’s on the advanced supply drops. They have got very little for the money they’ve spent.

          • supr squirrel

            I have 43 elite weapons (not including sold duplicates) between the primaries and secondaries. This doesn’t include my elite gear. I have never purchased an advanced supply drop. Not one. I have received roughly 15-20 of them via prestiging, but not one of my elite weapons (or gear) has come from those drops.

            And before any says it I don’t ‘suck at the game and that’s where I got all my stuff.’ I’m the very definition of average. 12th prestige, 1 k/d ratio with a 200 spm playing almost exclusively HC KC.

          • Colby

            There is a point to it but it’s the people’s money if they want to buy advanced supply drops than let them. It is actually pretty cool. It is for them to get more money but people do like to buy these cuz it’s like there cheating. I think that they are pointless but I’m not gonna make comments about the game because the game itself is really good.

      • RdJokr

        The sadder part is that this is a common thing among AAA publishers now.

      • James

        DO NOT CALL THIS MICRO DLC TRANSACTIONS. $40 is not a micro DLC transaction.

    • zombiefreak935

      Been with cod since 09 And I am just as sad 🙁

    • Baldmanz_RAGE

      It is only sad if you buy this crap!!!

    • iext23

      I’ve been with COD since MW2, and I agree. I was hoping that this wouldn’t happen. I just wish Treyarch decides not to go this route.

    • Koolz

      CoD was a great game and fun franchise back in MW2-3 (IMO) and it’s just taken a complete turn for the worst. BO2 was fun at points, but then Ghosts came along and it just went downhill. AW looked like a good addition to the franchise, then this happened (along with op variants) that pretty much completely turned me away from the franchise and I’ve moved to pc (really enjoying CS:GO atm).

    • common sense

      I’ve been saying this is where it would lead since they started all this bullshit. I mean hell, next thing you know they are going to make zombies DLC. Oh wait..

  • ShankSquadIII

    Who in their right mind would spend $40 for Advanced Supply Drops?!?!?! (Obviously AliA & Tmartn)

    • Nick

      They spent hundreds of dollars, and still dont have most of the best guns in cod

      • Ak74u

        Yeah tmartn spent 400 dollars and alia spent 200 and I bet they will continue to buy more

    • Ak74u

      Tmartn bought 200 in one of his videos. And each supply drop is 1.99 in US dollars, he really spent about 400 dollars on supply drops, what an idiot, he’s a little faggot bet he recovered that money with his cheap ass supply drop opening video.

      • Well it isn’t stupid, they aren’t buying the supply drops to get the guns, they buy them for the opening videos and everyone will watch them… So they make a lot more profit from it in the end.

        • Ak74u

          Yes but that’s making lazy money he’s just throwing out his garbage videos and says he “puts out effort” on his videos when they are just bulshit. Like many he just want to make easy money and calls his bulshit “hard work”.

          • I know, I’m not a fan of it either. But I’m just saying it isn’t stupid for them to buy them

          • Ak74u

            It’s not stupid but yeah I don’t consider that a real job he’s gonna grow up and not know how to handle a real job

    • RdJokr

      People who are gullible enough to believe ASDs can grant them instant Speakeasy/Inferno/Steed/Insanity.

  • Nick

    Still waitin till those supply drops come to PSN and PC, just tovget them by leveling up 🙂

    • Guest

      and PC and PS seasonpass holders should get the Ohm Heavy Weapon April 2nd or 3rd but i think 2nd cz March is 31 days

  • I have now seven days in-combat, and I still don’t have the Speakesy. :/
    I doubt I’ll have it even by the time BO3 releases.

    • Deadly Ed

      Ive had 3, 2 in one day :p Im still wanting the AK12 RIP. The Speakeasy ain’t really any better than the Magnitude tbh.

      • I have the RIP, but I want to get a good rushing SMG for Search. I tried the Speakesy in a private match and I love it… Please game just let me get it…
        I’ll never buy these advanced supply drops though :p

      • ghosts sucks

        I agree. Put extended mag on the magnitude and its the speakeasy without the drum mag

        • Deadly Ed

          Exactly! it just doesn’t look as pretty as the speakeasy

    • Michael

      I don’t even have a bal varient yet so stop your whining ???

      • git gud

        • Michael

          All I get is character gear. And it always gives me the same gear that I already got from the supply drops. I can’t remember the last time I heard “ELITE” :/

  • TheGamerBeast

    Supply Drops Should Come to PC and PSN on April 4th cz it was originally out on XBOX March 4th, and PC and PSN seasonpass holders should get the Ohm Heavy Weapon April 2nd or 3rd but i think 2nd cz it’s gonna be thursday & March is 31 day


    £31.99 for random shitty dlc, its not micro anymore is it, #GrubbingCunts

  • ccrows

    TBH I’m actually shocked that Activision didn’t wait an extra day to do this, and use these extra drops for their QTR2 numbers…

  • ghosts sucks

    If you were guaranteed to get something good it would be better. We are paying above and beyond what we should and still getting the same thing over and over. It’s like a scam. But they are making money so why stop selling them.i wouldn’t

  • These are optional but this type of thing is a wee bit rediculous. Of course they upped the limit, Activision sees the dollar signs. Personally if I dont get certain high level weapon drops, oh well. They already got money out of me for the DLC, I’m done buying for this game.

  • zombiefreak935

    For only 39.99! xD

  • J4MES

    Anyone that spends £30/$40 on this should really take a long hard look at their lives. It’s a disgraceful cash-grab and concept that is killing the gaming industry. You could buy a brand new and better game for that money. Don’t be groomed by Ali-A and Tmartn; they may buy loads with their YouTube money but don’t be enticed by it; Activision have already made enough dosh out of the community and this is just a kick in the teeth with greed. They won’t even use the profits to install dedicated servers for our benefit so don’t be made a mug.

    • common sense

      They have to re-coup lost sales somehow. It’s a shame people actually buy into their b.s.

      • Phoenix King

        ”re-coup for sales lost”

        When did they lose sales? AW is a best seller.

    • Bozie

      I think that the only people that have an excuse to do it is youtubers, they already will probably make more money on a video just simply opening them, plus its their job to play video games, but I do agree with you, unless if someone it like extremely amazing at cod and they just plain out love the game.

    • Dante Adurte

      Actually, people down in the dumps would maybe buy a pack or two of these. You can’t blame people. It’s honestly kind of pay to win in AW, but you can also get luck of the draw. I do a lot of YouTube, but I also work [at Microsoft], so I bought these to make an “interesting” ‘watch me unbox a shit ton of Supply Drops and get stuff I already had’.

  • CrowReap .

    I knew right at the start if this game that supply drops were going to be monetized

  • Kyle G

    So many people whining about other people buying these it’s not like it’s your money so why do you even care lol

    • Kyle G


      • Kyle G

        I guess you’re right a business trying to make money is pretty shady they should not even charge people to buy the game at all!

        • Kyle G


          • Kobrah


          • Kyle G


          • ScOott

            This is classed as the first sign of madness

          • Guywithbrains

            In my opinion he has a good point when he said “I guess you’re right a business trying to make money is pretty shady…”

          • ScOott

            But he was talking to himself .. He chose to end the “convo” .. It could of easily been continued 🙂 Having a debate with your self is always going to be pretty onesided lol

          • Guywithbrains

            True. But that way was the best way to show how it looks to complain about these advanced supply drops.

            In my opinion as far as there is a free method to get better variants it is totally fine for me. No one is forcing to buy these.

            But I agree with the fact that back in original Modern Warfare series time we didn’t get bullsh*t things like micro-dlc or timed exclusive dlc and games etc.

          • ScOott

            Stuff like this tends to ruin games I think … It ruins mobile games it ruins fifa ultimate team, which would be such a good mode if it didn’t involve real money… I can’t play FIFA ultimate team with out going up against a team of 11 top quality players … I refuse to pay … Same can be said for supply drops they are increasing their chances of getting an elite gun by god Knows how much Which will give them a slight advantage .. A speaky easy will out gun my normal veriant… It’s hardly noticeable at the minute but it’s a slippery slope this could easily go down the road of fifa which is now a pay to stand any chance of winning kind of game … I understand devs have to make money … But they can make money off the game, off the dlc, off the micro dlc camos…. But to mess about with weapon veriant id rather them leave it alone .. P.s the only elite weapon I have is the mk14 n I am prestige 7 … That is fact … N I bet you if I spent 15 quid on supply drops id get one just like that, forget about the grinding I’ve done

          • idkwhatmynameis

            Speakeasy is a prestige reward, just keep grindin

          • ScOott

            Yh it was just an example … But I still got one hell of a grind *yikes* p.s glad u finally made an account! 🙂

          • idkwhatmynameis

            Idk what prestige I was when we first talked but I’m now 18th prestige nd I’m still hoping wishing praying dreaming that I could one day get that damn insanity. I’ve got some good loot almost 6 pages of elites but damn its like sledgehammer knows how bad I want that one gun. And I’m with you I feel that if I was to spend money it would show up in one of those drops and make the grind feel like nothing

          • ScOott

            Imagine having one …. N it being The mk14 at that … U would feel like Uve been conned somewhere and I’m sure I won’t get anything till I’m prestige master :-/ .. Never mind (big sigh) sh are trolling me …

          • idkwhatmynameis

            Elite MK14=XP2000.

      • We get them for free when we level up. -_-

  • ScOott

    Anybody played exo zombie dlc yet ? Worth buying ? Bigger than the last map ?

    • RdJokr

      From gameplay footage I’ve seen, it’s substantially bigger than Outbreak, and it’s very challenging. Definitely worth it.

      • ScOott

        Thank will pick it up later 😀 I hope they added first dlc into normal rotation now as well …

  • Max Martinez

    Prepare for incoming TMARTN video.

    • Prepare for incoming Ali-A video too.
      This is ridiculous… 🙁

  • Baldmanz_RAGE

    If you people out there didn’t see this coming then that is the real sad thing. You do not need to buy this Micro DLC crap. Sad, yes. Necessary to play the game, NO!!

  • Camo

    Anyone noticed the Orange and Black Ops background?

    • TheDemonOfHate

      Nope haven’t noticed it.

    • J4MES

      It’s nothing to do with Black Ops; it’s about Half Life 3

  • Mi6300M

    How nice… The “give us more money” option works but not the “you’ve given us your money here’s your dlc” Greedy wankers.

  • zack

    I honestly wouldnt mind buying these if you didnt get complete garbage out of them. Id rather everyone have variants that they can choose to buy. $1.99 for 1 elite unlock ect ect. Its literally a complete waste of money how it is now and noone with half a brain is going to buy them.

  • TheMarkofRay

    Sad…Keep in mind though not guaranteeing you something good helps them in two ways. It lessens the idea that it’s “pay to win” since paying doesn’t guarantee you’ll get Elite or Professional weapon. The other way it helps is if they could guarantee you good stuff you wouldn’t keep purchasing. It’s almost like scratch offs. Yeah you may get $50 from one but most likely you’ll win $2 or a free ticket and keep buying them. We all know it’s a business and optional but no one really should be justifying this unless you have actual stake in Activision or SHG. Just remember we all thought Micro DLC camos were bad.

  • SoulTaker

    People must be buying them up like hot cakes. Meanwhile at Activ. HQ

  • Bella

    I am trying to buy some Advanced Supply Drops, but whenever I go to the store and hover over it says there is none. And before it loads I will scroll down and say there is no content available for download at this time. Please try again later.

  • Kikazz

    F*ck xbox and their exclusivity, release it for PC. It’s annoying to wait all time. Grrrrrrrr

  • Justin

    When Will advanced supply drops come out on ps4 fuck? weère 2 updates behind

  • What!

    You don’t have to spend money on Advanced Supply Drops you get it after ranks 20 30 40 and prestige. So it’s rather equal in a way as you can earn it or buy it.

  • Murk

    Advanced Moneyfare